Friday, March 4, 2011

Baachan : =D Happy day friday happy post =p

Hi.It's me again =p.. Haven't update this blog as frequent as before right. Yeah.that's because I've been so occupied w/ pharmacy stuff><~Ah well.. I'm not that Busy.Just pretend to be  a bit =p.I have no specific topic..Just that i'M IN AGOOD MOOD!>
Because........ 1)I finished all my homework.No more due coursework or whatsoever~.
2) EVOLUTION +Dalmatian 1st mini album just arrived today!!!!! 
3) I'm not hungry!! hehe =p
4) My friend from Birm is coiming today =)
5) So many nice foods today .Yess.foods make me happy >
6) Received love letter from SUPA chingu.LOL.~Thanks bebe>

I KNOWU GUYS DON'T LIKE MY CRAP right? So,let's get a go w/ picturessss.=D

Nice isn't it??^^ TOUCH 1st mini album.tHE SONGS ARE VERY NICE.tHE ALBU ITSELF Just precious!


 What's inside?? ngeee~ Full of picturesss.. electronic,supa sonic.

 GINA unni's 1st album!!! Black and White!! tURST ME,THE songs are really good^^!

 Front cover~

 =D simple is the best =p

 woot2..Back cover of B&W

 mystery mystery? xD


 Love this^__^.Come w/ cd+dvd 

 This is soooo precious!! I haven't open much >< Too scared if I'll make any scratch blah3.

 Hey hey~Remember this?!^^!!

 4 minute!

Penuh dgn bintik2 (Full w/ dots)


What just arrived today!!^^ Weee.. I personally love Dalmatian more^^! But Infinite is precious^^