Monday, June 28, 2010

baachan : B2ST Showcase+sign(27th June/Part2) + KLIA farewell=(

The second day of the fansigning at One Utama(OU) mall was a loooot better than previous day.
I reached OU at 12am.Wah..It was so easy to spot the FCUK venue .LOL.
There,hung a big banner? of B2ST and stage.
So,we(Alyaa+siblings n me) were like among 20 1st
That's very front.haha

The security was a lot better.
They arranged fans since like 1 pm.=)..So,we now..we can Q in even picnic while q-ing...

At around 5.30pm..So many fans already flocked by the FCUK with some 'stalkers' stand beside on the road.huhuhu*I hate them..kkk*.Cause we'r the one who q-ed like forever,But...the stupid MC seems more interested with those stalkers.=.='


then.,,B2ST arrived using white van(lol)..white is so typical.ehehehe ws esp funny,since the van stopped really beside the stage.LOLOLOL

The fansign begun..

weee..Still remmber my fail uchiwa?? I brought the uchiwa
But on the other side.I wrote the correct spelling of 'hyunseung'.=]

So,again..met junhyung..just smiled..yeah..he can smile hawt.*_*
then,Dongwoon.hahahaha..I didn't forget to bring my fail uchiwa XD
so,DW kinda saw my uchiwa and have a sort of  unsatisfied

Next,,Gi Kwang..kkk.He saw my fail uchiwa..hahahaha.But he has to sign fast..XD..

Again..Doseung moment...

DJ poked Hyunseung..=.='

HS: Ah!!*While pointed at me+my uchiwa..*sort of remmber me from yesterday?* omgee...his stare kills me.
Me then just smiled showing the wrong 'hyunseung's spelling..kkk

HS: No!Wrong!

Then i turn the other side.*THE CORRECt spelling*

HS+DJ: Ah..this  right..*omge..his little english is cute*_**
Then,i turn to the wrong side again..
HS:No no wrong2


Then i turn to the correct side


mAY BE he seems wanted to correct me from yesterday,but he couldn't since time is limited*_*
But today(27th).he managed to correct me..=.='

HAHAHAHA..I totally enjoy 'playing' with hyunseung=D=D=D=D

hanks to hyunseung.I dun have any memory with Yoseob.Or more likely..I forgot to look at my cute yoseobie..aigooooooo....

Before that.I bent down a bit to Hyunseung and said..
'Na jincha neoreul saranghae.'

He sort of heard it?and nodded a bit.aigoo..His eyes+stare just killed meT_T.
But I can see his mood seems a bit off that day of 27th.+_+..
cause yestrday at KL LIVE  when i said saranghae he still can smile .
So,I got my sign at around early..then,i JUST joined those stalker and watch B2ST signing from far.huhuBut my view was blocked by security..aigoooooo..I only see gikwang most of the time=.='

After the signing ended,we celebrated DJ's birthday*_* sweet*_*..

At about 7pm,the signing ended...Each mmbers then sort of making a goodbye sad..I dun want them to leave*______*.


KLIA 28th June. 2010..

Farewell my B2ST T__T..
oKAY..The plan was soo last minute.*_*.
the reason being...
1)  I was unsatisfied with B2ST mood*HS esp* during the signing at OU on 27th

2)I planned to visit my friend.So,why not drop by KLIA 1st?XD*dah alang2 nak keluar ma..kkk*

3)I watched 8tv e-live interview with B2ST at 4.30pm today(28th)..Erghh..
I was disappointed/unsatisfied with B2ST mood.=(..DJ's mood seems really off.+__+
Too my surprise..It was JH who did almost all the talking.huhu
YS looks as if he has a serious illness*_*
DW seems a bit okay..But still...+_+

My hyunseung..just sat still like  doll*_*

And so..i WAS soo curious..what happen to them?+_+izit tooo tiring till it was clearly shown on the TV*_*..
I dun want them to leave MALAYSIA like this.gosh..

And so...
My 1st ever shouting like mad at KLIA begun*____*
reached KLIA damn early.kk..Phoned almost everyone..kkk
And in rush,I manage to hasut Alyaa to go to KLIA

Glad I brought my,can online there*__*.haha

At about 9.30pm.I saw many fans in front of door H..
yeah2.I saw a nuna sort of check in B2ST's luggage.hahaha.
It was seriously a lots of

their flight is at 11.25 pm.
But..till 10.40pm...I can't even see their shadow*_*
there were around like 50 fans?

and guess what..i saw quite a lot of HS's banner*___*.aigoooo.Why everyone want to steal my HS?kkkk
It seems.. many HS's fans appeared..tonight..

I think at around 10.45pm..JENG3

B2st appeard in KLIA.hehe.I 1st stand quite far since I dun like to be push by other girls.
oh wait2.there were quite a lot of fanboys too.XD

LOL..The funny thing was..there were like a huge group of family crowding in front of B2ST door  of entrance.haha.poor ur children from B2ST fans!!!XD

The 1st one I saw...DW!Wow.he's so tall..*__*

tHEN.YS..gyahhh..he really is small.*_*.i WANT TO KIDNAP HIM!
Then,saw DJ,,and JH.wait..where is my HS???*__*
1st impression.They all look friendly and smile to fans*_*
AIGOO..HS,,eat more coco crunch and grew taller.kkkk.U're the last one I manage to spot*_*

And so..the police made like a big circle around B2ST mmbers.hehe.So,i basically walk beside the police.=).OMGEE..nice view*_*.
I bloody shout out HS's name.ahhhhh..He sort of searching for the voice.bUT i WAS BEHIND HIM*___*.
LOL..and the guard kinda 'shock' at my shouting.kkkk.i shout really near that guard's ear.XD

gyahh..Then,i think i SHOULD move to the other side..arghh..My mission tonight is to have him to look at me+my fail uchiwa!

