Monday, December 28, 2009

baachan : Telford-Manchester-London


That was a very nice camp experience.The 'yeeha castle ' was so comfortable that I felt sorry to leave it*_*.
It was 5/4 days camp and i'd met so many peepo..Malaysia peepo.who are kind,nice..^^..SUPER NICE.YEah..malaysia tanah airku terchenta

It was a heavy snow there.I have a fun time playing with snow..altho a snow man had never being able to stand for at least!
I feel so grateful to have met so many kind peepo there.=)..They helped us with foods,settle down,help carrying my suitcase..oh..I feel so thankful^^


went alone,waiting for rach and mEI for about an hour at vitoria stat,dragging suitcase all over london for the whole day,sleep late practicing balloons....=D..

The next day was about meeting cassies!!+D.
at first I was so dissapointed that at the end,I'd to go there alone!=(....£$%^&*(..i can't blame anyone..anyway.....

But it was a nice and adventurous trip ever.Gettin lost in the mid of london.+_+..fighting with cold for about 2 the phone in toilet+_+..been dragging to jap+hongkong restaurant by Mei.hahaha.

Went to China Town like 3 times+_+..getting oranimium C(It's good to see the 'thing' itself)

Cassies meeting was hillarious!
It was so bad that my english skill is not very good..I can't really understand what they'r really i jst laughed over I met a looots of good fans..^^kewl fans..
i met sisters of philipines cassies..haha..chinese cassies..and of cassie..Uk cassie..etc...
ah,,and at least I met a cassie who is from m'sia^^.huuu..that was kewl..and we talked about roti canai!!nooooooooo!!!i miss home like NOW!!And thse bloody lecture notes of PH11111 FOREVER are like queing in fron my eyes!!+_+..ergh.

The event started whereby we all 1st met at trifalgar square,and went together to the venue..they really did rehease the dances there!hahahahaha..and so many random peepo was snapping pictures and 'fancaming'.lol.and even the guard had come¬lololol...the went off together to the venue..somewhere at..Bromley by-bow ..everyone was walking like together..conquering the tube...*of coz we're group of noisy peepo!.lol.So,stares and squint are like NORMAL the whole
Jessica,randa and some other girls..the really did dance on the tube!Lol..other passengers are like"could you all jst shut up and get off from my sight".lol
and when they ruined ring33333dunng333 to ...'dong3333'..I can't stop laughing my heart off.haha

The event was a total mess.haha..honestly..but we have fun togteher..did the balloons flashmob infrnt of charing cross station.haha.

I really did 'doushite'..but i forgotten the lyric halfway thru! embarassing was that..I was like."omo!!DNBN!!LOL"

jinG WAS awesome!!she dance very well..and have a good voice too..guess.she's only 16!
Rache's insane had culminate the whole ystday.hahaha..and Mei is about hungry again.
GENIE AND GEE were so good..same goes to mirotic,again and again..what else..ah..they have like 4-5 dances..the hall was going to be pass to some other evnt,so we were knda rushing..and didn't manage to ringding dong.oh..and that's why it end up to be on tube!hahahahahahahaha

hmm...we took some pic..But my mood is kinda not really there..may be bec i'm worried about exam*_*..sob3.

Rachel is super kind girl..SHe helped me carrying my suitcase half of the day when i arrived.Mei treat us foods a lot They took care of me very well..pck me up frm victoria me buy tix,sending me back..+_+..We have a sleptover at rachel' was a total mess.Mei can really talk alot!I failed!lol.
Awh..cassies are alway great+_+..I should give something to them as sign of appreciation^^
Mei should really move to london since she wnt to lndon like 6 times?and guess..she already booked anotehr tix to lon on jan..+_+..hahah............

Hmm..for me..CArdiff suit me the best still^^Altho london is fun and exciting..I still love my Cardiff^^the best place for me to study!yey.

As far as I know,these UK cassimeeting wud be on dnbn,and many other popular dbsk blog..omo..I hope my 'doushite' won't get that much on-screen..hahahahahahahahahahaha..jejung will die looking my pale and termendous nervous

Mei was looking so sad about leaving london+_+..owh..i feel sorry for her..since she love london that much.For me.I can't wait for crdiff.and rest.haha.
cassies virus should ease a bit..I need to study!AND save money for jaoan..oh,,rach and mei plnned to go to nihon next year as well..hopefully we can bump on each other..hoho.

Oh..I forgotten,I really ate biscuits for the whole period of time spent in london!hahahaha..
I thought i was jst joking with myself with it*_*..terribly it becomes a real fact.
I missed my megabus this morning..blamed mei for getting up late!lol.
i JST get another much of wasting money!+_+..tight budget again for te next months..grrr..+_+

Altho we went like countless of food stall and restaurant.I didn't eat at all except a pair of tamago sushi.It's jst.. a cautious..and the food is not that tempting.oh..pure malay stomach me.=p
Mei kept asking why i'm not eating..i just 'smile¬¬'..hihi..I feel sorry for them for making them feel guilty towards me.huhu..

