Wednesday, September 30, 2009

baachan : running nose...

I have a cold!!!When it will dissapear??+__+
I have a running nose..It's very irritating!
I can't do experiment properly...I can't focus...
And is this computer lab got aircond switch on??+_+!!

Why am I complaining???...
It's all my fault..I must be strong deshou??

must not miss home...
Please let me fly higher...

my house

Carboot sale..frowning face coz of fever..ergh...

Friday, September 25, 2009

baachan : Steps u follow.....

Having a severe cold..=(
Being ill here is really a trouble..I thnk so,cause u need to see GP 1st,make appointment with the doc..and walk to the doc??which is at hospital z???I dun know..

Unlike Malaysia..We got so many clinics..haha~

I hate fever!!!And it's really cold!ergh..but...I must be patient right??since it's a challenge and a test from Allah..=)I tend to cry more when having a cold...ergh..and suddenly otosan called..aigooo...and mom speaks..the tears jst kept on biha cool.You must be strong.=)..Otherwise they will really worried of me*_*...haha..

Ah..I bought a printer+copier+scanner~Canon cost me 30pounds only.I bought the warranty 3,added 4 pounds more..
I went back home..try to set up the ink catridge..aigooo~~~The ink doesn't align with the case!!!!*__*....And so,I tried all means to enter the ink..ergh..stillfailed...aghhhH!!
So,I need to bring back the printer to city(which is by walking!!)..*_*..sob3..sabar biha~
I need car!haha..May be I should ask help from otosan no tomodachi???

Today we eat at postgrade's house .She's really nice..oh~We ate nasi ayam...really delicious*_*.according tpo my frens..But I'm having a,it's tastless for me!!sob3...sabar biha...

Ah,,what more to say...Still apdating myself with my new world.(haha)..
hmm..may be a bit about local pple here??or European esp.=)
They are very serious..and a hard worker..I heard their childrens goin to sleep really early 7 pm+_+//and woke up at 7 am the next,they have plenty wonder they work really hard....
But from my observation..I thnk their life is mostly about working...and drink???(*_*) offense!
So,i pitied them about that.........

My class hasn't yet started..But we had some,I got to see all the 1st years's faces of pharmacy student..hoho...thing taht shocked me abit is that so many boys taking this course??*_* unlike in my homeland..huhu..Mostly EU students..some asians(which mostly chinese...and of cos pples..very obvious!!haha..coz we'r the only pple wore tudung)..

I have some chit chat with those mat salleh/minah salleh...a girl said..she's staying here with her bf(kowai+__+)
I thnk most pple looks mature??and tall??,I feels young~haha..Aisans esp malay pple are,we'r like 'lil kids' there.hahaha

About the cool side many kakoi pple?haha..all of them looks the same!kakakakakakak...same as what I saw in english show/channel on television in M',it feels cool??!lol
Everything here is nice..ah..hopefully my another 4 years will be exciting=)...

tomorrow will be goin to carboot sale..huhu..*_* again!!cis..My money shrunk alot!may be coz it'sa 1st few,,,I should endure that~haha..

later I'll try o save more!ganbatte me

*To yuka=arigatou ne.Glad u're having a gud time at KL.And's hot there.kekekeke..come here~very cold..=).
and u're late..I'm having a cold already.sob3+__+..hopefully will recover soon..aish..
And yet wait for me!I still wana come to ur place!soon=)

old yama=arigatou..wil work harder..kekeke..u dun have to worry of kaijuu..she's having riku now..muahahahaha..Cardiff is nice*__*..ah,dun forget to invite me during ur engagement.haha..omedetou!

Akuma-kun..I miss kitty!!kityy22222-chans~

gomen,,sadly no piccus..huhu...I'm so lazy to tke piccus nowadays...haha..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

kaijuu: satay (?)

ahaha..i don't know what to put for the title.
I just simply put that.haha.
now i'm in airplane.on the way from Kota Kinabalu,Sabah to Osaka,JP.
feeling very tired..
KL was fun~ and hot..
bought many things.
ooh..baachan..nii have some words for u.
niichan : yo baachan! u remember me? please excuse kaijuu's english. she can do nothing without me. i heard u are furthering your studies in UK? well good luck..
thats it from him.
bye2 akuma..see u again soon! =(
i dont know what to write again..maa~koko made..

