Thursday, October 21, 2010

still an ELF here, no changie :3

Hello :D

Finally PMR is OVAH FY! u dnt knw hw happy i am :3
But then, nothing to do at home is LAME.
Gotta find something to kill the biiiiggg gaaapp of time.
My GF is a Gumiho is SCHWEEETTT ;P 
hoi hoi couple jjang!

And so yeah, the trios had their showcase here.
Ohh, i was so positive that u'll attend it Biha-eonnie.
Saw some pictures from the showcase. okay, JAEJOONG is freakin HAWT!

Ohh, and SS501 will be back next year? 
Seriously, really? OMG this is GOOD NEWS!

Wherever there is good news, definitely there'll be a BAD NEWS!
Redstar'll not be organizing SS3 due to something that happened btween SMent.
Until now there is still no organizer replacing Redstar.
Like WTF, what if there's no organizer going to replace thm. 
Where am I suppose to find another BESTfriend who is gnna gmme backstage passes if his uncle isn't going to be the one who handles SS3 T_________________________________T
Oh well, gnna keep cool now -_______________________________-

Aish, stupid OneManga,, why are u like this at times I needed you LJKJDHJSNMDKJK!
In need to read manga SKIP BEAT.
The new drama Donghae is gonna star in is based on tht manga.
Donghae and Ariel Lin,, well still in consideration. But for the time being,, A BIG NO NO!

Eunhyuk and IU?? LOL why spread rumors about them being a relationship.
Hyuk should date me instead if Hyuk is interested in big age gap relationships.
Oh well, IU is cute tho.

There's always a conclusion to things like this,, EUNHAE :D
Hyuk mentioned in his cyworld that he liked an artist younger then him,, could it be IU?
Well, look on the other side. Donghae is younger then him aight? LMAO!

I'm yours - Eunhyuk (cute english >< great effort!)

For our PASCA PMR Closing Ceremony, each class have to perform smthg.
Since I'm in a Japanese class, we had to perform something related to Japan.
So our Japanese teacher asked us to dance to Trauma - Ayumi Hamasaki.
3 weeks to choreograph + practice.. I hope everything turns out well tho. *____*

And i just LOOOOOVVVEEE macros!

WANT kangin back for 5jib, he'll make it rite?

Oooh and my friend made a macro abt me -____________-

OMIGOSH, its almost 1am.
Better get some sleep ^^
Niteee :P

Sunday, October 17, 2010

baachan :hello?

I finished with My GF is Gumiho..
Finished with the latest ep of SKK scandal..

Hmm..neomo chowa^^

neomo2 chowa neomo222 chowa to be able to write crap on this blog again~hehe~

But where did the other two bloggers gone?=.='...yah! palli come and fill the blog.aigoo..~

17th October 2010^^ It's Cassies day ~hehe~
In Malaysia..They held a showcase.^^ was short tho...the flew early in the morning..depart late at night..
The schedule was hella pack....

I HOPE THEY'R FINE^^ Then,i WILL be fine as well^hehe~
Tho..some cassies who went are totally not fine..hmm..heard there were some chaos~..hmmm..complicated things..continuos..hmm... I hope minna can settle down soon..hmm~yeah~

I'm not that sad..I'm not that happy..Hmm.molla~~
May be shock?a bit..
may be regret? a bit..
disappointed?a bit..
angry? a bit..

Ehe~But for sure,this sensitive thing has gotten to be part in me~yet,difficult to wear off..
ah,complicated thing! even to describe in word is too confusing.=.=;;;;;;;

Neomu2222 tiring..neomu2222 emotional. neomu2222 sad......
when I look at them..there would be some weird thing/undescribe feeling that makes my heart feel sick..=.=;;

ottoke this happen?
ottoke it started?
ottoke will it stop?
ottoke we must went thru all these?
ottoke we know when it's gonna end?

We should just let them be ...
I wish~


If only i know a way to stop..a way to get rid of them..
and run away~but it's too late......=.='

'never open the pandora box if  u can't be sure how to close it back'.....

*at the end..I've create one more emo-bi post =p.ehe~
Let's continue to cheer for life^^ and work hard for what is infront u ne~^^~