Thursday, September 22, 2011

baachan: [fan account] Visiting HITT Company ~Uram ah~~~~~~

1st day in korea.. bec our schd. kinda pack, and tah camner,, it happened the day of delivery to HITT .. i decided it to be on fast =_=.. 

hella worried cuz we dunno where exactly the company location's is... and google map/naver map..wataever map.. doesn't help much.. or may be we'r simply not use how the adress in korea workd.=_+.. esp the numbering block... hmmm..

o.k skip2.. arrived at CD stat. around 6.30pm.. i want to arrive at the company around 7 like that.T.T. but yeah..
we took taxi and gave the ajusshi the address. but u know what...
he sent us to wrong building..and said.. this is the one!! the room xxx ,just take lift/stairs!
.damn, i asked him 3 timesss this one???!! cuz it nothing look like ;donghyun' building!! it's apparently a sfood school.=_=...

skip2. we asked this kawai dongseng from food skool and he guided us to 'donghyun building'... a bit.. we walked22. till reach something looked familiar.'s jype building ~kkk.

yeah... act hitt co is nearby there.. we walked till we HAD really FREAKING 10 METERS from donghyun building aka HITT company.. only to be cheated by butcher ajumma  whose shop just across the building... we asked here nicely...T.T.. i even asked if she culd draw... if she dunno just said dunno!! molla!! and ignore me, then i understand!! dun cheat!! it's not fun!!!!!!.

we then, TURN BACK cuz we tot may be we got the wrong direction etc..T.T.. then reach at jype again.. and i realised... we are REALLY HUNGRY ..T.T.... we tot after we pass those presents we'll go eat nice food somewhere etc.. but end up otherwisET.T..

so, we deided to stop by dunkin donuts, and apparenty the staff that work there is good in english^^ whoah,, i asked her if she knows DH building. she dunno, i showed her the add, and she tot she kinda know, but not too sure, so she asked other pple inside her cafe?o.0... woahh who do u think is the persoN? KKK.. anyway... 

she assisted me and unni, so we met another ajumma (ajumma k).. she worked in a communication agency something, and she gave us a pretty detail map of that area! even scan for us*_*,, and gave us some water T.T (SUSAH2 JE AJUMMA!)..oh, that ajumma's workplace is beside JYPE.

blah3, so basically we got the correct way since the start.. hmm.we just walked there and said thanks. but later we saw ajumma behind us! lol. she actually tot she cud go together with us and show us the way too xDD she even said 'maldo andwea u just leave me ' in korean xDDDDDD.kkkkkk ajumma k so niceT.T...

Then,... arrived at the place.. but the building.looks a bit=_+.... we asked, really here?? then, ajumma went into that shop nearby there and met another ajumma (ajumma M).. omg! ajumma M worked beside hitt's bulding co.kkkk. aigoo it's dfficult to explain the building's layout,and i think u girls will lost to finding jay.k buildng=_=... very compliacated.kk

O.K! !Noww.. so arrived, what to do~, just waited infront the office door.. unni said just say hello something .omg.really? can we do that? damn nervous T.T i saw like many shoes(the door is kinda transparent...)..

so we waited there and sit like nearly 1 hour..cuz ajumma M suggested us to wait there cuz they went for dinner? but i dunno if they dinner at the building, or outside.. T.T. it's very hard to communicate too=_+..

hmmph. before that, i went downstairs again and asked ajumma M if hitt is there os what.. she said sth.. sth.*dun understand*.. and said yonseub (practise!) thanks jayhun! i know the meaning cuz of your tweet previously.kkkkoo... i tot they practise at the jay.k  but jeng3... the practise building is act at other place=_=... but!! i'm just glad the practise place is nearby there.. and she showed us the     so nice.i tot she won't say to me.kkk may b cuz i look pitiful carryIng all those things T.T..