And so..i rushed  beside HS till my distance with HS is only separated by the police.BUT..there was a HS fans beside me shouting HS name.aigoo..

me was like..aigoo..too soft.LOUDER girls! XD

then,i THINK i SHOULD move to the front since HS is lazy to move his neck.kkk
So,I ran forward and wave my uchiwa..arghh..he sort of on,i SHOUTED his name*_*
u know i HAVE kinda soft voice.kkk
But glad he saw/heard me..*_*..awww..I stare directly to his eyes*_*.Then,i waved my uchiwa like mad.kkk
He then,nodded, smiled and wave back to me..omgee..fainted*_*.

haha.I think DJ+DW sort of look at me..But I'm too bz looking at
I'm a loyal i?XD

tHEN,I think i should at least say bye2 to,i SHOUTED YS's name.aww
He saw me..holding HS's feel bad*_*..
then,he waved at me with his cute smile..omona..
Then,I just realised...JH was so near beside me+police.
hahaha.So,I just shouted his name.Then I realised some other fangirls copying me shouting for
But .
Too my surprise..YS again look at me and wave by2..kkk..JH seems kerek..hahahaha

Ah.I forgot to look at DJ+DW.aigooo
I only care for hs*_*..

So far,YS wave +smile all the way till reach the  perlepasan antarabangsa escalator. Dujun too..
DW just smiled*__*.JH with his kewl*_*.
B2ST mmbers seems happy but yess..tired *_*
I'm satisfied bidding farewell like this*_*

After they entered the antarabangsa escalator..I continued shouting HS's name and wave my ichiwa.kk
He saw me again and waved back*_*.

then..there is one fan..threw sth to HS..HOHOHO.bUT IT fell behind HS..
HS sort of looking back and kinda contemplating may be he should pick that thing or not.aigoo.
But there was a guard behind him*_*

so,he just stare the 'thing' for a while and cont. walking.huhu..
See,,told ya.many HS's fans tonight*___*.I was surprised ...

So,after that...I continued running forward reaching lorong2 yang I sendiri pon taktau
we then,ketok2 the glass wall..after B2ST finished with the immegresen check..kkk..YS kinda shock to see us from up there..kkkkk..
YS+DJ waved to fans. JH smiled ..same goes to DW.
HS just look at the fans..kkk

B2ST made my day*_*
It was a peaceful night.and funny..kkk
Funny coz that was my 1st time did sth crazy like sending celebs at
Also..when fans were like running here and there..kkkk..
peaceful since that's not much random histeria screaming.I meant.i can clearly hear my voice shouting HS's
And the polices were quite cool too.They didn't shout at fans or told us to back off..etc...hehehe
they just focus on their barricade.l ol
Ah,the staffs were a lot nicer too*__*
There was 1 fat staff..he told me not to get so close*_*.
even a nuna staff keep saying..please dun get hurt*_*..

i REAlised.Other fans sort of following me and shouting their fave B2ST mmbers's name.hahahaha
yess girls..shout ur bias's nameXD..dun scream randomly.hahaha

there were no pushing,and I can comfortabaly walking/running beside the police..kkk
Just a bit out of breath since running with so many things with me.huhu.yeah.
I'm running to have HS's attention.aigooo.*_*.. mission satisfied*__*
I can sleep with ease..and wrapped up my weekend+monday with B2ST*_*
Till we meet again in japan!!!weeeeeeeee

*P/S:I'm sorry.I didn't take any picture+fancams*_*

I was totally mesmerised by  DW at 1st .Then,bz with my mission to  HS.*_*.
Miahn2.But I'm sure.u'll got to see lotsss of gojes fancams soon^^.

it was a nice view*___*

ja,mata na.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Baachan : B2ST Showcase+sign(26th June/Part1)

Hmm...Just because I always do this,,so, i think i SHOULD proceed in writing the fan account =.='
please bare...with the length..of coz XD

So.This time..the fan report will b divided into 2 parts..=).
26th AND 27th JUNE 2010!

So..Arrived at KL Live at around 2pm?
I  slept late the day before (4am) due to incoherent+nervousness to  meet B2ST ..\woke up at 9am the day 26th!..without preparing anything yet..for B2ST =.='

My fail  'HYUNSEUNG's name!=.=

MY FAIL UCHIWA!!!!!!T_T,once arrived,catched up with yoonae..omgee..u know what.My stupid hp did it again.
i got 60 miskals that morning 26th!!T_T

SOORRYYYY Yoonae ah...MY baka keitai was running out battery!!!and I forgot to charge it..arghhh..
i prepared so many gifts for b2st*_*..especially my hyunseung*_*.

At 1st,the Q at KL live was quite OKay.... around 3 pm...

there was a sudden flock at the mid part of the Q*_*.omgeee..that bloody UMM held the so called lucky draw for fans to have a lunch/greet? with B2ST at hotel nikko,KLCC.,the fans rushed there,and yeahh..
tHAT's where the chaos started!!!!!!!!

Plus,there was sudden  random fake screamed and peeps took advantage here and there.etc..cutting Q happened everywhere!!!!!!!+_+...

