Saturday, July 17, 2010

baachan : Hey folks,it's me again.=.='

Nothing..Feel a bit bored*tho have so many things to do.XD*
Mom just remind me:Have u change ur money yet?

My VISA debit card is stuck somewhere...So,I don't have any other words..binboshimashita=.='
I have to suffer from poor-ness over the next few months till I return to UK~.errrkkkkkkkkk*shirooo*.and guess what..

The pre-sale for SS3 tix in Malaysia most probably happen on September.0.o.....
I'm in debt with a loads...=.='
Haiyah................It's my fault,my fault,,yeah,my fault..serve me welll..

sO,I just realised..2 more days before japan! 0.O
Aww.Another dream soon to become true*_*.
1st study overseas without using any cents of mine...XD
2nd dream..To meet SUJU's Donghae in real life(Tho i didn't expect it to bee this early).=.='
3rd dream..JAPAN!!(Soon!)*_*!

Ah~~suddenly become word-less.=.='
Probably this may be my last post before i fly~~*_*~~
then,when i come back,be prepare to read my looooong journey-report.XD

have u heard??SS3 date has been decided as a last stop in MALAYSIA!!*THROw confetti!* it's on MARCH 26TH next year!!yuhuuu
The pre-sale tix will most probably takes place on september '10
ahhh~This time,I must fight for front row seat*_*.Rock pitt is nice..but this time i WANT To enjoy the whole performance^^*I have enough running over the rockpitt for donghae=.='
Hopefully the the price wouldn't be that expensive..>.<

*Yukari chan,I hope u can go for SS in Japan too^^.oh,may be it's not SS3..usually japan has its own special name =p
and..let's the miracle decide IF I CAN ATTEND KRY con THIS 1ST AUGUST...

*I'm so envious of akuma chan..indo no SS..Do they already decide indo in the tour list?0.o..I didn't heard any confirmation yet.Or may be I missed the info...=.='
Anyway,again..LET'S hope my oniichan no kekkon would be next year during spring.Then,I have enuf reason to return..and meet u there^^
Otherwise..I might be having my europe tour around that time.XD..
But CHILL..I'm positive the wedd would be next year around my spring recess period!XD.and eurotour starts a bit later.XD
huh..i'm greedy right?=.='

Here,the new teaser of shinee's LUCIFER...

So,what do u guys think?0.0

1)Key's hair...(reminds me when junhyung have to shave all his sides' hair.o.0
2)Onew...He looks...old? with the hair..
3)Minho...where did I see his hair before..=.='..
4)Taemin ah.......(I dunno what to say.)
5)Junhyung....tsk..I'm crying together with u.=.='

Overall..the shnee's comeback+new style had draw attention of many..yeah~that's how scary SME is..=.='..from colorful(nuna so pretty)..rigndingdong(r&b modern) of dark mystery?=.='
I'm sure the album will hit big.=/SME has the key of that!!This so so cruel..Of what SME had done to DBSK,suju,hangeng,,etccccccccccc...................
PEOPLE STILL LOVE THEM.=/.......Their artiste...

and we continue to 'support' SME,while at the same time 'torturing' our oppas..yeah.we didn't realised.....=/..or more likely,,we have to?=/..

I'm proud of SHINWA,JYJ,who else..HOT for their brave-ness to oppose the cruel SME..But like half hearted..=/(that includes me)
I remmber once cassi did sort of boycotting SME does work a bit..But's for temp...=/
Now..SNSD+SHINEE+SUJU are taking over the attention(that's SME strategy obviously) as to cover up the hole CREATEd by JYJ...=/

Ah,this complicated world..=.='....make us fans..LOST!

*SUNGMIN OPPA CLOSED HIS TWITTER+Some of his cyworld section.T____T
hOPE he can come with explanation soon.=(.I dun care if that's his right or what.But he's the celebrity..HE LIVES WITH HIS FANS LOVE!So,he MUST MUST be responsible!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

baachan : No Other^^

Have u guys check out SMENT utube channel?=D=D=D
yesssssss..NO OTHER MV was out today!!*__*

But why!!I'm stuck there till now since they 1st released the video about at noon..My internet speed is seriously CRAPPY!!
I tried to donlod the mv..but guess.the donlod's speed is 1.0 bytes/s  T___T..and so i hve to cancel to save the available volume.owww..Tanah airku!!!majulah anda!=.='
What kind of punishment is this..*_*.i seriously having a migraine with this*_*(Tho i'm migraine -ve.XD)

