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I know many of you would like to know about this stuff. I last time refer to many blogs as well about tips to enter those music shows in KOREA. So may b it's time for me to share now.. =).

Music Bank..
I went on my 1st week of my stay in kOREA, THAT was AROUND 8TH July something. Easiest access to KBS building studio is drop at nATIONAL aSSEMBLY station and take exit 4.
walk straight, turn right.. till u see combi shop on your right , and there~ kbs building is infront you! cross the road and just walk into the main gate, turn right into the parking area, and you will eventually see group of fangirls loiter around there~. You will need to attach to fanclub since you don't have ticket for the LIVE show. Easiest way join your fav artiste daum and always check with mubank twitter on who is goin to perform on that day~ After u have decide which FC to join, get updated what they require that can help u to join the line. u DUN WANT TO come early like 7am but end up to be put at the back line because u're not an official fanclub mmber>< ~
Dun be lazy, go at the international forum and look for their tutorial to sign up their daum~=).

Going to pre-recording is easiest way and guarantee your entrance but u can only see your fav artiste. If u want to see live, may be u need to come veryyy early, attach to big fanclub (not so big but big enough be recognise). I last time joined ledapple fans. I arrived like 10.30am and found no FC leader of them anywhere I then just wait a bit and finally around 12am I saw some1 holding 'sagwa' as in Apple in korean word. So I just give my name to her  and she asked me+ freind to comeback at 5pm~=). She actually dun ask for cd!LOL.
MUBANK is quite good since many artiste will come in and out from the studio building to the parking area XDD.. I managed to see rania, kwangmin+Minwoo(BF),, Also walk beside BF Youngmin, Donghyun,blah3..><  I took fancam as well. and i THINK other artiste as well. 4 minutes' managers too.~hoho.

So, we just go to eat and arrived at KS again at 4.55pm. that time, many people already there and Q for live *those having tickets*. I couldn't find ledapple unni T_T I asked around but nobdy know ledapple. it's kinda annoying i know when we international fans know them , but no korean know them! =.=[.

I keep searching, until my fren said something soooooooo not motivating
: unni must have left for the live already!
Me: NO NO NO ! She said 5pm! so we arrive at 5pm right! She won't lie. I know.. FC rep can't lie or take it as granted at things like this>
my fren keep saying unni has gone inside and left us lah,, i fee like slapping her *opps miahn*. I need some courage , I'm already sad and stuck. so, her word just make me feel T___T. very saddd
Finally, we decide to check out at the gate area one more time and met 2pm fanboy who is showing off his 2pm SIGNED CD. so what?=.='.. I'm not hottest, so don't bother=.='.. i THINK HE ASKED WHERE are we from, and he said, 'charatta' like good and wow~ something.XDDD..
unni came and searched for us. we'r  veryyyy glad like oh, unni,, ure here!! thanks for finding us t.t.
We then, join teh line. I think ledapple fans had like 20 fans~^^~ we'r no. 3-4 hoho. very good right =p.
We got to see LIVE! I tot we'r seeing pre-record. ha-ha.. since entering live is like VERY difficult>< .
but ledapple dun have pre-record that day.LOL.
i DUN EVEN KNOW HOW TO CHECK IF THIS idol pre-record or not..T.T.
WATEVER, i'M INSIDE! What make it special, i got to see N-TRAIN, BOYFRIEND, HITT (THEY'R debuting that day!!!), ZE:A (Comeback watch out!!), FX( I like the song!),2PM (Woohyun saw us XD) and who else~ oh secret~^^ sha lalalalal~ . and finally LEDAPPLE~ hoohohoho.. we screamed our lungs out xDDDDD. The fanchanting is quite good chinese fans I think. =) Youngjun  during ending saw our 'ledapple' sign i wrote on A4 paper.ha-ha.. that's good ^^

I know it's ugly.T.T We did last minute.huhuhu, and glad i BROUGHT MY pretty marker pens with me xD..

Inkigayo. drop by gayang station, take exit 10, turn left and walk straight and u'll eventually see SBS studio building~
On the same week, I went for inki with my 4 other amigos (because they want to see at least one music show). U know.. B1A4 fnally had music show that day!! so I decided to bring my friends to go altho I'm kinda afraid... it's inkigayo u see>
o.k .. so we had like many2222 roll calls. 12.30pm, 1.30pm.. 2.30pm.. so, u had no choice but to stay there until 4 something.. and not knowing whether u can go in o not.. =/.. That day, SHINEE fans were flooded sicne they had like a special stage with fx!! So, our quota are kinda taken by them T.T..
i'M NOT SURE, but B1A4 fans that can enter the studio are like only 10 or less!!! So sad right?? you're right! The guard just close the gate infront my eyes, and we only heard the fanchanting outside the studio.. it was reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy SAD!!!!!!..
 So, I decided to wait at the parking lot hoping to bid bye2 to any idols..T.T since we have came this far, we need to see at least 1 idol right.. T.T. while waiting and sitting, the guard suddenly gave us inkigayo magazine*_*..  wohoooo.. IDUNNO this kind of magazine is very popular and u need to buy them xD,, it's very cool since that issue ft many bf, n-train, and BEAST!! JACKPOT~KKKK.. altho i'M VERY SAD can't go after all the waiting since like 9am.. i'm with my frens,, there's lot more other things we need to worry other than cry  for this thing =).. yeahhh~ we'r positive people xDDD.
B1A4 fan staffs are soo kind. they also had this kind of thing ~cool right. I got 5, since all my frens give The next week I also went for inkigayo AGAIN (since I want to at least being in inki live once!*. u can read the full fan account here^^~ hehehehehehe~