I rushed to the middle part as well...
At 1st not many peep got the luck..We have to pick the orange pingpong ball from the totally covered box..amongst like 15 white balls... =/..
Towards the end..UMM bloody removed more number of white ball.or may be added more orange ball..since they want like 150? peeps to be picked.=/
so,,those latecomer are bloody lucky n manage to be picked.=/...even some of them didn't even know what is B2ST..not even buy the tix aka got the tix free..etc...watever...=/

dunno,,dun wana care =),as overall....The event management was totally222222222222 S.U.C.K.
Yeahhhhh..U heard it right! SO MANY peeps fainted!!!..Like 35??may be more.=/
U got to be there....and experience urself.I think I'm just one lucky soul since I force myself to not skip my lunch>.<
Ah,and and the event delayed like 2 hours!!!!!!!!
some random shouting from fans..



I Q-ed at the very front ,except being pushed a bit since so many 'random' peeps are in front us=.='
So many media in front of me during the
I was bz covering my face using the uchiwa.kkk...
So,please pardon me..if u see me holding the fail 'hyunseung''s uchiwa. hahahahahaha

iT'S WEIRD..While complaining during the Q..i PHONd mizah+nAD+Nadia?,,and nagging to go
I even say..I want KIBUM now!.hahahahahaa*childish me*=.='
So,after suffering like 6 hours?.Finally they opened the gate at around 8pm.

HAh..that's not the start of the relieve..we have to wait for nearly 1 hour more to wait for another gate to be open.hahahahahahahahha..I really22 want to turn into BEAST on d 26th!#__#

Okay2.I want to highlight some parts..
1)I saw a girl suffering on difficulty to breath..and the securitiesss peeps rushed to her  in the 'SEA' of fans...ergh..*SCARY*..+_+

Glad,,nobody least.=/

2)Some stupid peeps didn't have the shirt want to enter 1st when UMM clearly stated that those with beast tee will enter 1st..=/

3) Some stupid soul again..took advantage by using other escalator meant for VIP? to have a priority entrance=/
At the end,they got caught by us..and security stopped the escalator!O.0////*SCary*

4)SCREAMING are everywhere..=/....Not a motivated scream..But rather..a sort of rebel screammm.=.='

So, to enter the venue =)/saw the gojes stage..I was at 3rd row..yeah..very front in the middle part =)
BUT....As more peeps coming in..I got pushed towards the left.and backwards! till i got really2 towards the left and be like 5th row now!!
I fucking hate u the chinesess girls who pushed me away!!!!!..And ur hair smelled nasty!!!!!!!!
ur hair getting on my way and soooooooo annoying!!!!!grrrrrrrrr=.='

So..Because I am a mature girl and a good fan..I'm not going to push or scream randomly .I want to save my energy to sing with my B2ST.
But I am so disappointed......
I can't even hear B2ST's voices!!FANS just randomly screamed*_*.even the fan chantings were barely recognized.=/
Yeah222..everyone were like really22 BEASTly!*_*

The pushing was SOOOOOOO TERRIBLE.We even move like a wave..even me,in the front row..I can't even see things many cams in front me..I wonder how about the peeps at the back ...=(

Im glad my body is full with,I can stand still even with the terrible pushing...=.='
So,I sang with B2ST^^..and occasionally lifted up my fail uchiwa =.='
YEAH..Hyunseung saw it and wave to me *fainted*   *____*
dujun+ys+dw alwaysssssss came by my side..hyunseung on the sad*_*.
oh, fav 3's are YS,DJ+HS =)

The boys look soooo handsome..*_*
Omgee..junhyung is so hot in person*_*.Yeah2..he has sort of bad boy loook..kkk.but he's the most dandy one in B2ST XD

Dujun always did random fanservices..he's the jjang leader*_*..Make me love him more now.=.='
DW(maknae) is soooooo HAWT*_______*..U must222 see him personally,sooo handsome*_*.

YS is chou kawai..his face is very small*_*..He's so nice to fans^^

My hyunseung..omgee..the curly hair.=D=D=D=D=D=D
he's so skinny*_*.eat more!!!!!!but yeah.he's very pretty.his eyes are very intimidating.*fainted*

 Gi Kwang.My least fave..kkk.I dun look so much on him.But he always appear on my sight =.='He's soooo handsome like maknae*_*..,good face =).no wonder so many peeps like him.ehe.
Ah,and i ACCIDENTLY took a fancam of AJ lifting up his shirt a bit.kkkk..

some random highlights:

1) DW said saya cinta kamu before leaving the stage to get change..and DJ suddenly show up saying..
'me too".lol kawai..*_*..

2) I saw DOSEOB moment in front of me*__*.. *flails*

3)Dujun posessss(many2 times) in front my eyes *_*.

4) Yoseob kinda bent down in front my eyes like 3/4 times.OMGEE...I want to kidnap him..haha.kawai yo!

5)DW's laughed/smirk? is sooo melting*_____*.But glad,I didn't get cheated by that.kkkk..I will only look for hyunseng.hahahahaha..
So far..except HS+JH.all mmbers had kinda bent down infront of my eyes..

B2ST  performed Mystery,Special.Bad gIRL.Shock,easy,oasis(omgee,,lucky echa)..and midley song.
Overall..except I ddn't really hear them singing due to WILD scream,their dances were daebak..but yeah..i can see B2ST looks so tired.=.='

during of lucky fren got picked to be on the stage and flirt with B2ST mmbers.kkkkkk
LOL.At 1st,I kinda not recognise her..hahahahahahaha..Since i dun really know ur full name echa!