I just love seing the clouds..It looks like a bbbiiiiiggggg marshmallow to me =D

my dad and mom XD

see..just like a biiigggg marshmallow..'s the pic that i took.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

kaijuu: to biha-nee~

I've heard u already at Cardiff..
I went there already..Its soo good there..
U must like it also ne~..

Good luck there..Take care of your health..
Have time come and visit me.

Ganbatte ne!FIGHTING!!

akuma: Raya Raya!

wuuhuu~ finally after 1 month of fasting its Raya!~
well I'm actually a bit late for this as today is already the 3rd raya..haha..

the 1st raya I spend it at my grandma's house.
Helping her to treat people..
and got lotsa money that day =D
that morning as I was listening to 'takbir raya' biha-baachan onlined.
I'm so proud of her coz of her achievement..
But at the same time I felt pity for her coz she didn't spend her raya with her family.

The second day of raya. I flew to KL.
yey~ as I arrived at the KLCC(airport) I saw a bbbiiiiiiggggg banner of SS501 welcome to Msia.
wwoohh~so sad that it was for before.
then we (me,my daddy,my mommy n my sis) waited for about 2 hours for yuka-kaijuuchan's flight to arrive..
haiyaa~such a troublemaker.!

then she arrived with her mom,dad,that old yama (oh gosh..I've fallen for him..again..haha..shhh..yuka) and her little bro.
her mom n dad looked kinda same..but age-ing...haha.
old yama looked..yama like..haha..
yuka looked like a monster..wahaha..
her lil bro..well umm..i've never seen him b4 so this is the 1st time..soo cute..
i never thought riku followed..haish..
riku looked kinda eunhyuk-like~still the same..
her sis..kumako-chama~omo..yeppuda!so pretty..

so then we all went(in one van) to Cititel hotel..
me,yuka,old yama,my sis n her lil bro is staying in one room..
while our parents in two seperate rooms and riku n kumako in one room next to us.
so now.i'm having a headache hearing all the japanese language spoken here..

at dinner today..old yama announced something shocking that made me soo dissapointed but a very happy news to others.
hoho~old yama n kumako r planning to b engaged after they finish studying..

ahh..full of frustration~..
can't write more coz of frustration~..

baachan : Raya in Cardiff....

Hello people..And to those two who are so lazy to update the blog..
The blog were almost filled by baachan..+___+

Anyway..Here,,I Cardiff..My class is not yet started.So,we got plenty of time to settle around and familiarise with the new environmnet..

What can I is totally different from my hometown.There were so many things happened in these short period of time...=)

But foremostly,I'm happy and grateful for this granted of chance..studying here=)
Thank you ..^^

It's the 1st time I'm having raya overseas..(hopefully the last..)
tHE DIFFERENT IS ONLY THAT i'm here with freinds...not,it gives a new feeling..
Glad..some postgrades family invited us to eat at their house.So,we have a blast raya dishes..I'm gaining weight seriously!!
Somehow I miss the sun(lol)..and sweat??hahah
It's a bit cold here..=)My living area is cool=)It's very peaceful.So many ppple walk around..Everything is within a walking distances..So,it's like I can get rid of that slow KTM for my shopping spree

Life here is very easy=)..The materials and things are not that expensive(if u can stop converting MYR-GBP).=p

I think I will like my livinga rea here..and university.

