Monday, December 27, 2010



Hisashiburi da ne^^~detta.This way of writing again=.='.Gomen,=.='''''
Let's talk about my winter trip to Spain!^^

1st of all just to let you know it was a random decision.Like..oh,it's winter.where shOULD I go.Plus our Egypt trip seems dropped T_T!!!

Thus,I end up following Atiq and others to SPAIN.=/

so..I went there from 18th til 24th.We visited  Granada,Malaga,Cordoba and then,back to Malaga again.
It was nice~ see others' place..

Not until someone stole my purse wchich contains  A LOTSSS of money inside as well as my debit bank card,student ID,MyKad and railcard!!!! I cried whole lot in the bus..

I'm so sad..haih~..

NVM that..Our days in SPAIN were good..(Why the way of writing is lacking of enthusiasm) lol
Spain was rainy haru jongil.I didn't get a comfortable walk ..Sort of..We bought umbrella at Al-hamra which cost 5euro=rm25?..and it was really ordinary =.='...

But glad,it hold till the end and we make full use of it =.=' at least...
sOME HISTORICAL PLACES we went like Al-hamra,Alcazaba in Granada, Masjid Cordoba,Al-Baizin?, mEDINAT AZZAhara..ect...
We spent so much of food which is regrettable since It's really costy and the taste is not to my taste bud >< 
But some of my friends LOVE it..Hmmm..So I just pretend it's really delicious..because I'm really hungry also it's very difficult to find HALAL food there. We don't even have kettle at the room><.Molla.I think it's ery common to have kettle in room no??0.0..Hotel In MALAYSIA always have that..<   hmm..I should stop\
Anyway, move on to the trip..hmm...most likely we went to visit Islamic historical places in  Spain,during Abbasid period where Islam is well develop and take over the world*_*(I wish I was at that century ne.must be feeling so good .)^^

Nothing much to tell here but some of the places,I'm really impressed esp with the bulit and art of the architecture of the buildings.Really2 impress!!!

Oh,I forgot to mention this..I'm not sure why.But we encountered many JAPANESE+Korean during our trip.huhu..Even more than the one I found in

My feeling....I feel sad? molla..Like when i HEAR the history and when i COMPARED to the present..It's really changing..There were no even single soul wearing veil except Muslim foreigner like us who came for visit..It's weird.vERY WEIRD..=.='.. Sometimes I wish I do the history better so when i VISIT THERE IT gives more i SAID before,My decision was really random.I even started packing 1 hour before going to airport.=.=' (Never follow

Just visited this post again to add piccas~