Tuesday, April 27, 2010

baachan: The history of my fandoms etc...XD

Sa..Let's read the history of biha's fandomXDLet's get to know me better.=)
Aaa  how do I start this.I found myself become dumb when I dun socialise with peeps for awhile?*_*

Basically during 2ndary school's period,I'm such a good student excpt always LATE..keke.I'm lazy yess*_*.I woke up late(lol).Late to school,sleep in classes,not doing homwork,but what i can rmmber,everything is late coz I hate rushing and I slept alot!*_*.therefore..I have a lots of relax time compared to my other friends=)
 I rmmber that my life is all about skewl..pure kid,humble(lol)..and with almost zero fandom virus.XD

Anyway,I stayed in hostel since form 1 till 5(2002-2006)..So,can u imagine?I'm so bz.I honestly do not know how to use internet till i graduated from skewl.+_+My life is alost 100% dedicated to school,and i'm proud of my school life=D=D=D.NO regret.hehe
Ok,skewl is too much to tell here.let's cont with the FANDOM history......

Mid of 2006- I was form 5(aka last year) .I becme a good friend with this 1 girl,lets call her mimi.(lol)
Mimi is an otaku =.='..She then introduced me to anime..I think she always sang LIFE by yui(Anime BLEACH 5th ENDING song).It;s  bit annoying.lol..But she has a cute voice so i can tolerate wth her.=DSince Mimi sat beside me,I have no choice,but to accept her anime virus,lol.and mimi can draw^^it's bloody awesome^^I love her drawings=D
It was then,she drew hitsugaya toushirou and  i was amazed by how cute+kewl hitsugaya is*_*..i can't believe since hitsugaya is merely an anime chara and not exist in real life OK.=.='Mimi is hisugaya's maniacXD.She even bring that hitsu's sketch everywhere*_*!!!even in lab.huhu
Then,she told me about a new anime that's going to be on TV.it's prince of tennis^^.So,I anticipated that anime.=D
glad every weekend i came back home,so i can watch POT with ease.=)If not then,I'll make sure i'll conquer the hostel's TV located at our dining hall every sunday.kekekeke.
And so,i become addcted with POT.'MADA2 da ne'..I keep reeating that word..even cont in skewl.lol
then,me and mimi began to use some simple nihon word and we started to spazz..hehe..mainly about POT.I totalllllyyy in LOVE with ryoma ichizen=.='

Towards the end,we'r bz and dun have tme to anime-ing,SPM desu^^
But I rmmber she did introduced me to full house kdrama too*_*.coz she said se soo in love with bi rain.hehe.She even lent me some anime dvd coz her bro always donloded em.huhuhu

Okay,,then,after finishing skewl with flying colors (lol)..i began to know INTERNET =.='

Early 2007- What I call a friendster+fandomss year=).My bro intro-d me to this.Then,i gained a lotssss of internt friend^^mostly filipino..hehe.I dunno why.But we shared a same interest with anime.^^
I managed to received like 20-30 commnts each day.huhu.and it's tiring to replied em all=p
But i'm happy,and my english improved like alooootttttttttttt=D=D

I began to watch many2 anime..and jdorama.i learnt a bit of nihongo=)
This is the period whereby I get to know Koike TEPPEI!.Yey
I saw his pic my fs friend's posted..then,I was like..omo.who is this cute guy?*_*.lol
then,i searched about him..bla3..i watched him in dragon zakura.waa.chou kawai^^.i love his hair.=D
then,get to know kimino o kuru uta(1st jap song i memorised.=D)..AND EVENTUALLY i knew WaT.=)
aND SO,I DECLRAED MYSELF.Teppei+WaT lover.kekeke.
Bla3.the more i played fs,the more I get to know about other fandoms.+_+.like korean thingies..huhu.BuT still.my ego(lol) that is what kept me with japan-ism*_*.Or may be coz of DBSK 's 2nd asia tour in malaysia was what keep me piss off..kekeke.like..why always korean here?+_+..no japan..huhu
I even declared myself to go to japan to meet TEPPEI!=D.=.='that's how j-maniac I am.lol

early 2008-
Still,with some otaku with me,and j-maniac I began to involved myself with livejournal,to get the fast updates.kui3.XD,I watched tantei gakuen live action.uu..amakusa ryuu caught my attention.XD.yeah.coz he's cute and his acting is kewl.=D
one day,mimi ym-ed.."Biha,I know u must have fallen for ryosuke didn't u?'.then,i was like..ma ma..i love the hero more..then,I REPLIED..i dunno amakusa ryuu's real name is ryoske yamada.then,mimi later said he's from HSJ,the feymes group frm JE.etc..JE is big company etc..yamapi..bla333..
i was like..0,O.

