Saturday, December 31, 2011

baachan: Happy New Year 2012

TODAY IS 1.1.2012!

Reflection.. 2011.. So many things happened.. This, that.. this that..
I called 2011 is a turning point year.^^
Some highlight..
I went to KOREA (finally!!!) for the first time.TWICE!! WOHOOO.yey me!
Kkkk.I met many of my fav was amazing..Cause I clearly remembered.. like 2 years back..I dream of talking to my bias..even taking picture.. I thought it was impossible... this that..
Also, one amazing thing.. happened to me.. my freaking bias called me..It feels awesome.. really.T__T..
HAVE U EVER dream of your idol calling your hp?? T_T.. and he's freaking my bias in kpop lifeu....... not 'anak ikan'..u got what I meant  right... none of HITT mmbers are anak ikan =_= to me... they'r more than that... *sigh*..i like them too much =_='.Now,I'm trying to reduce my love for them.ahahah. Let see if I can do it?kkkkkkkkkkkk
Also, your FREAKING BIAS GROUP ..all the members remember ur name..and the first thing when we met, he asked my name..and not 'hello' or something..T_T.*CRIES*..  Or may be I'm just special..kkkkkkkk. I know I'm unique.Being told so many times by few friends.HAHAH~.

But for mind is filled with HITT..
It's the same craze for me over DBSK..2 years back..Really.I just love everything about them..
But the difference is.. DBSK is super popular..while..HITT is like..T.T.. UNDERRATED so much...
It's about promotion.yeah~cruel thing..
But I don't care all that..As long as I like them..that's enough for me to care.. 

nowadays, kpop music are a bit shikkeuro.I'm seeking something more pure and beautiful..and stick to my heart.and yeah.I found what I want in HITT.. FYI,i'm a stan of group,compared to soloist.. 
I clearly remembered when I first time playing HITT's CD on lappy.. Back in Seoul... I was like..'O' damn it!! they'r good. 'oh,this kind of music.. '
I'm  scared.. yes..=_=;;But..I feel super excited.. >_
BUT,,May be u realised, I'm talking like this too about my prev B1A4/B2ST..=_='' yes,those 2's are my top bias ..after DBSK 'disband' T.T..

Also,recently there are groups like B1A4,BOYFRIEND,BLOCK B,MYNAME...etc... rookies nowadays are really good.. especially with the dancing..I really 'suspect' xD their talents..
But I come and go.. like B2ST..I don't know if I'm a  B2UTY anymore..+_+.. 
The rest too.. because for me..To make something stick w/ me for long.I need your music first..Not dancing../cuteness../handsome face..I'll get bored one day.*opps*.

But HITT is more than B1A4/BEAST.. I can end up talking about HITT all day long EVERYDAY..=_='
hahaha.what kind of life is that.lmao... 
Also, I think I'll love HITT like forever.. may be not forever..may be until they disband or something...yes.we must be realistic about this..HITT too.will disband..someday right..cause they need to get married too .hahaha.. and it's hard to work and having a wifeu at THE SAME TIME right..=_='
but yeah.who knows...=)..
Therefore, I came to conclusion I'll love them FOREVER.. Even when I got married.=_=;;

SEE! I'm talking about HITT again..TOO MUCH SOME MORE.=_=''
let's moved topic..
So,2011.. Apart from that..there'r many sad thing..shocking things.. 
Also, I experienced being backstabbed by friends for the first time..Although i FORGIVE THEM already.. But yeah,,scar was still there..*sigh*..How i WISH It never happen..T___T... 

also,being SUPER ANGRY for the first time in my life..I may get angry at times,but that was first time,I was so angry that I can't even feel my surrounding.or more like I' ve been shifted to another world..*sigh*..also,being stress until I runaway from home.lmao... 
It's more like a super intense emotions year.kkk 2011... ^^^~

Besides kpop-ing.2011...I went to many countries the most^^.
Korea, Singapore, Paris, Scotland.Malaysia! kkkkkkkkkkkkk

And many unexpected experience
- Gettin lost alone, in alien ALONE..
- I still haven't cure my london-missed-bus curse yet ..kkk
- I missed my flight back to Malaysia. o.0... I can't believe this thing happend to me=_=
I cried at the airport.T.T.ALONE
- I stayed in a luxurious hotel ALONE.for the first alien place..=_=''

But I managed to survive..with's scary to say this,however,it's true..T__T..
However,of course.. with Allah's help the most.=).. 
I'm not scared at all experiencing those... because I know,He always with me.. =)

Hmm..I wonder what kind of year 2012 will be for me..hehe. It's too blurr honestly..I really can't tell my future.. really.. Even while writing this...
But few things I'm sure.. It's something NEW.. Really new..another start..another book..another story..not chapter.........
and of course.turning point.I'm very sure^^.
Let is wait together?? hehe~.

biha fighting!!!!!!