Drop by digital media city subway stat. THEN, take bus to CJ media building. it's like the 3rd stop~  Or may be taxi~ it's not far. but, far to walk xDDD
sO... After the failure on inki last week. i DECIDED TO BRING my amigos to Mnet Countdown .. =). It's actually my friend's birthday that day! And who knowww.. KIMHYUNJUNG is making comeback for 'KISS KISS' !!!!
My fren is a biggg fan of him! kkk~ Lucky right.. So it's kinda a birthday present XDDD.
I actually not very familiar how the system work But HITT is debuting on M! that day. So we decided to support HITT! I brought only 1 CD with me.LOL. Dun even know why i DID THAT XDD mayb cuz I think HITT is rookie, and the fanclub not gonna be strict yet?... hoho.. BUT!
wE ARRIVED QUITE early at 9 am... we go to the 2F floor something by lift when we realise it's only a floor upstair=.='.. *funny aight' =.='  we even use the workers lift not knowing it's ONLY FOR THE WORKERS! fangirl must climb the stairs!ha-ha
ActUally MNET studio is located inside office building. So, they dun want to see fangirls loiter around at lobby.. they'll politely shoo u out xD.
arrived, and met like 3 staffs.. and again. we had difficulty to make clear of ourselves about what we want to do.T.T. 1st, we talked to 1 guard unni..but she seemed a bit of=.='.. then, an ajusshi suddenly interrupted us.. glad he's kinda good with English.. So, I said we want to enter mnet with HITT fans.. but he said u must contact the FC leader. but i SAID. I couldn't found them. He kinda not knowing who is HITT. T.T So, he checked with the performers list paper=.='.. and may be kinda saw the word 'HITT' there=.=... He asked us how many people . * I looked at my frens and said 5"... he then said to comeback at 5pm outside the building.. I reconfirm to him if we can enter or not. and he said. yeah.. there's not ticket.. it's free.  So, with that.. I kinda relief and so we have a whole day to walk around!!.. We went to Ehwa's eat at bene's cafe,, and i HAVE SO MUCH FUN writing 'HyunJun' and HITT name on my  A4 paper. haha.
It's actually raining haru jongil..T.T So, we can't do much thing.. I actually can't remember well what we did that day=.='.. anywayyy..
we cameback at CJ building and many fangirls were already outside the building Q-ing.. ohh ~I asked around,, but nobody know HITT T__T NOBODY!... I asked a KHJ fans.. who accidentally mistaken me wana join their line=.=.. A KHJ fan even doubt me just wana go for mnet live.. i said " NOOOO~~ i WANA support HITT! tHey'r debuting today''. i Know she just random. but I was offended w/ that>< ..~ kkkkkkkkkkkkk. she then made like 'oh~ I dunno them. I only know KHJ'. ya lah.. go sapot KHJ ! kkk but she's nice actually since she said she wana help me search around for HITT fans>< ..

O.K So, time is running, and we couldn't find HITT rep.. My fren suggested I go to search for the ajusshi from earlier morning.. He actually kinda saw us.. But he kinda busy and actually his face kinda  scary.. i meant.. dunno lah. he's not scary,, may be strict. but he's kind~ yeah xDDD.
Then... he suddenly said to all of us.. FC rep.... please stand forward (in hangeul). i just teka2 what he said. My fren then said: gO biha go!!  me: are u crazy?? I'm not korean lahhhH!
It's kinda funny actually.. but that's the only chance we can enter T.T So we need to act fast! I dunno how kind the ajusshi can be. So i asked 1 of my fren to follow. and yeah.. i REALLY BECAME a HITT fc rep=.=.... kkkkkkkkk.
So I saw how the work was done xD.. Ajusshi asked how many people the FC mmbers had. everyone like 20, 50, 35... then, HITT?" ERR HOW MANY PEOPLE??"

*YES HE ASKED IN english!*
I said: 5........... =.='... ha-ha-ha-ha.. u know that situation .. ~kinda funnyXDDDDD.
blah3.. then, he grouped us into 4 groups.. mine like joining T-ARA, WH, and who else I can't remember.. so instead of like 8 groups it would be  4 big groups. and then play pa iba ibo? to determine which FC will enter 1st.Ours kinda last since the rep from our group kinda failed at playing paibaibo=.=.. ha-ha..
bla333333333.. we then slowly moving/ walking to the studio. and some 4MINUTE dancers passed by us.. also, CUBE managers. jiyoung oppa was like 5cm from me.. ha-ha.. but only i knew him T.T SINCE b2st IS NOT MAKING COMEBACK THAT TIME=.='.. i can't be much excited unless if i'M WTH b2uty MAY BE....
sO, WE FINALLY entered the mnet studiooooooo. wohoooooo SUCCESSS!