tnx to mimi(=.=')...then,I began to searched about JE and HSJ...then,I found Ultra music power .aww..Yamada is chou kawai.keke.then,i get to know them better,and eventually a big fan of them*_*.
I wtched every single vid of HSJ from utube*__*.lol.keeping myself very up todate too.XD
Still.I love teppei to=D.he's ichiban!

nearly end of 2008-  created a wbsite.hoho.it's WaT's international forum^^.Tht's how much I love teppei..kekeke.but eventually i become lazy to manage the forum.=.='

That;s the period where I still active with fs still.But i gained more and more friends of HSJ's lovers.=D=D
then,i get to know yukari..hehe..I have to admit,I have tonnes of friends' req dring my active time wth fs.So,I dun really have time to examine every each of them*_*.But some of my fs friend..we managed to last out friendship till now.^^that's I'm happy about=D.like yukari....akuma and her friends.lol..etc.

end of 2008/early 2009-NEWS comes to me..huhu.tnx to old yama.just he said he likes NEWS..etc.then,i searched what is so good about them.then,i saw yamapi.wooot.=D=D.kekeke.then,i found that waa..they have nice songs^^.So,I declared myself a NEWS fan*_*..keiichan wa ichiban des.(since so many peeps wana chooce yapi).haha..then,I watched the cocnert  donloded frm newshfan sub.omgee..it was sugei yo*_*.
Thta's when I realise,i soo inlove with NEWS.tho teppei still with me,the love for him...somehow reduced lil by lil=.='

Apr 2009-This is the turning point of my life*_*. korean virus eventually come to me.*___*.
waaa..blame TOHOSHINKI!=D=D=D.their single why did i fall inlove with u is what dragging me to them.owh..I can accept them since they sing some jap song.XD.and I saw jejung's pretty face on my friend's fs bg wall.=D=D...aww..But still.i only interestd in jejung*_*.then,my fs friend sddnly asked me..do u know what is THSK?DBSK?TVXQ?I was like.0.O....*blurr*.
then,i asked husna chan,,and she said that was a very feymes boyband in s korean.o.0...
aGAin.a j-maniac me was not interested.XD.kekeke.then,yukari also mentioned about DBSK,akuma too..haih..and my fs friend put mirotic song in her profile.i was like..uuu..kewl.=)..but too loud.XD.
kekeke.then,I beome pissed off and gave up..so,i let the toho virus gettin into me.Since i'm sick of waiting for WaT's new sngle,HSJ+news too..huhu..so,i took drastic action*_*.I bought the THSK's con dvds..omgee..But still.I prefer NEWS's song and I felt a bit regret for buying the dvd.(it's bloody expensive)*_*...huhu.then,I heard Love in the ice..omo..that was the 1st song that made me shivered*_*..aww..then,I decided to give THSK a chance(lol).So,I learnt about them.=).And I can tell that.i almost 80% know about them and so proudly newborn CASSIOPEIA.=D=D.Then,i gained more kpop lovers friends from fs.+_+..
huhuhuhu..another person came in my life.let's name her Suli.Suli intro-d me to K-fandom, mostly SuperJunior..she's an ELF.=)
Still,it takes time for me to accept he korean virus,since my mind and souls is 90% j-maniac.10% is meant for THSK.=)

mid 2009(aka finishing A-Level)..-this is what I called,KPOPS virus totally get into me period!=D
One day in utube,i found this clip..'noona neomu yeppeo'.=D=D..kekeke.etc..eventually I  become a shawol.that's when they release julietteXD
Suli is pissed off with me for fallin to sHInee instead of SUJU.kekekeekekkeke.I think it's bec SJ has sooo so many mmbers that make me a bit not interested?lol*HSJ got 10 mmbersXD*
She then intro-d me to EHB.hohohohoho..
however.SJ musics stil.not gettin onto me*_*.then,i watched dancing OUT!=D=D aww..cute.=D.i was interestd with hyukkie.but Suli already warned me.*_*.tsk3.since i love eunhae.so,i took HAE instead as my bias^^
then,sorry2 was released.huhu.I began to fall more and more for SUJU*_*.