Hahaha.I even told Yoonae.....
"ah..why i KINDA have seen that girl before?'.lolololol..
Glad,echa!u got picked amongst  like thousands peepo?O.0
THE LUCK FROM U KISS ME last time I guessed.XD.
We didn't meet during the event,but i already met u on the stage.HAHAHA..Tho i dunno it was u at that time. fail.!=.='

So,yeah22..during oasis song,the 'lucky' girl XD awas kinda flirting with B2ST mmbers on the stage.haha.
Get roses..and selca? u see in korea university festival lucky u echa*_*..*honestly want to cekik u*.hahahahahahh XD
the fans below were basicallly screaming..out of jealousy XD

So,the showcase ended and follow by AUTOGRAPH session.It lSTED FOR ONLY 1 HOUR

The pushing continued =.='
i'm KINDA not having so mch hope looking at how many peeps inside the venue,and the terrible pushing...huhu...But towards the end.I managed to get into the sign-q.HUHUHU..Soooo gladT-T
Otherwise..Syifa,U won't have the sign =.='
And HERE..The story of embarrasing fail uchiwa begun*_*....

1)Managed to pass my presnts to the staff..
2)B2ST mmbers signed really222222222 FAST!
3)no giving hi-5..just walk pass thru slowly *_*...huhu

then..the 1st i MET...
Joker aka junhyung!
He smiled at me..I smiled back to him..=).He's sooo handsome*_*

Then,met my eyes with maknae *melt*.He smiled at me before signing...And he saw my fail ichiwa..=.='AND MADE a sort of look "eh,that is wrong'.kkkk

Next..A.J..smiled to me.i SMILED BACK TO HIM.*WAA..HIS eyes is so cute*.he looks like a baby*_**
anyway..again..A.J kinda saw my fail uchiwa...=.='

then....the most embarassing part.. My 3 faves are sitting together!*_* DJ.HS,YS.
DUJUN at 1st just smiled to me..then,when he want to look down to sign,he saw my uchiwa*_*;.......................omgee..he was totally cracked up and his sign was kinda interrupted. lol=.='
I can still rmmber his akuma's laughed=.='
Dujun then poked hyunseung and have him to look at my uchiwa. OMGEE..Hyunseung ah.. I'm sooo sorry.T__T
Dujun then look at me again and cont laughing=.='
I stick out my tongue spontaneously to DJ.aigoo..
So,due to a total embarrassment, I pointed to my uchiwa ...and mouthing 'miahn ne' to hyunseung.
Poor my hyunseung..He then pointed to my uchiwa n had this sort of look "U dun spell like's this way etc.''..kkkk

Then,it seems like Yoseob who sat beside Hyunseung was kinda interested on what was happening...
And so....another person cracked up over my FAIL UCHIWA.=.='
Hahahahahahaha..It's weird.I kinda enjoyed their expressions ^^.
Ah,then,I say 'saranghae' to HS while standing infront seobie saranghae is only for 1 person.kkkk
Then,HS had sort of a shy look.=.='
aigooo..i AM THE ONE who suppose to be shy.kkkkkkk,my bad day for the whole day had kinda paid off after meeting and have sort of a play moment with my 3 faves*_*.

Only then..after I came down from the stage..the MC suddnly announced..
'oKAY..So,the signing session will end here'..0.o

Some random from the events...I 1st planned to come wth some frenssss..But after alll..the Q was a mess..I didnt even meet Alyaa,echa(except on stage when u're flirting with B2ST XD)..liyana(I saw u n stage q-ing for sign)..aishah(Q-ing for sign on stage)..Aida..(yeah.we met,But so far!!*_*)
Who else..some B2uty I met from FB..etc..aigoooooo..................

tired.catch up with yoonae.and went back to her tired*_*.

Second part will come soon..where the story of fail uchiwa continues =.='


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Baachan: U KISS ME fanmeeting 19/6/10 (Part3)-Perf+Signing+end

ok2.some recaps from the previous 2nd
Haha.I just rmmbered.KB did teased me to do the bingeul2.*_*'s so hard to refuse>.<..
But since I dun 100% confident with,i have to give
KIBUM ah.i'm so sorry*_*.Aigoooo.

And2.When i see the fancam,.I saw Eli cracked up looking at my 0.o expression to KB when he said..'MY LADY'..=.='
My bad my  reflect is uncontrollable.=.='
Oh,and i just realise..the other ukiss mmber's expression while I was singing were too precious*_*
Just ask me directly if u want the fancam.*_*i'm kinda afraid to publicise it

pLUS,dONGHO did GEE after we sing his birthday songs*_*.kawai!!!!

Continue with performances.=D
these are list of songs they performed.
Bingeul2,Manmanhani,Mworago, Talk to me,not young,cover the end of road by BOYZ II MEN(Ballad ok!!)
Ah what is good during the ballad.i REALLY LOVE THE AUDIENCE co-op.I meant.they know when to shout,and when to quiet and feel the ballad.=D=D=D=D.
I think there are some more songs?..ah,sorry for my pathetic memory.=.='.I was so absorbed with their performance skills.
LOL.can u imagine seeing all pretty+handsome boys dancing+singing coolly on stage,really near to u???!*_*

But U got to admit!It's bloody awesome performances!*_*.It's really good to see their performances LIVE!.
Seohyun's powerful voice is really sth*_*..awesome.
Kevin's nice voice as usual.melt my heart..
then.kIBUM..OMgee..he sang quite a lot in some song*__*.and I'm soooo happy to hear more of his VOICE!=D=D=D=D.Since his bro is the lead vocalist in SS501.
Kiseop had some part too.wuhuuu..his voice is soft*_*.

nOT TO MENTION,THEIR AWESOME  dances!!!I was so surprised on what i've seen.=)Happy22222 for UKISS.

