Sunday, June 26, 2011

SMTOWN Paris oh Paris~

I remembered I promised some1 to write like a fanreport for the con..

I attended 2 con on 9th and 10th June..

9th June...
Arrived quite late due to 'lost' in the CDG airport and glad we (me +aina) managed to get a help from a local French to buy ticket for our train+subway? T.T.. It's like a moon in the dark night.. yeah.. that's the feeling .kk Since I 've heard that French is dangerous and they speak only french hates english.blah3.

Anyway, we managed to arrive at Zenith hall around 5.45 pm!! T.T Yeah.. veryyy late!! I feel sorry to Nguyen for making her waits since i NEED to get tickets from her><

I was surprised seeing so many European fans at the venue.. woot2~. Even ajumma+ajusshi can be seen ><.
Their Q-ing system is not very efficient.><  After about 3 hours waiting we finally get to our seat inside the hall. IT was VERY FAR frm stage =.='... The last time I'VE SEAT THAT FAR was during K.RY. con in Japan.haha~. Nevertheless i CAN ENJOY the full view of the stage with the awesome stage effects,flying , and cool lighting. I'm glad they made a mini extension stage since we heard they will only have a normal stage ! ><

The big screen saved my life*_* I can see their close up face on that.  hoho.... may be you guys have watch from TV something.. YES! Overall They all looked very nervous esp SNSD.LOL.. I think only Sooyoung did pretty well. i can feel her stage presence.. and she sang well.=)..
SOME FUNNY PARTS when taeyeon?'s mic didn't work many2 times.. even yesung testing his mic whether it's switching on or not while the big screen showing his close up xDDD..
I guess the sound system is pretty bad ><

SHINEE and F(X) were soo jjang~ ^^~ esp shinee.. they'r like giving all out at every songs and performances!^^  i ENJOYED A FREE laser treatment from shinee lucifer xDD.

The perf started with fx lachata, then shinee performd OST from BOF.. blah3.. i can't remmber the sequence well. or more to say.. I'm lazy to type xDD.

Overall, the performed 40++ songs!! yesss. u're right!! i felt like the concert was TOO LONG*__*~~~ HAHAHAHA. till I felt.. bile nak hbs ni? ..

the con start at 8pm *delayed by 40 minutes++!!. time passed by.. nearly 10 pm.. still we didn't see any TVXQ!!. Aina had to go back early.T.T so she left the hall at about 9.40pm..huhuh.. ..Left me alone at the seating are ><..

finally at about 10.10pm! I heard a screammmm and 2 HANDSOME figures flying and intense red light take over the venue*_*.. weeeeee........ yesshhh HOMIN came from the 'sky'  hahah~. I stood and watch them very carefully.. I didn't scream, i DIDN'T sing, Didn't fancam much,, Just watching them..
*omgee is this fo real?? omgee.. i'M SEEING THEM!! OMG! This is real!!! finally !!!I've been waiting like.. 3-4 yearss *..
I watched every perf. of them very carefully. try to rmmber changmin's scream and yunho's sexy voice xD.

and during 'before u go'.. i JUST CUDN'T HELP IT.. the tears came T___T!!! yesh..I'm an emo girl.kkk.
U're right.. their live was so awesome.. I wonder if I can see all 5.How awesome cud it be more?. I wonder if jejung didn't file the lawsuit.. I cud have meet them all that day.. and all sort of thinking came out.. w/o realising the tears.. T.T.. ..

They performed only 5-6 songs. including mini mirotic...

The perf. end at about 11pm wth them saying thanks..but nvm that since I'm going to meet them again tomorrow^^ (10th jul).

Now.. the crucial part.. I can't get contact w/ unni nisa.Because she was at standing zone. I was so lost what shud I do what shud I do.. where shud i SLEEP? since i PLANNED TO SQueeze at hotel she's staying. and worse come, I didn't even care to take note where the hotel is located T.T.. now.. everything in French.. even if i WANA ASK SOMEBODY.. they dun wana answer since i DUNNO FrenCh T.T. I wandered for about 1 hour near the subway station searching for some1 wearing veil T.T.. I'm kinda afraid cuz it's late like 11.45 that time and this thought 'paris is dangerous' doesn't seem to wear off my mind >< ! But thankfully,suddenly unni nisa texted me saying she waited for me at this place blah3.. ah unni ahh thank u for keep waiting for meT.T..*I'm coming to Germany soon! =D* IDK what shud I do if we still lost in contact >

So, the tiring day ends.>< ...