Psss,The reason why I kinda resistance with kpop virus is cause some of my kpop friends they always compared my JE grop with korean group.that makes me pissed of..=(..and they even kinda insulted my jpop fandom.=(..yeah..=/

Aug 2009-SS501 time!=D=D=D.kekeke.this is due to the sudden fansign event in KL lastXD.in the speed of light.I studied about SS501 oppas.lol.since i was frustrated miroticon in malaysia is not in the list.=(....
So,i moved to ss501 for a while.XD

Sept 2009-present.-
The officially kpop viruses*__*....I began to explore more and deeper about kfandoms(mostly dbsk).
That's when I joined SJ world.net.huhu.Then,they said about SS2 to happend in Malaysia.I was soo bloody depressed coz I'm flying to UK already*_*.huhu.but then,they said no Malaysia..but eventually..in 20th MARCH 2010!!The 1st SJ concert ever happend in MALAYSIA,,and i witnessed it myself.*________*..*cries*

hehehehehe..I once replayed this every single day for about 1 month*_*
Hey Say JUMP's Ultra Music Power.=)

No bashing!!XD
thank u for reading!!*_*.I took 1 hour to write thsi down*_*.oww..tired..kekekekeke..But happy^^

Friday, April 16, 2010

baachan: Fandom updatesss+let's calculate againXD..

1) U KISS is coming to Malaysia on 19th June.
Just refer to geneses dream entertainment website or facebook.=).Just google it.I'm lazy to put the link for u..as my lappy is crappy these days.Some 'cheaper' tixs are stil available.They gonna released the vid  teaser soon*next week*...plus!Alexander already gave us hint from his twt.just refer back to the twt list links i gave before and search for alex's previous tweet.=).They are really bz rite now.they had 10 shows like tha.+_+..omo. Kevin,make sure u dun skip ur meal!!*as if he's gonna read this blog.XD*.

2)There is  a HUGE boost about beast to have a PRIVATE Fanmeeting in Malaysia.Let's just stay still,and pray for a good news=).Some1 is working on it.So,keeps your saving upgraded!!XD

3)Various events will b organise by poprainbow.net.The latest and most huge 1 is culture? musical concert which involve 5 artiste from diffrent countries(Malaysia,Japan,Korean,Taiwan,Thailand).Please visit poprainbow website for more info..But beware..Make sure u read thru the infos before u keep bugging them with bunches of qs..The staffs there are kinda overstressed lately.=.='....

4) Oh mY!! Redstar Present! lol.Stay tune with their fb page.XD..Who knows they gonna announce another big surprisE again?^^...*it was filled with SONE now*..huhu

5) Jaechunsu to form a new subunit?huh??!!nani korea???.they gonna perform on tokyo dome and tokyo hall sth.nt sure.refer to dbsk sleepless night link on th sidebar..anyway,let's just support our oppas,cassiess?^^.I know i can believe in u.=D

6)  Sunao ni narakute with eng subs.eP 1.=).
 *jUST COPY PASTE THE  the link above to ur add web browser since I dun want the channel to be deleted if  put the link here..+_+.jejung,ur popularity.=.='..

7) 3 lucky ELF in total now got replied from donghae in twt..=.='//...1 indo'sian,1 s'pore'rean,1 vietnamese..

8) WOOT! Suju the 3rd 's boys in the city photobook(HK) had been released..=D.Even the dvd with sub can be found on utube.not sure whose channel+_+.miahn.

9)hIGHLY RECOMMENDED kdrama-Cinderealla's sister^^.The storylne is very good.^^.The intro is nice to excite u for the next ep..and without fail to predict the next clauses^^.5 STARS^^.
tHE ACTOR/actress did great job..moon gae yeung(pardon i spell it wrong!) is jjang^^Her outfits there  is loike=D=D

10)Also,Please watch OML aka oh my lady..shiwon HOT yeah.Just watch siwon's part okay!I personally think they need to do more siwon's on screens!!grrrrrrrr.........+_+..he's the only reason why  I still  hook over this drama..and of coz his cute suddenly-appear doter.kekekekekeke.that gal is chou adorable^^

11) Guess what!!The winner of KBSW's world dating with KIMBEOM(bof)'S show had been announced jst recently!and the selectd winner from m'sia is a malay girl.woot*I know I should submit my application in the 1st place...*=D


Enuf with fandoms.Let get into a serious matter..
I have a new goal after my forever non-end fandoms ambition..=.='
I'm soo going to jpn with a great tomodachi this end of july^^.yeah..Hopefuly everything goes well and YUka,really hope can meet u naa..
*Pray hard*(isn't i'm talking about fandom now?=.='....)