I then, told my fren actually today is KHJ 1st comeback for KISSKISS!! So this is ur birthday present!! ha-ha-ha..

skipped2. Almost halfway.. but I have yet to see HITT. i wonder if they cancel their' perf today? cuz isn't rookie usually perform earlier?... T.T.. But suddenly!! ZE:A appearedddddd.WOHOOOOOOOO
I SCREAMED My lungs out and my frens were afraid of me.ha-ha.. i SCREMED heechul's name so loud and many people stared at us xDDD But I dun careeeee.. because i DUN CARE WHEN THEY ALL SCREMED FOR THEIR 2pm, mblaq hj, t-ara watever~~.
and then,,,,, i think after ZE:A..

I saw a familiar figure one by one came out+bowed at the same time... ackkkk. it's HITT HITT HITT HITT!!!!!!!!!! 
HFBICRY7T48TY34854376095675489675468 FREAKING EXCITED since I already gave up I tot they'd cancel their perf today XDDD..  CLUMSILY, I took out all my HITT MALAYSIA' 'HYUNJUN' also 'HITT' signs I wrote earlier .. But my fren dun wana hold for mee so meaniieeeee.. glad Jai wana helped to hold 1 sign.. I need to hold 'HYUNJUN' sign.. when they were busy standby , I showed 'hyunjun' sign.. and URAM sawwww and called 'HYUNJUN' *___* URAM AHHHH I LUV UUU *afterhyunjun*

 *hyunjun* sign ~

i CAN'T FOCUS on the perf since BZ holding sign and screaming xDDDDDD  I actually heard some screamed for them from other side. ah.. so there's HITT fans as well inside the studio *#^$5^%@$%@!#%&@#* so goooddd and during hynjun solo part in the middle. many people scremed.. ackk.. So I have madu huh???!!!  *__*~
The guard warned my once when i WAS soo excited holding the sign.  the 2nd time i THINK DURING ending  stage where all performers gathered.ha-ha.. xDDDD.. 

END Of perf..All performers gathered, T-ARA won..but us.. bz capub the signs.. and Uram/ may be other member saw us again..or kinda search for us. kk.. My frens told me: they saw us/ our sign twice.. omgee.. so happy i CAN'T SLEEP. *but ididsleepxD*..

My hardwork. my marker pen, all worth it.. Uram, thank youuu~ HyunJun, u make me can't sleep.!


mubank (2ND WEEK).. 
Ah, nothing much.. just that i WENT FOR MUBANK FOR The 2ND TIME JUST BECAUSE i NEED TO SEE B1A4 since I didn't see them on inki last week!!!! T_T.. I tot to go LIVE since HITT is performing.. but u see... i only went for B1A4 pre-record and the seat is kinda far..T.T. After that, my fren told me, I shouldn't be greedy and need to return back home.. i was really reluctant since I also came to support HITT. HITT .I can't get enough of HITT.. .. so.. i ACTUALLY.... patah balik!! when i ALREADY at Hongdae subway  stat.! ack..><  I tot I can make it.. but hell no. it's already 15 minutes before 6pm.. and what make worse.. I took the express train by mistake, so it skipped the station I wana drop by.. and i said : Biha,, so,, this is the fate.. means,, u can't go.. even the train 'said' so xDD...

To the point of doing that.. I think.. =.=... it's kinda.. strong right? ha-ha.. yeah.. and because of that.. I took new train, return back to hostel.. and cried  a the subway.t.t many people looked at me=.='
Arrived.. and i JUST GLAD i HAVE MY FRENS with me..and since I have seen HITT on Mnet yesterday..^^  yeah. but still a bit sad..kkkk~



Drop by jeongbalsan stat.. and then, u google map urself where it is located xD.. O.K~ So, I wENt here alone again  and guess what.. B1A4 had like a mini fanmeeting that day!! SO MUST COME!  I actually went to mubank, inki,mucore alone this week=.='.. nvm.. I kinda lost and it's rainingggg sooo much!! It's kinda hard to find my way..T.T I act arrived early.. but gettin lost just ****.. anyway.. after I managed to find mbc mucore building. it's only 9.30am, but my number was like ... 172 !!! are u kidding me?.. kk. i meant,, they'r just rookie.LOL.. nvm.. this proved u how opular B1A4 in Koreaaaa.. even mblaq fans can't be compared with B1A4 XDD may be 2pm too.LOL. i THINK about 300 fans showed up o.0.. That's crazyyy xDDD..

After reg my name.. I met 2 American kpoppers.. they just sat leaning on a pillar.owh.. i CHIThcatting bit w/ them.. they said they juct wana come to enter the music core.Thye arrived early like 7am .. huhu.. but i TOLD THEM U must attach to any FC 1st.. . or if u're brave enuf, u can just persuade the guard to let u in .. and just make excuse like..I'm a foreigner.. blah3. kkkk~.