O.K2 THEN, after waited for 1 hour at jay k but no response.. even the staff just walk pass=_=.. i dun understand why i dun say hello anything to them or what,or may b i'm afraid of being rejected if they dun wana talk to me or what kkkk..
so, i pity my unni too, so decided to like leave the presents infront jayk door=_=.. and put notice something.LOL.
but.. that.. was only suggestion...we then, decided to look at practise room 1st before decided to really did sth like like that=_+///

walked2.. very easy to find using the 'magic' map + clear direction give by ajumma K and M.. kkk.
ah~~ then, i think we got it correct but the area looks a bit..=_=..
we then saw 2 girls.. hmm. at 1st glance? kk*my vocab =_=*.. i tot they are hitt's fan! kk so we walked like 10 steps before realising.unni, if we count it correct! it shud be here!! 5 steps from that 2 girls..

o.k so randomly.. i just asked those girls.. :HITT paen?? 
and she just smiled.. and called her friend.. 

ah i knew it.. but u see, i'm very good at acting xDDDD. so i pretend to be blur xDD and tot she dunno what she speaks(in hangel and blah33 w/ her friend)..

she then nodded, and i think they asked me where i'm from...

then.. tooo mu surprise.. she then asked me whose pan i am! kkk. i.. really dun like this question..=__=...but she 1st asked unni kate.. but i explain unni kate is my chingu, she's not hitt fan.kk. oh she said. and asked me instead.. i said *small voice*.. 'uram.. ha-ha~~. and then, i dun bother to ask her.. but few moments later, i asked her.. whose fan are u??? she said uram!! oh damn!! T.T she must be thinking i'm on her way somethingT.T... watever..

hmmph, i then just told her but i like all mmbers!! equally. kk. just dun want her feel pressure..=_=.. err why i even bother?? kkk.

watever.. then, we just join those 2 girls and sat there.. tak smpat panas bontot, 5 mnts later, a car came.. that time,  lean my head on unni's shoulder and just look at the VAN! cuz i'M VERY SLEEPY +TIRED.
But then the girls like panic.=_+. oh so this is the car?? LOL. i then just look at the car.==_=.. like blurr,, so why need t panic?? hahaha. i can't believe i'm calm like that.=_=... 

her fren is not hitt fan, she just teman her fren.. her name is.. SG..  so SG already ran towards the van.. so i followed.. van stopped.. nothing happened.=_+... i was blurr as this is my 1st time visiting company.. it's not my style!!! 

then, i asked those girls, are hitt inside the van? or inside the practise room the van is like picking them up etc.. lol. so blurr. and what more, mom called that time!! nice timing mom!^^ kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

kinda sleezy and bluurr,, o.k teh girls then said hongsu/manager is a bad boy!.lol.. manager garang lah ni;.oh daammnnn.. then, all the plan gonna be ruined??? will they allow me to pass the gifts to them???!! 
i dun wana birng back those gifts!! grrr. 

while panicking=_+.. i saw hyunjun came out from van.=_=...... ha-ha~ it's very FAST happening.and i'm not ready.=_+...... aigoo.hyunjun looks damn stress.. muka sumpah ketat=_+... 
aku rase nak say annyeong pon ak takutt.kkkk.

o.k then, the van is like gostan.. and i felt like. oh damn!! why are they like that?=_=... i just need to pass the presents and go back!! i need my pretty dinner T.T.. My face that time was like very stress and i look at the van like i want to eat it.LOL! HITT mmbers must have saw my scary face,.kkkkkkkkkkkkk

BUT!! suddenly unni kate woahhh!! xDDD she made a STOP sign  using one hand to the driver(manager)' INSIDE THE CAR xDDDDDDD OMG! UNNI SO BRAVE!!! t_T i WANT to cry... i said. unni ah~~ i want to crai..T.T I'm sorry for dragging U to this awkward situation T.T..

O.k then, just hyunjun, the rest..just go away w/ the van... hmm. act i dun understand why..=_=.. do we look like crazy fan??? hello, there's nothing like that!!!!!! hmmph~ whatever~
blah3,,,, van left!!

i then dcided to pass the gift to the 2 girls and helped me pass to hitt.but unni said.. wait lahh i think they 'll comeback. T.T unni ah.. arigatou.. 
yeah.. really.. 5-10 mnts later, the van really came back! kkk. lol. but i still don't fancy to chase the van... no mood.=_=...

blah3... the van parked,, and manager hongsu opened the door. he looked at me as if i'm an alien and back stare him xDDD DUN CAREEE.. and i dunno..i dun even have mood to say 'annyeonghasaeyo'.. everything is like quiet , tense? and fast.+_+.. 
1st came out was rapper jaehun... looks handsome in personnn *_* really!!!!actually all of them look very small but handsomeeeee=_=.. i think.... i think.. this just my assumption.. the van went somewhere else cuz the boys wana prepare? ha-ha~~ what am i thinking...xDD but they all look very well dressed up xD at least bit xDD. 
cuz u know.. going to practise.. do u need cap on ur head?=_=// or.. walkman on ur ear.. and stylish jacket/kemeja.(haha).. i think howon looks most decent.ah and hyunjun.LOL!.

