Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring in Seoul (I.M.U. encounter)

I went to see IMU (former group name is HITT) 3 times =_=
1st on 22nd/4/2012
2nd on 24th/4/2012
lastly, on 26th/4/2012

During my 1st visit, I got to see Seongjin.ㅋㅋㅋ the recently revealed new member of I.M.U. hohoho~
We arrived at their practice studio around 5pm. waited for like 1 hour, then Seongjin came out.kk.he was shocked to see us 4=_=' and sorta make like 'o' face from far. then, bowed to us, when we approached him. i SAID ANYENGHASEYO.. At first, I don't recognise him... then, when I came closer.. i REALISED.. He looked like seongjin. jay.k trainee.oh maii~ really him!.he's so handsome, pretty and cute .kkk..I then randomly asked if he's new IMU mmeber. then, he sorta hesitated.oh mai..I feel bad T__T.. why did i ASK WHEN IT'S ACTUALLY KINDA OBVIOUS=__+'hahaha!

THEN, HE NODDED.=_=.. huhuhu. is it becuz of us,, that the next day, they revealed seongjin as a new member..T.T.... feeling guilty.

me: wait.. *searching for teddy bear*. here.. for u(in korean)
seongjin: aigoo. gamsahabnida


Trip to Seoul (27/4/2012) Music Bank+b.a.p

Morning 27th Apr 2012.. we decided to go for B.A.P pre-record cuz I really want to meet my bunny sons.. All of us are babies.... T__T.... bUT AT THE END, DiDNT MANAGE TO JOIN their line cuz they need warrior album since the power album only being released on 30th Apr...(of course, I left it at KL.).. and we can't afford to buy new one.. for the sake of entering..dunno.. we're too cool i think..=__=''
But glad, we can still buy the slogan towel and other B.A.P stuffs~ I bought the whistle and B.A.P slogan towel.
So, we decided to wander around the parking area cuz many artiste come in and out over there..~~At 1st we saw Choshinsung oppa~~~ ohhhohhhh.. they looked so cool~! I dunno they'll perform today.(fail fan.haha).Sungje uppa wave from car..

then, Shinhwa.. O.K honestly.. I only know their names like Eric, Andy.. they seemed to have lotsa fans there!! really. funny thing..most of their fans brought like bazooka cameras..haha~! So, it happened some? of the members came out, so the fans rushed to the car.LOL.like obviously soo many fans...=__='''
My twin friends know Shinhwa including names and faces.so good for them.whILE, I just observe from far.
Then, I saw this one funny situation? kk
Jeongjin oppa came out from KBS and entered the car.front seat beside the driver. My twin friends bravely=_= rushed towards the car, to wave to him.. LOL.. and too my surprise,, jungjin uppa suddenly lowered down the car window o.0... and shook hand w/ my fren...HAHA~! BUT! suddenly.. FANS rushed towards him to shook his hand too. .LOL.and he was like quickly pull back his hand, and close the window in rush..kkkkkkkk..Really funny.and I just laughed w/ unni at the back.

Not long after that, a group of handsome figures came out..ohhoh~. So, it happened the group was EXO-K. HOWEVER.. i do not know any of the members except someone called sehun.. =_=.. tho i forgot how his face look like..  exo-k members are so darn handsomeee~! but dunno why.their faces kinda looked the same to me.=_= ALL ot them..ahahh. i JUST RANDOMLY SAY HI.. I think some of the member want to shook hand w/ my fren, but suddenly got this manager like 'go away go away' gesture..=__=''  Really scary manager. But I managed to fancam them..

Not long after that, we saw 4minute jiyoon, sohyun, and the pretty namjihyun.kkk but i dunno why, that time, I kinda forgot their names..T.T o.k.. this is the effect of not kpopping for so long...really..
I shook hand w/ pretty jihyun, my fren asked where is hyunah.. and she said she wasn't there.. ?
also, got this one jap fanboy of sohyun walked beside her.hohhhohhh~ and they talked as if they're close encounter or something..=_='' Honestly, eventho 4minute is popular.. I'm not sure why there isn't any fans bother to chase after them there.hahha..They really walk as if they're normal people. if u got what i MEANT..=_=or may be only hyunah seemed too popular?=__=''

More and more artiste came in and out.. We saw f.cuz, nu'est (OMFGGKGK, I dunno my nu'est babies gonna perform todayyy.T.T..) electroboyz, err 5nation?, girls day(my fren saw, I went to toilet that time.haha), Sunny Hill (from far).. and some unknown artiste.... Haih.. honestly, we were waiting for BAP and UKISS(My frens' not me)..T.T but can't even even see the shadow..sob3..
But, I'm so happy already able to see Choshinsung like 3 times.haha~ I think we were the only fans chashing after CSS oppa.=__='' eventho the manager like 'shoo-ing' us T.T but i MANAGED TO passed fanlatter of sungje via gwangsu uppa =__=.. aigoo.GS uppa, I'm SORRY.SOB3..