I said to them to join ZE:A line,, or may be BLOCK B..but please no B1A4~ HAHAHA.  hmm.. I then met with ZE;A fans. they happened to be Indonesian ZE;A's.. hohoho. I said, i actually wana join ze:a since i wana go for MUCORE LIVE!. BUt i need to see b1a4 too *i knowi'm greedy*.
but at the end, I had to stick with b1A4 since teh Q is kinda huge? and we can't loiter around much.. arghh T.T. So means.. I can't go for LIVE lah since I'm stuck with B1A4 line... hmm.. yeah.. i'M NOT KOREAN, I can't see them as manytime as they can!! t.t.

but it's O.K.. fufufufu. I got to see my luvely B1A4 performed O.K +OLBT. ack. they'r so jjangggg .. A korean fren who sat beside me helped me to hold up my 'MALAYSIA' sign.kkkkkkk. I got the 1st row seat+MIDDLE SEAT! since standing area is full..huhu. but it's o.k.. i have enough standingXDDD..
This time I joined fanchaning since i GOT THE FANCHANTING paper with me.kkk the staffs are very jjang and reliable^^.and kind too.huhu~
Oh, got to see sunny hill too. milley cruise? ~ kkkk.
they performed 3 times may be?  Ack so daebakkk.. all the waiting worth it.hoho~

finished!!! they shoo us out and we can't go for LIVE *as I expect* ..T-T.. Suddenly my fren's frens who are 2pm fans approached.. ohh.. they act wana see 2pm but why are they with b1a4 fans! T.T It's a mistake.. I wana scold my fren for letting them Q with B1A4 line T_T.. Of course they won't be able to enter LIVE!
aigoo. I then suggested them to join ze:a line since it's kinda not very long xD and ZE:A have live and no pre-record that day. so guarantee can enter.. ALL~ .. BUT i ONLY had 1 cd!! I lent them.. but the ZE:A's fc unni told them that they need 2 CD.. FOR 2 PEOPlE.. 1 CD, only 1 person can join their line.... a..T.T.. OH MAN.. so they rushed out to buy ZE:A cd.. but no useee... ze;a's already went inside 5 minutes after they went out to buy CD T__T!.. HUHUHUHU.. i was sad for them.. i ACTUALLY KINDA sad myself not able to enter LIVE.... I act. can just join ZE:A's line since i GOT cd+fc CARD.. But i think.. it's kinda not nice.. to do it infront B1A4 unnis.. and ZE:A's already saw me just came out from B1A4 pre-record.. ah, u see.. I'm an obvious person since I'M THE ONLY ONE WEARING VEIL=.='.. So i just gave up.. and what more. B1A4 had fanmeeting today.. that should be more than enough to make up for the LIVE =)..

blah3.. around 5.30pm.. the mini fanmeeting started!!! wuhuuuuuuu B1A4 boys appearedddd ^&R#%$^&$#$GYR$(&^%&$#%^($#%(@% freaking excited face to see them that close.. i TOOOKKKK SOOOOOOOOOO MANY FANCAMSSS... KKK. Ackk so cute so brightttt.. they intro-ed themselves one by one. but couldn't hear since fangrils keep screamingggg T.T.. then, they had like 2 gamess 1st one lucky 5 fans got to take Polaroid picture with them!! then, the 2nd game.. got free t-shirt and hug from each mmber!!! so total of 10 lucky fans!! TT..TT  what more sadder is that.. many people on my line were choosen. but why not me T.T probably other 300++ fans also think the same xDDDD..
THEY ALSO DID BEAN SPROUT dance?? kkk they act did that during mucore pre-recording earlier.. *___*~~~

So the FM end  B1A4  left.~ T.T..

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baachan: Seoul trip (SHOPPING+SIGHTSEEING) 6th-19th July 2011

Just because i FEEL LIKE sharing them here^^
I spent 2 weeks with my 4 OTHER AMIGOS in Seoul.^^ yeahh.. It was awesome trip^^.

We mostly shopping at namdaemun, dongdaemun, insadong(to eat jajangmyeon?), MYEONGDEONG (My fav place>< ), Dongdaemun, jamshil, Ehwa women's univ..

HOWEVER... Our money mostly spent for foods T.T and transportation.huhu. We ate a lot.yess.. Cafe bene,family mart+7eleven(for banana uyu>< ) twosome, lotteria.. I WILL MISS YOU A LOT! T..T

For d 1st 3 days we stayed at Hapjeong. Yeah, u're right. We passed by YG building every single day when we got back hostel and at 1 night i CAUGHT a GROUP OF FANGILRS waiting outside while drop by COMBI shop for banana uyu xD.LOL.

I like KIM'S guesthouse.The toilet, room size is big.. and the bread is very yummy xD.. But it's kinda far from the subway stat>< 15 minutes walking T_T..

