Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baachan:Bye2 Malaysia..=((...U-kiss ME=D

March 31st...=(
I hope this date can be push further..*_*
Should I purposely miss the airplane?=.='

So many good thing happen within this 1 year=).Hallyu tsunami(lol) had come to us=D=D
One by one..started from  ss501,then,SJ,shinee??Taegoon..2NE1*_*..
In June 19th soon...U-KISS for PRIVATE fmeeting!^^

And guess...this year i'm always not in the 'town'¬¬*_*¬¬..Aww..they are such a meanies..they should come last year alot*_*.sob3. Not this year..Thinking back,my trip to SS2 from UK was really..kerja gilak..=.='...

So,are u ready biha to return to Wales and study?
my soul: NOOOO!!Andwea..yada yo=.='

Tsk..with the limited time left,let me play a bit more.T.T..

So,let's fight for the mini poster tomorrow 1st shal we? XD

I hope I didn't get bingeul2 during the flight tmorrow*_*.
Bye2 dear friends,bye2 warm weather,bye2 heavy rains,bye2 Donghae's-piece of memory in ss2 remains.(XD),bye2 KTM,monorail,rapid,bye2 TS,bye2 kajang and satay kajang,bye2 playing with lappy all day long,bye2 sweating so much=.=',bye2 NICE FOODS(T'.T),bye2 taegoon shhi(sorry i can't meet u..XD),bye2 maxis(lol),bye2 my lovely homecountry,MALAYSIA...*wipe tears*

Please wait for me in the next few months^^

p/s: Dun miss me..=.='i'm not worth to be missed+_+..

Monday, March 29, 2010

rebirth γ(▽´ )ツヾ( `▽)ゞ

waaah..its been a loooong time since i last update this thing.
its dosent seem like OUR blog nymore. hahaha. it only seems like biha-baachan's. XD
haha. i actually thought u left this blog too so i didnt care bout it.
bt it looks like u update it almost everyday

oohh and i c followers of this blog.
hello there biha-nee's friend =)
hyeeeeeee *big minho smile*
i'm too lazy to write a fanreport now. so later later la.
just one word for ss2 - DAEBAK!

lately that sexy fish is gettin' on me.
he HOT! they should name him fish on fire or something.
especially when he plays with his tongue.
aahh.. 'll update later. goin' to school now.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

baachan : {Fanreport} SS2 Malaysia 200310

The day i will never forget..
One of the best day.
this fanreport was made with some vague memories.+_+..
I'll try to reduce the incoherency.lol.no additional story..depends u want to believe or not^^
Also,was no other means to make others jelous..jst to share..the feeling..^^esp to those who can't attend..^^
enjoy reading^^

WARNING:THIs is almost detailed fanreport*_*...read at your own risk.lol

So,from the previous KLIA story,my otosan straightly sent me to the stad..
uwahh.. was very happy jst to see lots of elf in malaysia..it's kewl^^
i arrived at about 3++pm.all the merchandise were totally sold out.what left was the empty table.=.='...
but that's what i expect it to be..huhu^^
phone-ing everybody,but no one had yet arrived!+_+..
then,met mizachan,hana kim..nina^^*finally we met *.oh,not nur hanina okay.=D

before entering the stad.RELA checked our bag..guess..my water bottle that i'd jst bought got throw away in frnt of my eyes*_*!!totally a mess view in front of the door gates..ergh..
glad,they didn't found my hidden camera.hihi.

oh,while Q-ing for rock pitt b,i made friend with this one elf..ida-san..oneesan..hehe

entering the venue..i was like 'whoaaa..look at the screen it was so big^^..
cause i rmmbered last time during world peace concert it wasn't that big.haha.It happend they opened the stad more^^eventho it's big.but it's actually small if u want to compare from the previous SS2 stages.but yeah.i like it this way better.more closer towards oppa.

But it was awesome since malaysia isn't very pro about korean concert thingy.i meant,in terms of probes bla3...But it was really awesome last nite^^i love malaysia!!=D=D=D.
like'ahh..so even us can do like this...'..that's kewl^^love all the lighting,setting,sapphire blue sea!it's kewl seing all these ..=D=D=D

i was a bit relief to realised..'whoaa..this pitt was spacious..i can really move around it;s not as terribel as i magined.with all the suffocating.maa..may be becoz some others has not yet coming??hihi..ma anyway.it wasn't really pack.u can really move around^^'
if i were to go for ss again,of coz.i dun have to thnk twice.rock pitt for sure/or may be L6 frnt row??*_*!!=D
.tnx mizah chan and kak wani!

okay..then,i was kinda alone..ida san went missing.aigoo..then,suddenly i saw some typical faces .haha.