Really people,even u're not a kiss me,really22222 worth seeing it.iT was totally worth rm350!!
U'll eventually come out as a KISS ME.haha.
Plus,UKISS is like improving a lot!!=D=D
They have gotten so much hotter.Love their white outfits too*_*.
KIbum's vice is really good too*_*.weeee..yeah..I know.cuz isn't we mostly see Kev+SH do all the singing?

A.But I kinda realise Kevin didn't look energetic??hmm..=/
I hope he's jst fine.ah,may be he's feeling sad to leave M'sia soon..XD
Bla3.Xander kinda doing all the talk.hoho.I wonder what happen to Kev.=.=
Xander said,they are so sad to leave us soon.T_T
wHEN theyr are about to perform the ballad's end of the road..
Xander said we gonna do some ballad and melt kiss me's heart.
At 1st u'll be ice kacang.But at the end,become a water.cause of melting.LOLOL..
That was seriously genius to connect with ice kacang=.='...

Just before Manmanhani.SH teach? shout the 'hey' part after.the 'manmanhani'..hoho.
I shouted so loud my throat is about to burst.
Then,they after performance,UKISS has to get ready for the signing session*_*..


Singning session. starts..
I was arranging my letters+gifts to all UKISS mmbes accordingly to the sequence UKiss seating on the stage..and i thught..may be I should bring my 'O type' uchiwa too.XD
Puahahaha.there so many random ukiss fanservices during the signing session*___*.
Those who are waiting for their turn on their seat/while wandering around in the hall..can enjoy see the mmbers do random cuteness with ease..weeee..And some peeps came forward near the stage and take ukiss picture like what media

Just my poor camera is memory fulll.i CAN ONLY CAPTURE the moment in my head*_*//

Hightlights:Dongho+Kiseop love doing random cute things.OMGEEE...Kiseop the master of pout*_*
Dongho with his agyeo*_*.Xander with his playful manner.
Eli+SH+KB? take off their shirt leaving only singlet wth them.*melt*

The boys are really friendly and wave+smile  to fan a lot of time too*_______*
Fanservices are everywhere!=D=D.
I'm glad they made us,fan happy,..THE BEST FM EVER I tell u.
Ah,this is their charm i thought^^.And since they'r young,so,it feels energetic?haha...

Finally,my trn to get the sign^^
My ^&()*&*&^%^%^& Kevin!weee

He's thin*_*..and so fair.=D=D
Ah.I dunno what to say..
me:My name is he wrote 'E' instead of B.aigoo.Kevin ah..+_+
But i corrected him..It's B.ehe..
Then,finished signing.I pass my gift to him.hE JUST SMILE CUTELY^^.and say thank u with bright smile.=D

Me:Hi^^..Maknae is so cute^^
OMGEEE..Maknae is soo gojes*_*.His skin is like flawless..and and..He look hotter/cuter in real life.
Hahaha.Then,I think,there's no use for me to speak anything if he didnt understand me.So,i just smile and stalk DH (lol).while waiting for him signing^^.
Then,i PASS HIM my gift and he has this kind of mouth shape ..'O'.. kawai.and smile sooooooo cutely..^^I can still rmmber the smile.ehe interaction time with him kinda,after receive my gift.He did kinda cute random agye.wuhuuu*_*... want to kidnap him,can I?+_+

Kiseop.Wullamak..aigooo..he's really222222 pretty!!*_*.So,much222 prettier in real life*_*
No wonder he's the ullzang!=D=D
i can't resist anymore.
Me:Omona.cheommal yeppo*_*..
KS:Just smile..kk.somehow I feel bad may be he doesn't like to be called pretty?kkk
But he really is=.='......
Then,he asked me whata is that 1st letter of my name.(LOL Kevin.u ruined my B.aigoo..kkk)

I then's B^^.
Then,while watching hm signing.I took out my letter+gift and pass to him.
Me:Here..present for u.I got it from UK.Hope u like he just smiled and took the gift^^.aigoo.mY BAD.i shouldn't scare him with my gibberish English.=.='

Me:Hi xander.
Wee..then he saw my 'O' type uchiwa.and said
Xander..wahh.O too..hI-5..LOL
Me:Yeah.O type is the best.kk
Then,nAd joined me,
Nad:I'm O TYPE TOO.LOL..and hi-5.kk
Finished signing.I pass my letter to him.And he has the expression DH But more intense.kk.
Aigoo,I feel bad.cuz I just wrapped the letter using random shopping plastic bag*_*.
Then,he took it n said.TQ .wth smile.=D

Next..Eli.Hahaha.Actually during the interrogation with Xnder,Eli kinda interrupted:
'Ah..O...I'm an O type too.kk.

me;Hi JJANG eLI^^U're handsome^^
Wee..Actually i have so mnay  thigns to say to him.But i totally forgot!.lol
hes so handsome^^.
Then,again.I pass my letters.he just smiled and has the moith shape as DH+xANDER..said thank you=)

Wee...Next my &^$#$^&T&*%&*(&*&()**&$^&*()_$%^&*()  KIBUM!
OMGEE..I met him again cuz i ALREADY MISS HIM AT THAT TIME.=.='.waaa...I'm so happy that i become speechless this time.*__*.
I just smile ear to ear.and him too*melt*.
Me: Hi KB!..Oboetemasuka atashi??
KB: whILE SIGNing..'OBOETEMASU YOoooo..omgee..melt.the tone is really cute make me wana faint*__*
Then,it's kinda awkward=.='cuz i dunno why.then i rmmbered to pass my letter to him too.bUT i'm so dissappointed myself for not bringing any present!just a fletter for him.=((((((Hmm..may b that's reason i feel bad..=.='
He has kinda 'O' mouth shape and said thanks^^..gosh.I've gotten so much nervous than before..what happen tO me?T_T.
Then, think the pak guard kinda push me to move..ergh..I hatchuuuuu...the person with SH is not yet finish okay!.dush3.
Tsk,for the last.i took a brief look at KB and send my goodbye smile.=(