Ah..talking about university,,Our main bulding is really22 kirei!!!(I'm at this bulding now)
It looks like museum building from
But seriously all buliding here are jst small and historic -like.=)

pPLE here are very friendly..u cn walk around and suddnly somone said..hello¬or morniong¬lolol

My house is full occupied.=)..2 french.1 germany,and one from china..all of them are very nice..(sadly no japanese,lololol)

So,now I feel like a dream,honestly..being an international student??haha...and from Asia? feeels cool..there were not soo many as pple might thnk aboout number of malaysians here..
the 'baling batu kene melayu' phrase is not applicable here at all.lolol=p

Hmm..what else to write..may be about welsh pple??
Most shops and mini market here colsed at 5..or may be,around 5 and's nearly no pple walk around.haha..even the city becomes different from my homeland.hahah

My room is seriously cold!ergh..they will only turn on the heater during october(^%$£%*&)
For my EU fren,,they may used to it..for me...aigooo...I jst need to endur a bit..hehe..But it's not that cold..aT LEAST,i DIDN'T WEAR jacket in my room..

ah..reaching here.I thnk i slept alot..seriously..may be becoz I have a lots of walking around here is not tired at all=p
except if u haven't eat+___+

ah..what more to say...bec there are so mnay things happende..My head memory is all all over..

kiki..and the funny thing is,,someone(uknown) sddnly woring called me and ... this the parmacy student etc.....


unknown:I wana borrow ur iron...


and few mnts later..
*ding dong*..

he came and took the iron..haha

that's the incident on early morning of hari raya..lolol...

Between,Selamat hari raya¬^^

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cardiff..The ...i'm here?

Hello people...
Gomen for the long missing+_+
Okay,,Now,i'd arrived here...Cardiff...being an international student*__*..omona~
not yet lost.=p

The 12 hours flight is seriously no joke*_*..cold..squeezing.My back hurt..coz of the seat~...And please dun's my 1st time flying overseas and boarding an AEROPLANE.lolol

There were not many malaysian in that MH002..esp it's NEARLY RAYA!!
mOSTLY UK ians..return back to their homeland+_+...sob3

Honestly i cried almost all the way in the flight..The tears jst keep on flowing..haha...
finally arriving London heathrow..oh~it's cold..the tempeture is jst diffrent from Malaysia..wuuu
so,it feels cool~=p..And so many pplethere holding a back home+_+........

Waited for the coach to pick up us to cardff~Ma..mostly farmssssa along the journey.and bec of too tire of the flight.I slet almost all the way.lolol

ah..reaching my's quite cool..I like the bulding~..Our main bulding is really nice..and cool*___*..
tHE internet is very fast as well.;=)

ah...i have so many things to write.but so sleepy,,later=_+
here some piccus

My walking route....stdnt houses

Is not as what u thnk*_*


Monday, September 14, 2009

baachan : SUJU-M is back!!-SUPER GIRL+last post

Why izit so hot here???kekekekeke...
Finally my 'fishy' is back!!yay!!!!SUPER GIRL is really something*_*..unique..A bit like sorry2..with the wooping move, and r&b syle..ah..And shocked!!Jessica is there~~
kekekeke...The dance is powerful compared to their previous MVs..ah.or izit just me?
And my fishy...We dun have anything to complain..he looks really HANDSOME..*__*..kakoi..

Jessica(SNSD) ft in the MV^^..ah,,,now I know why they said they saw Jess during SUPER GIRL making in,this is the reason.^^

Hangeng is soo funny with his we got to see the 'nerd' version of geng.=p..

oh-oh-oh..SUPER girl~~~..the music is unique*___*Very different from their previous pop-like music duirng ME..So i guess it's good as for variation??^^..nice~

EH..Tabun,,this is my last post in Malaysia..weeee...I'm flying to UK in d next 2 days^^..excited??a bit!^^.. But I'm leave my dearest family here.sob3..they will miss me alot..hihi...esp mom*_*.tsk.tsk.tsk..forgive me!!I'll be back here ASAP=)

I haven't done with packing yet*_*..omona~I dunno the bag is goin to be that overload*_*.tsk!I want to bring more!!!grrrrrrr..... raya cookies is a must bring*_*...Hopefully I can squeeze it inside..sob3

Hmm..Hyunjung is gettin better*__*..Why he has to be so nice bringing flower to tripleS when he's the one lying on the hospital bed?*_*..