I only managed to watch till DH's part T___T....Yeah.that's the farthest i've been able to achieve*_*.
tsk3.*Awww..DH oppa voice melt kacang girl melt to water(credit:xander,ukiss) XD
Donghae,anda pelat,anda tahu tak??XD..tapi,saya chowaaaa=D=D=D=Dsbb anda sgt kawai*_*.hik3

Plus with so many vids posted by friends.I seriously miss Cardiff at this time*_*..I miss the 'OMGEE so fast streaming+'no need to wait speed'*_*..
No no i shouldn't complain..Malaysia,i LOVE U MORE!!T__T..(teeet)

Argh..I'm lost..At the end,I came to update this blog.=.='
I'm done with my Jpan VISA.Just need to wait for the officer to call.and woot!I'm going to bag-packing to NIPPON!(Am I dreaming?kkk).
...while i feel like writing in malay?=.='
*Kelakau gler time wat VISA tu..dahla gambar ak tak ikut size yg dia nak,isi borang cam tah pape..
and yg paling lawak,nama org yang kami tumpang tu ada 3 atiqah!..kk.and we dun even know their full,i just asked husna to write nUR,,Siti and just atiqah.LOL.
plus surat explain pasal expense to b borne tu pon buat mcm main2.hak2..seriously,dah lama gila tak tulis surat rasmi,format summpah lupe..kkk

Tu tak masuk bank statment aku yg barely according to their guidline.hak2..dia check alamat,,then,lawk tgk reaksi borang apps tulis alamat MALAYSIA..Tpi,apahal bank tetibe alamat UK..kkk
adoi..then,she asked me la...then,i said la,study there..
pastu muka dia cam hesitate.kk..pastu dia tnya lgi,bank local takda ka?aku jwb la.ade 4 kott..kk
tapi,yg ade duet cimb je la(Itupun duit kat CIMB aku reserve utk fangirling and foya2 kat Malaysia aje.hik3).Bank lain lak suma stakat pada 'bekas aka sarung' je la..kkk..may b ade dlm rm 50?=.='
Hak3.kaya tak beta?Kui3...takde la kaya mana.dah nak kayap dah ni.=.='
especially dgn hal2 unexpected(big spent) yg berlaku kat zaman UCSI dlu,,and UK..and of coz la hal2 kpop tsunami yang tiba2 dtg ni.adoi..duit surut macam air terjun sejak 2 menjak ni.=.='
and I'm not working(not even once)aka takde pendapatan langsung.suma pakai duet koghangXD(gov scholarship).

Tpi,berjimat-cermat kan amalan mulia..=)....


Ah,it's getting longer,without realising.kkkk

Today,I opened twt homepage,click a link..saw a big pic..of one local entertainment magazine of malaysia..They covered mini news about UKISS ME last time.=.='
OMGEE..I saw me...=.='
Just me know where is me.kkk.and my friendss.=.='...
Gomen,cannot post the picture here due to privacy concern.XD.(Arasso?Go search urself)XD

Plus..Epop July edtiton as well.Aww..But why!!I forgot to look for that bloody mag when i went out yesterdayT__TAhhhhhhhh.
Mizachan said an ajumma bought like 4!!adoi,dah tua buat cara tua la,Jgn sebok dgn hal org mudaXD
And an unni bought like 2..oh my oh my...kayalah kau epop oiiii.XD..all thanks to hallyu lover tau..
So,dah kaya2 ni jgn lupa sponsor more hallyu star to mari2 ke malaysia.=)


Have u heard?Yess..Brian Joo(Former of Fly to the sky)  is flying to KLIA on July 9th,and leaving M'sia on 11th July.huhu.
Solid 3 days huh?
Ur schedule must be very2 pack here then!XD.


What?? G.NA??Gina aka  (sama ja bunyi).
Yeah222..A new solo debuted artist under CUBE ent.*_*.
Aww...I dunno,iT SEEMS nowadays I tend to treat CUBE like SME.hak3..
I will automatically love ALMOST all the celeb came from these 2 companies.Tho I hatchuuuuu SME~!!!!!*_*...
Joker aka poppin dragon aka Junhyung from the most recently a hot topic groupXD going to be ft. in G.NA's MV as a rapper!!*_*!!Aww..can't wait!!Internet!Please be kind to me*still buffering 'no other' mv.T__T


ENDING~~*Imitating ukiss kibum from vampireXD*.

Aigooo..mushroom hair.*_*