*ahh..so,there were nihon elfs yo.=D
haha..and so i asked and shaberu in nihongo with them*a bit*.
and again this typical reply.
'sugoi'..nihongo ni ^^

hihi.something like that..then,i said to them i came from UK directly +_+..i was about to say..u guys are sugei for flying here from jpn jst for SJ*cause we all know they already had premium live in japan ne?*

anyway..it turned out..
'watashi was sugei mo..uk kara.+_+*..haha..........
and they jst laughed like that.lol

bla3.took shashin..met ida again..
before the con is about to start,they have this soo-long about 1 hour advertisement.and 2 performances.1st was from frm chinese group.wow!they are kewl,but i swear i dunno any of them*_*..
the 2nd one was a solo perf+dancing by this one malay namja..i forgotten his name..he's a new celeb.huu.he was really good!^^^^^^..impressed222..

eventho the ss2 haven't started yet.we'r like screaming and canting ocassionally^^it was a bit tired standing for about an hour before the ss2 really started.hihi.but we/they? elfs are kewl.they made some kind of wave moves throughout the seats^^..enchanting'..ALL THE WAY..that somehow u can hear it as 'SOJO'??lol

suddnly the light had turned off..kyaahhhh..that's the loudest screaming i've ever heard!!!*_*..
i have to cover my ears since i really felt like my ear drum is going to torn out soon!*no i'm not lying*
then,the opening vid started..really loud screaamm from elfs.!!and the music was really loud as well that my heart was dumdumdamm like crazy that it's about to burst*_*.*_*...

I turned back and looked around!!woaaahhhhhh.sapphire blue sea!!it was so amzing..i was really worried that there's not going to be really any sapphire blue sea since malaysians are always like that..+_+...they use watever lgstick color they wanted too.huhu..and since nobody restrict any colors.=.='....anyway,that night..elfs were awesome^^i guessed u all witnessd as well frm all those fanpicca??^^
may be we should thank to all MBOA staffs as well^^they did great job^^


okay,this some higlights from my very vague memories+_+..i really can't tell the song lists..yeah.i'm such a fail elf..i know..+_+...please dun throw tomato to me.=p

-Opening stage was like soooooooooooooooooooo bloody awesome!!eunhUyk suddnly appeard on my front right..yeah.he's soo handsome in real life!!+_+or may be cause of the make up?=D
then,kyuu..suddnly went down from my right's stairs..omg.the guard are seriously a lot there.+_+
then..i can't rmmber who came from where.They danced.and gathered at the cntre stage*which was quite nearby to where i've beeing standing^^.i was too bz looking at fishy.they are so gojes.eteuk was so white*_*..i wana cry at that time.*i was like..whoaaaaa..they are here.right in frnt of me now..me donghae we'r less than 5 mtres apart!+_+..
and it end up with firewoks and some kewl effects.bla3.ah..i was too mesmerised by fishy,that my mind wen blank.i even forgotten to wave my lgstick*_*..

-Overall,i saw more kyu+yesung+eeteuk+wookie+shiwon.fishy always went missing+_+...

-They intro themselved,doing all the cute acts depnds on what charac witten on the VCR
*ah.i really hope there is dvd for this.=(*..u guys should really watch it.me too.

-there were soooo many OTP moments.lol..eunhae esp!!=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D
i love fishy's hairband.it has anchovy+nemo on it.hahaha.
heechul nearly kissed henry?=.='
eeteuk with wookie??*ah,i'm not to sure.+_+miahn..

-pitt's elf kept throwing lots of towels and plushies during encore?.haha.Sj oppa really love them.they picked them alots of times.^^heechul picked this one a huge flower fan from tis one lucky elf..omg.he was really near..*sigh*.how i wish dongahe who picked that.haha.sorry.i rooted for hae loooooooots.chulie play round with the fan and i thnk he broke it?=.='.....