Dongbangshinki!They are doin great..^^Yokatta they have lots of cassiopeia to LOVE them*_*.tsk...and take a good care of them^^Melody and harmony is calming^^
Changmin is goin to filming paradise meadow soon*giggles*..They are doin great regardless of their lawsuit issue..

f(x)!A new girl's grup of SM.They still look nervous and new.But I bet they are goin to success like DBSK^^it's an interesthing group~^^lachata is cool^^

Today,I watched screwed up alot.hahahah!..nicole is cute^^I dunno that she's only 17!!+__+hahah!
ASTRO is omoshiro^^..but i'm leaving soon!!!cis!


Dearest frens..Hotouni2 arigatou for ur love..friendship..thank you for ur time..and being my frens...Accepting the way I am..Thank you for the presents u all gave me...
Thank you for all the kindness..

Sorry for any wrong done..I'm not good with words..and expressing myself..But Just to let u know..I'll always treasure every inch of our future..if I were to forgot some of ur name..please dun hate me*_*,please keep in touch with me...^^..I'll try my best too.....

Lastly,please wait for me!!^^we''ll meet again soon^^insyaAllah..


Friday, September 11, 2009

baachan : Meeting E.L.F again..enhyuk in Paris~

Today is omoshiro(fun)..=)*i mean yesterday.kekekeke..
Meeting elf dance class or something.and the overactive me always want to go~lol

I thought"I should excercise abit",hahah!

And so we danced U..ergh..maji susah!!(hard)..*_*But we kept learning and yokatta i got all the steps..may be forgotten some here and there esp with music.+_+.but's good to stretch out abit+_+
The dance sensei is good=)..maji~^^I'm amazed at their(MY-SJ) talents..kekeke..esp when they did SNSD's into the new world*(Tnx Nad..I dunno at all if SNSD had ever sung that+_+)..

Then,took grup pic..ah~suddenly it rained!sob3..I ran in the mid of rain to raja chulan's monorail..
I'm afraid I'll catch cold..but yappari.i'm strong ne.kekeke..(Why I feel like writing all the details??+_+)..okay..i jst stopped here...then,,finally reaching KL cntral..back to kajang~huuuu..

Oh,I met my ex- elemntary skulmate..kristin desu*__*..hahaha..i was bz dialling my bro using public phone(lol at my hp,no battery!!!)..when she suddenly patted the phone(and lol me,,shocked!!0.0)
hahahaha.But i'm too worried for my latecoming bro..and so we didn't talked!!*_*...coz when i turned my head to the back..I saw my bro..and so...our last 'meaningful' conversation was....

"where are u from????"+_+sob3...
Ah!!!Can I post about yesterdy's(10.9) life report??kekekekekeke..I sleptover at husna's house for the 1st tme*__*..Hontouni ureshi na..and we watched buzzer beat together..oh!And yeah!!!!it was a bit noisy when 'COINCIDENTLY' I updated myself with SS501..we saw a vid..where....husna was there*_*..kekeke..A 'fake tripleS' ws wavering her hands ENTHUSIASTICALLY' to the camera!!!!!Yess during the fansign event..
Hahahahahahahahahah..Yasmin chan was also there..since she's tall and 'conspicuous'..(lol),very easy to spot!!no wonder youngsaeng looked at her twice before!!kekekekekekekekekkekekeke...
And....only to reach home today..realised..i accidently took husna no mom's'SNOWCAP' wth me!hahahahahahahahahahahhaha......

Izit jst me o what...Why I found it's very difficult to write this post today??+_+hey!i need english excercise++++____+++++

*Omona!!Eunhyuk!!why u're travelling alone!!lucky franch's ELF....
But seriously no guard..hahah!and the fact that he updated his blog today..kekeke..(oh so,he got internet d??=p)
and said...'i'm not yet lost..kekekekekeke..*___*..
After watching a fancam there..omona!!so jelous..
I wonder if fishy is here.I'll happily said..fishy!!u can come to my house..kekekekekekekeke...*please forgive this crazy gal*

*To akuma>>ehy!!nooo..i'll cook for fishy!!!u jst take care of yesung or sungmin etc..~kekekeke
Hai..dakara,,u need to drink more milk to become taller.kekekekekek..=p
But i rmmbered once heechul asked shiwon..about thier grl type
HC:Please speak honestly.. body,,nice hands..cute..gojes..pretty.bla3.kekekekekekekeke....0,0

It's not vary diff to find me..(hahah!!)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

akuma: which is u?

