Wednesday, October 28, 2009

baachan : microbes..?=D


1)Noted the nature of each bacteria..E.Coli,S.aureus..canadian albicans…penincillin..
Gram +ve,-ve..oxygen obligates..etc…

2)Take care of the words’ use.=D..Avoid using might..few..quite..alots~..etc..

3)Use passive type of writing instead of..I ,We,,

4)The way u write the bacteria names..MAKE SURE IN THE CORRECT FORMAT!

5)DO not exceed 60 pages!.less than 50 give gud make..from past experience=D

6)MUST WRITE report sch 2..and ANOTHER 1 from any of the remained 3’s..

7)Use the correct term..colonies,good growth(+5-0)…

8)When using tables..provide SUFFICIENT references!either below it or at the end of documents..(REFER TO ph1113)< Table must be clearly label,units(v/v% or w/v%..etc..for conc..)..MOLES(M)..etc…
For bacterial can be refer as 0-+5…General stament of bacterial rowth cn be
Write down..

9)FACTORS inhibiting bacteria growth in different type of media..??(+__+)

10)NULL HYPOTHESIS,describe chi square test,,its signfcnce..

11)WEIRD results should be provide with sufficient reason....etc..
*from sch3:odd result for S.something(forgotten!that yellow clonies)) that didn’t grow withot any toxic agent!!instead grow at some low conc(arwin said jst write…no interpretation of the result../+__+)

12)Provide clear into on what I’m observing.and the purpose..(bla3)..dun be too

13)Temperatures,period of incubation..types of agar(not jelly!!)/broth…(it content..if required)..

14)Lastly,interpretation results in adequate manner..concrete reasons.. rferencing.. (wikipedia=D)..Why bactria rowth in here..why the inhibition pattern is like this and that..what kind of active ingredient..and how does it affect the abcteria’s..penincillin’s effects..


Monday, October 26, 2009

baachan : 26th oct...tHE Tragedy +REMEDY??

Nothin good is really happening on 26th oct 09....=(
i accidently CUT MY INDEX FINGER when slicing the tomato...
My hand burn when the hot cooking oiL suddenly sparked on my lefT hand..(Tnk God it's left hand.=D)

I was really shocked!!*_*'s my 1st time that so much amount of oil fell onto my hand+_+....(kowai yo)

my friend was shocked as well.haha(it was so funny if I were to recall her reaction..lolol)

aND i WAS SO shocked at how calm I am!lol.And those familiar handburn treatment's scene that usually aired on TV came across m very COLD tab water run thru my burned hand..I felt numb +_+..haiyah~


fAILed to find any good resource for her NICE..


and some annoying email is upsetting her mood+_+....


she took some remedy by playing baTu seremban..woohh..until game 11th!!=D....Go me!!=p

anD thanks to ASDA that came today!!waahhhhhhh..on9 shopping is really eyes sparked when I saw the man brought 3 BIG baskets of our ordered items!*_* many oishii cookies..and many222 more foods(of coz!).=D

and yeah...It's cheap/=D

AND he asked to sign on some elecronic screen..kewl..=D

the burn was soo damn hurt after several it's gettin okay.=].
But now it's the pain from the cuting that irritates me*_*..haiyah!...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

baachan : The very REST weEkend +ss2 in Thai

For the 1st time ever since reached here i'm not goin anywhere during weekend..hua3.
thought it should be good...Kekeke..yappari....
I'm too used to not staying home during wekend after reaching here.*_*..

The result was..I became a zombie..sleep and eat all day(growing fat again!!yay!+_+)

With determination to finish her end up only 1/20 of it is done..=D
Haiyah~~Why i have to do a study-case about NICE????I'm not goin to work here~i'll go back to my homeland~huhu.....and study another pharmacy law there~~=.='

Hua3..and tnx to internet as DC alot these days.!!bakamono!+_+
And this gal end up playing with her SAMSUNG 8.2 PXL.....+_+....

Is a mess.=D


Nina tagegd me anote about SS2 that's goin to be held in impact arena(thai) this coming nov...

Dun u thnk it's soo soon??