Then...About my Lappy aka laptop!!!!!!I need a new one now!!.I already made several attempts to crash this 'metal' by having a thought to throw outside my window or imposed some karate move on it.Seriously dummy slow and ALWAYS HANG!!This is too much taking my time..haih.Can't take it anymore.This summer I must really get a new lappy*_*.
And jeng3..guess what.I'm soooooo in loveeeee with mac book pro now!!=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D
I dun need to list  down the reason here.It's too much to be listed and u can google it yourself.lol.
I look up at several ipod company at various countries.Found that ours is cheaper.muahahaha.(Malaysia) than UK.I dunno what's the dffrence.but yeah.same company.should be no issue.=)
Anwy,it worth rm3800 now.Hopefully it can be reduced more once I get back to malaysia.XD.
so,jst n case,i will LOCKED  my £800 for that!!+_+..and i have to say bye2 to ipod touch!
So,what's the meaning of this??I'm seriously broke AFTER THAT!!!!!=D=D=D=D=D..... x___x
Thank you Allah that my new house rent soon is much22 cheaper than this house.so..*_*...ganbatte ne biha chan..
So,Let's do a  simple calculation again XD
I have £2430 in my UK bank.Minus the LAST 3 months house rent*_*..= that left to £1604.
will receive okawari for may,june,july in the end of may.so..i'll have £3554. *okawari=650 per month*
Now.let's do some minussss.
-Flight tix to m'sia= £500* so I need to search for below than this price okay!*
-Expense for jpn's trip=£1500.*Hopefully enuf*+_+
-My living expnse for this remaining 2 moths here in cardiff.=£200.*Pray so that I can spend less than this!* I want one new dress/coat+_+.onegai!*_*.tsk3*

So, 3554-(500+1500+200)= 1354!!!  =D
1354-800(bloody mac book*)=£554..

...At the end.I still have some spare.*yokatta*.
And guess.that's the story of allowance till july. hehehehe..then,after receive okawari for aug+sept+oct.I'm gonna be 'rich' again*_*!!!grrrrrrrrr.......
So,what I need to do now..DO NOT SPEND MORE THAN £200 till u got back to malaysia..Wahh..see,now,eveything is clear up to me.kekekeke.
WAIT!!I forgotten about emergencies.+_+...OMGEE..i need to study so that i dun have to COME back and repeat!XD.


Thinking back,at least I still can proceed with the jpn's trip..maa..shinpai shinakutte^^
I jusT need to do well on what i've been holding now and everything will go smooth.-=D=D.yess..I can!

seriously i couldn't shop any new cute/nice dressss/shirts/skirts.Anyway.. since when I can?!!!!!!!Plus with sudden hallyu tsunami!!.grrrrrrrrrr.someone want to give me a nice dress for my b-day present?I dun need cake...+_+.ok,forgive me...i'm a bit incoherent now.lol.

oK,I'm making my post longer again.sorry!!I's just..=.='.Ok,STOP HERE. 


Please watch this MV...bLOODY KEWL!! okay.=D.p/s: Just dun take Hyun seung.=).And please dun ask why  like him.=D.it's jst the same reason when u ask me why i like jejung..donghae..koyama..=D=D

Take care of my girlfriend,say no by b2st aka beast  ....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

baachan: Let's calculate with biha sensei.=p

Kekeke.Feel free to 'walk out' from this blog uf u feel bored with this entry.=p
The reason why  I kinda lazy to update and loaded this bloggie with jkpop updates coz I'm sure there are already bunches of blogs,forums bla3 out there that will provide more than enuf info about fandoms^^
So,it happned this blog is for ranting*_*..sort of.=p

Anyway,I jst happend to realised this simple calculation about twitter thingy*lol.this sbject again.XD*
ehem..it's obviously about my dearest DONGHAE oppa again.Just read okay.=p.I know what i am doing than you=)I know i'm already 21,thank you.I know I'm already adult .thank you.
So,please dun think of me very negatively if u dunno me well enuf eventho u r already my friends for my whole sake of life.Kekeke.In this world,I swear,only 1% out of all my acquiantances(i dunno how to spell it right+__+) know me very well.even my family...ok,i must stop here.lol
*,the above phrase is just in case.It's nothing related to any particular peepS.=)*