-eunyuh's rap during heartquake infrnt of L13+L1 area.omg..i was so jealous..The platform lookeD scary tho.haha.And I thnk the platform mess up a bit ..it went down when hyukkie was still rapping.lol

-don't don stage was awesome!!+_+..BUt so many peep was fancAming infront me whenever i
m seeing donghae(=.=') that i need to jump bit to see my fishes there!!=D=D=D=D=D..gyahhh..so kewll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

everone was like screamiiiiiinggggg so loud when henry appeard!omona!!his violin?skill was really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=D=D=D=D

-i see lots of kyu+yesung.oh poor yesungie.he kept sniffing.argh.why he has to be sick*_*.anyway,his voice was awesome as usual..KRY is really good !!!^^

-wookie was soooo damn cute!!+_+he appeared quite a lot in front of me.Now i got it why he deserve that eternal maknae bit.hahahahaha..really,and his skin was like flawless..and of coz much better if u see him directly with your naked eyes..=D=D=D=D=D
AND HE DID looots of butt dance??+_+..hahahahaha..

-imsomnia_wookie's solo..omo..his voice was really good.then,when the 'girl' appeared..all the elfs were basicly screaming *andwea!!!!lololol..that includes me.hahahah

-kyuhyun was smiling all the wayyyyyy..and shake hands with elf from L6*jelous*.same goes to hae as well.=-=.........i like it when shndong+kyu+eechul+shiiwon+DH sometimes lowered their body to peeps in pitt b.arghh!!kyudong even posed for the camerasss.but i was too bz looking at them that i forgotten to take out the kyamera+_+(I was sssoooo bloody jealous with this 1 elf when hae took her cam,then,camwhore hmself,and return the camera back to the fan...=(..)

-there was near the end where kyu standing in frnt of me and i was like..*screamm now!*!lol.and i screamed his name bloody loud and..glad..he kind of saw me.and so,i waved my uchiwa +lgstick jst to make sure..ah.he nooded while smile..*melt*..ah..how i wish you ware donghae*i'm sorry,i like kyuhyun lot.but the hae bias was like too overdOse+__+

+there was this 1 moment near the end where shindong took a present from this one elf from L13 area.lucky gal!!I witnessed all their interactions..but yeah.since my bias for hae is like a lot
..so i was like..*gwenchana yo,,as long as it's not fishy+_+
SD opened the present,keep all the fanletters inside her back jeans pocket.and tara.it was a t-shirt!!!=D=D=D=D.he wore it at that particular moment!!*_*..o,so nice of him^^

-Henry's solo was AWESOOOOOMEE..it toook palce at the cntre stage..gyahhhh.i was near i kept shouting henryyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!and yeah.others as well.he did received alot of love from elf^^tnx elf..saranghae yo!!!=D=D=D=D=D.

-heechulie appaered in frnt of me quite a lot too.but since i'm not heechulie's bias...i.But he was really pretty!!I thnk he got a loot of attention last night!!^^so energetic and keep runnng around that i hnk he never being tired??Oh,And i jst watching him very closely during shining star..haha.he was bz wrapping the mic with flower's plushies..*may I call that*.
and adding some rose onto it.*_*.lol..and some peeps said he was fancaming himself too.haha.i dun realise this fact.I was bz searching for hae too..but unfortunately hae sat really far at front of pitt A area..

-during shining star..all the elfs turned off their blue lgctick...and turned on the whitesmall led torch..kyaahh.it was sooooooooooooooo prettttttttttttyyyyyyy and shining as the song's title says=D=D=D=D=D..i felt like cryin*_*...eeteuk did cried...hae too..others was like surprised^^really thanks to those elf who sponsored the torch...
sungmin got interested in it and so pick like 5 of them and wore all on his fingers and show off to camera..so cutee+_+..everything was awesome.thank you elf^^for making the project success

-There was one song..i'm sorry i dunno what it was called..i'm a new elf=.=...
but hyuk was sooo cute imitating the teletubbies' walk..haha..and he even arranging teh toys in teh mid stage..and i really enjoyed looking at their smiles while they'r playing with the toys..heechul,eeteuk,and othes too..

-aww..sadly no gee..my kinda awaiting per..neway,they got chuu instead.hahaha..cheoommal yeppeuda..esp. wookie.lol..it was so funny when hyuk who usually didn't sing a lot.sddnely got so many part(haha..since he was krystel's namja vers.lol).he sang with his 'kinda made up woman voice'..lol.hillarious.and suddenly using his deep voice..'DONGHAE!!'//and donghae's rapp was gyahhhhhh..i was screaaaaaaming my whole lot voice.=.='

-Ahh.before i forgt,they have this kewl dance battle per..owh..it was sooo kewl*_*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But again,i was bz looking at hae..i forgotten to take any pic.lol

-Sorryyy22..uuu..sorry2 answer was touching..there got lots of kangin's*_*.and elf were basicly screamed whenever KI appeard on the VCR..sadly..geng's part were cut out..+_+..kibum was nowhere to be seen too.huhu.
then,sorry2 began..gyahhhhhhhh..the stage was awesome..with the lighthing+firewoks and all.
and i like it when all elfs like singing with them..