Dun u thnk thai's elf are supah lucky??=D

DO u know how jelous i am??

aND I'm stuck here wt those assignments!!!hish!

Malaysia!!where are u???teukie,,,when u gUys are really coming to my deary homeland??+_+..

Organiser..where are u??please HELP m'sian elfs a dream comes true..SM!Please dun be fussy!(haha)..Let teukie and the gang have SS2 in Mareeshia!!=D

Mizachan..tnx for reading our bloggie.=D..tnx for commenting as well..

Ahaha..daijoubU..sometimes i'm gettin a bit emo(hahah~)..penyakit emoteuk.=D

aND GUESS..I'm not so active wth LJ somehow...=D..Cz I dun like to be told to comment here and many stalker there.=D..Hahaha.

Here is more freely to write and bec his blog is SPECIAL.=D..I can be morE Open here as well.=) i like it here..~and having 2 bloggie is time consuming..=D

Friday, October 23, 2009

baachan : Again.=D

HaiyahhH~~This week the feeling is not right..I'm not soo looking forwad for this coming weekend.=(..eSSAY is waiting to be completed..sob3..and housemate/classmate is nearly done!+_+..why she's soooo rajin(ganbatte)??why her hobby is studying??why she kept studying ALL DAY???!Why she finish her HOMEWORK very fast?+_+WHY???????i'M JELOUS!!did she know i'm very stress jst looking at her??altho she looks enjoy working her stuffs+_+....odd me!!!!*someone throw stone to me please*_*...and why the HECK I've to be stress jst looking at her???!!!nonsense feeling,,get off from me~~shuh..main jauh2


myOTHER housemate is moving out d..sob3...she's applying a hall type of uni univ residence..=(

I'm hungry!But shouldn't eat...+_+....diet222..

Internet baka~It DC a looot recently..I'm sick to have wait for the loading pages..(hoiyah)~

I'm stuck wth my FUTURE plan..where should I go??Why going to nihon is SO mahal???hisH..I'm lazy..lazy..........I dun want to thnk anymore..Let it be..I'll tally the flow..........+_+..NOO!!!
Somehow I thnk i jst want to stay in part time during summer,and go back home to celeb raya.=)..

ah!mom is calling!!!=D*nooo!!tears!!please hold on!+_+*

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baachan : Cardiff dear Cardiff~

How could I resist choco icecream??caramel frozen desserts*_*???Cheap+oishii beanies chicken??and dear cheap pizzas+_+?????And of corse,,Atiq's black pepper chicken soup???*_*!!
Tell me how!!they all oishii ne.sob3..

Just another day passed~=)
Visited Cardiff Bay which is about 15 mnts from my univ~hoiyah~it's really calming..Oldies are everywehre~hahaha~

The main point is to..
BOWLINg!yeah~+_+..But i played sooooo badly~hussh~.+_+..Got 3 fouls!!*_*..and only 1 strike..sob3..May be bec of the new environment??(excuse me??kekkek~)
i'M NOT very comfortable coz we played near a mat salleh's group..haih~and they played while drink..and the drink is jst front of us*_*.But thank God they'r not drunk..huhu~
So,it feels weird and i'm not use to~That's why my focus run off?(maa...)

And at the end,yuni chan got 1st,tamago last*_*.....

take a good walk..playing inside cabin ship(kewl!).walk inside the tube~
Took piccus..posing like CRAZY..jumping around(lol)..struggled with the cold+hard wind..(lol)..

Poor E.g..she should wear more layer~hish~~..I should gve her some of my fats(lolol)..

Cardiff Bay is totally a calming place. Like I said..oldies pple are evrywhere..They were only few pples around(haha)..But the surrounding are filled with mostly souveneirs shop+restauants=)

The wind is a bit hard(But I enjoyed it much!*_*)

bLA3..went back home straight to tamago's house for usrah(family)=)..
Eat eat and eat+_+..