(sj’s ideal girls from fanmeeting in japan 2008)

Teukie: Long Hair +pure heart

Heechul:pure and looks good in checkered skirts

Hangen: beautiful heart and legs

Sungmin: kind and short

Siwon: must be christian, good to parents, and family oriented (in the interview, after shiwon said this, kangin says “this is someone youre dating not marrying…eheehhe~ )

Donghae: Someone who can make seaweed soup for me

shindong: short AND a drummer

kangin: good at singing and has beautiful toes

kyuhyun: someone who will look at him only and have long legs

ryeowook: someone who looks like him and looks good in jeans

yesung: eyes that sparkle and obey her curfew *laughs* + warm heart

eunhyuk: pure girl

so which is u?

sungminne oppa~ i am kind :) and short = =
donghae oppa~ i cn cook for u that! :) sorry baachan.haha!
majority all of suju oppa likes girls with pretty legs..
oh my = =" *no negative thinking towards suju oppa*

baachan : yea i remember that bracelet! :) and yea!let us both hate kaijuu!
kim so-eun : gaeul..jandi's bestie..
kaijuu : god! i'm hating u soo much! make sure u bring me something!

Monday, September 7, 2009

kaijuu:SS501 oppa!saranghae!

uwaa! fun!fun!
firstly sorry akuma..and baachan too..for not telling u that i'm actually long already at Yokohama.
my mother hv work there so when some people tells me there are BOF Premium Event.
i not went for the 5th one..
i just went to the 6th..which made me lucky coz that day SS501 make performance!!
kim so-eun soo pretty!! and youngsaeng oppa~! ahh!!
i don't know how to story much..u better read it in other people blog..
i'm now having headache trying to think these words in english..haha..
today will have fan meeting with BOF and SS501!yey!
i will go..
niichan like kim so-eun..
kumako like kimbeom.
so no jelaousing(?) with each other..

it may look like as if i have no school..
thats because its school holiday now.
for my school only..and maybe some other school.

ok..i story again afterward..want to get ready for fan meeting. :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009


i hate u kaijuu!!
i hate u!
i hate u!
i hate u!
i hate u 4 not telling me u r going to that BOF thingy..
i hate u 4 not telling me that u r in yokohama!
i hate u 4 keeping a secret that u r going 2 that BOF bla2..!y didn't u tell me?!
baachan, did she told u?
i hate u 4 calling me early in the morning.
i hate u 4 screaming at my ears early in the morning.
i hate u 4 making me hate u!

urgh!!not in the mood for blogging now..

hyunjoong oppa~get well soon!
don't get H1N1 like yamaP n ryo did!!

*baachan..atur the banner..looks too big.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

akuma:Loving SS501

okay..again with SS501..haha..
my other blog now is full with SS501~

yukari..uncle came here..
thanks for the belated bday present :)
so cute..'s story..
nothing much.. i went to a cake buy cake.duh~haha
then i saw these cute elmo cupcakes in a freezer(?)
i was like staring at it soo long..
then uncle(yuka's father) asked me..u not fasting? looked like i wasn't fasting. i was really2 staring at the cupcakes..
makhruh puasa ku~haha
this cupcake.. : is full of SS501..
even in the news!and SS501 is going to b in TV tommorow (Melodi TV3)
SS501 oppa's are going to have a drama together!yey!
and they're coming back to M'sia at the end of the year to make a concert!
yey! and SuJu oppa'a will come next year!
I hope I can go~!!This is my chance!~I have to go~~~

yey u're coming here on Raya!
can't wait 4 it!~
ooi..u guys havent answer my question..
can i put my fict here?

and since when we are using such nicknames?? = =" the link section can u put the link of blog trans?

kaijuu : First time post. :)

ok..this is my first post.
hmm..what should i write?
maybe a self introduction.