I should have at least say 'fighting' or something.. aish.. Since when my love for them reduce? T.T~ since I started my univ.HAHA~

Oh, then, suddenly NU'EST came. ahh~ Aaron saw us and smile*_*, and shook hand w/ my fren,  Ren took effort by holding both water bottles in one hand to shook hand w/ my fren.ohhoh~ so cool my niece! Ren is really pretty.. realllyyy~!.actually they have many fans surrounding them=_='' those fans walked like really close to them as if my nuest babies are their bf or something.lol korean fans =_=nuest babies looked so serious. especially my baby J.R =_=.. he just look down, and dun even bother to look when I call his real name.aigoo. so funny lah my son. or may be he feels awkward if fan called his real name.. but it's weirder to shout J.R... =__='

next, the elctroboyz(EB) uppa passed by.hahaha this is real funny.I only know chakun uppa..so, It happened EB walked from far, and we all just look from far and guessing who they are.. then I tot,, it can't be EB right.. hmm then, chakun uppa walked last.. I saw his face more clearly,, and feels like have seeing somewhere.So i JUST RANDOMLY MUTTERING "Chakun chakun" when he nearly arrive at the place where I'm standing..and he kinda look at me? then,I kinda confident w/ my guessing... "chakun?" then, he already passed by me but sort of wanting to look at me... I shouted again, "chakun electroboyz?" then, he made like, 'ohhoh' sound and turn his head back to look at me.(I think he was shocked someone wearing veil like me know his existence, or even his name.kkk). so cute bahhh. if only someone fancam this moment T__T. Then, I called his name confidently, "chakun ssi??" he then replied 'dae!' confidently.HAHA~ So my frens too.join to fangirling w/ me =__= and got excited. LOL.. my frens actually dunno who is chakun or even EB..hahahah~
Actually they were more funny moment hapened. like we mistakenly thought this one group as UKISS.hahahaha. we even rushed towards them, only to realise.. who are they?? lmaoo.. then, this alien group just laughed over us T.T.. *totally embarrassing.hahaha*

So, shinhwa uppa came in and out again. So far, we met CSS n Shinhwa 3 times, 4minute and EXO-K 2 times, and the rest once...

So, we went up again nearby entrance of the KBS studio, only to find nuest fans lining up.oh mai..if only I check NUEST schedule properly. Hmm.. cuz actually our aim is to see bap..T.T
so, we missed the live and decided to  see MYNAME hohhoh..
arrive at hannamdong, actually h2media is nearby TS.. so we decided to visit TS ent. may be to take picture, or hoping for miracle to happen if we can meet BAP sons at TS, since we're heading back to M'sia on 28th...I already keep my letter to BYG in my file..*patah hati*.

So, after a little bit lost here and there, since by time we arrived, it was alr 8.30pm..too dark T.T  But glad, we got some help from nice ajosshi.T__T. till finally we arrived at the correct place.(not so bad compared to searching for Jay.k company.T.T.) oh mai..oh mai.. there's no sign of myname at all, except.. I heard some familiar voices from this one basement door.ahhhhhh my insu uppa voice.. gunwoo voice..T__T.. ohhh close yet farrr~! affghkkk. suddenly 2 YOUNG girls came towards the basement door, and unni rushed to them T.T like immediately! to ask if they know where is this place (showing H2MEDIA address.. sob3..=__=unni ah... and the girl immediately say no' lol.too obvious.HAHAH. So, we are certain that place.. where MYNAME members are located nowwww..oh maiiii..
 Of course, we can't just knock the door, and be like we want to meet myname.=__=.. meant, like,, as if we're the only fans they have... So, I decided to wait. until they finish practice? hmm~ But then, suddenly got one unni came out, and she said, wait a moment... hoho.. so, after 3 minutes or so, she came out, and told us myname members kenot come out cuz they're in the middle of practice now.T.T
We asked when the practice gonna end, cuz we can't go back too late..T.T.. But unni dunno when the practice gonna end.oh, forgot, that unni is actually a dancer.. We made like a very frustrated face.. T.T.
hmm. but glad my frens already record the songs the boys are practising.~. dengar sore pon jadilah..T.T..
Honestly I feel a bit sad...I should have do better in preparation to meet myname..But I only care to meet IMU.T.T. till I met them like 3 times =__='' hahha.  uram tak guna.kkkkkk

So, that dancer unni helped to pass our letter and cookies..T.T haish.. it's o.klah, at least, we know we're close to them alrady and insu uppa know we were there..hohhoh ~! next time,I'll definitely come again!!!

So, we decided to moved on to TS enter!~ since we're already at the area. kkkk. aigoo.. So, we randomly walk around that area=_=' and suddenly saw some figures.. ohhoh.. but got so many girls from far.. oh mai. it's them.undoubtedly~! shooot.. it's very nearby myname's! LOL.like a block a way =_= hahahh. funny.. my frens are still clueless. so i shout to them, run run ! it's BAP , girls!.kk we need to run cuz the boys seemed rushing walking towards their car and we're still kinda far from them..also, cuz got so many girls.=_= I think about 15 or may be more..they all like coming together...=__= looks like high skool students..

Hmmph. so I only managed to walk beside himchan and yongjae!!. they both just look down.. they dun see us,this foreigners.haha. then, I call himchan name with English slang?LOL. and he kinda wants to look up, then, with yongjae too, I call his name, then when he looked up, he had this sort of confuse face.LOL. cutie. then, all of them already inside the van. kk. Himchan sat nearby the door..my twin frens already stick with the door =__='' kk.so himchan was like 'ok, may be I'll close this door a bit later, waiting for what this foreign fan want to pass? hahah.'.. so my frens managed to pass the letter to himchan*_*~ so we waved to this tinted van like crazy,i JUST stood from far.LOL. so shy, cuz the boys obviously seeing us fromt he van.HAHA. BYG sat at front and made sort of moping the window kind of wave to us? lol sorry for my vocab=__=;.. then suddenly himchan from inside asked if we're from malaysia.. like. "ah, Malaysia???" *loudly*.LOL himchan ah.=__='' I think cuz my fren talked to him, that we came from Malaysia.. blah3.. Since I just stood from far.haha~ I feel shy dunno why.kkkkkkkkk. then were like 'dae!' tgether.. and u know, how loud us 4 could be WHEN we are excited.....=__=''' so, it's kinda noisy that time.LOLOLOL.. and it's nearly 9pm.HAHAH.
So, we continued waving to their van, till they left..~hoho. then, took picture in front TS enter !!
mission success!.I went back to M'sia with happy memory *_*~ mission success.