We did like ice-breaking 'circle'...maa~~=)'s nice.we got to know each other much better~And I was shocked that somehow I dunno some story about my fren(even we've been togethr since A-level before.=.=)

When it's my turn..
"She likes japanese thingy alottttt!!!",said ina....(=.=)..followed by other's...and it goes on and on....
"She can speaks japanese!(=.=)
"She can sings ALOT of jap songs!"
"She love dongbangshinki" =)
"She wants to go to japan nex year!"
"She can sing+playing instrument!",(aigoo)....

hahahahahahah~I exaggerated about my japane-ism alot~lol...
kekeke..but it's weird +pity that minna dunno about personal life that well..(hahaha~)
So,i'm abit dissappointed??=p

ma ma's not their fault....hmm..other than my fangirling life...I'm not too good in expressing myself~(lalala)...I'd prefer to keep it or write elsewhere~(haha)..and not to thnk about 'heart-feeling' so much?/hmm...
I thnk that's why most pple thinkI have a stone heart(huh??!)+.=..which is not right ...totally..

Sleepy....LIST-TO DO...
1)finish up Dr. white's lab report
2)catching up journalssss(NICE!!)..and browse internet like crazy for it...
3)Search tix to Bristol and book!!tix to dubin+cork..
4)exam's prep-MATH,PH118
5)Group presentation(lanolin) which takes place after kurisumasu
6)search info about goin to,tix,,and of coz..polish up my nihon go..=,='
7)ASDA-to book delivery slots,noted orders from ninian's+az..=,=
8)Winter shopping(....should I?)
9)CAL EXAM(20th nov) and read and read..omona~internet test*_*...


Monday, October 19, 2009

baachan : Minho oh Minho

Was shocked when someone wrote in facebook..

"Minho is coming to sungei wang m'sia this 26th oct". To promote etude??err..~tabun..

What???!!!!Hisshhh..why it has to be that date??*_*..pelase don't come minho-cchi..come next year during summer=)

Updates from me me me me..

1)booked her flight ticket to belfast..*_*.......And haven't tell her parents yet*_*....sorry mom for having this soooo independent daughter*_*...(lol)

2)worrying about 'her' journey to places..soon..

3)Worying her 'what is nice about NICE?"+_+

4)lAUGHED HEAD OFF when knows she got admitted in batu seremban for notts game(haiyah~)

5)Wondering who is her groupmates...LANOLIN??Where are u guys??(haha)

Looking forward for kurisumasu holiday!*_*..So many exciting plans(exam oii!+_+)

feels undefined...for not calling her family for almost 2 weeks??*_*.....I'll call tmorrow!!*_*
zettai ni(sob3*)

Lalala..Today I have a nice aberdare tour with my coursemates..she's from Bangladesh.It was nice tho!I DO love the view from her room's wndow!!HoNtouni KIREI!
However..Everything was so quite that sometimes...I tend to daydreamy~kekeKek~
iT'S COOL when she said she got the scholarship frm cardiff univ.bla3.She misses her home..and that she envied us for having large batch group from m;sia*_*....

Of coz i'm bz talkin about my japanese fangirling mode+_+..she was like...(=.=)
"why u like jap so much?"
I just smiled..=p..coz i'm afraid she'll fall asleep before i can finish answering(lol)
tHEn se asked me why I chosed pharmacy...*_*..I said..coz i dun want medic or dentistry...haiyah(this so non-motivated girl)+_+
Then I said...somehow i was thinking why do i have to recite all those nuclei acids,,enzymes..isomers.bla3333...i can jst have a nice cullinary studies at my hometown,work,and visit japan=)....

Then,,went back home..
*_*..I feel guilty for having that 'cheap' thought.sob3..forgive me minna!I'll study hard and prove your expectation to me is definately right^^
i JST THINK.If it's not me.then,who else?*__*..ahah~(crazy mode)

Weee..We managed to get a blender soon*sob3*..bye2 chopping onion on boards!!*__*(hahahah)

HMM...TOday is my bestie's tanjoubi..she's so far away..*_*...she's the one that affect me to jap virus(tnx to prince of tennis)..and other animes she introduced(hoiyah)

Happy b-day to her..=)Be a good doc and I'll come to seek your help soon^^ganbarimashou yo!