10th June (the 2nd day con)

Earlier day, we decided to tour around PARIS^^
yes.. we visited those marked places like Eiffel tower, Arch something?, Museum  (i forgot the name) *took pic w/ monalisa=.='), amagedeon(like kubu something><)?.. and gettin lost at ... haha~..   We basically just 'touch' at every spot ,take picture and move on since we came out from hotel quite late at 11.30am.~lol.

Thanks to unni who planned the trip ..i JUST FOLLOWED HER T.T. huhu.. the funny thing.. we have many maps with us. But we lost quite lots of it xDD unni nisa even lost her itinerary paper T.T.. 
kkk. nvt, we enjoyed so much!xD.. 

Arrived at the con venue.. at about 6pm~hoho.. even later than the previous day xDD.. But we don't really mind.heheh~,, my ticket type is standing cus it's cheaper and closer and actually it's quite spacious where U can move around and running here and today, their management was better.=). They opened the door earlier so people didn't flocked too long outside.. it was horror =.='..
i MANAGED TO BUY merchandises too*_* but too bad!!! HOMIN and TAEMIN's uchiwa were sold out!!! IK I shud buy them on 9th T.T.... I'm too stupid.. So,, Onew , my kambing hitam xDDD.. I just buy onew's 'face' hohoh~. and tumbler, since it's cute and affordable for me >< .. 

So.. in the con hall. whoah.. i FEEL HAPPY CUZ i CAN SEE THEM CLOSER TODAY!!. 1st perf by fx unni nisa ran I followed her. and that's where the 'running' begins =.='..  think running around is more enjoyable than stick to one place.~hehehe. I managed to sit down bit at the back during SNSD perfs xDDD.. and even eating some snacks. kkk.. 

It was really awesome and fun^^ Europe fans are awesome too!! They sang together and didn't scream all the time.So, my ear didn't hurt^^ ... I saw SHINEE.. up close.. Key passing beside me*_* but my camera got knocked off by beastly SHAWOLS T.T. Taemin's awesome dancing skills+cuteness..  DOnghae! yeshh.. I can't take my eyes off him.most of my SJ fancam had his focus!*__* I always like the way he dance>< he's too precious*__*.. iT'S TOO BAD HENRY was NOT THERE. ah welll.... 

Have I said K.R.Y sorry2 answer was really jjang?>< yesh!!! Now u know how i FELT DURING K.RY. con in Japan.. *the feeling can be compared*. K.R.Y sugoi!! *clap3* 
I regret for deleting the fancam T.T..!!! screwed Limited memory card T.T

Overall, all SMTOWN artiste did better job+less nervous than yesterday.. that's what I felt. ..kkk.. 
HoMin were really jjang!*__*! jjang!!!!! really!! i STOOD near the speaker during their perfs. so I can hear their voice clearer eventho my eardrums felt like torn out.LOL. 

So jjang that I didn't manage to write them all.. Enough to say I can still see their live figures close up*_*.. TVXQ awesomeness, taemin's cuteness, minho pipi tembam, onew muka malu2 nak dekat dgn fans.hahaha.. and jjong's charisma*__*.. fx pretty faces!! and their expression is 100% jjang!! stage charisma score ie 100%!! ..SNSD.. i didn't take much attention on them.LOL. But i MANGE TO see them (Sooyoung+Sica+HY) up close when I was bz fancaming DH+ONEW+TAEMIN.. *they'r really pretty esp SY!*>< ... yes.. I'm a STAND.. But i NEED to be honest right.=.='... and when SUNNY +YUUNA suddenly came to my area to wave to the fans.. i saw their pretti-ness.. hmm.. but i KEEP IN MIND.. 'plastik je tuh* hahahahaha..

but yesh.. they'r prettier than on screen ><

the con ends.. they bow to fans.. and sing sorry2 .. DH oppa so cute!! dancing with minho*__*. Taemin+Onew keep walking here and there and shyly waved to fans.*_*.. TVXQ,, i can't see them much since they'r 'shy?=.='.. ha-ha.. 

fancams can be found on my channel here:

I want to upload pic.. but my net bandwith hates may be lateR T.T