So,back to the twitter topic.
warning:this calculation happend at 1 time and that is when DH is on9!!
As u might already know,DH's no. of follower had nearly reached 40000 +_+..yea.i know this is crazy.for only within 1 week.huhu.HAE,ur popularity....=.='...
I browsed thru DH's follower,and i found that 1 page displayed 20 peeps.lol*ok,i'm bored with my notes okay.=.='*
then,if we divide the no of the followers by 20,so, i have to flip 200 times to see all the followers=D
yeah.I jst hve a thought..'hey,why not i try to stalk DH 's followers?'.tis is crazy.yess..i'm kinda crazy right now*___*.it's because of exam may be.hahaha
so,if 3/4 of them are LIVE users..,then,30k remained.let say half of this no. are TRUE ELF.
then..15k remained.Let say half of 15k are DH biased..So,7500 remained.and let's assumed they are ALL DEVOTED USERS..Meaning,they always update themselve with DH's twts cause they love SJ anyway.hihi. and of course not to forget to tweet to hae.=)
Hmmm...This is the interesting part comes....
DH always tweet at odd hours*_*..like evening/early morning.lol
So,only 1/4 elf can catch them at that moment*..me 24 hours with lappy of course without fail will get updated..=p
So..1875 wll remained.see,,the no. reduced?kekeke.
Wait.that's not the end.=)..Dun leave out the crazy twitters^__^..They are twitter maniac..kekeke.
and out of  1875,there are only 1/20 of them are.this leave out to only 100 peeps.lol!!maniac means they almost 24 hours with twitte*lol.that's me*
Anyway,even so,those maniac are still human being.they need to sleep+eat+bath+bla3.So,here,we assumed 1/3 of them are supah lucky to always catch up DH's online.hahaha..so only 30 peeps remained.=).
Lstly,I wud like to assume 1/4 of them are DH's GREAT GREAT BIASED..Means.they alwaysss spam hae's page with twtting like 10+_+...lol.other peeps only spam with 1 tweet.but this maniac did like 10..so.........

it's only 7 or 8 persons will SPAM hae's page  at a time when HAE is ONLINE^^
However!!After considering with the internet speed and laptops' factor as well.lol.i cnsidered all these 7 or 8 peeps managed to 'make their face appear' in 1 page that can loaded 20 tweets.=) on @donghae's page.
So,meaning DH will noticed them..=)..

See..how the number reduced..kekekekekek..do u feel content?=.='
However,all the above calculation are merely theory and calculation.We shouldn't forget about oddity,'lucky' user, stalker(non DH follower) factorss... and of coz it's jst my personal assumption...huhuhuhu..

But anyway,it makes sense too.kekekekek.I meant,after I look out at some(there's no way i can flip till 200 times!) of hae's followers..the calculation is jst..kinda right^^.
SO....that's why I dun feel depress or dissatisfied everytime i tweetd*spam actually =.='* to hae when he's online.^^Evntho he didnt reply my tweet,at least,he aknowledge my existence,and I put mY picca for a while.so,he will rmmber.=.='.*obviously lie*.anyway..aT least for 1/2 secs he knows..=)..i'm more than happy.lol.
conclusion!I'll cont. to spam his page when he's on9!lol.kanarazu !!
Ah,before I forget,today,i meant thsi early morning of 14th apr,DH did twtd for 3 horus*_*.lol.
But I kida lucky coz i'm such an owl peep+_+..but at that time it's still like 8-9 pm for me.hehe.
But he mostly twtd to his director?and friends?lol.and it seems he got interestd with ipone or sth.haha.
And yes..all the cnversation,he uses BB aka blackberry.=).

*wait!should i get a BB too?+_+*..lol.or may be ipone or ipad/ipod?heh.

anyway,go here if u interested to read the conv.^^it's interesthing anyway..for hae biased like me.XD.
Donghae's 3 hours twt cnversation.


haven't selca for such a loooooooooooooooooooong time..lol

'Just woke-up' face*_*(ok,of coz i had brushed my teeth,face bla3)..lol
Rcntly pimples are gettin on my nerves!!!!!I dunno why on earth it happens..anyway..=.='
tnx for reading.

p/s: To both imotochans.i miss u all ..yeah..study hard .May Allah bless you girls=].
And sorry,I keep the 'donghae' tag..kekeke..coz it's jst very meaningful to me^__^.hope u both dun mind.