Lastly,I'm sorry if this blog looks as if it's all baachan's.(lolol)

lalala..yappari,,chicken stew is the best*_*..I feel sorry to miss/mister'd being too much 'dehydrated' ne??hahaha.Pardon for my salt-pouring skills. =.='

Sunday, October 18, 2009

baachan : $#%^&*&(%&(*#......


Hate hate hate!!!!+__+

Don't ruin my mood!Get off from my 'space'!

Is feeling uneasy cz smone manage to ring ding dong her(*___*)....
God,please give me patience...*_*...

Inside the main building*_*..(getting lost here)

ayam msk lemak cili padi.(umai)..housemate's =)

Bayam oishi*_*..

Saturday, October 17, 2009

baachan : Autumn+ring ding dong

IS feeling good..altho walking like *ell here and there till u got blister.(=,=)

Is getting colder!!Need to wear more clothes=)
I love walking in Bute park!love walking to pharmcy skool!enjoyed watching green duck at river side..Love watchng the swans flew gracefully in the blue sky!^^
Univ cafeteria is kewl~*_*..Is like a hotel restaurant,but cheaper of coz=)^^
Thank you God for letting me experienced happiness here^^grateful wth the granted^^

Is going to Bath tomorrow!^^Bath!wait for me!!


Went to open houses give me a goOd feeling^^.Senpai-tachi are super nice,they invited us to their houses..give this and that..sob3..feel touched*_*..Arigatou!^^
The dessets are super oishii!*_*..
I'm getting overweight(waaaa!!!!)...Need extra excercise??kekeke

Playing netball is really a good felin.Haven't played for a while already*_*..The skills are deteriorated?=.=
Getting excited when u see a 'smoke' come off ur mouth is like crazy-happy go lucky (lol)

Getting lost inside the main buldin feels kewl(lol)..

Yappari,weekend is the BEST*_*..


Doing pharmacy calculation is challenging!Why cannot use the calculator when it's jst near beside u??*_*..hish..

is always chuckled listen to matsalleh(classmates)'s in front me complaint about the math excercise).lol..

mOUTH wide open when dr. Sion said.."math assesmnt wud be in 4 weeks time*_*..which has to be pass at 70%.."..




IS super kewl bt weird title^^
teamin is cute with that drink milk shot*_*.
Bling2 is getting more handsome*_*..and err..he's on diet??he's gettin lot skinnier compared in juliette=)..

onew is onew!^^i hope to hear more of his koe!!
Minho is*_*....charismatic's FLAME!!!!!
KEY KEY!!KEY!!!!!kewl

Everything is supe image...totally diff compared in previous MVs..Err.anyway,I need subsesp to clarify those dark aura+wings thingy(Lol)...^^

Haish..this remind me of SJ-M(super girl)...
When is my dongbang's turn???*_*.....

SM!!wORK out smthing oN DBSK!!+_+

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

baachan : Happy Birthday dear FISHY DONGHAE oppa~

15Today is.. delightful

2009/10/15 Hello I'm Super Junior Donghae!^^First of all since I got so many happy birthday congratulations I'm so happy and thankful!I exist because I have ELF!!I do!!I love you ELF...^^!!

Original Source. 이동해 cyworldTranslation by Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET


Yay!happy birthday to you!How dare I FORGOTTEN my fishy's b-day??+_+
This is all bec of that st**p*d Magic mushroom.=p..(jyodan)

And time zone diffrnt.+__+..Miahnne yo~Sorry.No present~aish..I'll come and visit in 2 years time later!^^matteru yo!

Ah.I must be happy..Happy mood,Please turn on!!Tomorrow must be a happy day!^^
Ganbatte ne!

*jumping to my dream~
setsunai kono kokori de
fighting for my dream
Taiyou no dakishimete~

weee..still rmmber the lyric..not bad=p

baachan : 3 in 1

Is good?
Is bad??
Is good when everyone has the same 'colors'?Same thought?Same habit?
She,me,her...are 3 diffrnt books..*headache*

I hate the says..