Ok2.last one..SH..
Wee...He's so energetic*_*.hIS HAIR IS AWESOME*_*.And2...he look much2 better in real life^^

Me:Hi SH!^^
Then,I just watching him signing,since I dun want to scare him with my english.again..kk
So,I just looka t him.
Wee.after that,he said sankyu.gosh.I'm the one who supposed to+_+..
Anyway.i PASS HIM my letter.and he has the 2nd best 'O' mouth shape.and receive my letter with gratitude.*___*
I feel good...  Ah overall..I was so satisfied with all the mmbers reaction*___*
UKISS jjang*__*

Bla3..I skipped some part which are not related to mine.kkk.

UKISS mmber than handle out the cd to the ACE=Knight+Vampire seaters.
Itw as so fast.haha.But some of them manage to do the
They can choose which mmber they want to receive the cd from^^.
Ah.I think ukiss mmbers tried their best to interact with their fans^^.Wee..
That's why we love UKISS=D=D=D

Bla3.Nearly the end.omo..t_t
They said bye2 and do 90 degree bow..
Xander said will come back for concert..
wuhuu.I wana go!!!!!!!AND MEET kibum+Kevin and ALLL the precious UKISS mmbers again!*_*.

To sum up,the overall fm WAS DAEBAK.GDE,good job for the accomplishment^^
even some other fans said that this was the best FM ever*_*.
Ah.together with other KISS ME,Kpop lovers..We saw and witnessed ourself the power of UKISS+KISS ME^^.
From the event management(Tho there r still some flaws. bt yeah.not much to hurt our excitement^^).
From UKISS performances.stage prep..ment.MC,talk,games.singning,audience,lighticks(lol).etc..I'm soo happy^^

*Ah.The fanreport has come to the end.Thank you for reading till the end.
if u enjoy reading it..I'm much222 more enjoy!=D
To be honest,I have read my own post like countless of time
It was too precious.=D=D
Don't worry.Someday,sometime,Your turn to have same dream as mine will come soon^^
So,1 more dream has comes true..^^
Ahh...nOW,i KNOW..dream is yet possible too.just need a bit of luck?*_*..huhu

Saturday, June 19, 2010

baachan: U KISS ME fanmeeting 19/6/10 (Part2) What u're waiting for!

So!!The fanmeets cont with games!Hmm..i was so frustrated since i'm not the lucky seat to be choosen for the game.=(.
Evrything turned out to the other way round!!LOL

The MC suddenly said that each U-KISS mmbers will choose the fans they want as their game partner.=D
LOL.Everyone was screaming like.ME ME!hAHAHA.Me
Then,I rmmbered my bloody fanboardssss.=D=D=D
I quickly took out KEVIN(MY big BIAS.).But apparently..he didn't look over my side.T-T
He picked other person.Then, I tot..Ah...KEVIN has so many fansT-T. I have so many madu d.=(
Ah,so,i give up.
then,I saw Soohyun is kinda searching for his lucky fan while d other mmbers are searching for their lucky fans too,perhaps?=D..
Then,Nad asked to borrow my fanboard.haha.So,i gave him
OMGEE..Glad thing SH saw it!!
At 1st,he kinda hesitated!=.='....haha..may be he feels wierd cuz Nad wear veil?huhu
Anyway,I helped Nad by pointing to SH fanboard to SH while Nad is literally jumping.=.='
Glad...he then,directly pointing at Nad!Wohoooo.
That moment I thought.OMGEE NAD!!!!!U MADE IT!!Honestly I was soo jealous since i'm the one made the fanboard.LOLOL...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
BUT I'm happy for her=D=D=D=D.
And happy cuz my hardwork in making the fanboard stays up late is really2222 WORTH!!!

So,after all lucky fans were picked.the 1st game begun^^
It was  cahm cham cha game that korean stars always play in variety shows.=D=D
Hahaha.So cute.^^
Plus,after the game.the MC will ask all the partner to do sth for each hug?lol(kisop),he was kinda shy.kkk

Nad's turn!!=D=D
'Ok,how about if SH lift her up like a bride style?'
The MC said after the game ended..0.O......
OMGEEE..At that time i was thinking..OMGEEE OMGEE..NAD!U're dead!!So,what u're GOING to do now???!hahaha.u cannot
Then,SH lift Nad like a bride style and carry her (*_*) till reach the side stage..WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
...Really!!!LOL..I'm so speecheless of what i've seen.omgee!!!like in kdrama.0.O...
omgee Nad!Beware for antis after this..KKkkkk..And please be thankful to my bloody SOOHYUN's boards..tho it's very meant a lot to u.and me^^...

Ah...and so the game ended...I was a bit  sad..=(..Not being able to play with ukiss..=(..
Then,suddnly the MC said..
*Ok now.. 2nd game!!*.wuhuuu...And the fans went wild too.

OMGEE..this time I was determind. Let's not waste my effort stay up all night with the boards..
At 1st..i was thnking of Kevin(again)..bUt then,,i gave up since he has so many fans..=(.
Moved to my ukiss 1st love aka 2nd bias,KIBUM!!=D=D=D=D
i BLOODY Lift up high my 'KIBUM Kawai  <3 ' fboard!!
I was praying.please2222 look here!!*__*..