Monday, April 12, 2010

hiatus mode coming up

annyeong =)
haha biha-nee i said to yuka that i hate her for being on the same birthday as Hyuk is.

whoa~ our new layout.
so bright *.*
yea. as the title says.
i'm going to be on a hiatus mode a while here.
gonna b active again on loonnngg holidays (Jun/July)
then hiatus again. until my PMR is over =.=
but i'll b on twitter biha-nee. and on ameba with u yuka.
MISS ME okay =)
i'm trying to reduce my online time.
I'll tweet through my phone. and ameba in japanese class.
my sensei asked us to do it. =.=
bla bla bla.

today, i did a fanreport of ss2 for my essay writing competition.
hope that qualifies. =DDD

yea. this siwon thing on tweet.
is it true?

okay, i'll see u two soon.
this is my last post for now.
byebye u two.

biha nee follow me on tweet : hyunielovelove

I'll stop by and maybe update a lil sometimes.
hajiman, i'll never stop reading both of ur posts kay.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

baachan: Tweet tweet..twitter spazz..=D=D=D

Aww,,since i'm over the moon like that..

Later i'm going to update thelink list at the sidebar there.XD.Haven't update it for ages*_*

It has been a wile since i do any picca editting.=D=D
hehehe..i looked outside my wndow..and saw many birdies*may i call it*.
Unintentionally... snap..=.='..*click*.

Wuhuuu..i'd just realised..it's already late ..7.15pm!+_+
But the sky s still daring daring like that.=D=D.

anyway,here is the list 'd promised^^

 Donghae's twitter
shindong's twitter
shiwon's twitter   (Not 100% sure.=/)
alexander(U-kiss)'s twitter
kevin(u-kiss)'s twitter
ki bum(u-kiss)'s twitter
hyunjoon(ss501)'s twitter
jungmin(ss501)'s twitter
Eli(u kiss)'s twitter
Finally my hubby donghae got his own twitter acc!^^yatta!!!!!!!!!!!*throw confetti and fishes*.lol
Thank you shindong for 'encouraging' him.hahaha...more please^^
gyahh..so,after this do i need to learn korean?*_*
Babel fish would do..i guess..tho it's only 20% reliable..=.=' .
.i'm lazy creature!*_*
Even the nihon's intinerary is not yet finale..ngaaaa..*why i keep postponing it??=.='

About shiwon's twitter..
Hmmm..it has been a lot of clauses regarding the issue of his legibility of twtter's acc..since he posted the unseen pic from OML.=/...But we can;t be sure about that tho..huhu...and since i hate being cheated.i tweeted him said..
u're faker!!!=.='....jebal!hopefully he's not shwon..=/
I even spread the 'faker''s word at his posted pic.lolololololol..
Yeah.since the logic is..why he bother to follow like thousands of peep(includin me*).lol.
but..we cn;t be sure of other's mind ne..since human is an unexpected creatures.=.='//that's me obviously..kekekeke
Anyway,i'd jst re-followed him back..=.=''....hehe
actually i created twtr  last 2/3 days ago?=.='..yeah..coz of u kiss+__+..(kevin!!!=D=D=D)
But i suddenly began to hate twitter cause of so many fakersssss there.+_+..tsk2.tsk2.


Hehehe.nver knew good things keep happening*_*..and guess..today,my hubby  donghae created his own twitter..heheheh..
this is so unbelievable..let's sing miracle *_*.
okay,enough with the spazz,and let;s get back to reality*bak kata unni nawal*.hehe

Husna baachan*if u happened to read this la kan*....i'd received ur email.=)thank you^^.huhu..
i'll thnk about it properly=)

kaijuu: where are u dear?huhu.
nadia:  ...aigoo.u posted in jap/korean,i can't understand it*___*..

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spill it!! 5-2=0..CASSIOPEIA rant..

The heart cannot stand the situation anymore.
The sadness must be spill out somewhere..
And so,the writing comes..+_+


Either way,that's the most aunthentic 'mathical' equations..=.='
Even elementary skool kids will laugh..*huhu*
Cassiopeias,only u can understand this mix feelings.
Why am i writing this entry in the poetic way?=.='...no,i'm not emoteuk..*lol*
I must change my way of writing ..kekeke..to avoid from being labeled as...emo-bi...=.='''

I watch the lappy screen..all days..lurking for new fresh kpop musics..like looking at a static tree..without a feeling..Jst for fun...I guess..and soo,i began.to fed up....
one by one..keep on watching.....keep searching..rotating..until..
...'kanarazu asu wa kuru kara...'
Nooo.I shouldn't watch 'them' anymore..=(..i'm tired of sheddiing tears anymore..=/
But i need a music..a real MELODY..not an autotune..
But i failed to found any..and so.i entertained myself watching my fishy oppa..=]..and SJ kindness never fail to calm me..I feel guilty..'m a bad elf..=/....
But deep there..kokoro ga   music wa shitai na..cause i'm always like this.i treasure good musics and adore good melodies..singing style..anykind of..esp jap/korea and nasyid..yess..=)

Cassiopeia's confession..part of why..we'r so attached..