The rest days we stayed at Bangrang in Chungjeongno. it's freaking 1 minute from subway xD.
But the room is very small and no wifi in the room. We camped at lobby every single night to get access to internet.=.='. But glad the lobby is very comfortable and we enjoyed our stay there so much =).

O.K now,, let's move on to places we went>< *push aside all the fangirling event 1st.. xD..
We went to Hangang river cruiseee. yeahhhhh. it was really niceeee.(Even got a magic show and live concerts something. The magic show is very niceee.. May be cuz It's the 1st time I saw magic show infront my eyes. (Still mesmerized w/ the floating table trick.. kkk.)

We went on the last night because prev it raining haru jongil and the ferry stopped operating like 1 week or so.. t.t..
but we still can make it for the last night~^^ .

Itaewon. We ate foods there since there got many halal foods*_*.also, a big mosque is located here, and u need to climb~kkk. Drop by itaewon stat. and take exit 3..*if not mistaken*  >< or u can ask the info center before making ur way out.hehe. nvm, i FOUND U THE map.kkk

If u're really hungry, just eat at lotteria cause it's kinda everywhere (shrimp burger for muslims). It's really taste good>< I'm addicted to it now T.T

Next, Myeongdeong..Sells many kpop items.. however i FOUND OUT some stalls are selling non-official items at not very cheap price=.='.. and somehow,, the choice is limited.huhuhuhu~.
It's actually easy if u buy them online.. i MEANT.. KPOP MERCHANDISES.
For CD+dvd, worry not, u can found it everywhere.>< synnara, kyobo, yongpoong bookstore, even on 3rd floor at nature republic in Myeongdeong>< . Hwever, here i WOULD LIKE to suggest pretty cheap kpop goods selling CDs+official items... it's located in exit 5 or 6 at myeongdeong subway stat. Don't go outside, it's underground shop, and very small area. u CAN FOUND THEM EASILY IF U walk around at the underground myeongdeong stat.. there are 3 shops~ =DD. go surver the price before deciding where to buy.ha-ha~ I preferred THE SHOP THAT SELLS many t-money  cards tho one of the owner kinda not friendly.kkk.~

NATURE REPUBLIC is everywhereee. (I recommend u go to the big one at myeongdeong nearby exit 5(if not mistaken). So you know the awesomeness of this brand cuz of our oppa JYJ , rAIN AND THE FAMOUS drama star JANG Geun seuk??XDDD yeah.. if not because of them I dun think i fancy or even bother to shop there xD...  Anyway....
 I actually found out the products they offer are quite convincing>< Love the discounts, the product they offered, FREE GIFTS,and the price is very affordable compared to other shop like etude, face shop blah3~,
Here some products i BOUGHT:
*ignore my pretty kain batik*
ehem.. At 1st, i asked the lady about cleansing face product and leads me to various of choices.o.0. i was so tempted to grab them all. T.T But decided to stick with alove vera since recently my skin kinda dried.. jyj mask is so tempting, and it's a sinful not to grab it>
The blackhead removal? was recommended by my friends.haha~
 the lip bum.. yeah.. the case is pretty cute>< But after using it, it's quite good~^^
Lastly. the make up removal cream (only RM3!) AFTER 50% DISCount. So, mus tgrab o.K!
oH NOT YEt.. THE PREFUME STick.xD no discount but it's pretty cute and small. I like the smell too.=).  Also the famous B.B cream that make your face look shining*___*. kkkk~. I like SPF 40 better since the tone suit my skin color better =p.  It's very easy to apply and not very oily.. just nice lah =). also, IT'S CHEAP!.haha ABOUT RM15 each><

B.B cream SPF30. I bought this cause of the discount=.=/ Use it many2 times already^^~
My friends said my face looks very white~lol.
 Free gift facemask which I have yet to decide when to use><

I think this one is unique~haha~ 

Also, they have free gift (if u ask OR they'll forgot something xD).. I asked for JYJ free gift.LOL. 
aND HE ASKED who is my fav mmber, i SAID jejung!, he then grabbed jejung's file+mini standee*_*.I should just ask for JYJ photobok. lol.

I only check out this shop cuz i customer asked for nail pen art. But balck color is sold out>< I asked everywhereeeee.=.='.. they only have white one..huhu.. I tot i won't grab anything from etude house, LOL..
But at INCHEON airport.. T.T.. i managed to grab this one lipstick product. you're right.. etude is enriched with eye+lip products><  *LOL. they spell it 'lip glass' xDDD* I like its shine~^^~ kkk. not very revealing yet present?^^~

 Enough about cosmetic thingy.. xD.. 

MOVE ON TO SOME (alot actaully) Kpop items i bought xD

Bought from various places. I think the one from MYEONGDEONG is the cheapest and got free poster.*____*. JYJ nature republic shop also give free poster (some albums/dvd). an sell magazines as well.>< .