BACK to the story...!
jaehun came out, i stand on his left side nearby the building's door, and he dun look at me,, only when he entered the building, he looked back, and bow a bit, i said annyeong jayhun ah (small voice),and pass him all the presents.I want to explain, no dun take all! T.T this for uram.but he insisted to take ALL. argh.but there's no time to explain =_=.... he looked likE scared with manager or what.=_=.. but the reaction was like that=_=... and i looked at the manager,and his face really kerek that time, he looked at jeahun as if he wants to eat him or what, and look back at me, but i gave hongsu damn intense back stare.kkkkk. 
i asked o.k thanks jayhun and shoo him to go inside.kkk i'm afraid manager will scold him T.T.. oh dun wana be the reason he got scolded.awww.

then, hayong oppa(w/ walkman on ear) came out.. he again, like jayhun, just walk fast entered the building not look at me/the other girl.whoahh.. seems intense right =_=..

then, i was nervous, i tot uram wil come out at anytime.kkkk. but hmmph. juntaek came out.. omg.. he looks like small kid that just being kidnapped soemewhre.. i feel sad looking at him =___=... oh, yeah.. just heard a news he catch cold awwwwww.. juntaek ah!!! T_T!.

he again, dun look at me. =_=. but yeah.i'm not surprise anymore.. hohoho.

O.k back to the story! jeng3 now the best part!!!.. the girl named SG (KKK), of coz i won't forget her! kkk. came forward nearby me.. i then call 'uram ah' hihi. he then directly look at me+SG.. SG wana pass her fanletter to uram.. so i waited bit but no letter came..=_=... argh. then i just decided, o.k he's approaching me now(i stand nearby the door...).. so dun wana wait anymore for the girl.since uram already looked at me.haha.  so it happened.. BOTH our gifts+SG letter arrive AT THE SAME TIME to his him.LOL! nice SG =_=.. oh, i tot he just wana walk away.hohoho. but too my surpsrise, he came near me (but !! damn!! the lighting is too spoil, uram's face kinda not very jelas(what is jelas in english! T.TOmge! my english!!).

OR.. may be i'm just too nervous to look at his face cuz i think i'll die on the spot.HAHAHAHA
but... URAM is the best!! haha better than the rest of the mmebres who looked very depress omg.. 
he act as if the manager is not there.kkkk.

back to the story!!!
so, i passed present, he said,aigoo, kamsahabnida. then, i said, ah~ yeah~~ somethinglike that, i think i jst smile since i dunno what to say to blurr=_=.. 
may be looking at my cute smile(PERASAN KEJAP!!!). he then, kinda lean forward to me o.0.. and asked (small voice). " u're nabiha right?? " I was surprisedddd !!! uram ahhhh why u know??? i haven't giVe u my picture yet.HAHAHAHAHA.

I said 
"nae' : this is my trademark =_=... and smile sweeetly =_=.. rather pabbo-ly..
he said sth2 i dunno or i forgot but i still rmember his face and expressions.. ah so happy!^^.. rasa diriku dihargai.HAHAHAHAHA

i actually want him to go inside faster before manager scold him or what. but he just act cooly *___*~ and go back inside backward!! and look at me and may be SG too, i dunno.. and keep bowing to me/SG, so we are like exchanging bow =_= for like 3 times =_=.. LOL. and i JUST wave2 to him+smile^^~.. hhiihihihi.. then, he nearly reached stairs, i just go 1st before he fell off from stairs. =_=.. kkkkkkk


baachan: [FANACCOUNT] VISITING DnT Company.. ^__^~ jjang!!!