1)We saw ALL 'amazing positive comments in EVERY oppas' vids posted in utube..which u rarely seen for other group..*please dun kill me*
2)They gave u shiver everytime u hear them singing..eventho u're NOT a cassie..
3)They never bother to act 'kewl' on zoom-in screen cause they'r concentrating on their singing.*and cause they already freaking kewl like that*.so,stop saying oppas kept acting kewl like that..tat's bec they are NATURALLY KEWL+_+
4)Their lives/concerts  are always amazing even more than the dvds/cds..I've read tonnes of fan-account and witnessed from the vids myself..oh well..
5)their harmonisation is what we can always brag and proud of without denial..which till now..i couldn't find in yet in others..=/
6)They kept imrpovinggggggggg and since they were amazing from start..i can only adore how amazing they are now..
7) They illiterally teach me the good way of singing..
8)We saw all audiences amazed with their performance..and their eyes are hooked onto the stage..
9)We can clearly see the PASSIONss everytime they performed..
10).They always together as we feel akward when 1 is missing.
11)They worked hard and only look forward..and never failed to impressed their fans..
12)Because once a cassie.forever u are..u failed to find a turning back..but that's only if u really really a CASSIE..=)
13)We dun care what other peeps/fanclubs say about them,being arrogant..bla3..they r jst jelous.*_*...i know the feeling peeps.I've involved in fandoms dilligently since 3 years ago.=).So,the comparing story shouldn't come out as it OBVIOUSLY will bring a non-end fight...
14)I used to hate them..But I hate myself from hating peeps without proper reason..and so.....I eventually fell for their charms....special..that's it.. doushite..u're my 1st love..love in the ice was jst another big STEP.
15)Where is another 'them'??I jst can't find it yet...and so,i keep holding on them..
16)They'r not actor..they are purely musicians..singers..and so shut up from critisize them in acting.=.='..
17)For us..cassies..who treasure musics a lot..will always admire them..
18)The acapellas were amazing..the harmonisation overwhelmed me....base,baritone,high pitch,cntre voice,falseto,back up,averything is perfect..and u can CLEARLY tell the black hole when 1 is missing..tht's why the above equations surfaced.=p
19)Cassiopeia might sound bragging and arrogant like that..But that's bec we'r fed up with all lawsuit situation..and we seek for 'another' THEM..Bt we can't find it..any means..and so,we kept attaching,bragging and comparing..and hurting others..we'r really sorry.=(...I tot i can forget them..but at the end..I keep find my way back 'home';..and so,we resist ourself soo much..as not to hurt others.But sometimes..we failed..truly sorry..
20)For the last one....*which a bit longer.*
They'r my 1st kpop love.
As the gojes mirotic stands,as the amazing skill they swept all the awards.as how rich SME  had gained ..=.='..
Jejung's pretty face and SOOTHING voice break my wall for kfandom. 
Love in the ice was the 1st song that i kept my mouth opened till the end.=.='*yeah..since my passion for music is at this level.lol
They are the reason I eventually opened my heart for other kpops..yess..that's how big their role play.huhu
They are the reason why i almost completely left my sooo in love teppei(WaT) and dear HSJ which I used to fangirling like every minute.lol
They are the reason i get to know,appreciate and understand the kfandoms.=)
They made me happy and genki with PURELY their amazing voices.=)..
I smiled and calm EVERYTIME I listen to their songs..which i didn't with others..and so,i felt weird?=.='
They made me miss my bandgroup back in sec school.=(...I miss performing on stage..=(..performing as A GROUP...
As how much they break their own records in various ways..making histories..korea,japan,asian,worldwide...and kept amaze peeps..yet..still keep being humble..whch i rarely seen in any big stars nowadays..=/
They may look cold/cool..but they cared for their cassies the most.and treasure them..in their own special way.and so,cassies do not need to demand..since we know,our happiness is watching them 5 on stages and smile happily with us.=)
They are the reason why I put my pride away,and declared myself as a CASSIOPEIA.a fannnnn.yess..truly =)without hesitation..and once a cassi.forever i am..=).I can't believe myself is a fan..=(..but that's how they made me thru..+_+..
And so..no matter how long it takes..i'll wait..till I found 'ANOTHER THEM'.
When that time comes..I'll give my best smile and say.okaeri nasai....^^


DBSK..THSK,TVXQ..As amazing as the name is..=)...AKTF..

Saturday, April 3, 2010


yah kaijuu!