And and and and...U guess what..=)
HE SAW IT!!!!whohuuuu..
And again..he kinda hesitated and making a bit of thinking act?But eye still on me.LOL
Then,he pointed to me with smile(i assumed).!!0.o..i was a bit incoherent of what had happen so I pointed to myself,and kinda make this expression,'me?!!???'
That moment,I know,i WAS DEAD!!omgee..biha,what have u done??LOL.Ok2,let's calm down and not to make any stupid act*_*..kkk
Ah,So,kibum fetch me?(lol).sorry for my vocab..=.='
With his cute smile^__^
Ah..I feel so relieve!
My 1st impression..His smiling eye is soo cute*_*He doesn't look like a twin of KHJ(SS501) like peeps always said.But yeah.u gotta see some KHJ on his face ^^
Ah,and KIBUM looks the same like in the picture/video.He had just thin make up..kk.Just to let u

And so...walked to the cntre stage..TOGETHER!
Omgee..i was literally flying!! 1st love UKISS,kibum!He's beside me!!.i'M WALKING NEXT TO HIM LIKE WALKING NEXT TO MY BEST FRIENDS..!!

Kibum is the one that into-d me to UKISS!!=D=D=D=D=D=D
I like him at 1st  cuz222 he speak fluent JAPANESE!!Wuhuuuu.
I love dude+peeps who can speak nihongo!!=D=D=D=D=D
haven't speak nihongo for ages d.

So,I attacked him with my japanse fangirling ukiss overexcitement(lol).Pardon for my phrase.+_+
So,this is what we've talked while waiting for other fans to be picked=D=D=DI

Me:anata no nihongo sugei desu yo!*_*daisuki!^^
*Ur jpanase is really awesome.I like)

KB:Ehhh..nihongo dekiru deska?/*while walking to the cntre stage.
(U can speaK JAPANESE?)

Me:Hai!!*excited tone like u see in anime =.='...
       Demo chotto dake*pout unknowingly =.='
(Yess..But a bit only) jouzo omoumasu*_* (Lol,not to sure,but he meant like..No.i think it's(my japanese)  good.*_*..


KB; Boku mo,chotto dake.nihongo dekiru des..^^(Ah,me too,can speak a lil japanese^^)

(OMGEE ..He use BOKU!! Instead of watashi!!!!LOL).I was assuming he's my bf d. PUAHAHAHAHAHA.
And omgee..u know when peepo using nihongo,they tends to have the cute tones/style of speaking.
GYAHHH..So u know what i meant now??=D=D=D=D=D=D
I was litereally flying..
Then I look around me.OMGEE..UKISS mmbers are standing on the same stage as me??!!
Xander is next to my rght.KEvin on my left with other girl.=.='..
Ah,then,i say(in heart) my last 'bye2 Kevin.*_*..
Then,turn over to KB again^^.kekekekeke..I wana focus on him only from now*_*.owh..

SOMEHOW i was thinking,i'm not meant to stand on that place..=/..I's really an amazing place to be at!=D=D=D

KB: Ano,UKISS no 1st album no uta ga,dou kangaimasuka?
(LoL..Not to sure about the words.But he meant to ask me,What do u think about Ukiss' 1st album  songs?)

Me:.With WIDE smile..Sugoku umai desu yo! Ukiss no uta ga .daisuki desu^^(Really good!I like!)

KB: Sou des ka?^^Arigato^^  (really?thanks)

Ah,his japanese is too cute*_*I can still rmmber his voice till now*_*

Oh,,the MC cont explaining the game.
So,it's 30 seconds show off ur talent!*_*.

ME: Yabai!.while looking at KB...(Yabai is use when referring 2 the situation where u're in big problem.)

KB:Yabai des ne???
*OMGEEE..He's too cute while teasing me with the smile..

aigoo.i'm dead.
I know I can sing.But hell no to korean song*_*.I'm so dumb in korean.I can only sing Japanse.
OK2..of cuz i KNOW bingeul2+mnmanhani+without u.etc,..But the memory is too all over*_*
I can't even sing mirotic till now!+_+.
To not make myself embarassed.i wana sing sth i'M SO CONFIDENT WITH.=D

Then,The MC told us, our partner(lol.KIbum my partner=D=D).OK2.NUF spazzing..XD.
they can help us too while the fans perform d 30 secs talent^^..

Ah,then,I tot..I should tell KB what i wana do.
 Me: Ano..atashi..utau shimasu*_*..(I wana sing)

KB;Uta??Ahh.ii ii^^. (sing? ok ok)

Me: Ah,ano....atashi ne..nihon no uta dake dekiru yo. Kankoku no uta ga dekinai.=(.
Gomenasai.hontouni gomen ne. (I can only sing japanse..and not korean.I'm really22 sorry)

KB;Ah,sou des ka..daijoubu yo.=)With smile.^^Nihongo no uta mo,sugoku ii tomoimasu^^
(It's okay.I think japanese songs are good too^^)

Me:.^^...Ah,Tohoshinki no uta wa .Doushite kimi wa suki ni natte shimattan darou..wakaru des ka?
(Ah,do u know the THSK's song doushite etc?)

KB:.Ah..etto..(while thinking CUTELY*)..Ah..nanka..ah..nanka wakaranai...ehe(Omgee..his smiling eye again*_*)..Nihon no uta shiranai dakedo ...etc..(pouts too)..*___*
 (He said he kinda know..but may be dunno?lol.then, he cont said that he dunno much of japanese songs.hE ONLY KNOW korean

Me:.Ehh..hontou ni?A,zannen.Watashi kankoku no uta hontouni dekimasenT_T.
(Really?wahh..pity me,i REALLY CAN'T SING ANY KOREAN.Really sorry)

KB:Smile.Ah,daijoubu daijoubu des^^.(it's ok)..weee

Bla3..can't rmmber what happening.i THINK i cont to stalk other uKISS mmbers on that
aND WORRying over the perf. too*_*.

