Friday, October 14, 2011

Baachan: Happy 22nd birthday to me.. 26th to Donghae!^^

Haven't been doing this kind of post lately right? I wish I can write more on blog, and friends instead of do tweeting 24/7 =_=.. because when I write, all my feelings, my head feels lighter.. and exercise my minds too.I had too much overdose fangirling sugar=_-.

"Life is too short to be worried at all times.. just do what u feels right,, by the RIGHT WAY..

"Happiness.. Isn't u live for that?? 

"Life.. what??! I always had a broad thinking whenever i saw the very huge and wide sky.. beautiful SubhanAllah.. And always think..will i able to see those.. tomorrow.. or int he next 1 hour. u know right.. what i meant. 

"Kind.. Am I kind? Since many pple said that to me . so, I kind of think that way. hmm thanks^^ may be cuz they said it like 40++ times.OTLL.. so the trait really grown in me. altho kindness can be in many way of representing..hmm.. I'm happy to be a kind person^^~. because it's a good thing. 

"smile.. magic~ You can it at any situation, sad, angry, helpless, happy, thanful, touched, etc... and immediately your heart feels content^^~ 

Finished w/ intro.yes intro !xDDD.

I celebrated my 22nd b-day on Tuesday 11th oct~ 2011^^ It was O.K except there's no cake=_=.LOL.
Nvm, i ADY KNWO THIS..CUZ OUR FAMILY DUN USUALLLy buy cake (otl mom said SUGAR OVERDOSE!!).=_='

so we had KFC party=_=.. I ate only little cause yeah.. My bothers ate  bigger portions..=.='// is a happy thing cuz it was a first time i celebrated my b-day w/ family since 2 yrs ago^^~~ hehe. i kind of forgot the feeling.. well. celebrating w/ ur frens back i cardiff too were blast,not to loose!!! ^^.

and and.. I received b-day present from my unni..yeah. we know each other not tat long.but I'm very2222 happy^^!! Yup.I love birthday presents. The more i received, the more my happiness level increase! kkk~ 

Also, a parcel (well i ordered something from korea).LOL. and wrote 'JO HYUN JUN' (hitt mmber's name).kkk..and it arrived on 11th oct.. so it felt like a birthday present really arrive.. and yess! really!! i received a free clear file of jyj latest album(IN HEAVEN) and guess what!! i got jejung's file!! *criess happiness)!!!

The next day, a card from my bestie arrived from cardiff. I was touched ;__;.. really happy!

and.. today..another birthday card arrive from amigotachi.. T_T.. Actually it's a tradition to collect birthday wishes from ur frens for ur fren birthday,, but for some reason.. this card. this year... felt too precious.. tat w/o realising.. i shed tears.. and tears just keep falling (panda eyes).!

thank u girls.. i love u girl.i miss u girls. I will lead my life well from now,and always, and I hope I can keep my pace right.. just don't forget keep me in ur prayer..T_T

I shall stop here.. since this post is non-fangirlng related, but rather like a diary post.=_=. 

Oh, today is Donghae oppa's birthday!^^ Oppa, happy birthday. kkk~.I already wish him at twitter.. 

Today is HITT 100Days too^^ You don't know HITT ? CHECK THIS VIDE OUT,!~ 
their main debut title track is called: Good Night!

I'll do well, I'll do well!^^ I will!! i must!! thanks to all pple who care for me^^ Including my lovely supportive familiy T_T!

O.K I shall go now~ thanks for reading! ppyong~

Thursday, October 6, 2011

baachan: [Fanaccount] Met HITT at Incheon...^^

Made jejak kasih w/ uram.T.T..he's freaking my bias T_T..!
Got the other half of hitt mmbers siggy..
Hayong oppa called my name from far T_T...
Jaehun so nice to me..
Hyunjun playing 'hide n seek' w/ me ..kkk..he's very playful..=_=..

O.k let's start.. so, it's the last day in korea.. But I was determind to go to their ONLY schd while i was in seoul.SO I MUST GO! T_T!.. and the cruel thing is.. i only have this info about the schd.. 'incheon western youth festival'... that i googled translate =__+... by matching up the hangeul keyword and search engine results..I managed to fpund the info about the event T.T... timing.. and venue... tho i'm not sure,, but the keyword and timing so match cuz hitt had MTV sch at 8pm after that.. the festival started at 2pm.. 

