Saturday, April 2, 2011

Baachan : Jdorama+ sandwich-making-kpop+ kpop MVs

Hi It's me again <---boring intro.=p.
Our packed classes had sorta end.But exam is nearing =/.. So many things to revise.
After so any tests we had.. Let's give our all.. ganbatte! D

1st,lets talk about something fangirling =.='/
Recently I watched few..(lots idiot xD). jdorama movies~*_*~.I just have a feeling to watch.=.='
I've encountered some good jdoaram muvi to recommend.

1) Tokyo girl.
Quite an old movie.It's very sweeet. I can watch few more times w/o getting bored!! A story about a girl and a boy who were separated by 100 years difference*_*. They just meet through keitai(handphone)~*_*~It's quite a unique and meaningful+romantic?=.='... The storyline is well arranged. I learn few things from this drama~hehe.

2) Koizora.
I personally love both MOVIE and DRAMA version. (YES, I'M HARUMA BIAS=.=')!! Pardon me=p.
It is very romantic.*_*. Their love for each other is very deep *creepy* XDD. At the end the girl is in love with the sky~ cause the boy said ' i'm gonna be a sky after I die ' *_*. sorry,a spoiler for u =p

3) Tada kimi wa aishiteru?
Pardon me, I forgot the full titile.T.T . Again.It's a love story xD I like the unique development of the characters towards the movie.haha. The girl is very petite.=.=''. Yup.!the hero is the guy from nodame..Tamaki hiroshi? it's not a very cheesy lovey dovey.But cute+weird.haha

That's enough for now. I actually watched few more.But they weren't  to my memory that i FORGOT xD.
Bonus!! I encountered this nice anime called Psychic detective Yakumo -kun =).Really NICE. Please watch them okay!!
The story is kinda similar to Detective Conan but more packed+ nicer and shorter (13 episodes)..I marathon-ed just in 1 night.LOL! After finishing it,I personally falling for yakumo kun*_* .~ anime crush =.='.........

Anyway.. why most of them had a romantic element in them?? hmmm. *I don't have the exact answer* haha~xDD

Recently we received lots of 'good news' from our friends*_*~ It's kinda shocking?no? ..because it's the person you closed to..~somehow.being adult is scary..hehe~do we need to think about that? =p
Sorry. My mind is corrupted tonight.Whatever, I'm still a kanak2 ribena least.. now..=.='...

Move on to my KPOP-ness*_*.

1) How do you feel when you suddenly got kicked out from your house/ bandgroup and be replaced by someone else.. you read it right.. KIbum n Xander just got kicked our from U-KISS due to their incapability? what the fish.-.i feel sorry for KEVIN+ dongho+Eli who endlessly promoting their songs,rehearsal thru twt.=.='... I watched the video where kibum revealed his feeling about this matter.hmm~... Their Bran new song is very nice~ But ir feels like a new group. they should just come out w/ a new name~~hmm..molla. I think i BETTER STAY away from u-kiss until kibum say..' u guys, please support the 'new' u-kiss' =/

2) TOUCH-. My new anak ikan.=.='.. BUT!!! Dabin suddenly left the group.. Again.. kinda of kicked out reason! Due to his unfit voice w. the grup.What more, my ultimate bias kim min seok will be on hiatus due to health problem T.T!! I'm very sad of what's happening to me =.='.. after DBSK.. u-kiss..blah33.On the bright side,they'r now in SG,attending a model fashion show event*_*~

2) ZE:A comeback with a less cheesey yet sweeet here I am full album =). The 'lovability' sp edition is super daebak~ I love SE for the super nice package! I hope more company will follow their footsteps =)

3) year 2011 gonna be flooded w/ boygroup to debut!.My head getting bingeul2 already.=.=/ X-5, Boy friend? , N-TRAIN, M-1, what else~ Oh,this one really shocking! consisted of 21 members!! they are called.. A-peace .. (like AKB48 namja version)..=.='


This post had end up being longgg again!! Feel like sharing few nice MVs =).

1) ZE:A Here I am (from album LOVABILITY). You guys should watch their LIVE music shows for this as well.^^ THEY SMILED SO HAPPILY =)

2) I personally addicted to this song.It has a very mystical feeling *_* Go watch every single of their performance .Each gives a different feeling~*_*~~ The rapper name is Bang Yong Guk ~soon to debut~ =p

3) CN BLUE! jut released their 1st album called 1st step!  The main song is intuition.But I like 'Love girl' a lot >.< ! The music arrangement is cool.the bit is very addicting ~heu2.

4) Dae Guk Nam Ah aka daokukudanji xD new PV Yes PV =P.. on the next 10 days,they gonna relesaed their 1st japanese album (Love power) .cool huh~. they reminds me of THSK =). Hehehe~. It's so jpop-ish right =p..

I guess that's all for now~. Hehe.

monologue: I at 1st wants to rant something else.. But now i TOTALLY forgot after writing all the above stuffs-.-;// anyway thats good =). prevent me from being emo-bi.haha.