Monday, November 16, 2009

baachan : Ohitorisama.=D

:=D…Today was really a good day..=D..yay for me~^

1st!-I came to classes! and barely sleep during lectures^^.. omedetou me

2nd- Kinou when I ‘bz’ listened to koe wo kikasete on my hp....sddnly I saw frm my W508(lol)..
tHe word hiragana…it says…’ohitorisama’..I was
then I remembered husna told me about teppei’s new dorama called ohitorisama..
Then,my hp continued rans the words ..’ohitorisama’ OST*_*..Omona~so it happened that bigbang’s koe wo kikasete’s was meant for teppei’s atarashi no dorama!=D..
Hahahahahah..Do u know how excited I was over this ‘small’ lucky coincidence??=D..

WTV..and so,,at 2am+_+(yeah..I searched for ohitorisama at utube!tada!!!my assumption was true=D..there!!!it was^^

Wee..and so,I straightly donloded ohitorsama till ep 3 from veoh(hoho)=D
Super happy^^then,wnt to sleep at 2.30.+_+.I golek2..still cn’t slepp… imsomnia was still there.=(…so,after an hour golek2..+_+..i decided there’s no point to struggle on sleeping*_*.so,I just went on to lappy..*honestly I forgotten what I did..

May be read some notes~and listened+watched MVs+_+..haha~ then,off to sleep again at 4!!

Random of today..OMona! today was really cold!+_+. .blame me for wearing a very thin layer! haiyah!! .really shivered!
Anyway,it was funny that ayuni really did BANG my door this morning! lolol.. tnx to her.. otherwse. .I’m VERY POSITIVE I WON’T MAKE IT .. the lectures..+_+….

Then,we have a CAL workshop in the evening.=D

Is like an internet base learning jokes!it was aloooot of things to read!Plus sub-pages it has!!argh!!and we have to pay attention at those ‘SINGLE OF WORDS’!+_+..we all went crazy in that lab comp room for 3 hours..
And the annoyance and headchace was doubled WHEN the person that sat beside me..+_+.. WAS a bit ‘enthusiastic’ writing her note..Her typing skill was good enuf to be qualified as a secretary of high class+_+…But it’s just..a bit too loud ne+_+.waaaaaaa

I dunno but most UK studnts here they prefer typing the notes using keyboard on microsoft words~ us..malaysian+_+…we prefer to write on piece of paper.=)..WTV.but they type really FAST! and loud*_*..and at some points.. they’r bz chatting about men,party,love .haih. .BORING~Is there anymore interesthing topic?+_+
And it’s getting annoying since I CAN understand what they were talking bout+_+..hailo..

And with her walkman..aiyo..she really has very thick ear drum..I can hear clearly the song from her headphone!!+_+..But I need to,I tried my best and recalled back in the 1st year of secndary skool I can really stdy in extremely noisy worked somehow.But..yeah.Next time I’ll make sure to sit near Asians.. or malaysian .. it’s far better anyway+_+

Anyway, CAL today was not as terrible as last week's+_+..=D..coz we have a mock test in the mid-way!!*i was totally shockd about this sddn test,,since i haven't even study at home!Just during 3 hours workshops like we always did+_+..and I haven't fnshed the PART 1 why my other frens already halfway thru part 2!!+_+..Lipid.=(..sorry..i left u from 'others'..=D..LOL
But the very kowai thing is that is has negative marking system._+whereby ur mark will be DEDUCTED from any wrong ans+_+.. so, beTter dun answer if u duno the ans.=D

3RD! And so.....=D.=D..It happend that I got the highest mark for CAL mock test. lololol=D..I really miss this kind of victory since like 2.5 years ago??+_+…see how much I played these 2 years+_+..

*lecturer: 23…23..22…20..18..22..etc……28!!We got 28

And so the highest was 28/32.=D..and so minna clapped..lololol.=D

!Hahahahah..HE’S SURE very loud..+_+. .i’m shy. .lucky I sat a bit inside the row.. haha
And that ‘noisy’ person beside me were bz pointing at me hahah~*now I forgave her ‘annoyance’ for…
And the goOd thIng keep happened as my lecture permit us to leave earlier.=D..

I walked super’s very windy and cold..I shivered loads!+_+..feel like jogging, time please wear thicker layers me!!


Pss:..AMBOI nadia..=D..RM50??KAYA GILAK BELIAU+_+……BERTUAHNYA ‘bini’ dia..haha
And tnx for changin the playlist..the acapella vers of koe wo kikasete was kewl~=D
Neorago is a bit radio-sound quality??lol..=D..