1st of all, I WANT TO THANK MY SUPA CHINGU, dianne is the best! haha.. (altho i had a hard time a bit at 1st in finding my way.T.T.. cuz apaprently the direction u gave me... ha-ha... ).. so vague. kk. but it's o.k^^.not much lost as compared to the last experience finding HITT's company.kkkk at the end, we asked an ajumma(ajummma L) and she brought us directly to DnT company! LOL!!! so shocked=_+...

met woobin oppa( DnT's super nice manager)!! he greeted us nicely T.T.. and asked us to wait at lobby something.. kk. whoaaahhh! so many cds!! so many posters of DnT *___*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

BLAH3, i ATE my snacks A BIT (so hungry T.T), and everyone there are so nice...T-T.... they treated all pple equally.heu3...
u got what i meant right..kkkk.
so, after like 10 mnts or so.. jeng333333 1st that appeared was Junyong oppa!! kyaa, he so tall!! and they'r all well dressed up+make up.. i tot. oh, why are they soo handsome?? oh~~ apparently they have schedule tonight..*___*~~~~ at 9pm!! OHH~~ I'm glad we arrived at 7pm ;__;... ah~~ i dunno they hve schd today !! i;ve check the daum,or may be not?=_=...

o.k back to the story!! i was not prepared!! so, i was like pabbo-ly shocked and stood in rush  !=_=.. when he came and said hello' =_+.. i can die on the spotttt!!!!! junyong is very handsomeeeeeeeeeeee and pretyyyyyyyy in personn T_T... 
Uram bianhae!! dun worry!! i love u more than junyong oppa!^^~

then, the rest came!!! i said the names one by one! T_T.. and... i waited.. taerang, junyong, jungjo,  wait!!! wheer's CHIHO???! huhuhuhu.. i asked manager where is him. he said he's at gym~~ blah3..*unrecognised korean T.T*..

kkkkkkk. so we met.. its kinda awkward.. i brought presents for them.. and only 1 very cute mini fan to junyong oppa~~~ hahahahaha. *baitee je yg tahu ape bende tuh.kkkkk..* sgt cuteeeee!

but because i flooded all the presents in 1 bag, it's kinda hard to find his present..+manager T.T.. so i said... 'ah~ chamshimanyyeo.. (ah, please wait a bit.T.T).. LOL. and they just laugh.. :_;... haha=_=.. i feel like small kid gettin lost.T.T. and with my random korean =_=..

O.k so i said.. i'm junyong's fan! and he seems very happy=__=.. aigoo this oppa. he talked a lot!! LOL!. 
But very fail at english, or japanese..

oh before that.. 
I was kinda nervous, so i mumbles to myself..:oh, ottoke (like ohmaigod..=_=)...kkk so they laugh again =_=.. and ask.. :hangeul mal iseeoseo? (oh u know korean?) i said :sukoshi(in japanese!=_=..) only to realised the mistake and they laugh again...ahhhh sukoshi they laughed..... hahahahahaha(so means, they know what is 'sukoshi)!! and then, i speka in nihongo..
me: oh!! nihongo wakaru?(u guys know japanese??)
junyong: ah,, jungjo.. know the best (he said in korean/english/nihongo..*can't rmmber)
jungjo: ah, sukoshi,, ima nihongo benkyoushimashite~ 
me: whoah~~ daebak.=_=..

blah3.. then i passed presents to all. and and and.. after that, i told them i like their song esp crazily pretty, knock3.. and time is.. 
and i even did a little dance for crazily pretty.hahahahahaha.. and junyong oppa said :ah~ i'm main vocal.kkk then i made sort of face xDD cuz he defnitely not MAIN vocal!!! lol!!!!
and splurted out dongwook's name (he's now in army T_T)..  and they said,, he's in army, blah3... 
then junyong tot i'm DW's fan and said: no no. junyong fan only! no dongwook.LOL.oppa, u're like this.. what should i do.   aigooooooo !!kkk he's sooo cute lahh at that age..kkkk

anyway, i then ask if we can take pictureee whoahhhh ! they said o,k TT...TT.. so nice right!! even brought us to take picture at this one proper room.wuhuuuu.. so we take2 picture and even polaroid camera.. *__*. i took 2 and gave 1 to junyong oppa as a present.hehe.

