Thursday, January 14, 2010

baachan : the heartbreaking news for E.L.F.=(

It was a peaceful wednesday morning..I was bz doing my last minutes-revisions.=.='..
Writing down all the formulas,remmbering like crazy.Thank God i have a good speed in memorising..*_*..

It's getting dark.I can't resist the feeling to get my hand on my lappy's painful!lol
and so...i told myself.

"just chcking IMPORTANT emails..=).."..

purposely(=.='),I clicked on DBSKnight's blog url..

*SCREAMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!ARGHHH..The break out PV is out!omo kewl!
my mouth was wide open*_*..I'm overly happy excited..bla3.Thnking back,most of tho's japan's songs are ballads....of coz i still love hem al,But i wana see some 'rockin' feeling from their music too!and otally love this new fresh appearance*_*..

At least ALOT much better than ano oozora ni todoku made..bla3..*cheap made-pv like??*
plus,that song is meant for anime one

purple line is different,It was created by korean's musician as well..
So,we could say that,,,this break out is totally a new-born jpn's rocky feeling of them..

I like the dance kewl.and mysterious feelingXD
The xiah-jjushi' at the end was hillarious!lol..and my stomach was goin to espode when he mouthed'break out'd chant! must be the other mmbers told him to dress so.lololol.
Those creepy hands on jejung is totally scray!*_*..yada yo..Scene of micky wih those 2 kiddos was weird?..Haha,,But I still love it^^..

'we keep the faith eternally'...gotta love that bit*_*.

Thus,my next revision and stay up was accompanied by break out*_*..haha..

Another breaking news yet shocking like mad..If i were suffered from CHD,I could have die on the spot!!
at that same time.I saw many exciting suspicous status updated from dearest ELF-tachi on fb..owh..I thnk I knew it!it's SS2!omo!!..this is so insane!!i screamed,,throw tanthrum,,and it was 3 AM midnight!or i could say,early morning!
My mind went blank!I feels like buying tiket back home on the spot!
Plus,i have exam the next day!!!!grrr..that time i really regret opening the lappy!!*_*.

Dreaming of sapphire blue all over my sight,i fell asleep..ah........
woke up late!!*_*.I rshed to continue revision.sob3..


after finishing the exam..^^..i rushed to my lappy,omona..62 inbox!*_*.within 12 hours..this is rare..

opening the fb..awww..................seems there lot hearbroken status!!i cn guess


they should'nt play thins like this..poor i know..greedy can kill peoples...
I nearly fainted.(lol),money,,u can sometimes be so scary!!

anyway,i look on the positive side..i dun have to worry about coming back hOme.tHUS, i should properly plan my trip to,yukari chan,we need to talk.=D

It was a nice feeling today..altho a bit tired..But i still want to keep my feeling inside this blog..cause sometimes it's funny when i re-read bck wht i've worte here.lololol..
like a BIG diary!=D

Friday, January 8, 2010

baachan : My lovely dovey hoodie is here!^^

oh ehm geee!!=D...
my 'baby' had arrived^^

*ding dong*..*(kring33 actually).=p
I heard someone ring dingdong.Then,my housemate rushed..i'm so lazy to dress up and open the the

Then,I was about to take a bath.

*kreek*..i opend my door/
there!i saw a brown coloured medium size box..OMG!there's nothing more popping in my head!it must be the lovey dovey dear hoodie*_*..
Violently(lol),I took the box,and unwrapped it*_* was just light weight itself ..since its merely 2

Aww..they are so kind they even give this little cert-like card^^I'll treasure it as much I could!^^
Recently the temperature dropped very low!!the highest is mostly 0 degree.I'm too scared/lazy TO GET OUT from the house.i need a new chochlolate supply!*_*..biscuits..snacks..sweetss!!etc.......
sob3..But Consider as what had happend in other places with the snow storm and such,I should be grateful enough that weather in cardiff is still acceptable.
BUT!I was worried about coming to exm..owh...exam oh exam..*_*..kowai yo....the pedastrian walklooks very slippery..the news about a pedastrian died out of fell on the slippery icy pathway!+_+Evn my friend fainted after slipped!
I'd slipped once..3 weeks ago..and somehow I can still feel the pain..+_+...trauma
hmm..for the last part..I want to sa something 2 both of u..haha
Yukari..Please be strong..^^I duno he has wake up or not..But i'm always pray for your happiness.Dakara,ganbarinasai.shikari shirou yo^^
NAdia..You must be shock as well about the news deshou??huhu..What I want to say is..
after this you will have less time to on9(PMR).Just do your best.Make sure u collect all the A's^^