Ah..that kirai hito is now getting better.=D..i’m trying my best not to get ‘hurt’ mo.=D..

*Off to eat dinner..*smells good^^..with ohitorisama!!=D=D=D

Sunday, November 15, 2009

akuma: 2012

whoa baachan.. u write soo long.. hahaha..
hows that annoying girl doing? hihihi..

last saturday that is like 2 days ago..
i had a very fun time hanging out with my friends..
yeah.. my tumpangsinki gangs!

it was aeliz-chan's bday..
happy bday dear~

we (16 peeps) ate at Kenny Roggers.. Aeliz's father paid for all of us.
thanks papa aeliz! ahaha..
i ate sitting next to aeiou. =DDD
i was like so control eating beside him.
there was this biiigg chicken so me n him had to share..
when we were cutting the chicken into half, the chicken suddenly flew into the person sitting infront of us's plate.. lol.i think it was ziah's.. sorry ziah.. haha XD
hahaha.. fly chicken!! FLY~!

after eating, we went to speedy..
hoho! so many choices!! so many i want to buy! so expensive!
hahaha!.. shockingly, aeiou said.. nadia, if u want one i cn buy one for u. but only the ones that r below rm50. haha.. deja vu was rm49.90. =DD
so he bought me that. thank you aeiou! =DDDD

then 3.30pm. we watched 2012.!
i looovve that movie!!
feel like wanna rewatch it again n again n again n again~~
that cinema was sooo cold.. and that movie was sooo long.! like 3 hours..
luckily i sat next to him! yipee~
and because it was soo cold we had to sit close to each other.
okay =DD i should be grateful for the coldness and also for the movie for being so long. haha.
kamsahamnida XD
i had the best day of my life~

i miss my friends. now its the hols and i dont know what to do at home..
so damn bored!
maybe i should learn how to make cupcakes instead of 24/7 online-ing. haha.

jaa.. koko made! =DDD

Friday, November 13, 2009

baachan : Koe wo kikasete =) +OMONA I found a cassiopeia.^^

BIG BANG!Koe wo's Kinda new..but anyway,,it's my recent craze.. =D

I love this song to the bit..It has a catchy and calming melody.. Daesung and the other guy(what's his name*_*) really did a great job^^nice2
except i hope to hear more from GD and TOP*_*..
seriously this reminds me of HSJ...*still rmmber kaoru said "yamada wth 9 dancers"..*lol*

Sakki made no ame wa mou agatte
Asufaluto tadayou machi no nioi
Nee socchi mo mou hareteru yo ne
Nishi kara kaifuku surutte
Asa wa negate na kimi dakara nee
Mainichi chanto okirareteru kai?
Sonna koto imada ni shinpai shiteru yo

Hirogaru sora wa sou jiyuu de
Nani mo kawattenai keredo
Tonari ni ima wa tada tada kimi ga inai dake

Koe wo kikasete
Sunao ni nareba kitto
Wakari aeru hazu sa
Kokoro wo hiraite
Koe wo kikasete
Aruitekita michi wa bokutachi ni totte kitto
Taisetsu na STEP sa sono mirai e no

Kimi to hajimete deatta no wa sou
Choudo ima kurai no kisetsu datta ne
Raito appu shita machinami ga
Kirei ni kagayaiteita
Nakimushi na kimi wa are kara yoku
Boku no kata ni odeko wo nokkete
Naiteta ne sono nukumori ni
Mushou ni furetaku naru

Hito wa dare demo sorezore ni nayami wo kakaete ikiru
Koware souna kokoro wo hisshi ni dakishimete

Koe wo kikasete
Yasashiku nareba motto
Aishiaeru hazu sa
Me wo sora sanai de
Koe wo kikasete
Karami tsuku fuan mo sabishisa mo koete yukou
Ima no kono kimochi ga kizuna ni naru

Yeah, Since you went away hasn't been the same
In my heart all I got is pain
Could it be that I played a game to lose you, I can't maintain
Sunlight moonlight you lit my life realize in the night
while love shines bright
Cant let you go we're meant forever baby let me know

This past without you, Can't forget you
Letting me be the cloud hanging above me
Raining on me missing you touch
Nights get long and it's hard to clutch
We're apart breaks my heart
Its all for the best girl you're my world
In time my love unfurls
He will then wait for you girl

Koe wo kikasete
Sunao ni nareba kitto
Wakari aeru hazu sa
Kokoro wo hiraite
Koe wo kikasete
Aruitekita michi wa bokutachi ni totte kitto
Taisetsu na STEP sa sono mirai e no