then, blah3,, then, i guess it's time to say goodbye~~ but i then forgot... i really want to take couple picture w/ junyong oppa.. shyly i asked,, can i do that?? !lOL.. woobin said yess.. oh thnaksssssssssss. junyong so close to me..i wana craiiiT.T.. 
so we took picture.. but..=_=.. didn't come out that well! LOL.. i look so big cuz he was like hiding behind me=_=.. oppa ahhhhh.. u so nappeun,,it's o.k =_=... look so cute in the picture^^!.

blah3, then i remmbered!! SIGN!! I want their sign!!! but i have no cdddd... dianne ah! u were right!! it's very hard to find the cd... T.T.. i cudn't find it..T.T.. so woobin asked, u want?? i said. can i??? yeah he said..
unni then said.. oh free cd?? unni ah..=_==.... how could u talk so carelessly.aigoo.
i tot.. no we should pay right...t.t..
then, taerang heard me.. and said.. no, dun hve to pay, it's a present... i want to craiiii!! nice lahhh..
so woobin oppa took out 2 DnT cds and unwrapped the plastic cover.. they all then take turn to sign them..^^~
then, chiho is not there.. so junyong oppa asked if i want his sign..of course lah!!! T.T... but i only made a sort of sad face.... T.T.. hmm.. no i dun want to trouble them so much..T.T..

So JY said: I can give u!
me: how???
JY: I can do /COPY his siggy 
me: =_=.... really?? LOL

i then asked, oh,, then please do it for me..hahaha i dun mind, i got 2 'signarture' from my junyong oppa xDDD. but i said : ah, miahnhae chiho... and the mmberes just laugh LOL..
Woobin then said.. yeah, he can do exactly the same..(chiho sign).!! kkkkkkkkk..
oh i said, whoahh~~ junyong oppa jjang! hahahaha.see my random korean =_=...

ok2.. after that, all finish, time to really say goodbye. T__T~~~~~~~~~~~~
Oh before that!!!! junyong oppa gave me a present T.T.. IT was a coffee tin? (sorry my vocab) from a vending machine at the company.. he said it was sold out outside. LOL.. and i hold it till reached home. I won't drink it!!!!. kkkk. 

blah3, really going to say goodbye... then, i took all my things.. jackets only to realised my hand is full CAN'T OPEN THe door.=_=.. so jungjo helped me T_T...

kkk. before that!!! unni asked, when are u coming to malaysia?? woobin said.. 3 yrs ago, wana come, but the schd. was canceled.. i think i know.. what was that =/...... it was a cheating story.... frm a scam company from malaysia =((.. so bad lahh.. so i said to them.. kojimmal (lie)?? i wana said.. the cheating company? lol..
but junyong so shocked he tot i said they'r lying about the story.. hahahahaha so cuteeee his expression :KOJIMMALL?? *big eyes* LOL..
I said.. ah, no no no.. LOL.. he misunderstood me..kk.
i then asked if they have sch. this week. Woobin then said, yes, this sat at Ansan, i then ask, what time?? may b we can come.. jungjo then, said at 6pm like that. whoah.. actually i think jungjo is very good at both nihongo+english!! 
hohoho.. i then said,,, oh, will put at paenkape right?? i will check at fancafe^^~  weeee.
unni, we must go!!! we'r going to run in btw hitt+dnt's schedule that day+FLIGHT bAck home!!.

done2 talking.. really done.kk. we said bye2.. and do some.. scene.. kkk. *it's secret xDD*... 
so we said bye2, they said, please be careful on way back home..

oh waittt!xDDDD! before that!! junyong oppa asked where we live now(hostel). we said jongno sam ga for a sec i was like.. "oh u want to come to our hostel" LOL.. but then, i remembered our messy room....=_=.......... so i just went quiet ..kkkk he then asked, if we came by subway. we said yes^^~. hehehe~... he then asked if it's hard to find their company.. i said not really,it's pretty close. kkk least no need to transfer.hehehehe.
but kinda get lost  in the middle make it a bit... =_=.... ha-ha.... 

o.k so this time really BYE2!!!, they sent us to elevator, and say bye2.^^~ 

*SUKOSHI=A LITTLE (in jap language).