Saturday, February 23, 2013

baachan: A-JAX's Hyung Gon

So, I was watching Dream Team 2 on KBSW TV.. Suddenly.... I found someone that catched my eyes and hold me on my chair .. till the end of the show>_<!!!

I was like.."omg! who is that gojes namja??~!!! and may be because of the cold winter in Korea at the moment.. So, he looked extremely good looking (for me) .. >_<!!! can I kidnap him? Also, he's the next or future ace of DT.. he moves so fasttttt~!!!! I think i'LL CONT. watching the show.. bec of him.. *and ricky uppa*cough2*

Who is he???? jajajang~~ leader of A-jax.. HyunGonJun~!  I think it's a bit difficult to pronounce his name..t.t

He was born on April 1988(finally another oppa.yesss).. rapper of Ajax..