-what else..ah,i'm sorry for keeping this report too long*_*..

-water gun spray!!yey..heechul really played by all his might.hahaha.he even have 2 waterguns.lol.even some elf brought their own and it happend some epik watergun battle btween elf+sj occurs.hahahaha..i got watergunned by shiwon??i cn't rmmber..
Kyu was being mischievous and spryed his whole lot strength to elfs as well.=.='

-nearly the end..eeteuk said something like 4 jib thingy.then,he made all elfs saying it '4 jib daebak'.lol..i was following like a small elmntary skewl kid wth the other elfs.lols
then,he said something..which i'm afraid to write,coz i might be worng memory since again..i was too bz looking not listening..lol*

-overall.i personally thnk ALLLLLL of them was soo gojes looking very closely..esp eeteuk,wookie,and my donghae..eunhyuk too!!his dancing was AMAZING ALL THE TIME!

-Zhoumi too!!!he was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo handsome with the goggle glasses..*melt*..he smiled all the way..his singing was awesome..SJ M wassss awesome..
He and Hnry got looots of screammm.=D=D==D=D..

-eunhae!!!!!eunhae!!!there were so many eunhae moments..=D=D=D=.but sadly,it always happend a bit far from me*_*.hish..i enjoyed looking at them having fun playing with the plushies on my side's corner of the stage.but i can only see their back/side=.='....

-I thnk shiwon showed his abs quite a lot..lol..or may coz others jst lift his shirt a bit*haha*......

-towards the end.again!!eunhae moment!!kyaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..i can't write since i'm not too sure of what's ahppening.haha..i was too bz tp on my toe to see drectly insdtead of jst loking at the screen.haha..and with that 'moment'..SS2 in malaysia ends..=(

-Seriously d 3 hours feel like sooo short!+_+.at 1st i WAS afraid I'm not going to survive..since i was BLOOODY tired after all the travels,weather changing.plus standing whole lot for 5 hours .
But uri oppa keep their energy and good perfmnace,making me somehow jumping at certain point.i was shocked bit that i realised i'm d only person who jumped.=.='

-rock pitt b was the best.i would nver regret to have that spot again*_*.altho it was bloody tired..my dream had come true!!*_*..i really dreamt of seeing fishy oppa up close.arghhhh..

-To sum up,the whole yesterday'2 ss2 was super successsssssssss=D=D=D=D
the stage was great.audio was awesome,altho somehow the bass was abit too loud.hehe
i love the moment when toonnes of silver ribbons fallen from up ?

-kamsa hamnida elfs,kamsa hamnida organisers.MBOA..SM...SUJU oppasssss..thank you for making our dream comes true*__*..

thank you for reading till teh end.=)

*sorry i dun have any picca..really...I refuse to take picca since I was thnking like,i come to SS2 to see them directly,not to become a photographer.lol..but i did took some..(cause i rmmmbered my friend who can't go asked me too.=)*..so i tooklike 15 picca?*_*)
here some of it*hahahahahah..beware for this unskilled potographer!!=.=')...i dun even know how to use flash!0.0....

Saturday, March 20, 2010

baachan: cardiff-london-abu dhabi-kl-bukit jalil..

Because i love to write down my piece of memory here=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=
I'll try my best to write as consicely as I can*_*

For the 1st time..flying overseas.far.ALONE!!+_+totally..
blurr.and withour PROPER planning.haha.
woke up at 5.15 am and guess..I have to leave the house at 5.40am for the latest..+_+
Glad I manageed to catch the megabus at cardiff's hilton to london vitoria stat.!=D

hoho.I guesss I should be grateful since my luggage is not that heavy.So,i can easily getting around .
It was crowded at viptoria tube stat+_+.But yeah..i manged to get onto the right tube.=.='*pathetic me*
change at hammersmith stat..hahaha..this is wehre the funny stupid things happend+_+
Gyaahh.i climbed with the full strength for the fact i just have to my back to the other side!!!!!+_+
i went into all the trouble,climbd the stairs with that bloody big suitcase and went down again...+_+...baka me..*i should be more sensitive like ayunni chan.=p*

owh,so,axcess to heathrow is not as scary lil thing as u might be thingking..
reached directly at teriminat 4..again..went all the way to the end's couter infact the check in counter was jst in frnt/beside the elevator!