I recommend you go on weekdays and also, watch out for discount coupons on KTO site. o.k u can save alot like 20-25% discounts! 
HOWEVER, If 're not much fan of thrilling ride,or roller coaster stuff,, may be it won't worth much.

hmmm.. the ride are pretty o.k>< I like the floating balloons?.. and paraoh's fury..and car bumper xD it ! Lotte world mostly had like 4D thingies and make yoU FELL KINDA DIZZY AFTER LIKE 3-4  4D movies=.='. 

the pirate ship something? according to my friends is very scary o.0.. like after try once, u won't be able to ride it anymore.LOL.. 

Also, after u get out from lotte world them park, dun forget to visit STAR AVENUE because the ticket u bought for lotte world can be use to enter STAR avenue as well^^..Just ask the worker where it is located.  But last time i WENT it only have JYJ (YESH!) , BIGBANG, 2PM, and hyunjung a bit.

Lotte world is located in Jamshil.FYI, Jamshil is one kind of big underground shopping mall. =). I love the stationary shop there. bOUT MANY CUTE STICKERS>< ..
and also... jeng3.. 

A set of polaroid camera stuffxD. Seriously this cost me so much (more than piropiro) ehem. of course^^.
 I tried it 4 times already.haha. 2 pictures i gave to Yoseob+Kibum together with my fanletter=.='
Hmm.. what can i SAY,, It's very simple, and i LOVE It so much! i KNOW THE FILM WILL COST ME so much in future, but who cares as long as i LIKE IT xD
63 building is located nearby yuionaru stat (take bus to 63 city from exit 1 *if not mistaken, or u can ask the staff at the station which bus number to take) .. So i SUGGEST YOU GO on FRIDAY (MUBANK xD) AND COMbine with hangang cruise at night!~.. 

Namsan Tower~ Seriously this place had many access .. >< hmm.. u search for yourself or google map urself which way u want to come fromxD... U can take cable car too.
BUT PLEASE DO NOT CLIMB UP TO THE TOP! It's very steep and u'll pancit halfway=.='.
Also, go when u feel energetic cause it's quite a tiring visit=.='.
hMM.. When u reach at the Namsan tower feet,?=.=' (sorry for my vocab), u can buy ticket to take u to the observatory area. I bought combine ticket (CHEAPER) with teddy bear museums( VERY NICEEEEE). and u can ask for discount.LOL. I always ask for discount everywhere I go xDDDDD..

Namisun aka Nami Island..

This famous plACE FOR winter sonata shooting.. what can i SAY.. the place is very isolated.(haha).and yeah, it's very beautiful.. i THINK IT'S more beautiful if go during autumn/ winter.>
it's quite far from centre seoul.about 2hours journey by train+subway.. u can act. take shuttle bus.. hmm.. and after arrive at (I forgot the station name).. u take taxi/ bus to then  take ferry that will bring u to nami island >< 
A halal restaurant (refer to pamphlet) can be found at namisun.woot2. nasi goncang.kkkk~ it taste good, I love to take it with fish soup>< very nicee

1)Prepare some Korean words. It is actually quite annoying and bothering if u can't comunicate very well since you will need to ask help from local people even u got direction with u =p.BELIEVE ME.

2) Prepare your trip (Esp if u plan to do fangirling xD)! you dun want to waste your time planning and end up realising.. oh,, still have many places to visit>< 

3) Prepare lots of cash. nOT MANY currency exchange shop want to accept MYR..kalau adapun, agak tinggi rate dia>< ...KEB (korea excahange bank) may be accept according to the lady I asked at one  currency exchange shop..

4) bring lots of food. if ur'e muslim, maggi will be ur best friend, and those rendang2 segera, berahim, and may be ikan bilis xXDD.. u can buy instant rice at combi shop, or may be just simple kedai runcit also have it. 
and u eat egg~ kk.

5) Be familiar with subway map.

6) always ask for discount when shopping xD.. U never knowww.. Korea is kind and they love giving discounts.~haha.

7) T-money card (for subway+bus+train)~ I got it freee from KTO and it has 4000 won inside*_*.. otherwise, u need to buy from t-money machine (every subway has this machine), and it cost 3000 won just for the card itself.then, u need to load it ..
 normally price per trip is like 900 won~. it's actually pretty cheap... hmm .for more info, go to the respective site yourself xD~
8) u'LL WALK a lot.. so, prepare comfortable shoes~

that's all for now.. tomorrow I'll write about 'FANGIRLING TRIP' ~ MUBANK, MCORE, MNET, AND INKI fanaccount~ kkk~

Sunday, July 17, 2011

baachan: Inkigayo fan account (17th jULY 2011~)

today so many happy things happened

I woke up like 7 and arrived at SBS inki studio at 8.30am! to join w/ ze;a's since F said they have special stage today! BUT when I arrive, couldn't find any ZE:A staff  ..Asked everywhere! Kinda hard u should experience yourself>< I think u guys would prefer to go back and sleep at home.kkkk~ 
Then met with R (Thai fan) and she said to sign up w/ B1A4 ... t.t  my number is like 32#. Kinda impossible to see get LIVE on inki~because B1A4 is rookie! and they'r going to enter last and usually their quota is very small while the fans number is like soooo many T.T!
But it's O.K.... t.t.. don't loose hope.

