Saturday, August 29, 2009

baachan : BUKIT CAHAYA(yesungie's b-day project on!)

IT was around early august ..
i went to bkt. chaya~+__+~maa...for the sake of yesungie's b-day

it was,you two.please read this..haha...I jst feel like making this blog waiting for both of you to fill in when u are in holiday^^..

okay,back to the story.bkt cayaha aka taman pertanian is lcated in shah alam,sel.
it was a fine weather.we cycled for almost 8 kms.+_+.//with all the lost thingy.ergh..feel lke give up.but we cont. to at least reaching the 4 season's house.^^yey~

yesung ah~this is all becoz of u.kekekek~=p
we met kakak tua along our journey..


kkktua:apa khabar?
me:(lol)..khabar baik
me:0.0...(huh?)..waalaikumusslm. can talk.nicey trained^^

reaching the 4 season's house.i'm truly was coo.yeah~^^love it.becoz it's too hot here!!=p
and there's nobody inside^^wo,we'r like..yeah!!this is our there may be more than 30 beautiful+_+..i can;t get enuf of it.huhu.we takepiccus..and pose for yesung's any piccus were taken*_*.

heading back to the main entrance..what i love about cycling is during slooping down part.kekeke..i let my arm wide open(lol)..and let off the's kowai and might fall on the way down!haha!!

but still.i want to do it^^..nice air blew after me^^so calm..
then,we took a bus ride through all the park..wah*_* was an open air..and a bit junglish(lol).so,i feel like sleeping~+_+~so forgetting all the troubles...
somehow I feel like singing.or writing poems.(kekekeke)..^^
heading back home.=(..really leave such a peacful place.hihi^^.but of coz it wud be kowai if i were to live alone in the jungle@__@
that's some piccus.
dugu saeyo??^^ the passage-way is cool^^


Too tired.yeah..we make it tru tgether~^^~