Tuesday, February 1, 2011

baachan: Happy birthday hanjun~ TOUCH 100th day!

Just want to share some random piccis =)

 Who?? kkk.TOUCH Leader.Meng Hanjun!^^ He just had his 21st birthday on 30th jan 2011=)

 Guess what! TOUCH hd their 100th Day on 29th Jan 2011!^__^! They receive a nice cake =).weee.
Congratulation TOUCH^ <3

No! This is not RANDOM!*___*!! Just want to say that I had the EXACT same camera like him,
KIM MIN SEOK,my newest crush =.=' ha-ha

Aigoo..this baby beast teen top is so cute*_*.Nuna is making an illegal LOVE with Chanhee.miahn! 
I know they're SUPA YOUNG! But but  but >< HEY SAY JUMP is young as well!!><

Hoho..who is this?=).. Introducing.Leader Inseok of SHU-I =D!! Husna chan!! We met them at USJ !!THEY WERE THE 1ST PERFORMER!^__^!.

Hohohohoho.Finally I boUght it!^__^! This nappeun person is really dangerous=.='..but i LIKE THE HEADPHONE so much better now =).

He's sooo kawai*___*. hajim ah~*_* Let's play again in summer! I'll be back with full energy!I won't loose to you!.kkkk!

********  ***********  *********

School has reopen~^__^ Let's study hard this time.T.T..<--GANBATTE!
Hooo..should stop now before I make any longer post =.='

Bye~ ja ne!!

p/s: Miss kaijuu+akumaT.T take care!^^!hope we can meet(again) someday *_*!