Monday, April 30, 2012

Trip to Seoul (24/4/2012) BTOB + NU'EST~

To cut it short, I happened to go to this show called MBC Show champion at AX Korea..
NU'EST and BTOB had a pre-recording. It's not very hard to find the venue, nearby gwangnaru st.

I planned to join BTOB and NU'EST pre-recording.. Since BTOB starts at 12.30pm, BTOB starts at 1pm..
Arrived at AX Korea around 10am. saw few fans.. that day was Wednesday..So noted..there're not so much students.. u got what I MEANT right..=_='' it's not I dun like high skool students.. but just .. molla.. kick me..kkkkkk. org dewasa dan budak2 lain..

ANYWAY~, around 1130am BTOB fanstaff arrived.. that time, still not many fans. But I DUNNO WHY..May be cuz we're foreigner and not too sure what to do, also, that was 1st time I joined BTOB line.. well. honestly said, this time when I visited Korea I dun really fancy any groups that have comeback.. may be I'm just a bit bored being fanatic? kkk...So, eventho at 10pm only 4 of us, plus 2 taiwan fans.. we were push? to the back line cuz this one fan said I didn't write my name earlier?? ah..not too sure.=__=' but the staff honestly not too friendly or helpful=__=;; May be they're sick w/ foreigner who steal their oppass.HAHAH~ wutever them.

So, we got our number. mine is #13.. o.k..not bad leh~ but those 2 taiwan fans got number #1 and #2 o__0.. I'm not sure what they did.=__=;; but they should care about us too, foreigner fan right..since they talked to us earlier..In fact..  me and frens were  the 1st BTOB fans who came!..T.T...ing.so selfish oo~

It's o.k nothing to be nagging so much about #13 is still a good number *_*~
I forgot, around 10am we arrived, EXO-K fans are already line-up for exo-k prerecord~hohho.
they have lotsa fans.. I think around 50-70 ..

So, we met another Malaysian girl, But she lives in London.She came alone, she showed me her attendance btob event card? got like 3 stickers~whoah~ enviouss>_<.. and she got BTOB slogan towel..
We just bought our slogan towel from the fanstaff after got our number. so excited.~!

Then, we wrote some letter and the fanstaff collected our letters.. nice right~
I forgot something important.. TBH, we all don't really know BTOB.. I dun even know their song..I only know a member called Peniel.. cuz I happened to open their twitter the nights before, and saw this Peniel answering fans tweet and i think like the only mmber who tweeted =__=''and he seemed good in English ~!
Altho all of us already bought btob albums, I haven't open the plastic yet..kkkkkk .I dunno why I didn't.=__=;; May b I wana check if i WANT TO fancy BTOB so much??kkkkkkkkkk

While waiting for the pre-record, I plan to write PENIEL support placard..just wrote on colored A4 paper using marker pen..not too ugly.just nice..=__=..kkk
We studied the members name together.kkkk we were honestly so funny =__=''

Around 1230pm..finally. entering the studio..~! know what. wE WERE LUCKILY got 1st lineeeeee (omgfgghjgf). Altho we were not at centre but it's so nice just to be at the VERY FRONT line!!..Suddenly i FELT SO NERVOUS..and somehow..feel a bit regret cuz didn't study BTOB properly...T__T..
bla3.. 5 minutes after that.. saw.. handsome figures one by one came out..aaahhhhhhh~ my 1st reaction was like 'O'.. Who are they?? T__T.. But feel so nervous, and happy.. more to mix feeling.. T.T.. then, all of them OF COURSE saw us 4.. foreigner..like obviously.. kkkkk. and I noticed it, and being shy a bit..kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..... All the members saw us. kkk and had like a 'shock face' but they just dun want to make it obvious?? kk I dunno how to describe this funny situation.HAHAHA. My  other twin frens are bz waving like crazy to all the members, While.. i'm sturggling to recognise which member is which from the previous lesson from the BTOB album.. But everything is no use..T.T THEY HAVE 7 members. oh... so hard to recognise which is which..i CAN'T EVEN RECOGNISE PENIEL atho I hold his placard name..T.T... even until the end.. Who happened to be the guy in black shades..kkkkkkkkkk..