P/S:Random of today...
This gal was so lazy to wake up in the morning that she skipped her classes..again.=(
tamago,and the gang scold her..sob3..i won't repeat again..
ayuni chan,u're free to bang my door every morning*_*..i won't bite.=)
anyway,math test had ended.=)..just need to get above 70% to pass.i thnk i did pretty well.except 1 qs that the number was soooo weird that my head jammed and dizzy*_*..but yeah,i won't cry over that 1 lil spoiled.! least in REAL LIFE we should have a calculator.=)
I went bck home at 5pm!gosh!it was totally dark like 9pm!..=(.the wind blow very hard and it was really funny for my umbrella to fought over within*_*..haha..i need a new umbrella soon+_+*
Somehow I miss 'day'!!
oh..i heard it's already snow in beijing..and US..=). beijing..yeah! u know from hangeng's cy=D
myDONGHAE is really sweet to thank over kind elf who always brought presnt esp during their 4th annversary^^..oppa..saranghae!^^
Sungmin is bz updating his cy wit hyaku!^^it's really a cute neko!!^^..
lastly! A NOtable event may I called for tday.=D..
I found a new cassi^^
I was bz preparing my hot choco drink and stirred of coz in my JEJUNG'S mug^^
'that' gal sddnly went.."oh,,this guy!"
me: *bling2 eyes*..u know him??he's JEJUNG!!^^Yeha..i miss speak out jejung's name lately!lol
her: yeah..look at my hoody!
*omg!*..I'm soooo damn jelous at her.she's wearing changmin's hoody!!!*_*..i thnk frm concert somethig.forgotten!*_*..but it was really there.she has 'tvxq''s stuff*_*..
And it happened to be she love minmin and suju as well.and then,I show off my lil chiNEse by saying tong vfang xien she was looking's really kewl somehow to be an international cassi^^we know them
and I said i LOVE dnghae..and I pronounced it as 'dong hai'..lke chinese elf always said.haha..
But we could't talk any longer..=( sddnly eg(tamago) and the gang all my frens like ambushing to ur kitchen.*hai*..loud pple when they're hungry!*_*.hahahaha
oH,she actually a fren of my housemate.there are both frm hongkong^^
I thnk her mouth wud be like this * 'O' * if she ever listen to me singing smiling pasta's lil turtle girl by nicholas's the only mandarin song that i can sing PRETTY well till the end^^
But anyway,,she made my day!hahaha..and so,I went to take math test with smile^^
*oH,,The only bad thing happend today is that...I accidently fell from stairs*_*..IS really kowai yo!!my jst miss my steps when coming down.that m feet twisted*_*..haish.!
it was reall my fault!I did't properly wore my shoes..and feeling unstable..with those muffler,beg,gloves*_*..really kowai yo!...If i fALL at a weird way,I thnk my feet wud be really 'DONE'!+__+..but it was really HURT!!*_*..
*Tomorrow will go for kaimono!^^..tamago and her 'ehem2'...hahahahahahahahahaha=D
Tanoshimi yo!^^lol..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

baachan : HErtbeat+zombiness+Screaaammmm!

Finally!!Finally!!!Finally!!!hER 1st assignment finished.Alhmadulillah.=D
But her essay is really boringShould she make an amendments??YEAH!!=d
She can produce more better performance than this cheapstake work.=.='
Gnbatte me!=D

I prOmised this won't happen again..terrible hurricane..=( !!

Ne,yukakaijuuchan,u interruptd really at the wrong timing ne.haha..But u celebrate with me..over my finished,is a good thing yo^^..and

Wait!!Whom is this belongs to??kekekeke~=p

No matter matter when..i'm always...

Always keep the faith??hisashiri na~=D

No matte how much i look over news,over SUJU,over shinee.etc.THSK are just too remarkable*_*..(upon any words may I use.=p)..

acapellas,dance,and utaaaaaa..kao koe..subete ga a deep way..(lol).i'm crazy.=p AND that's why I 'unconciously' wrote those??=D. recnt playlist..+_+

sowane marebwa~

jojo jojo!!+_+

loving u~~

dareka no tameni..=D..bokurawa kotode..etc~..melody and harmony~=D


gee gee gee.blame tamago-chan!!*_*

and of coz koi lke this...=D.. i was thnking of taking this song as my 1st full able-sing korean song.*_*..