We then Went to myeongdeong to buy some gift for B1A4 since today is their GOODBYE STAGE!!!
Goodbye! YES! Goodbye!
We bought a looootttts of foods and cake +cute candy from starbucks(soo expensive=.='). But yeah,, We'r nuna.. must take care of our dongseng

aRRIVEd kinda late! at 1.30pm. and the staff already crossed OUT our name!!! since my fren mistaken the timing
R cried T.T.. and me  just calm her down... honestly i WAS REALLY SAD!I still remmbered last week I only got to see they close the gate to inki stage in front my eyes!!.  i WANT TO GO TO INKI SOOOOO BADLY since many people said the stage is very nice~>< ~

Then, I decided to join ZE:A's.. still got time.. also cause they have pre-record so it's kinda easy to get in =). More quota!

Blah3, my number is 146#. 30 minutes after that, we went inside o.0 ------- freaking excited face!.
AND AND AND AND.... JUST Before we entered the studio... i SAW JINYOUNG B1A4!!! passed by me ALSO ZE:A MINWOO, JINYOUNG, AND TEAHUN (prepareing to standby for pre-record)>< !!Jinyoung's presence at that moment is one kind of luck or what!!! Want to shout his name sooooooo badly (he's freaking my bias in B1A4), but since i 'M with ZE:A's I need to behave
So I just call his name not very loud..dunno he saw me or not... but he just bow to ze:a fans=.='.. who were on our way to enter the studio..LOL.. But he's so sweettt..his smile so sweeettt *___________*. Oh, and Taehun just smiled+wave to me.=)

We were with KimHyunJung (KHJ) fans. so i GOT TO SEE KHJ too..omgeeee sooooo handsome!.. The staff said after KHJ finish, the KHJ fans must give way to ZE:A fans to be at front>< 
so, after KHJ finish like after he did 3 performance>< recording KISSKISS song><... Then, ZE:A fans rushed forward!

Some1 pushed me, pushed333, until. i JUST REALISED I was already infront stage!!!!!!! OMGEEE. I can touch their shoe!!SO FREAKING EXCITED THAT I WANT TO CRYYYYYYYY.~

Siwan too nice to fans!!, Minwoo saw my ;ousy 'MALAYSIA' sign i WROTE on A4 paper T.T *iT'S actually recycled from Previous MUBANK =.='*..

They'r freaking near to me. i FELT THOSE 15 minutes++ were like soo precious to me*__*.. I'm very satisfied>
tHEN, I just realised, how much i LIKE ZE:A!!! 

FInished, the staff shoo us out.. 

Then, I asked if we can go LIVE since we already see pre-recording..usually we can't go for live BUT the ZE:A staff unni had like 'kinda thick' Inki tickets in her hand o.0... I then just wait. At that moment, I felt kinda stupid! If only I'd wait a bit in the morning for the staff to come and write my name, i could have go for LIVE too!! ZE:A staff jjanG!, Dunno how+where did they secure the tickets

then, a ZE:A's said to me that we actually have mini fanmeet with ZE:A today at 5PM! O.0
I was like 'jinja???'!!!! o.0

i'm already satisfied seeing them pre-record..but now they have FANMEETING!!OMGEEE!!.. I felt like hitting jackpot!.

blah3,,, ZE:A staff unni then distribute the LIVE ticket.. one ze:a's said to me only 74 people were allowed in.. 74??? that's a lot!!! B1A4 fan only 20 were allowed in and they dun even have pre-record today!!!

I look at my hand and .... '146#'.. my number is too far lah!

But then, when she called the number, some ZE:A's were's present or may be went back home already!!!!

So I just wait a bit, praying they have extra ticket for me!.
Until the last ticket.....

me: Unni, yogiyo *showing my number*.

that time they were few other fans like 4-5 begging for the live tic. But she choose me!!! cuz My priority is higher.. ah, it's difficult to explain.iF U HAVE BEEN DEEP IN FANDOM U'LL KNOW THIS KIND OF THING So, i GOT THE TICKET!!

it's the last ticket!!!!! 
me: kamsahamnida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *i want to cry but no tears come out!!!*


I hugged my ticket
SOO PRECIOUS. My ticket is sitting type
bUT OTHER THING MAKE me sad... my fren couldn't go in...T.T.... So sad!!

BUT!!! Altho I have ticket!! i CAN'T see B1A4 live!!!!!!!! because the staffs were very slow!!!! at letting fans in!!!! B1A4 was performing when I just at the gate!!!, and after entered the building, need to wait outside before get to enter studio!! So basically i JUST FANCHANTING outside studio but inside the building T_T!!!.. SOOOOOOOOO SAD!! AND IT'S THEIR GOODBYE STAGE!!
What more sadder, all b1a4 fans were outside the studio as well!! those with 'sitting' ticket!
bcause ajusshi said the seating is full!!!! 


SOMETHING FREAKING MIRACLE HAPPENED.. I met BOYFREN passed by me like jinyoung previously cause they want to standby for their performance. !!