So, during the recording,, these funny things happend..kkk
1) overall All members waved+BOW+SMILE to us.
2) My frens did saranghae sign and Peniel replied w/ a big saranghae too*_*~ ahh.*but I dunno he's peniel that time..T.T NOW FEEL JELLY.*
3)Some of the members like grinning/ smiling during INSANE esp when they looked at at our direction.. kkk. *my frens told me..I didn't notice, cuz i WAS TOO BZ TO recognise which mmber is which.T.T
4) A fan shouted Peniel name, but minhyuk back-waved to her shout instead.kkkk
5) I noticed a guy in black shades kinda looking at my direction many2 times esp during resting(since they recorded like 3 times.*_*) .. But I can't recognise him..I tot Minhyuk is Peniel.....T__T.. since Minhyuk waved to the fan who shouted 'Peniel'..aish.. minhyuk baka T.T..Peniel must feel I'm bloody weird, to hold his name but looking at other members more than him..=__=' HAHAHA. i'm so funny..
6) Minhyuk and Ilhoon loves to play around w/ fans.. kkk
7) Eungwang love to wave to fans.*_*
8) The fanchanting is so debak..But we can't follow..cuz we dunno the CHANTING.SOb3..
9)  INSANE was so amazing.. I noticed Songjae n Eunkwang n ilhoon are soo good at catching up w/ the cameras!! The boys are so amazing ~ really. their dance are powerful, yet, they did it like it's very natural? and not awkward..How to say.. you can tell they did practice a lot.. !
10) The very good thing was that they recorded INSANE 3 times..*_*.UNLIKE NU'EST..only once.. feels so shot..T.T..
11) I like INSANE song so much..seing it live feels so muchhhhh thankful...really.*_*~
12) everytime they finished recording, they'll bow and shout their greetings to staff n fans..hehe.

After that, we join NU'EST line.. as usual, I wrote a placard name..for J.R.. NU'EST members i SEEMED TO RECoGNISE BETTER.. kk thanks to bebe.=__='' f not, i dun think i even know who this that..=_=.. like BTOB.kkk. 
So, we finally entered the studio again.. and saw NU'EST babies came out.HAHA~. Ren is sooo beautiful; the boys look so serious.=__= unlike BTOB who seemed crazy and good fanservice.kkk.. dunno why.. haha.i TOT THEY gonna be lively..=__='' but they really so serious.aigoo.may be cuz of their image/ concept was like that.. bUT IT'S kinda funny and cute at the same time..to see this young idols perform a serious song like 'I'm sorry'.
 This time we were at the back..But still can see my niece Ren very clearly.oh mai.. he got an annoying BIGG white ribbon on his left shoulder.=__= HAHA.
My J.R is soooo handsome.. BUt I dun think he saw me..i shouted his real name 'jonghyun' many2 time. he dun even bother to look.=__='' Honestly I can't really remmber what happen.LOL.cuz the song 'i'm sorry' feel so short and they only recorded once.. I think Aaron? and other mmber(may be JR?) waved/saw MY FREN.. she told me.kkkk. I can't really remmber..hohoho.~sorry.. my memory too vague..kkkkk.
So, it ended liek that..haha~ then we leave the studio..o think they will have live at 7pm. but.. we decided to pass the live...hungry too.T.T


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baachan: Guesthouses in Seoul, Korea

I'm a bit generous tonight so I would like to talk about few guesthouses I've been staying in Korea. kekeke~.

Bangrang hostel
thanks to ecah! for introducing this hostel to me.
Located in Chungjeongno station (on purple/green line). It's just a less than 1 minute to subway stat..pls refer to their site for more info on lcoation: http://www.bangranghostel.com/
Hmm.. good point is that I like the staff there (they're funny.kk).  We call him aloha, and the owner helped to carry our luggage to our room. The area is kinda a steep hill.keke~ . But it's just a short walk, don't worry, u won't be out of breath. Also, u gotta love the location! If u run it may took about 30 seconds or less to reach subway sta. hoho. The lobby area is very pretty. I love the traditional cushion sets, and we always lepak2 there everynite to online and cook dinner in kitchen..yes! there are no wifi in our room.T__T. It's very regretful.But thinking back..it's kinda good too...prevent myself from holiday-ing w/ wifi instead of frens.HAHAHA. (i brought my lappy).. Another down point is.. the room is very small.T.T considering we choose en-suit room for 4 ppl..(but we squeeze another one person in). hehe... really small. and we stayed there for almost 2 weeks..=__='' Also, the bathroom smelled..T.T and the shower is very slowww~.. AND LASTLY, THEY DUN COME TO CLEAN our room.Not even once... or even bother to pick up our mounted rubbish..T.T. I guessed cuz we're girls? they afraid to see many 'things' in the room..LOL.. Nevertheless, it was a memorable stay..=)
But to comeback? hehe.. may be not..cuz they're many more better and CHEAPER guesthouse out there nowadays !! Seoul is amazing at this~ kekekeke

Kim's guesthouse
O.K.. So this was the very 1st guesthouse we stayed on our very 1st time in Korea!
Located in Hapjeong stat. (green line)
More info about rate+location: http://www.kimsguesthouse.com/
The surrounding area is not bad, and there's a family mart just few foot steps from the the gueSthouse.
Good point is that the room is super clean and SPACIOUS! ,and I love the bathroom. The shower is the best *_*,and the bread is delicious.kekeke.
Although they have a great hospitality, but since our schedule are pack and we travel a lot.. it's really tiring to walk about 15-20 minutes (1 way!) to the hostel everyday ..T__T.. sob3.. Especially in the hot summer.. Gladly we stayed there for only 2 nights.  I canceled my booking and go w/ BANGRANG INSTEAD..kekeke. However, they dun have room for us for our 1st 2 nights, and that's why we ended up staying in Kims' first~ huhu..PLUS, WE STAYED IN SEPARATE room  just bec they dun have enuf room to fit us all in 1 room.=_=' but actually we cud just be in 1 room cuz their room is BIG!Also, toilet is outside room..So, for us, it's really fussy we need to wear properly to go out(cover hair etc) Even worse, we'r actually separated by a building!.+_+ me an Jai stayed in another new building(they called).. and we climbed up to.. 3rd/4th floor. sob3. So it's very inconvenient for us to be separated..since I'm the tour master.kekeke.=_='
Ah, So many complain.. kekeke~. Now another good point. YG ent is located nearby the GH.kekeke.Yeah~ correct.we passed by YG ent building every single night.LOL. I even saw few fangirls on 1 late night outside the building hoping to get a glimpse of Bigbang may be?hehe.
ANYWAY! It was a good stay..Altho the owner/staff not as friendly as in Bangrang, I enjoyed stay there. It's clean and the surrounding area is good. =) The rate is similar to Bangrang.~