생일 축하!
당신을 사랑합니다!
Malaysia Super Show 2 daebak!
4jib! I'm waiting!

O tanjoubi omedetou (^___^) *hyukkie+yukari* +AKTF!!

I'll make this post short.
Gomen,I'm not very good at surprise/party/celerbating anymore+_+
This is the only thign I can do..*the level of sincerity must stop here.=p
Otherwise the 'heart' will get hurt in future*kekekeke*.


Dare no tanjoubi?^^
Yukari des^^
Imotochan!!happy birthday to you!!*throw confetti*
Hope you have a nice birthday celeb^^
Hehe.Be healthy always.and  please be more mature in the future*kekeke*.
Ah,I'd jst realised,this is the 2nd time deshou?^^i greeted you^^
Sorry,this time i can't sing any birthday song*_*..i have a sorethroat.hehe.otherwise,u'll hear a 'kaijuu voice' =.='...

hehe.Hyukkie oppa..Happy birthday to you^^Wuu..U had just turned 24..haha.
Hope you become more mature..=.='...Eat a lot and don't get sick..^^I want to see the healthier you soon in ss3^^...sa jib daebak!!
matteru kara na^^
I'll always spread the fishes love all over the fandom^^


Finally..they said it.toPAUSE their activities as a GROUP..
They have my support..
No matter how bitter..
No matter how cruel.
cassies will always believe in TVXQ..=/
Just dun't make us wait tooo long..cause we'r really tired.=/

So,before we can see the red sea again,let's us work harder in our goal too,shall we?^^
Ganbarinasai ne^^

biha des..=]

Thursday, April 1, 2010

baachan: Reason why I 'kinda dislike' LONDON + 5 in 1??

Just arrived here,in Cardiff.=)
It was a looooooooooong tiring journey*_*.......
it is okay to fly alone to Malaysia..But NOT OKAY at all to fly back alone to Cardiff..=.='Crying whole lot..aish..Jst wait.I'll come back to Malaysia ASAP!!

So,what's the relation with the title?
Yess..my unlucky day with LONDON!i missed the bus.AGAIN bec of my bloody suitcase!!tsk3..wasting 15gbp u seee!
Luggage got confisacate*thank God they dun ask for fine*..

Thank you with all the scenes,making me not like london more and more.+_+...and the rest is history..

It seems thai,mal,jap,kor and 'i can't rmmber the last country' (lol) will be having sort of 5 in 1 musical con. in Malaysia..
the guests are ..tamaki hiroshi,2ne1,DNT,Taegoon,Adam(malaysia)..etc..i see tamaki.*_*..

Not sure the details.but u can found out more about it here.


*kaijuuchan,i dun understand the 1st qs.+_+
hmm..ur otosan no namae ha ..Michioka Hitsushiro?+_+....(gomen!!)
okasan ha sayuri?+_+
onii wa..matsuki.=]
the youngest wa shun..shunsuke ..
anata no tanjoubi..hiihi..4/4 =D

gomen na..*_*.!!i'm such a failure at rmmbering names..did i ever told u..if one day i even forgot ur name.please dun kill meXD....*sounds funny but i'm serious*.

Bye2 fish.Dun miss meXD
.i thnk kyu's outfit looks funny?=D


yes yes yes! yatta! at last! i'm going!
aww. nadia-chan! that concert is on your birthday =DDD

here the translation :

2010. o8. o1日(sunday) at Tokyo international forum hall A
OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00 (予定)
performers:Yesung, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook(SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. )
SPECIAL GUEST:Sungmin and Donghae(from SUPER JUNIOR)
Ticket price 9,800yen(税込/ SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. オリジナルライト付)
※3歳以上有料 ※オリジナルライトは公演日当日入場時にお渡しします。
General release date (ticket sale):2010. o7. o3(saturday) at 10:00 in ticket agencies
Planning and Production: SMENTERTAINMENT JAPAN / avex live creative
Contact: Sunrise Promotion Tokyo 0570-00-3337 (10:00 to 19:00)

waaahh~ dorm life is so hard!
the girls there are so mean! T.T
this one girl threatened me. saying me to leave my kareshi =(
and i found out that girl loves eunhyuk.
no wonder she liked my kareshi.
riku is eunhyuk's long lost dongsaeng =DD
uu i'm proud of riku!
aahh.. its late. okay i better go to sleep now.
aa.. biha-nee. i'm testing your memory.
atashi o mata oboetemasukana?
niichan no namae ha? akachan no?mama to papa no?