my name is yukari michioka.
i'm 16 years old.
i live in Osaka,Japan.
I'm japanese.
and i'm sorry if my english is not good.

i don't know what to write now..haha..
nadia.i'm going to Malaysia in Raya time.Riku's family will follow too.

biha-nee..u should see nadia's many ss501 now..

both of u..get me idea for what i should write here..
coz this is like an english exercise to me. :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

akuma : I'm gonna make this blog alive!

lol..whats with the title..ackward isn't it..
haha. yuka n biha.

i made some rules :)

1)must be active..esp to yuka.
2)must have picture at the end of post.
3)before the title put your name so that its easy to tag.
ex . (look at mine)
4) every month change song :) this too demanding? well..i'm the youngest so~

ok..talking bout the SS501 fan meeting that was held at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia yesterday..we(me and my friend) saw SS501 oppas!!!but only my friend's sister saw them live.we just saw them in 3g.thats enough..coz HyunJoong oppa waved at us in the 3g :) !!

the night before the fan meeting.
lyn(my friend): nadiaa..u wanna sleep at my house tonight?
my sister is going to the SS501 fan meeting ooi!
I asked her to 3g us!!
me : WHAT!!!OMG!!!u crazy!! ok ok!!

then its that n lyn were waiting impatiently.and very nervous.and at the same time very sad and jelous.

me : lyynnnnnn!!! OMG lynn!! when is your sister going to call us!!
*suddenly the phone rang
rini(lyn's lucky sister) : lyyynnnnn!!naaaddiiiaaa!!!SS501 is infront of mee!!aaaaaa!
* she cried
me n lyn : 3G!!!

gosh! its like a dream ALMOST coming true..
the oppas are all so handsome..
peoplpe were n lyn screamed too!HyunJoong oppa was in black T.
Youngsaeng wore hoodie..cute!Jungmin's hair!love it!!Baby was wearing singlet!hot!!and Kyujong can't see him so much..blocked by stupid people..
when HyunJoong oppa passed the 3g camera HE SMILLED AND WAVED AT US!!
and me and lyn was like "oppa!!aaaa!!saranghae!oppa!".
Its like we were there.but just that we're in the phone.
Gosh!HyunJoong saw us in the phone!!aaaaaa!!!!

Then to the fan meeting.
many people took the line to meet with HyunJoong oppa.
and poor Jungmin had the least..
They had to buy an album to be autographed.
Oh and the security was argh!making me mad eventhough i wasn't there.
The security was saying "no camera no camera.on camere no autograph"
stupid!the guard even ask rini to off the phone that was used by us to 3g.
but luckly rini can handle the guard.
so rini went to HyunJoong's line. and he smilled at us again!
us = in the phone! and of coz to rini.
then rini gave hyunjoong oppa a selfmade photobook and lyn's bracelet!
and he wore it till he went to the airport to go back to korea.!
ihy lyn!
poor jungmin..~

and then after that rini followed SS501 back to the airport.
pity her.she had so little for opening her fast.

TripleS~SS501 oppa fighting!

yuka,biha..can i post my fanfict here?i don't have anywhere else to post it. :)

akuma : I'm going to live up this blog~

lol..whatever that title means.
as long as u get the point that i'm going to be active here..
well not everyday..haha..
ok. yuka n biha..
attention! new rules for this blog.

1)after every post MUST have picture..
2)the title must have name before it. ex. nadia : I'm going ....
3)keep changing the song..
4)be active the two of u :) yuka esp.. the SS501 fan meeting..
gaahh! i feel like crying!
yesterday morning my friend was like :

Lyn(my friend) : naadddiiiiaaaaa~!!!come sleep at my house today.
my sister is going to SS501 fan meeting..she's 3g-ing us!
me : OMG! really!!ok ok!

then its time for us to see SS501 oppa.but sadly only her sister saw them live.we only saw them on 3g

Thursday, September 3, 2009

baachan: {FANREPORT;SS501}He look at me,I look at him^^I smile at him,he smile to me back^^