Having contradict partner enlighten ur life??blah~

Hmmm.......I'm sick..I'm turning 180 deg ~I keep keep keep on pushing~

POM,P,PO..GSL..hopefully Tanah air terchenta also have?=)

Today's mistake is unforgivable??Never2222 ever repeat them again....
Must work in focus!and organise!
Sorry Dr..A..sorry minna..sorry2~nekka2 mancho nekke byajo~~bla3..=p

What is so nice about NICE??
Any help?=p*jyodan dake* dR. kidd!I need your help! =0

mAGIC MUSHROOM!Are u ready tmorrow??+_+....God,give me a smooth presentation!^^..and loud voice=)

Train!rain!=p..It's rain go RAIN!..LOL
wY U HAVE TO BE SOOOOOO expensive??Gve me chance to save for the best in Japan soon!*_*..Why we'r not 10?
"i'm sorry madam.It has to be at least 10 pple to do a group booking..

"erk...u can't tolerate if it's 9??+_+..."

expensive!Calling u is expensive d!give back our 3 pounds!+_+I can buy 1.5 kilo chicken wth that!=p

Can it be another non-emo post??=p
gomen~i'll try next time(kekeke)


AKuma kun..ganbatte for exam..pas exam pon jgn lupa doa byk2=)for a good result=)
I read the your tmblr..and saw 'that' troublemaker post..
egh..she's boring I thnk..kekeke..

"I follow ur blog to catch up wth ur mistakes"
Hahahahahaha..she's crazy gal+_+...

Pegi la baca2 Kitab ke..AL-Quran ke..lag baik=)..hish..nande you always akes pple hate u ne?+_+.I pity u ne,akuma kun..same thing happend in LJ deshou?daijoubu..biarla org nak khianat benci ke apa..udat dono jak..I'll kearn to make kek lapis sarawk this weekend*_*.. ready..I'll ambush your house next year around july*_*..Tamago chan wana visit u as well..husna will follow me..the others..I dunno..hehe..
Later u tell me when is ur holiday ne~

Sunday, October 11, 2009

baachan : The number 20..+_+

While focusing on lappy's screen watching TSC tokyo dome wth atiq-chan..(and screaming!)

Arigatou minna!^^daisuki dayou!
sono keeki wa oishi!
sono chokoreeto daisuki des^^
sono purezentos wa hontouni arigaTou^^..

Kyo wa went to tenkaichi wth ayunni chan(arigatou...=))for the treat.hehe
ii be able to eat sushi here*_*.sob3..

Was another rainy day..on my tanjoubi.=)..rahmat deshou?I should learn to appreciate ame..=)

THE NUMBER 20 IS A...BUrden??+_+........................

The tamago is BIG!*_*EVERYTHING IS BIGGER than in M'sia*_*
seafood kushi katsu=)*tnx ayunni*

Yappari california maki ichiban saikou*_*

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

baachan : the cassiopeia is back~=)

Wee..waaa wuuu..

kinou I watched TSC tokyo dome(saikou!)
Yappari,having the fast internt is the best*_*..i mnaged to downlod like in an hour only(ureshi)
Having an internet well fixed is okay..and a gooood thing..But having another probs is another thing!!
Why my room has to be so far from the kitchen??*_*.The signal is unexceptionally LOW!!
oF COZ i CAN STILL BROWSE THINGs ETC..But the point is..We should fully use the fast internet service right??=)

Hopefully i manged to get an okay from all rommies*_* put the router a bit at the middle of our house..Jordis,please say yes.. =P

Okay,Back to TSC story..I watched in mid of night(which I slept very late!1 am+_+)'s late dear nowadays~=p..and of coz,Using a headphone..