Blah3.. the place is freaking far.. 2 hours by subway! and what more.we terlajak stationssss cuz i was sleepy and didn't check the map =_+... need to patah balik, aigoooo. i was soo damn worried. Reached dongam stat. and need take a taxi since it's late aleady!.The place is very far from dongam stat.=_+....  Arrived at 2.20pm? And after kinda positive that we went to the correct venue/EVENT..*still hesitate tho* LOL.. hmm.. they have like small stage and apparently they conducted singing compt?? solo, group etc..~ it's very fun and all the contestants are super good =).

there were booths around there as well.. like playing games.. doing something art.. blah3~ like a small expo perhaps??? .
not very sure..i just care to meet

3pm.. 3.15.. 3.30pm! no HITT come out yet!!. So i was walking around aimlessly searching fro hitt's van =_+.. HA-HA..
Around 4.05pm If not mistaken.. Saw familiar figure+hair+clothes.. ackkk it's hitt!! they'r climbing the big stairs heading towards the backstage *waiting area*.. I can see them.hehe. Suddenly i felt my energy again.. omonaa.. they'r so free.. no guard, no fan running towards them.. 
me: unni, please wait for me here o.k!

I then ran towards the side of the stage/venue area? and peeking beside the stage *technician sound standby area=_=..*..i was veryyy nervous... I peek a bit... i think.. HyunJun saw me..=.='''''' so i have no chance to peek cuz tht will make me look soo stalkerish and it's not my style T__T... I have so many thought! but this the last chanceee T_T I must go! If i didn't meet uram, I think i'll regret ..kkkk...need to act fast too. Cuz.. after finish perform, they must have want to rush to next schd..

So, i just sat randomly at the stairs and sip a water .. checking my make up...=_=.. and then,, w/o realising.. already came out from 'peeking' area and heading to the huge stairs..~~~Ahhhhhh.. i dun even dare to look up.!

I looked down while walking to the staircase area.. ah~~ HAYONG i THINK?? saw me from far.hoho.. and shouted my name like 'Uram ~Nabiha sshi' (like uram, nabiha sshi is coming~something like that lah~).LOL....ha-ha.. (everyone also know i'm uram's fan.LOLOLOL!)..
And i heard some shocking sounds/ voice.. like 'whoah' from far something. hahaha.. kinda embarrassing.=_=.... 

BLah3.. i look up a bit.. and then..u know what..T.T..

Uram is like running towards my direction T__T.. I was soo damn happy i wish i can run to him too.LOL.
But i was like walking cooly+_+.. then, i realised... THE 1st step of the stair is SUPER HIGH!!

I made this sound like :ottoke?? why so high!!!! LOL.. then, i climb a bit *sopan2*.xxDDDDDD
ah, uram already waited for me so fast....=)..
ah~~ so we met!!!!!!! i was like annyeonghasaeyooooo~~~~~~ and sweet smileee..

hmmm.funny thing.. because both? of us, are very nervous.. I'm lost of word.. i only made like 'ah.. 'ah  hmm' sound=_+..

Then, i remembered sign2222.. I took my uglyT.T uchiwa support tool that i wrote '우람' on it.haha. i asked him to sign on that while i was clumsily took out my silver marker.ha-ha.
me: Ah,, cd eopseoyo,,oneul(i didn't bring my cd today)..T.T so, pelase sign on this,instead.
uram: just smile.. ah very sweeet!! he's not fair like my Junyong oppa.. but still very handsomeeeee and cute at the same time.his face kinda small..;__;..

uram sign.. he signed very slowwwwlyyyyy~~I ask him are u  sick??? kamki?(fever in korean)..
and he just smile.. and he said something like.. yeah..~ huhuh.poor him..T_T.. I can tell he doesn't look that good.
i told him i'm going back tonight blah3.. and i realised, he has finish sign.. hmm. then, i only look at him, and he just smile again *i can die many2 times.LOL*. THEN, w/o a thinking, i spLurted out: whoah, mochida(u're very handsome/cool).LOL..
THEN, I REALISED..ooppss =_+...
making him more shy lah~HAHAHAHA.
Oh.. then, he was about to return the markerpen to me.. he tight the pen before that.. and shoved to me..
BUT u know what.. while I was about to take it from him... he then,, took it again.. and tight it again tho it's pointlesss.. T_T..Uram ah!!! no need to do that!! (u're not nappeun namja right?kkkk)..

hahaha. i then just smile and make like a 'smirk' laugh? like HyunJun always did..kkkk.
kkkkk.. i was so reluctant to take the pen! HAHAHAHA. AH, THEN, i remmbered i haven't got JT+HW sign yet.. !!
So, I asked him.. and made a gesture like.. :ah,, howon + juntaek sign.. ah.can go up there?? *pointng to the direction of the rest of hitt mmbers+staff were waiting.damn nervous.but because uram is walking beside me.. hihihihihiihi.. 
nearly arrived, then hayong oppa again =_=..
HY: ah, nabiha sshi~~~ blah3..

he's like introducing me to everyone.LOL!!! this is embarassing cuz today i wore the same scarf as yest. blame the ajusshi cuz dun have iron!!!! i supposed to wear purple scarf today so will look cuter.HAHAHAHAHAHA.

all pple there kinda shock.LOL.I think 1 of the staff that i've met before at jay.k.. sj something(twt id).made like 'O' expression.LOL!! I just smile to her.kkkkkkkk..
they all must be shock to see me at that place xDDDDDDD because i told u.. it's freaking farrrr

blah3. there were standby.i think they will perform next^^.

