Thursday, July 17, 2014

123..Let's start! ^^HAJIMEMASHOU KA^^

You are viewing..NY sekai blog.The blog is owned b 3 pple..that is baachan,akuma,and kaijuu(nick of coz.=)


I'm Bi~Complicated mind. Full timer HITTERS, part timers the rest.. (too many to list down). My passion is happiness.=_=..Happiness comes in many way, even fake happiness are still counted.sometimes, I don't make sense w/ my words, and recently is studying hard(i hope i meant it=_=) in both korean n japanese by her own. hmm nice to meet u^^  
::my recent crush ARE  일수오김빠! 김우람,성재훈,조현준,영준, 인수엄마(ㅋㅋ)..etc
::내아들: 김세용,정민,이산들,진영,찬희,비보범,재효,.ect..  jya ~mata na^^



   Konnichiwa!My name is Yukari. Michioka Yukari. I'm from Osaka, Japan. I'm 16 years old this year. I loooove JKpop. especially LEE HYUKJAE =DDD  (^з^)-☆Chu!! I'm writing this blog to practice my english and also to share about my daily life with people. But i can't always update as i am living in a dorm. =.= yoroshiku! (^-^)/



Haaayyyy~! My real name is Nadia. I'm a ハーフ日本人 that is currently living in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. This year (2010) I'm 15. I'm just like any other teenage girl. JKpop is my all time obsession. I ship CHO KYUHYUN, LEE DONGHAE & LEE HYUKJAE. A major EUNHAE shipper.

The blog was created for us to fangirling and sharing our interest..not to write our random stuffs...=p..
Apparently the blog is conquered by BAACHAN since both imotochans are bz with school stuffs^^.
The concept of our blog is simple..~RANDOMNESS AND SHARES~
Thank you for those who had visited our blog..and leave some comments.=)
Sorry for any grammatical error as english is not our 1st language.=)
Please leave some comments if u read any of our entries..=)
Thank you!!enjoy!^^
So,minna let's rock our sekai!=p

Palli comeback as 5!!T__T

Monday, January 6, 2014

about AB sama

so many things revolving my life are all connected to this. hanabun ttebyeorsarang..
yeah.. so much cheesey nick for him..hmmmm..
how dare he took my heart away..sob3...
yeah..i let go off my guard..
I let my guard down..
dont' don't don't..

don't give me a pretty fantasy of future, when all you meant are lies..T.T
I hate you, but not now..I hate you, but I love you..