DATE:3rd sept 2009
VENUE:One world Hotel,Malaysia
TIME:1.30- 8.15


1st of all..My head are full!!+_+Sorry if this report is a bit incoherent and grammatical errors..My head are really full..I need to organise a bit..=)

Part 1
Reaching One world hotel with my 2 other frens..let i call them,S1 and S3.=).me S2.LOL
HMM..aT THAT time,still not many pple.may be around 100 or less.But we have a small fight..zzz..watever..and the fact that I knw her..i saw her during DAICON(If u can review my previous post)..
She's kattun's,now thanks to her.I dun like KATTUN(Take only kame with me.haha)
Oh,before i forget,the press started at 3 pm.. we qued at the back after having our zuhur prayer..=(.so,we'r a bit at the back.tsk..NVM..

Around 2.50pm..Suddenly we heard a scream at the front..=(..oh,,oppa is here!!!!+_+But at the lobby.huu..we qued at parking lot..which is a floor lower than the lobby!!*_*..tsk.tsk..
We'r very envious of the s'porean fans behind us..they managed to capture our beloved SS501 OPPAS enterd the hotel to the press room.There were nearly no pple!!!!!!!cis!!they got crystal view..leader even said 'apa khabar' to her..=)..but yeah.nvm...we still can see our opa from her camera.haha.

that's about it...then,we qued..qued...waiting..........until it reach 6pm..the fansign event start at 6 pm..

omg!!!the lines are a real mess!!!!+_+pple dunno how to que I tnk...+_+suddnly so many pple is infront of us..grrrrrr...We have to buy cd(album) in order to get oppa's sign.waiting for the album to reach our lines even takes an hour*_*..things are a bit unorganized,pple are pushing..its hurt much..most fans are from malaysia,thailand, it's like south east asia's understandable..we only knew this 'REALITY' 3/2 days ago!!~haha..and tis is the second BIG waiting after dbsk last 2 years+_+...

After about an hour pushing and dying@__@. i finally manage to enter that 'dream door".yeah..may i call it.=p..manage to take my breath..But this is where 'REAL thing starts..=)

evrything moves so fast!I'm a bit clumsy as I never knew it wud be this fast!lol..

oh..we only can get a sign out of the 5.=(..bec so many pple..and the evnt will end at around 8,it's a bit unfair as few 1st persons manage to get all 5 of them.=(..

So..after the 'dream door'..jeng33333...wuuut!!finally we enter the room where our oppa were!!aahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!*I was like..OMG!THIS IS REAL!!hyung jung oppa ...the one i only saw in BOF(mysoju/utube)..he's here!!!!!!!and the others too!!!!!!!so,we have to pick which line we want to que..the lines moved damn fast!!!+_+
and lol..Hyun jung's line are the very longest!!hahahaha...there are nearly no pple in other's
Our oppas look so gojes!!!+_+all of them!!many times better in real life(of coz^^)..
hyun jung ppa is very handsome!!!ahhh..young saeng oppa!!!baby oppa!!!i can't really see kyu cz the guard blockd him!!!+_+..tsk..the guard should stand at their back instead of front!!!

okay,bck to my story.(haha)..i qued in youngsaeng's line..omg!so fast!!!!in a blink of eye..i already behind a person who's crrntly taking the YS's sign..but then...hyunjung oppa is beside young was like..."which one???!!!then i rmmbered.i initially want to see hyunjung rght?"aahhh..and happend the girl who is taking leader's sign fnishd 1st!!oMG!!!I dun thnk much!.
i rushed to hyung jung oppa!+_+of coz after made some gesture cntact with the poor the pple who qued for leader line..(i know..+_+I'm a bad girl.tsk..young saeng oppa!gomen too!!!)
So,our eyes met(*_*)..I was like...omg!!!so hot! so kakoi!hyun jung is here!!he's real!!!!I stayed stiff for about 0.5 sec...I have to pull myself Vvery hard!+_+.snce we have VERY limited,I smiled to him..and he smile back a bit^^omg!!*melt*.his skin damn smooth and fair!!eyes are big..he looks really22 hot+_+And tired a bit.=)
So,while he sign for me..I said.."oppa thank you for comng here.we'r very hppy and surprised..hope u have a good time here as well,we always suppot u^^"..he jst nodded2..ah~~and smile with the teeth shown!!(yes!).then,fnished sign.He lookd at me back(eye cntact!omg!!)*melt again*.I dunno what to do!,I jst smile ear to ear and said thank you.then,,the real world's getting on me back.haha...The guard headed me back to the exit door.*ergh*..then,i forgotten somethng!!my jungmin oppa!!!!,i turn my back for the last time..only to see my jungmin oppa with his mushroom hair..he smiled happily!!while signing for a fan.^^ah!*HE WAS REALLY ENERGETIC +CHEERFUL THE WHOLE YESTERDAY!!!^^*
But the guard keep pushing me to the exit.only when i realised.I forgotten to hand in my gift to jungmin oppa!!!waaaa+_+...