And no!I'm not hottest..but jaebom's tingy kept intriguiting e.hish~yess..this is my 1st 2pm's mv deshita!=D

HEARTBEAT! It's kewl..=D

pss:Ayunni came to my room.."Biha u have dine this clculation right?do u still rmmber how u did them.??

me:=.='....silent..*grins*..WAaa.wakanai.*_*..I jst copied what my labpartner did..sob3.

this carefree gal!Shouldn't be like this next time!pelase be responsible to ur learning materials!=D!!!

pss:Oh,,anther left out piece of my fandom..Chocolate!!please watch them triplesSssu!^^Thy are hontouni kawai na..I dunno why..but I sensed some japani-sm in them.^^leader!!!!kyu!!min!baby!=D..SCREAAAMMM!!..hha

I was a bit too late to know that our 'kind' oppas actually created green peas uta for triples..for me..for u..neorago!^^..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

kaijuu: a trip to Hokkaido

sorry for not updating for so long time..
my phone cannot open this site..
i dont know why.

recently i have class trip to Hokkaido..
really fun!
so many flowers!!
all falling flowers..
kirei naaa....

and also before that we have an activity that is to take care of a forein kid.
kawaii naa...

and this is a picture of my friends when we are in Hokkaido..

Lately, I'm having problems with my friends..
aahhh.. so hard to explain.. i wish niichan was here to help me translate.
Its like I think she is using me.. etto...not sincere to be my friend..
its very clear that she only wants to be my friend coz of riku.
onee.. nadiaa.. dou ?!!
when last year before me n riku become koibito she confessted to riku.
yokatta he reject her.

then after me n riku become koibito she suddenly become my bestfriend.
before this she wont even talk to me.
dou dou? and she always use me so that she can be close to riku.
daikirai naaa!! kirai kirai! should i tell riku?
oohh., he would just said that i'm jelous..

waaa =(((

Friday, November 6, 2009

baachan : Primadonna.=D

No no..there's no cnnection wth the title at all.haha..
Today,this gal went out for shopping alone *again*.yeah!!=D
Is really refreshing!!i jst realised how big city cntre is.*_* day is surely not enough*_*.getting lost some more.*_*..

I saw many type peepo.=D.only few kids..babies are everywhere..young couples teenagers..=D
Oldies as well.haha.this city is a whole range group of peepo!=D
Peepo here are friendly..they smiled eventho i'm a it feels warm and safe.=D

kURISUMASU IS NEALRY,there were lots of thingies can be seen alot more.
I saw some group of peepo singing..the sang something high pitch..ah,what is that called?soprano???=D
Watched street performances..=D..saw some peepo pinned a 'flower' badge on their chest?i wonder what kind of speacial evnt today..*haha*
At the end,this gal end up observing the 'environment'.. =.='

IT'S REALLY GETTIN COLDER!!..Watch out not to catch cold..=D..
Please bring umbrella whenever u go out!

Oh,,i bought notin but a blender.LOLOLOL..=D

Ah,,i'm getting lost as well..aiyah..the buldings are conncted to this and that..and so..+_+..when i took this walked my way thru the other sides of the the other roads,corners,..and i was shocked at some point,i walked past to a big cnstruction,there's cnstruction goin on SOMEWHERE here..=D..
after walking like 2 hours,I jst realised i haven't breakfast or lunch yet..following my instinct,I jst walk brings me to chcken cottage.hahaha..a piece of memory from the past walk that I cn still rmmber..that road..=D
chicken cottage was delicious..(is like kfc/mcd in malaysia)..

me: can i have a set of kid's meal please?
cashier: sorry..??
me: kid's meal set.. =.='

*haiyah..what's wrong wth that??I'm on diet u see(hahahaha..=p)
everything here is,a kid set wud be more than enuf for me..yeah..=D
and since i want to cook today..
and now i'm TOTALLY FULL*_*..Wait..where is my diet?? LOL

Where is this place??=.=' haha...ah,i mary's street.=D

Went back home..watching you're beautiful..maa..Cz i js realised how recently i haven't fangirling much.only studying*_*...and essaying..+_+..
I haven't watch any dorama,kdrama..or anime at all..sob3..i jst listen to songs..*_*

BeaUtiful u is really addictive.+_+..
i watched it coz i thnk i saw the title so many times evrwhere..hmm..pple are talking bout that drama..haha..and wasn't a dissapoinment.=D..
Hongki!!hongki!!!no!!!!how could u be that close to that gal??hha..*jyodan dake..*
the hero(what is his name??=.=)...his hair is a bit annoying..and his eyeliners as well*_*..