I dun wana waste i searhed for jt 1st. oh.juntaek sshi.. sign jusaeyo~he then just give me..he looked very cute in person*__*~~. he didn't smile much.. i think he looked likE a person w/ many troubles T_T...

Then, next is howon..
I couldn't find him.. only when hyunjun pointed to him for me.. CUZ WHEN ALL HITT MMBERS ARE TOGETHER.. They look kinda the same.ha-ha..=_=.. thanks hyunjun ah~ LOL

they must have read the small note i left with uram (i forgot to remove the note!!) present on friday 'I WANT HITT sign!'.LOLOLOL!!!. embarrassing =_+..
O.k so finish.. and i realised, they were about ready to perform.heu3..
everyone like left me.kkk. and only to realised, JT is still there.. so i remmbered my fren asked me to say to him that she like juntaek oppa soo much.LOL..

So i just go grab JT attention and said that in broken hangeul... he was like leaning his ear near me to understand what i'm saying.and just laugh a bit/smile? after i finish talking *since he didn't smile much person.kkk*.. oh sweet listener.kkkk. he seem happy i told that to him ^^~
Then jt left me, so i said goodluck and he looked back and smile to me.. hehehe~~

finish.. then, HITT perform, i rushd back to infront stage area and do fancams..Whaohh..because there were only little audience may be like 200? so, it's very close and it's kinda embarassing to look at hitt members.Kkkkkkkkk... Unni said uram made some hand gesture to me  during i'll always love u song,but i didn't catch it.=_=.. and hyunjun too.. but unni said Hyunjun did the hand gesture to her, not to me.LOL.. I dun wana fight it's hyunjun anyway.if uram, then i'm very positive.hahahahahaha!.
I wana crai.i sang all the songs with them! wow! i really can sing all the songss tho i've never look at the lyric even once!!!=_=..
they perform my fav song just the way u are FULL *_*~i fcs all 3 songs they perform.the reaction of audience are good.. after they finished just the way u're, audience was like 'encore2 ' LOL..
And HY said sth2~ hahaha~very cute..

hmmm.. i dunno why, but uram looks very cute on stage w/ hyunjun that day *_*.. but of coz uram's cuter.kkk. he smiled sweetly and seems enjoying the stage from start till the end...^^~,
i wonder if he's healthy already or what.. but that's good..^^

so, after HITT finished, we also finish our sch and need to rush to ansan for DnT schd. !OMG! the place is very far..i was worried if we couldn't make it. so, we rushed back and while on our rushing(running man LOL), we actually passed by HITT's van and HITT mmbers were also heading back to their van.LOL..*nice timing huh).... I was so shocked when unni suddenly said' HITT!!!! BYE2!!* (2x) So loudly unni ah =_=... kk. then unni said uram quickly ran into the van when SG (uram's fan) ran towards him at the van.kkk..
jaehun, saw/hear unni, so he said, 'annyeong'+bow to us.. and i just bow a bit.see i told u.Jayhun so nice to me T_T!. 
I want to be jayhun's fans too!^^

We then, ran our life to catch taxi ... hayyah.we ran like crazy =___=..


baachan: [Fanaccount] Met DnT backstage at Ansan. jinyoung oppa~~~

After finish dating w/ uram (*___*).. +HITT
We ran for DnT 's sch that is located in Ansan.. about 1.5 hours journey by subway+taxi etc..
Not sure if we could make it.. and.... pabbo me! I didn't save the hangeul address.. T_T..
We had a hard time explaining to the taxi driver 'ansan lake park' in hangeul..all my mistake..T__T!!! HOW could i be so careless...

actually cuz i tot we can just go using bus,so no need hangeul thing..but yeah.. we arrived late! and it's farr.. and not being able to translate 'lake' and 'park' to hangeul is frustrating...i dun have korean -eng dictionary i understand the importance of this thing..T.T...

blah3... i nearly gave fact i did!! and told unni let's just go back home(heading to airport).it's 6.30pm anyway that time..but... taxi ajusshi..i'm glad he had some sense.. and said is this one..ranmdonly stopped nearby flyover and on the other road there's some sound like event happening?(honestly i dun understand a thing he said to us)... so..may be this one?? dunno anymore..and i said to unni..bec we already reach this far..let's just look and check.. if we go for a wrong event,then, we just go back home w/ bus/other taxi.....   