The time is jst,we rushd to food court with our 2'r 5 of us(triple s..lols)..ANd have our 'buka puasa'..=)..I dun have appetite to eat.keep smiling^^it feels like a dream..yeahh..I wana screamm!!!!ah,we sat near a korean ajushi..he dunno who is,we spazzed bout the thing jst happend while waiting for azan to break fasting.=)yeah.and of coz that ajushi is the one who have to hear all our comlpaint and craziness.many pple were looking at us(ignore them!haha).

then,this is where I lost my hp!+_+i left it on the table..tsk.tnx hyunjung oppa..u make me lost!haha..

so,we hve our mahgrib prayer..and headed back to get S1 at the lobby.*__*..we saw small crowd of pple in front of the,me and my S3 rushed to the crowd..and asking..why??oppa is goin to KLIA now?=)..wah!lucky!!,we joined the crowd(not very big crowd)..^_^cz i thnk many pple had gone to KLIA..haha.
my S1 and S3 had waited for oppa at the,I waited at the middle way pple at the
after a few mnts of waiting..Suddnly i heard a scream *__*!
kyaahhh!!OMG!!!!!!!!Oppa is here!!again^^.he's heading towards the place where I stand now.haha.But there'r so many guards.=(.they pushed us back..tsk..i nearly fall+_+.I'm bz getting close to oppa with my vid camera..ah..the guard are strong.i'm lost!haha..So i gve up on video and try to get a good last glimpse of beloved oppa.=)

1st!young saeng oppa!^^he wore hoody.and coverd his eyes.haha..too tired may be.=).but i saw his smile.^^yeah!!he's VERY NEAR!!!

2nd!hyun jung face really looks tired.haha.But he smile to us a bit^^..while waving his hand a bit^^

3rd.Baby oppa!This time..he's really near!*_*..only being blcked by guard..oh!..he's so cute+_+and hot..wearing
I can't find kyu oppa(again)+_+kyu is at the very back.huhu

4th!JUNGMIN OPPA!!!Finally I saw his full mushroom hair! cute..he's so cheerful!!keep SMILING SOO BIG while waving his BOTH hands ENTHUSIASTICALLY and SAYING BYE2 t us..So,I say bye2 OPPA..and he waved back to me.*_*..omo!!My S1 fren as well!'s in her fancam.jungmin oppa waves really enthusiastic to her*envious.*

So we sent them off to their car in front of the main door.JUNGMIN Keep his smiling and energetic waves till the end*_*.ah~~~oppa!i'm very sorry i didn't get ur sign earlier.kekeke..
Then,they get into the car/van..huhu..the window is all,I can't see a thing inside.BUT we kept saying bye2 and wave energetically to that black tinted window(lol..felt like a crazy pple.haha).then,the car drove off heading to the airport...=)


p/s:I didn't manage to get a gud video+piccus of our oppas...*sorry* cz even to have a gimpse of our oppas is VERY hard already*_*..we'r really tired..and regret a bit about the inorganised thingy..bla3.So,i use this RARE/LAST chance properly to obeserved oppas LIVE! and keep it in my memory forever.=)..NVM..since my S1,S3 and our juniors got a gud pic/vid of them already.we can always share^^..

*will edit later to Upload pics and some footnotes.haha.*