Songwontel (double/twin room only)
This, I would like to thank to unni Suri, for recommending this hostel to me. The location is perfect in Jongno sam(3) ga stat. It has similar good point location as in Bangrang. It took less than 1 minute from subway to hostel!! Also close to Myeongdeong, and Angguk (my fav place) and other famous attractions.
But they offer only double/twin rooms. huhu. So if u're travel 2 by 2 I HIGHLY! recommend this.Not only that,it's the cheapest hostel  for double room so far. Really =). All rooms are equipped w/ private bathroom !yey! Our oom is clean, the TV is veryyy big(flat screen!), and the mirror is also big!.haha.
The space are o.k ..It's biggerr than Bangrang, and almost similar to Kim's.. There's wifi in the room.yey~.

Some not so good point, is the owner dun  really speak English ..haha.but I dun really care about that, cuz I was busy running around in Soul(ehem2). Also, the surrounding area is a bit unpleasant.. (referring to smell...of.. bacon..=_=..and.. soju..)  cuz they have like many small stall like that surrounding there.. HmMM~ But glad, u only have to hold it for less than 1 minute or may be 30 second before u arrive at your room from the subway EXIT .kekeke. Also!, they have room up to 5th floor.. but no lift.. and the stairs are VERY steep.haha~ But the owner is kind to carry my super heavy luggage up to 3rd floor.. huhuhuhuhu.. OTHER THAN THAT.. the subway station.HAHAHAHA. U might be happy w/ how close the hostel to subway..kkk. but once u're inside subway (jongno sam(3)-ga), u'll know how much stairrrrsssss u need to climb before reach the 'outside' / 'trains' esp when u're w/ ur heavy luggage.. tbh,,I was a bit trauma.. the stairs are really no jokes to me.LOL.
NO,THEY DUN HAVE LIFT..i WISH THEY BUILD one..T.T. really need it.. sob3...
So far, they win as the most stairs need to climb..T.T.. But I was again lucky,, an ajusshi helped me to carry my luggage when I 1st arrived there.. sob3.. I was really33333 thankful.
Also, the stat. coincide w/ another 2 line. =D. refer to their website for more info about location.
However I enjoyed staying there and they have mini refrigerator in room!cOOl right~ hehe. The room is very clean too, only that, i WISH THE shower cud be better, the hot water dun work PROPERLY.. and sometimes, we need to suffer bathed w/ cold water..in early autumn.huhuhu..

CONCLUSION.. Depending on individual/group of travel/purposes, it might differ which GH/ hostel u wana stay.. For me, I like Songwontel the most(will be back if i travel by 2.keke).,most likely bias on location (since I travel a lot everyday) and RATE. ahha. I care about budget the most!..

I hope u enjoy reading this entry. I took up sometimes to type it, and if u read this, please leave some feedback/comment .hehe~  Enjoy Korea~ keke

Baachan: My update?~ hehe -B.A.P explosion *_*

Recently there r many rookies debuted, and one of them .. is B.A.P !
When they 1st revealed the group's name.. i WAS LIKE.. 'SeriOusly?' =_='
They might have run out of idea for group names tho.LOL.
But it's not bad at all...Significant.. B.A.P=bap=rice.~
CONCEPT.I give 100/100 stars for their concept and marketing strategy. Look how big they're now.HELLO.They just debuted less than 2 weeks ago! It's a BOMB!
Noticed, they're all blondes. LOLs. Apparently to suit their debut concept aligned w/ their ta-dah it's BAP episodes whereby they're actually aliens that arrived to Earth to conquer us.. haha.Peculiar rght..

I already know BYG(yongguk) since song ji eun going crazy (i luv that song to the max not to mention their good chemistry on every perf.). heh~.

Their mainstream is hip hop! yeah. too my surprised, since I'm more to RnB and pop, i get hooked w/ this group.=__='' But not as sick as HITT.. yet ? keke~
May be bec how they modernised and evaluate the hip hop music that make it sound less hip hop?  Alos, their great vocalists Youngjae and Daehyun(has a unique voice), added spice to the sick musics..

Dance??! PERFECT ! ~ Everything is powerful and neat. From their MV, DEBUT, showcase, stage presence, live singing~! They'll be famous WORLDWIDELY in no time. BYG said they've been waiting too long for this day(debut day) to come.. I can see.. u can also see how much hardwork is needed to produce such overwhelming stage. When I first watch their perf, I fee like being possesed or somthing.~ haha esp the 'hu' 'hu' 'hu; part! It was a breathtaking one =D B.A.P awesome!

Just that... Since they're really famous in a VERY2 short period of time, they might be caught off guard in mindset, and decrease in health quality( practices, interviews, other schedules)..  Their kind of concept really needs a constant practice, esp in dancing.. that's one of their strong point, and of course, they don't watch to lose it =).
Only that, I hope the company hire a  private  health consultant for the group/individual too. Really, i really meant it.. In fact, most kpop idols need it!