wander around searching for something call 'bench !!..gyahhh.i got into the speacial assistance area without reaising it...*i saw plenty of empty seats there+_+*

staff lady:Hi,How can I help u??
me:*blur2..look around..saw many oldies+_+.....but still..*
me:I'm jst searching for a sit to rest..+_+
....*lazy to type..+_+
at the end,i was embarassaed by this one ajuhshi..grrrrrrrrrrrrr.
what he said was soo unnecessary!!
of coz i realised then,that area was meant for special asstance only..and he said some blaaa333*i'm lazy to type it all here*..But anyway..he meant no harm^^

my cabin bag got stucked by the immegresion?hahahahaha.....
I thogut..ahh.must be my laptop..

unluckily,,they unpacked my beg..*sob3*..and the content was reveald..almost TOTALLY.omo..
Glad i arrived early,so,i dun really mind waiting for my bag's turn to be inspected..+_+it took about 20 mnts??+_+...

Then..while waiting...
gyaahhhh.i saw this one artist like namja..cheommmmmal kakoi!!+_+.
to be honest.i kind of high taste of judgement.*no i dun lie to u!!=D*but.. ano hito was really bling2*_*""""
i reallllly killing my brain to recall what celebrity he was from.+_+....
this feeling reminds me when i met hyunjuung *see my previoussss fanreport*


then,i saw one onna..

*ahh..kanojou ka..*
BUT.his gf was soo artist-like too*_*..
then,judging from that onna's hairstyle..ah,must be nihonjin..huuh
but i thnk that namja looks a bit korean?and taiwan..ah,bullasoh..

that couple was like bling2 that airport.and they even playing on the belt walk??owh..kyeopta.
SO SWEet^^

BLA3.WAiting for the gate to open.*i even asked this one staff.why the gate was closed the boarding time is till not yet ..lol....and she said.."look!the gate was right in front of u.."*_*..
of coz i'm seeing it duhh.jst to make sure thing....may be this is 1st time,so i'm a lil more cautious..huhu

met this one namja.malaysian like..then,he smiled.and asked,'malaysian??'.oo..so,it was confirmed^^.haha.yokatta ne.i tot i'm the only peep in tat uk taking etihad to abu dhabi on that day.haha
and it happend he sat in frnt me..bla3.
he actually from exeter.uu..he flew to uk since after spm..sugei ne..ima wa foundation desu..
he said he missed her nephew/niece,dakara...he go back..for 2 weeks??+_+....
and so,i found flightmate..ah,this is good,at least i'm not so lost,since i dun have any experience flying alone*_*.and this is d 3rd time flying..+_+

bla3.reached ab dhabi wthout much hassle,then,,tara!..
this one amoi walked nearby sddnly asked us..'both of u malaysian'??me:yesssss=D=D=D=D=D
but my new friend can't reply since he was like temp.deaf.lol...

and so..it happend us 3 made friends.hahaha..*it's cute lol*.
she is from warrick..uuuuu..and she said she planned to stay for 6 weeks for this easter break!
I was like..*whatttt!!!??*..why so long?????mine was only 3 weeks holiday!!no fair..

waited for cnnction flight to KLIA for a bit..ahhh..this time i saw a lot more malaysian^^
and babies??+_+..
this was terrible flight ever..i meant,the journey itself.i vommit like 3 times for this 2nd flight!i can't finish every single meal they gave us..*gyahhh*..
i wonder why oh oh oh oh.
..may be becoz nowdays,i cant no longer eat alot..+_+sob3..

bla3.waiting for bagage claim like 30 minutes?+_+
then,went out and saw many peeps holding sign,searching for relatives.i was like.whoaahh=D.feeling like artist come our from somewher for concertXD
then,i saw my parens^^gyaahhhhhh=D..HIHI


eat at r&r..haha.it's really hot+__+..then straight away they sent me to bkt jalil.

*the end*..hihi

thanks for reading.it might be good for source of reference in the meant time soon.HUA3.

*OHH.it was good to be at 'real home'*_*..gyahhhhhhh.i miss lotsss of food stuffs here esp. fishes!!=D=D=D=D.Yappari,uri fishes are the best=p