And so..this gal screammmmmm whenever hongki appeared on her lappy screen*_*..
*SO LOUD!*..=D

*i WONder what's gpin to happen if I watch jejun's Heaven postman??
i need a thicker wall??kekekeekekekekekek..=D

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

baachan : BOF Parodies..=D,koi like this

These are so funny not to laugh on(lols).
this gal is supposed to finsh up her essay..=D

FT Island!the very cutest.





akachan oppa=D..JUNG-KUN!!+_+..
MINNA KAKOI..sob3..kokoro e broke watching oppas berebut that 'healthy' gal*__*...

koi like this..=D

NO!!!They are gettin on me!!tomaranAi!=D


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

akuma: ringdingdong

sorry baachan for not updating. =D


I've been offline for a month!

all thanks to last semester exam.

I've been soo buzy studying for it. and I studied hard.

and now I'm finally free! ( for a month that is. after that continue studying for PMR )

next week is my final week at school for this year..

yipee~ I finished my form 2.

boo for PMR.

so being offline for a month is a good thing.

i'm satisfied with my final semester results.

and i'm very looking foward for this holiday.

made many plans~

  • this Fri go watch 'Unborn' (horror movie) at my friend's crib.

  • next Sat gonna watch 2012 wif aeiou =D

  • maybe spend a week or so at KL. wish u were there baachan.

  • watch New Moon wif my besties.

  • spend a night or maybe two at my bestie's crib.

  • extra class at school <>
  • online-ing

  • youtube-ing

  • more online-ing

  • online-ing

  • online-ing

  • online-ing

not gonna let go of my lappy for this hols.

nothing happened much recently. I'm collecting money! money money money! where are u~

I saw Deja Vu album at Speedy. and its only RM 49.90. and also Sorry-sorry C platinum version. also the same price. Money Money~ come fast laaa.. and BOF DVD's price had dropped down from RM 100+ to RM 80+.. why wont u drop more.. aigoo.. and I'm currently redecorating my walls. I used up all the walls in my room. still there's so many more posters left. maybe I should hang it in the living room deshou? haha.

okay i think i'm gonna stop writing for now.wanna continue watch You're Beautiful.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

baachan : miss miss miss..break up the shell!!??=D

this is so pathetic...I lost before I can even play..sob3..demo..ima daijoubu yo..

There were REALLY A LOOOTSS of Malaysians there*lol*..
Of coz delicious foods are there as well+_+..I ate like ALOT!!

I met lots of my ex-A-levelians..Waaa..minna hontuni genki dayou*_*..and co0ked really well(-D)
Pasta to frying rice to chicken to lasagne to cucur hontouni UMAI.=D

And OMG.I bought some cheap choco(ok,enuf about foods.*_*)
But it's really nice to reunited..I miss them.sob3...Yasmin cried..and before I realised,my eyes are wet..*_*....
Hopefully we can meet again during winter..=D..

tHIS IS MY 1ST TIME board on train here.maa......our return train was cancelled at it's our 1st we waited for the nxt train..and pray so that we got a seat..snce we'r now boarding on other's slot of train*_*....really troublesome..But I managed to find a seat..and no one claim the seat..=D..(LUCKY)..But i'm so damn dizzy snce it's moving backward!*_*..

My t-shirt!!=D

My plan for nihon is still on!I've been lookin on lots of wbsites to gather bunches of infos..haiyah..

Really troblesome..snce I have limited of time to play..huhu..And lucky me i found a competion to win a free tix to japan.(lol)...but yeah.I won't hope somuch&_*..and even IF i did win..I have to consider bout time..etc..and of coz i have to check upon thsk's oppas schedules as well..huhu
A way to get the konsaato tickt bla3(ah,yukari should b able to help.-D)..NE??
aND OKANE!!Of coz..must save alots..and now i'm thnking of buying dbsk+elf t-shirt*_*...of cz a fanclub tee...not the official..huhu..
*sigh*..tired2222..But must study.=]
'Break up the shell' never fail to gve me a 'sugoi' impression for our dongbang oppas.*_*..
and of coz the violin mix of jumon..and cool purple line dance*_*...aitakute...wait for this cassiopeia to come*_*...

Ah,another cute clips of suju during henry's b-day surprise party(during my brthday of coz!!=D)..
AND Silly Hae shoved the cake onto henry's face..LOL...And minna sang genie's~SNSD..(I wonder why!!!!dying to know*_*)...sowa ni marebwa~ ~~~*ignore my spelling.=D
*THEY ARE SO LOUD!!..haha~