Some update about me.. I'm usually not the type who like to talk about my private life too much? I did.. But yeah.. hehe (honestly I reserve lot of story to myself)~ May be bec I'm afraid how pple will judge me.. Somehow I think I'm same type as Taec? keke.or WG's Sohee? we can be friends~ kekeke~

Just that, many ppl are curious..So, I write a bit here.. I'll just hint that I'll be flying to Sabah this 25th Feb T.T to .. further study? keke~. 
Also.. How to word this this.. Many pple think that I might be wasting my time 2 yrs there/ "oh, it's a pity U quit it".... Hmm.. how to say.. Ppl can say what they want, what they think..but they can't never feel it..Also... there are more stories behind it..But some ppl(myself) can't really express it.....really,.. unless they experience it themselves.. So.. how much hurtful/patient/regretful/stressful I've been holding.. I think..I want to praise myself for being cool like this.=). So there were lotsa time where i tend to ignore talking about it cuz I know I'm going to hear an expression I don't want to read/ hear..Although I can't blame ppl from being typical/myself for being overly sensitive..?. I'm actually a psychological person.. I can sort of read others mind, and predict what they want to say.. depending on their personality... But not too much.. kkkkk
I think I prefer ppl being sensitive about it, keep it themselves f they know, and sending me encouraging message+pray for me(w/o me knowing).. I wish there are person like that.. to me.. But then, it would be too good to happen =)..

O.k stop here.. On the last note, I would like to emphasize again, I've no regret in my life of what I've been doing so far .. May be because being stubborn is my strenght to keep on... RUNNING... =)..

Let's end it w/ a picture~ kekeke.

Woot! Infinite's sign CD =D.....!

Monday, January 23, 2012


So here it is.. Another fan account from me .Kyak!!! please bear with its length-ness ..as usual.... xD

Was it 14th Jan?? Haih..I'm too old.T__T.. I didn't sleep the night before worrying what to wear, finishing placard, what to bring etc.. I haven't prepare proper gift to them.So I decided to just give my picture as a gift.LOL! It's rare o.k ..How do they get fans picture right if not us giving them? xD unless they're stalker like us .HAHAH! *coughBangcough*  xD


Arrived bloody early at Sungei Wang(SW) .T_T around 12.05 pm? huhu. I didn't straight go to the concourse area cause already pre-book merchandise w/ InspireME earlier.. Bebe(my supa chingu partner in crime xD) still at her home.I wandered around at alien planet SW ;__; Honestly it was my 2nd time there.The 1st time one was like 3 years ago? ;_;. So many people..hoilah~ I feel so lost =__=''
Walked2222! ding~Found DAISO!~~ I'm stationary shops maniac xD. So, decided to buy some letter set.*_* I want to write fan letter to them yeah! So they'll remember me!! haha.*as if!!* But at least I'm trying right.xD..

Met Bebe and her friend at concourse area!! OMG! So many people.That time was around 3.30pm? Actually I was surprised seeing how small the area is!! The last time I came I still remember having some space to breath *exaggerating I know* =_='

I saw WongFu fans lining up too..o.0... omg.. bloody long. I honestly don't know who is WF..But seeing the fans that much make me wanna check out on them xD. kk
So, our BANGZELO line was like in front of the stage..But hardly being recognized..I need to ask this people, that people where was the line exactly..=_=..Plus there were mini performance too. So like there was no exact line T.T I don't like this kind of situation..T__T.

Got my merchandise around 4.30pm?.We decided to rest at KFC..I wrote down all my fan letters to ZELO and BANG..kya~~! In Korean.!!!Woot2!  I'm surprised at my ability to write hangul .It's getting better.*lol. sorry* xD ..Then, took picture w/ my polaroid camera and placard!!So my gifts for them done!!..

OMG! It's was already 15 minutes to 6PM!! I didn't realise..Too immersed w/ fan letter.T_T. Mian Bebe ah~~!!!! There's no way to get any near to the centre stage....T.T Even if I can see their face I'm satisfied already. An ajumma even scolded me for no reason..she thought I pushed her children. I didn't say anything cause I didn't push anybody.That's why I only looked at them. Somehow I feel rude by doing so..But I didn't do anything wrong..T__T.. Really..=__=.. ah forget about that. I'm more anxious of the thought *omg! how if I can't see BANGZELO at all* ..

Blah3. Suddenly MC appeared.. kyaahh everyone went high high.!!!!
and and... I can't remember anything but screaming from people when BANG ZELO appeared!!!!!!!!
I was like.OMG OMG OMG OMG THEY ARE HERE!!!!! And my body self- reacted by squeezing lil by lil bit towards centre stage area.. xDD

HO!!! I'm so glad BANGZELO were really good at utilising the stage area!!! They walked here and there!! Rapping like a Boss!! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!  역시 짱 아이들 ㅋㅋㅋ!!! These 2 'aliens' xD really know how to conquer the Earthlings well.xD For the 1st few minutes, I forgot to fancam. I was busy screaming and enjoying the performance!!! BANGZELO don't seemed nervous at all. They did SUPER well as if they're sonbae k-idol!!! xDDD But what more daebak were the fans!!!!! aka Earthlings xD.. We sang along to chorus if the songs of 'never give up'  and 'What's up'. The singing can even be heard (see fancams for prove! LOL)!! =D.. wow!! JJANG JJANG JJANG Really!