Peepo are getting lesser and lesser as the event went on..may be bec day is so limited in wonter...hmm..and most of them are under 20.hoho..must go back early or their parent will chse after their

At the end..rach mei and me went back to purley..and cont. our craziness on way should have been curse a lot by shinee fun for making fun soo much on ringdingdong.huhu..+_+

Saturday, December 19, 2009

baachan : Trip P1(dublin+belfast) 15th -19th dec 09

first of all,It's REALLY good THE fact that i'm HOME for now!^^
It was a very lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng trip today with all kind of public transports (except ship).lol

Just in case if u dunno,it was situated in Northern Ireland of the UK.
It's really a pretty ^^and Cardif-like city except ours are smaller=)The night view is really kirei with all the colorful(mostly glden) light was turned on^^ was a duet trip with my housemate..haha.I dun like group trip since your move wll be limited.=p*AND SLOWER!*
And so,we went to various places like Giant courseway,ropebridge...castles.museums,city centrE,Queen's Belfast Uni..and many2 more^^.
It was really a worth visits^^

It's in Ireland^^
Owh..I met husbaachan there^^Kyaa..hontouni pugushippoyo ^^
But she has exm,sos we can't really spent time fully good together=(..
And it's snowing there=D..My 1st snow=D.haha.
It was really kirei.^^i ran all the way in the mid of snow rain while other peepo seeking for
Who cares..=D..
aNYWAY,it was only a light snow..^^But it's good enuf for me..coz I wore only few layers at that time+_+..
Our activities in dubin including tour around dublin city(it's like a london!^^)..trinity college,museum(again)....haha..not much..since peepo said there are not many interesthing place in dublin.(lol)..and we're inda tired..owh..Actuall it's good enuf to be able to meet husbaachan and my ex-sec skulmate^^
Hahah..and during the last day(whch is today)..we wnt to a pool and fed swans with bread^^gyahh.there were big swans.But suddenly there were many other birds came over us+_+..
It ends up poor swan just watching 3 over-haengbok girl play catch the bread with the birds=.='

Ropebridge=The wind was strong=.='

Swans in dublin.=D

Friday, December 11, 2009

Baachan : Finally winter break has come!!muahahaha

I'm over the moon!^^
u can clearly tell from the title
After all the mounted non-stop courseworks,tests..lectures..+_+..FINALLY!I'm free.owh!
And the scariest thing is about coming late for a test!!that was really SCARED me off..+_+..coz it's the test mark counts to your credit..Limited time will just 'reduce' your pssibility of getting a good mark!+_+..I woke up only 5 mnts after the test had started!I ran all the way with freezing body*_*..the 'normal' 10 mnts walk had becomes only 6 mnts!!+_+..*Reaching the test's venue..I can't catch up any breath..get my head went dizzy*_*..coz I totally JUST woke up!!+_+..I TOTALLY put the blame on my z508 =(..

"sIR!I'm sorry..i overslept" was so embarassng to recall.But what more to worried about than not be able to sit for this test.I can't imagine a word 'fail'..coz UKian is strict.+_+...when they saY no..means no..

I made a sigh of relief my lecturer jst smile+_+..BUT ! The module leader was not there..ow..panic..but he's so knd enuf to give a new TEST paper prior waiting for the leader to came...hah..thank you!^^..that's why i love cardiff...peepo are kind.. and again.."is there any reasonable excuse why u're late for the test this morning?"

me:Srry i'm overlsept..+_+..and he just nodded..=D..*Odd..i didn't feel guilty at all+_+*

Back for the winter break story!=D.. many things to do..I need a handluggage..+_+a new sleeping bag! in fact! I dun have those items yet!+_+.Should i get them from carboot?Bt it's far.and we cna't be sure about the quality.=D.owh..i need to tight up my budget again!!*_*.this driving me crazy!Why stdnt accmdtn rent has to be this expensve?+_+and increase every year!!

Today my hosuemate made an open house¬or something..and as a 'good' housemate..we all must join^^ was so hillarious and turned upside down!lol..the initial plan was only 5-7 pple will be invited¬all from different culture..races.bla3...BUT! At the end.(lol) turned to be TOTALLY dffrnt peepo! and the number culminated to 30!!Haha..I wonder how this house can occupy that much!+_+Evrybody squeezed=D..There only a few guys and we'r not so close with them..Just Ammar is approachable..and padel of coz bec he's from UCSI=]

SO,it turned out to be a junior WINTER party¬lol...
All KMBians and UCSIians...united in a house=)..MY HOUSE! *I was like..omona!is this real?+_+..Plus,i'm not too close with those peepo..hoho..

But its nice...We have lasagne,mee rebus..lamb soup..dessert..cakes etc..^^HAHAHA..the 'small' poor kitchen had to suffer from all those active wok and pans!

Maa..actually this 'event' had turned out to be celebrating Amar's birthday..which is my housemate's friend..But yeah..he's our friend..eventually ..

Gosh!3 more days for belfast!!Kyaahh..i can't wait^^..and less than a week to meet cassiopeans!^^..*omona!! my balloon's dance!My prep for the talent perf+_+!!!

What is flash mob dance?+_+how do we make it with ballons??i'm curious!This is my 1st time.aahhh..I can't wait!

But somehw it turned out to be a bit scary..coz i'm going alone! a new isolated place for me..on boxing day..I wonder where do I go..what should I do..when arrived there..+_+..*blank*..
Think ahead..and plan well biha oi!+_+....YEAH!Gnabarimasu^^but why dun I have those kind of feeling when thnking for visiting japan alone?lol*fangirling had turned me crazy somehow..that makes me think...*predicament is not in my dictionary!*


sorry2 answer was awesome..the MV is really kewl.=D..
eunhae!!*cough*..they rap together,dance !!^^I wonder...isn't shindong is better on rapping?=D
gyaahh..please read my mind..*cough*..haha.gomen,i'm a weirdo.=D

It's nice to see them again^^aLTHO kibummie was not there.=d..and we can only have a glimpse of kangin's lips..+_+...hpefully his case solve well.=(

p/s:Today I found a new NEWS's fans+_+..hahahahahahaha.I'm quite close with,it's a bit funny somehow.=D..she loves yamapi!*_*.owh!i mean,,who doesn't?=p
Of coz..when it comes about fangirling..I becomes hyperactive and forgotten where I stand*_*...
hahaha..I should somhow thiking of overcoming this syndrome+_+.