blah3.. reached the venue.. it's an open air event.. the area is VERY Big (thousands capacity..) but veryyyy small number of audience=_=.. 500 only?? ..the stage looks gorgeous.. ^^~ \we search for something look like 'exclusive tinted van'.LOL... yeah.. he headed straight nearby side stage.ha-ha. and saw 2 vans.. but.... we don't recognise DnT's van =__+... but now we know! kkkkk.

i randomly walk around, behind the stage ..haha acting like passerby..cuz the area is like a biiggg park area~^^~.. and many ppl are walking around..hoho.

blah3.. finish made a round at the venue and found.. no DnT sign.BUT! Back to my place(where unni waited )..saw familiar figure..looks like them..but we both  rabun!!! we can't see properly T___T!!!

i said to unni, "i'm tired, unni go lah check pulak"...T.T.. seriously tired.haven't eat anything since the night before.T.T..

hahaha.. happened to be! cuz unni sedap je borak dgn dorang =__=... ah, then, i walked towards DnT.. lol.. 1st one. jungjo+taerang shock expression.'O'..priceless..KKKKKkkkkkk.. i JUST SMILE..No energy to talk,seriously T_T.. I can't see JY oppa face properly..too dark..i ONLY REMMBERED HIS HAIRSTYLE=_+..
then, JY oppa saw me and made like 'oh! sound and shock expression when he saw me..

.ha-ha.. then taerang introduced me to meant, he introduced me to chiho lah not the other way around cuz chiho wasn't at the co when we came last time.hoho.  they.. seems very happy to see us there..kkk cuz we stayed freaking farrrrrr from ansan!...
we said we'r heading back to malaysia tonight.then i realised JY oppa was like bz cuz it's their turn to perform next.. i saw he was bz standby and saw mic on his hand..but still want to talk w/ me.. but i dunno if i'm too tired that my mind kinda went blank to remmber what happaned.(haha)., and all DnT mmbers were like want to talk w/ me.ha-ha. taerang seems talkative that night =_=.. then, he said to me,nihongo ? *since he knows i can understand +speak nihongo better than korea).. he said in jap that it's their time to perform now.. JY oppa look at me and smile. and said sth like 'see u later after i perform'... may be? i'm not sure... then, i said 'dozo' (silakan) *LOL* taerang.. he walked towards the stage and i said 'ganbare!!' aka hwaiting~ hihi.
and looked at me too and smile.. and said thanks may be? =_+..

then, they were really going to perform.HOHO.

HONESTLY.. that was 1st time i'm seeing DnT performing life!! wow!! my reaction was like that.. they'r very gooddddd.. All sings very weellll.and chiho+taerang hold the long+high notes very beautifully T__T.. Jungjo's voice is... surprisingly good cuz he doesn't talk much.. =__+..and he's the new i'm not that familiar...heu3..  they performed only 2 songs T_T..  knock3 and time is~

and junyong oppa (rapper) is perfect as always *__*~..
i like the mini fire trick by jungjo.ah~~~ kakkoiiiii. 

blah3, finished~ They headed to the van.and i just remembered need to pass presents (scarfs) to all DnT mmbers.. so, i rushed towards them, and pass to JY the present. even gave him kuih gunting my mom made*omg! my veryyyy fav kueh gunting the last stock T__T!!* Act want to give to uram earlier but damn i forgot about it AT ALL!!'s o.k..

i said 'hai, purezento(present) *shoved him the present's bag*... and cookies.. okasan ni otsukutte' (my mom made)..~ then, we said bye2 to each of them.. they also heading back home.same goes to us.. 
JY oppa seems very tired.. he sweated a lot.. *__*~. ah, somehow, bec i called him oppa2222 many times2.. feel like he's real oppa to me.LOL.. uram is .. different..hmm.~watever~kkkkkkkk

he only made 'un' 'un' sound.. ah, may be cuz he merajuk w/ my tweets? cuz i said.. his english is fail=_=.. and that he's nappeun and I want to be jungjo fans too.LOL.. cuz... honestly.. he didn't update his twt that much.. (may be 3 times per month??=_=).. so that's why i tweets him like freely =_____=... I shouldn't be so careless!!!!!
cuz just yesterday.. i checked my email and received noticed that JY oppa favorited my tweet to chiho and mentioning him too.. : "chiho, i didn't meet u yesterday at the co, but JY oppa helped copy your signature on my DnT cd. kkk".. lol.. i was shocked!
I only fav mentions received from idols.. but he fav mine.oppa, T__T MAking ME CRAI. I will only be ur fans dongwook, or jungjo ..heuuu3

then, said bye2,