Fans around me are more interesting. Why??! HAHAHAHA! There were game session.Part 1 was 2 fans will be picked to play a 'make fans jealous game/fold the newspaper something' xDDDDDDD *so called by me*

Everyone was like "me me me me!!" Hahaha. Yongguk(YG) asked fans to hold our placard higher.lol. My placard ish too small to be noticed. It's O.K kah.... then, a namja/male fan nearby me kept waving his hat and shouted bloody loud 'namja paen eyo!!' (a guy fan is here!) LOLOLOL.. I can't help but LOL-ing forever . xDDDDDD

Those 2 fans being picked were bloody lucky!!!!
Zelo piggy back 'his girl' while Yongguk(YG) awww.. lift up the girl bridal style~!

YG even opened his jacket cause it was hot.. He sweat a lot...and I think he said to the girl something like "Don't touch my shoulder. I'm sweating a lot" aww. If I was the girl.I'll give him handkerchief, after he use it..then.. then, gettin back the handkerchief, kya~*_* Pardon my imagination ;__;...

ANYWAY, At the end, Zelo won~ 짱 막내!!!

Not yet!!! 2nd part of the game started!!!!  This time 6 fans were picked. 3 by ZELO, and 3 by YG.
HOHOHO..again.. the fans nearby me was like "meeeee! Me! me!" so loud!xD and "namja fan's here!!!" .LOLOLOLOL..

I just lifted up my placard anyway..yeah.. since I put lots of effort to make it..huhu.
Game started. the fans need to show off their talent. Most fans sing. I remmbered one fan sang to 2AM for YG..and all people was like singing together! DAEEEEBAK!! *_*!
Another fan sung to APINK's 'my my' to Jello(ZELO) awwwwww!! How cute was that....! Zelo was miming to the chorus a bit too!! he mst be APINK's fan.!haha

The last fan rap while ZELO beat box-ing.Wow!! They synced! Or may be I'm just too bias since I adore ZELO'a beatbox talent o.k!! It was so nice. Thanks to her, I can listen his impromptu beatbox  !

Game finished. NOW.... the part everyone was waiting for!! FANSIGNINGGGFDSGHURGNHUVC!
*keyboard abuse*

Me and Bebe quickly ran to centre front of the stage and only to find out we weren't in the correct line.Hahaha. It's O.K lah...I think only 200 fans. So, our turn shouldn't be long.While waiting.. let's 'stalking' our papa Bang and robot son Jello  from below xD
However.. We got nervous instead.. T_T. I was busy arranging what should I say to them.What to give.. blah3.. W/o realising...already up on the stage!!!!!.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH They're sooo blonde!. . Blonde aliens. xDD.. I gave them new nick.. Blondes Alien Perfecto (B.A.P) =_='

Back to the story..잉~ 1st I met was YG!!! ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Toohandsomeforanywordtotypehere. His gummyshowedbroad smile forever melting!!!.*__*! *happyfangirl* I bent bent down a bit like u saw Korean fans always did during fansigning event..Because I thought it'll be tiring for them they have to look down to sign.and then, up to see our face.. huhu.. that's why I decided to bent down..Although I think I'm the only person did that.LOL.who cares xD..
I was buzy rap stare at YG and realised...OMFSGG..Why so near xDDDDDD! The table they use was kinda small.*THANK YOU organiser!!* xDDD 
YG's hair ish very white!*_*!

ME: "u have work hard" (in Korean)
I think he was kinda surprised I said that word to him. .hoho!
YG: Nae(yeah) nae and something(I'm not sure what he mumbled.LOL) *bz signing and replying me.

Then,I remmbered to pass him letter. he said gamsahabnida and I smiled like a pabbo (stupid)=__=! and he smiled back.
*faint22222222*.. I totally forgot my robot son Zelo..T__T!..

Next, robot Jello! Hooo. He was too cute for any word to describe..oh my~~~!.. His dimple.*_*!! He was too immersed with signing..xD I said same thing to him like I said to YG. kkk. he too...Was kind of surprised.. And answered me almost same like YG and nodded2 his head.haha. I like it. They understand what I'm saying. Although we are alien,we communicate well.lol. I remembered to pass him a present..U know what...It was my placard !! xDDDI know it wasn't too nice.but not too ugly either. 
ㅋ_ㅋ . He was surprised when I handed my placard and fan letter. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋI  still remembered his expression.. 'priceless' !! What was in his mind..I dunno.ㅋㅋㅋ ..Or may be he was like remembering something?? Because the night before? I spam BANG ZELO mentions " PLEASE find this placard on 14th Jan!!" LOL me! xD
ZELO then, said "gamsahabnida" and gave me his cute smile~
*ok,dying,bye.* T__T

*back to life again* LOLOL..
Then, Bebe was nowhere to be found..I assumed this girl has gone to Neverland already.LOLOL..

Bebe's heart completely captivated by robot son Jello!!! *sigh* We're committing crime again. ///pedo nuna =___=

While on our way back home was more epic.. We took wrong traiN.lo.see.our soul already went to Bunny land ..LOLOLOL.. Keep mind spazzing and smiling randomly on my way back home.hahaH!