I want to scream youngmin, but kinda far... and being with ze:a fans.. need to behave?
then, i dunno which mmbers name shud I screamed since they'r soooooo bling3, and i was like soo excited
Then, I just decided to shout jeongmin.. since he walked last.

Jeongmin: look BEHIND for my voice and smile(his eyes very small and cuteeee)+waved at ME!!!

Me: *faint!!


O.K finshed with boyfren...
Then, I was still frustrated need to wait outside the studio while B1A4 is performing O.K now!!! T.T!!!

Suddenly ajusshi said something blah3~ and said who wants to go for 'standing;.. then, i JUST SAID.. o.kLAH, I Joined~.then, like 8-10 peepo go inside the studio.. 


Just before we entered studio  B1A4 came out!!! they'd just finished their performance T.T.. They'r beside me walkinggggggggg,.. BESIDE ME, and I'm the ONLY B1A4 fans since i GO WITH ZE:A's remember???!!!! 
I can shake hands everyone if i WANT and may be get a hug from sandeul.. But >< still have guard nearby and I need to behave since I'm old?=.=..
I was soooooooooooooooooo excited!! I was soo happyy cause I met JINYOUNG TWICE already passing by me>< ).kkkkk
Sandeul walked beside me so I just shoved my hand (I should pass him present!!!!) but it's too sudden.TT.
WATEVER, I shouted SANDEUL's name, he looked at me, and waved T.T he's so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. But Jinyoung still 1st in my heart or my fren gonna kill me.(she's sandeul's fan)

Ahhh,so happy! so many luck today compared to last week. NO LUCK AT ALL!

Went to LIVE~~
And see many idols performing. even Kikwang *__*... 

I felt the LIVE like soo long=.='... and my feet gonna break already.kkkk.

I didn't realised actually today was inkigayo summer special>

no wonder so long. kkk..
got to see 2AM!, 2PM, MBLA, GIRL'S DAY, T-ARA, Secret, mblaq, KIMHYUNJUNG(HANDSOME GILA), ZE:A. BOYFREN live(SOO JJANG), hyorin+ SIMON D(My fren were so jealous.kkk). 

finished! And everyone gather during ending.. 2NE1 won?
I didn't realise. BZ looking at B1A4+BOYFREN*_*. I'm glad they stood near my standing site!!.

But I didn't bring any B1A4 placard .. so only shouting their names. they .. of course, won't hearT.T My voice just tiny bit compared to other kfans of mblaq, and watever~ T.T.. 

Then, ZE:A fanmeeeting after INKI finish!!! it was short compared to B1A4 yesterday.. 

They just intro-ed themselve one by one and did some short speech. hEECHUL's turn was last and during his time, he only said'kamsahamnida'.LOL.
and then said 'ah, aniya aniya'.

soooo cuteeeeee

Then, he went shy

Me too join shouting.kkk.. He then, made speech with shy face=.='. good... i'm kinda at the back.. can't even hear his voice properly=.='.. 

kkkk. other fans as well. they keep saying 'andelasseo?' *can't hear*.

we then, just clap3 after he finished.ha-ha.

After that, I TOT IT'S finish! bUT THEN, we got HI-5 session with all of them!*free!*
kyaaa.. I was soo excited !!But soo nervous since i DUNNO THEY HAVE HI5 tooo~ lol. didn't even prepare anything and i FELT MYSELF Is very not clean since i SWEAT ALOT after ran/went to many places today! T.T..

watever.~ I decided to go kinda last.. ah.. met them one by one T.T Can even see their thick make up*kkk*..
I just said their by one each passing by the mmber *I think I accidentally said 'JINYOUNG' infront JUNYOUNG '. MIAHN JUNYOUNG AHHHH t.t  got mixed up bit with my bias in B1A4>

also,, i BROUGHT 'MALAYSIA' sign with me.. 

At dongjun.. i SHOWED him, and he said :

'oh! mALAYSIA fan!'
kEVIN THEN SAW IT TOO, AND just smiled, I said to dongjun+Kevin' 
"dae!! MALAYSIA paen yaeyo'!!

ARRIVED AT heechul. I dun hesitate! just said' HEECHUL AH!! SARANG HAE!!* Pathetic LOve declaration* T__T....

Ah, soooo happy!
Then, go back and spazzing forever on this blog

Ignore my bloated face.. thiskindoffacetoohappyafterreceivingtheticket!


My fren already passed our gifts to B1A4 staffs and the satff said.. oh,, so many and expensive>< 

kkkkkk.. I KNOW.. I HOPE B1A4 IS READING OUR LETTER BY NOW AND ENJOYING THE FOODS>< *Glad we bought 5 bottle of juices instead of 4!!.LOL*. But I still regret a bit for buying only 4 sandwiches T.T MIahn!! nuNA is not very thoughtFUL t.t

POOR shiNwoo... I still regret a bit why we bought only 4 sandwiches!T_T!!!.. 


No namdaemun shopping today.kkk blame ze:A fanmeet =p