oooo....why am I writing like a fanreport?(lol)....
neway,Eberythin was super awesome..!!*_*except when there's no Love in the ice,,wasurenaide..xiahtic and wild soul..yeah..(but i manAged to donlodd them..already today.=))..
JaE kept playing wth his fringes( covers his eys~he feel irritatetd?)haha~
Junsu is hontouni awesome*_*..his voice is soo good..=)
Yunho looks gojes/handsome(hua3).. micky...hihi..he looks as he is=)..
Changmin looks a bit tired??+_+..But his screamS were still forever BEST=)
I love hw they put their old songs,,like forever love,somebody to love,heart mind soul..~ah,,and with all the remix..*_*..Purple line+Jumon's remix is sugoi!!And with all the extra dance,,and new cheorograps*_*...*dbsk is the best!*
But I dunno...I dun like how xiah did the skinship with those dance girls*_*.(sob3) heart did I miss jaechun's melody and harmony?'s not there.!sob3.I'll try search it later..
Hisashuburi da na since last time I did fangirling around+_+..which makes me a lot happier..and internet is here.So,i manged to chat with my beloved pple as well=)..
I was like restraining from jumping and screaming YEstrday..Otherwise azyan will come and said..

"Biha,can u please be quiet a bit?I can't sleep at all.".lol..The noises are jst very clear+_+..even if I want to open my cupboard,etc,,I have to do it very sloowwwwly~~~and well carefullY*__*..

But anyway,those who haven't seen the TSC tokyo dome,please do so=)..hihi..*I'm promoting..yes..*_*...

Today we did only experiments..yeah,we observed our last week's bacteria..omona~they'r growing very well~lol..nOw I thnk I become more hygegenic.Like when somone caughing besides me.I was like..*noooo!!(LOL)
..U will I thnk,if u see those well growth green bushes thingy of fungus inside the plates..*_* was sooo creepy~
and white,creamy,even red colonies...ah,,why izit red??(I forgotten to thnk about it..haha~)

I realised pple here coughs a lots..and have running wonder they have somethng called flu buddy(it's cute tho).lol~haha..neway,it's getting colder..and rainy~
THE HEATER IS STILL NOT TURNING ON TODAY~OH my..I have to knock the receptionist tmorrow..AGAIn~*_*..
*My hand frozen*(again)..heater oh heater..
Ah,I need to go..will update later..ganbatte ne,akuma ,exam is coming son ne?=)
and monster too(lol)..

I'm sorry to make u all see this*_*

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

baachan : The sleepiness

Today I got only 2 hours class..hmm..But to be exact we only have 1 hour lecture*yess=)*
aND ANOTHER hour we watch our fren's presentation.(DOUBLE YESS)

So,it's like a holiday moon today(lol)

fINALLY i CAN SAY YEY TO wireless..
ERGH...after several masses these past few days,We manage to get a wireless(Teary eyes)

Study is quite okay,,except the boRINGg part of PH1118!!
About law, covers the most credit of our1st's an open book test,I SHOULD be okay??*_*...

It's quite cold today..and,i feel like wriitng here.since waiting for the OTHR 2 to write is like ages..=)

I started to plan my country of visits since this week(lol)..
I was thingking of 2 years with dearest mizami..
i WAS thingking of japn for next year..but then....i have some hesitant feeling with me*__*..
may be coz of money matter..timing..and trvel mates???husna seems no answer yet..and I'm afraid to be dissapointed by her(lol).cz otherwise I hve to go wth my senior(if she willing to)..or may be by my own??*_*(Which of coz I will have a BIGGG NO! from mom..**_**....)

wHILE i'm writing this all up??=p...
Anyway,of cz I want to 'side-travelling' like eurpe tour,,and of coz UK tour...ireland(husna!!).
ah,,sarawak^^(nadia,u mst be happy!)
bUT yeah..the big plan are only korea and japan(huhu)...and may be new zealand soon*_*..or aussie..egypt..mekkah..bla22..*i'm greedy!!!*..oh..I need to plan properly..otherwise,my money will run out!!*_*..I want to bring back a car after my 4th year !!(lol)..

So,talking about SJ-M,,since they are the HOTTEST subjectin suju,,I personally think that super girl(mandarin version) is OKAY..~i found out the korea vers is a bit be i listen to mandarin version like LOADSS.

bUT THE mv ANGLE of korea is love=)..and far better(hehe)..what do u thnk??*_*
AH,,my hand frozen..why the heater is still not turning on???&^%$#%^&*

Our seniors cook really well*_*....arigaou ne..