End?? KK.Some extra xD
The next day, after Bang Zelo went back Korea, I spazzed at their official Korean fancafe..I posted some video.. and it was interesting seeing how k-fans reacted .lol.most of them were Jello (I meant, jealous xD) and wish'ed they were at the showcase too. Also, they were super impressed with so many fans turn up at SW since BAP haven't debut yet, and already having so many fans MALAYSIA*proud bunny omma.LOL*! Not only that,they were jealous seeing the 1st game..and most of them preferred piggy back instead of bridal style.xDDDD!!!  Zelo is thin..T__T.Eat more my son!

More epic....AKP even wrote about 2k fans turned up?? haha.Me and friends were like 'apek amoi selling/buy handphones also counted" LOLOL..  But when I looked at the picture ! Wow! Really lots of people turned up and so many pretty placards! ^^! jjang3!!!!
I really wish they'll come back here!!!!!!!! Lai lai lai!! *___*!!!!!!!!!~
Thanks Inspire ME for the daebak omg so close event xDD...!!

o.k finish.. Should be!!! Congratulation for reading till the end!! LOL.!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Baachan: Do you feel unfortunate?rich vs poor..

I just watched one slot on KBSTV just now.. I don't know the title ..it's heart something.. I'll edit this port if I find out what's the exact title.

A story about how single dad raise his 3 daughter and 1 son around 5-7 years old after his wifeu left him...
So, the new 'mother' role is taken by their grandma.

There, somewhere at side-country area (Jeollanam-do?), they live together as a family..Their house quite far from city.He had to work all day long at the city..Therefore, he couldn't comeback home quite often..
I honestly a country person..I've been living in city environment since I was born.. and although our family is not very rich, but at least we have never in debt with anyone...and I'm sure at least my living condition is not in poverty category..

yet..now, I'm complaining my life,when them..living under harsh condition are happy even they don't have money...

Back to the story.It happened the daughters are triplets, and the maknae(youngest) suffered from brain lesions,which affect her feet muscles.. and brain functioning..Therefore, she's a bit slow in everything..But she's very determined even at that young age..T__T.. Grandma said she only can walk since 1 year ago... now she's 5 y.o..

What touched my heart the most are the close bonding between the siblings.. and how the family work very hard in their role.. the maknae triplet cried when she's on phone w/ her father..At such a young age, mother left.. and can't see their father very much too.. T__T.. The eldest brother,named byeongu cared his dongsengs very much.. Junju(eldest sis) love Byeongu so much..They even held hands in the car as if they never meet like 1 year or soo.. so sweet.
Then, when they arrived at school, Byeongu will carry the maknae's bag..
Grandma always take care of maknae well and told her that, it's o.k if u're slow in walking, u'll soon catch up w/ everyone.. Yeah. Grandma is really cool.. She drives maknae to hospital twice a week, as well as did all the chores.. Not only that, even making a special carbonated? healthy drink for the children..he's a teacher, mother, Grandma, father, and like everything to them... Grandma don't look so old though.. may be around 50-60 something..

When Maknae had to do exercise everynight, the other siblings will join too, so it will look entertaining and to not letting maknae feel discriminated..Grandma, u're very thoughtful at tiniest detail.. moshitta..
Before sleep, other sibling take turn to help maknae with her feet-to put something(i forgot what it was called)...

I know out there many kind of people....upper(rich) class people, poor people, middle class people.. I'm sure I'm the middle class community.. I have many kind of friends.. But all of my friends are either rich/middle class.. Unless there are some friends that I do not know their family status.. But that's not the important point here.. Sometime, when seeing them...I have this thought.. Will they get any charity?..will they receive any..Like..are there anyone out there would help out giving financial support.. But I'm glad the Korean Gov. aid treatment cost for the maknae..
Somehow.. I really think.. why don't rich people give out some money to poor people.. I don't say to all. But most rich people only care bout their own family..They bought many many many many many branded items, while only use some of them..I always thought..isn't it's good, if u use ur money to help poor people.. in some way.. or provide scholarship? etc...Really.. But that's their lifestyle..Otherwise, upper class term won't exist...yet again..I'm blaming others.. I have to blame myself too.. Why I easily wasting my money when all the money i wasted cud've be use to help poor people.. But I'll answer.. I can't live like that..This is my living style...and I just can't help it because it makes me happy to use my money to travel or buying foods/clothes/bag/car/cd/etc...  I like...It's the same situation when we think those poor people shouldn't be sleeping on bare woods..although they look happy and very much enjoying their life.. every level class of people had their very own happiness and worries..

While thinking like this,I had many thought rushing in my mind..like how I wish I can give more...Also, why I didn't give more before.. Why I always ignore people at the streets when they asked me for money.. or why I always had mind doubt every time ppl came to me for money.. Or why I didn't even bother to take part as front liners in any charity event ... Or why I keep my money soo much/feel reluctant to spend it....to buy car? to buy house? to support my future life? for hajj? umrah?
Even I keep my money like that, I had this shameful thought too..like..I wish I'm a rich person,so I can give them more money to help them a bit. especially w/ education.. etc..but saying like that.. as if I'm noble.. because what's the guideline of rich??

We dun have to wait to own a 1 mill dollar cost of a car...to be categorised as rich... Giving.. doesn't have to be in this situation..
I hope I can be a better person next time..T.T.. Not only writing like this.. I don't want to provoke any different  classes of families.. But just a friendly share.. Isn't it's good if we start to give more. 1st and foremest.. because u dun live because of money..You dun need to be rich to enjoy life/to find happiness.You dun have to be a doctor/entertainer to be happy..
As long as you care for people around you more, you'll eventually realise.. you have found more that valuable thing compared to any of your material.. calmness in your heart..