Monday, April 30, 2012

Trip to Seoul (24/4/2012) BTOB + NU'EST~

To cut it short, I happened to go to this show called MBC Show champion at AX Korea..
NU'EST and BTOB had a pre-recording. It's not very hard to find the venue, nearby gwangnaru st.

I planned to join BTOB and NU'EST pre-recording.. Since BTOB starts at 12.30pm, BTOB starts at 1pm..
Arrived at AX Korea around 10am. saw few fans.. that day was Wednesday..So noted..there're not so much students.. u got what I MEANT right..=_='' it's not I dun like high skool students.. but just .. molla.. kick me..kkkkkk. org dewasa dan budak2 lain..

ANYWAY~, around 1130am BTOB fanstaff arrived.. that time, still not many fans. But I DUNNO WHY..May be cuz we're foreigner and not too sure what to do, also, that was 1st time I joined BTOB line.. well. honestly said, this time when I visited Korea I dun really fancy any groups that have comeback.. may be I'm just a bit bored being fanatic? kkk...So, eventho at 10pm only 4 of us, plus 2 taiwan fans.. we were push? to the back line cuz this one fan said I didn't write my name earlier?? ah..not too sure.=__=' but the staff honestly not too friendly or helpful=__=;; May be they're sick w/ foreigner who steal their oppass.HAHAH~ wutever them.

So, we got our number. mine is #13.. o.k..not bad leh~ but those 2 taiwan fans got number #1 and #2 o__0.. I'm not sure what they did.=__=;; but they should care about us too, foreigner fan right..since they talked to us earlier..In fact..  me and frens were  the 1st BTOB fans who came! selfish oo~

It's o.k nothing to be nagging so much about #13 is still a good number *_*~
I forgot, around 10am we arrived, EXO-K fans are already line-up for exo-k prerecord~hohho.
they have lotsa fans.. I think around 50-70 ..

So, we met another Malaysian girl, But she lives in London.She came alone, she showed me her attendance btob event card? got like 3 stickers~whoah~ enviouss>_<.. and she got BTOB slogan towel..
We just bought our slogan towel from the fanstaff after got our number. so excited.~!

Then, we wrote some letter and the fanstaff collected our letters.. nice right~
I forgot something important.. TBH, we all don't really know BTOB.. I dun even know their song..I only know a member called Peniel.. cuz I happened to open their twitter the nights before, and saw this Peniel answering fans tweet and i think like the only mmber who tweeted =__=''and he seemed good in English ~!
Altho all of us already bought btob albums, I haven't open the plastic yet..kkkkkk .I dunno why I didn't.=__=;; May b I wana check if i WANT TO fancy BTOB so much??kkkkkkkkkk

While waiting for the pre-record, I plan to write PENIEL support placard..just wrote on colored A4 paper using marker pen..not too ugly.just nice..=__=..kkk
We studied the members name together.kkkk we were honestly so funny =__=''

Around 1230pm..finally. entering the studio..~! know what. wE WERE LUCKILY got 1st lineeeeee (omgfgghjgf). Altho we were not at centre but it's so nice just to be at the VERY FRONT line!!..Suddenly i FELT SO NERVOUS..and somehow..feel a bit regret cuz didn't study BTOB properly...T__T..
bla3.. 5 minutes after that.. saw.. handsome figures one by one came out..aaahhhhhhh~ my 1st reaction was like 'O'.. Who are they?? T__T.. But feel so nervous, and happy.. more to mix feeling.. T.T.. then, all of them OF COURSE saw us 4.. obviously.. kkkkk. and I noticed it, and being shy a bit..kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..... All the members saw us. kkk and had like a 'shock face' but they just dun want to make it obvious?? kk I dunno how to describe this funny situation.HAHAHA. My  other twin frens are bz waving like crazy to all the members, While.. i'm sturggling to recognise which member is which from the previous lesson from the BTOB album.. But everything is no use..T.T THEY HAVE 7 members. oh... so hard to recognise which is which..i CAN'T EVEN RECOGNISE PENIEL atho I hold his placard name..T.T... even until the end.. Who happened to be the guy in black shades..kkkkkkkkkk..

So, during the recording,, these funny things happend..kkk
1) overall All members waved+BOW+SMILE to us.
2) My frens did saranghae sign and Peniel replied w/ a big saranghae too*_*~ ahh.*but I dunno he's peniel that time..T.T NOW FEEL JELLY.*
3)Some of the members like grinning/ smiling during INSANE esp when they looked at at our direction.. kkk. *my frens told me..I didn't notice, cuz i WAS TOO BZ TO recognise which mmber is which.T.T
4) A fan shouted Peniel name, but minhyuk back-waved to her shout instead.kkkk
5) I noticed a guy in black shades kinda looking at my direction many2 times esp during resting(since they recorded like 3 times.*_*) .. But I can't recognise him..I tot Minhyuk is Peniel.....T__T.. since Minhyuk waved to the fan who shouted 'Peniel'..aish.. minhyuk baka T.T..Peniel must feel I'm bloody weird, to hold his name but looking at other members more than him..=__=' HAHAHA. i'm so funny..
6) Minhyuk and Ilhoon loves to play around w/ fans.. kkk
7) Eungwang love to wave to fans.*_*
8) The fanchanting is so debak..But we can't follow..cuz we dunno the CHANTING.SOb3..
9)  INSANE was so amazing.. I noticed Songjae n Eunkwang n ilhoon are soo good at catching up w/ the cameras!! The boys are so amazing ~ really. their dance are powerful, yet, they did it like it's very natural? and not awkward..How to say.. you can tell they did practice a lot.. !
10) The very good thing was that they recorded INSANE 3 times..*_*.UNLIKE NU'EST..only once.. feels so shot..T.T..
11) I like INSANE song so much..seing it live feels so muchhhhh thankful...really.*_*~
12) everytime they finished recording, they'll bow and shout their greetings to staff n fans..hehe.

After that, we join NU'EST line.. as usual, I wrote a placard name..for J.R.. NU'EST members i SEEMED TO RECoGNISE BETTER.. kk thanks to bebe.=__='' f not, i dun think i even know who this that..=_=.. like BTOB.kkk. 
So, we finally entered the studio again.. and saw NU'EST babies came out.HAHA~. Ren is sooo beautiful; the boys look so serious.=__= unlike BTOB who seemed crazy and good fanservice.kkk.. dunno why.. haha.i TOT THEY gonna be lively..=__='' but they really so serious.aigoo.may be cuz of their image/ concept was like that.. bUT IT'S kinda funny and cute at the same see this young idols perform a serious song like 'I'm sorry'.
 This time we were at the back..But still can see my niece Ren very clearly.oh mai.. he got an annoying BIGG white ribbon on his left shoulder.=__= HAHA.
My J.R is soooo handsome.. BUt I dun think he saw me..i shouted his real name 'jonghyun' many2 time. he dun even bother to look.=__='' Honestly I can't really remmber what happen.LOL.cuz the song 'i'm sorry' feel so short and they only recorded once.. I think Aaron? and other mmber(may be JR?) waved/saw MY FREN.. she told me.kkkk. I can't really remmber..hohoho.~sorry.. my memory too vague..kkkkk.
So, it ended liek that..haha~ then we leave the studio..o think they will have live at 7pm. but.. we decided to pass the live...hungry too.T.T