Weee...and so the game cont,and the MC,let's begin and who's goin to be d 1st contestent?....And u know what.....
KB suddnly talked on the his mic..

"My lady'....OMGEE..I was so 'SHOCK'.that i LOOKED DIRECTLY at him and has this kind of angry/shock look.Eyes totally wide open.
'0.O'......hahahahai dunno how to describe,u can only watch from fancams perhaps?lol

and KB was kinda afraid at my expression?lol.and he laughed cutely while doing a kinda  sorry2 act.LOL
That was epic.=.='...

Ah.bla3..Then, my turn to sing*_*.Ah.I'm a bit nervous.aigoo.Esp with KB in front of me*_*

Wee..and the singing begun*_*.glad2222.My voice didn't cracked.I wAs so absorb with the 'doushite' bit while looking at KB,when suddnly i heard a loud cheer?0.o
OMGEE..Where am I exactly?Why they r cheering ?*_*..
Gosh..Then while cont singing.I heard the crowd sing with me too*_*.Ah.Im so happy!^^.
So,I can;t help myself but to look to the crowd and be like kinda a celeb performing.=.='
Wee..Evn ukiss mmbers were  like waving*_*.and KB just smile cutely infront of me*_*.Ah,what more I want?+_=This dream is too perfect*_*....
And and i did a bit turnover dance? with,time he hugged*It was an awkward hug.kkkkkkkkkkkkk

KB:Sugoku umai desu yo^^ (ur singing is good) and do the thumbs up?*_*

ME: Arigato.^^

Ah,bla333.then,the kevin girl dance OH! with kevin!lol.she practised it at home?'s really good^^
Thanks to her.i CAN SEE KEVIN DANCED oh!XD.

Then,UKISS mmbers has to stand behind the contestant  they  think is the best^^
LOL/but at the end,each mmber stood behind their partner^^
So,the crowd has to pick by voting with cheer.haha

1st ..

then,my turn..*whoaa*.
omgee it was kinda loud cheer.i'm so surprised*______*..Thank you thank you thank you..I love u all MY KISS ME.-D-D-D-D-D.

Then,Kevin's girl turn.wee..the cheer was just bit more louder than mine.haha.

At the end,Kevin's girl won^^.aha.i DUN MIND since her dance is really good yo^^

Then,before I leave the stage.I make a last bye2 to KB.*_*.aH,hE'S TOO CUTE AND SMILING+BYE2 back to me.=D*FLYING AGAIN*.

ao,the dream has kinda ended.+__+.Aigoooo..kkk.

Ah,i'M SO BLOODY TIRED..Hahaha.ok2 let's cont  with the evnt.
So,the lucky girl got to celeb DONGHO's birthday on stage!!, we sang happy birthday song in malay+English  for DH!!=D=D=D

Ok2.then,after the b-day celeb of DH.they took group picaa.*_*.so cute22222222 poses.
But my bloody camera is no use.And i'm seriously tired*_*..

tHEN,UKISS went to backstage to prepare for the performance.huhu
So,UKISS just bid bye while leaving the stage...and I lift up my  'o blood type' uchiwa .while sitting like monster.=.='
LOL.kibum saw it,and kinda,i was literally jumping from my seat and even wave my uchiwa aggressively just to make sure if he really is BYE2 to me.. PUAHAHAHAHAHA.He smiled again.and bid bye2*_*.
==D=D=D=D *flying*

Ah..I think i NEED to push the report to part 3..ok2.the last part will be the pref+Signing session.MUST2222 READ OK!!!!>.<

And picture yet.haven't do the wteRmakr thingy.+_+.but hey..let me show u my bloody fanboard n stuffs*_*.

Bloody lucky fanboard!!!=D=D=D=D
yEAH2.NUNA STILL LOVES U*_*.But kibum had taken over ur place..hmmph.kkkk
Lol...this bloody lucky uchiwa *_*..i love u my uchiwa.kkk

Ah..this lucky fanboard too^^where the story of bride style..ehem2..kkkk

EVERYTHING on the other side of those up there.hehe.

Precious album+handsigns*_*..

Baachan: U KISS ME fanmeeting 19/6/10 (Part1)

'KIBUM, u make me tingle2*__*.

Ok,to make the fanacc more interesthing for me+u to read(lol),
I've decided to divide the report to 2 parts=)

I promise to be detailed as much as possible!*_*.weee.
So,please beware of its length!*_*

19th June 12am....
I'm dead..My room is worse than a store.I barely see my bed.=.='
Even now,I'm invading my big bro's
Seriously!!I was panicking myself..Cuz i've done only 5% prep for the fanmeeting!!!*_*.
I'm really a dead meet.*_*And tomorrow have to wake up early.duhh.
I tell myself..Ok.just sacrfice my on9 time tonite and focus for the decorations..etc..

Since i've already bought the fluorescent papers,Thick cardboard(stole from 2nd brother).
And markers(stole from father and lil brother.)..

I always told myself since the day they announced UKISS to come to Malaysia,to make fanboards+fanletters for each UKISS mmber.So,that become my mission. =)

The happy thing was I MANAGED TO ACCOMPLISH IT!*_* (yeah.i was so happy bout it^^)
I barely feel awake esp. after the 4 hours only sleep the day before..u KNOW!I went to Bukit search for lloyds bank! damn!!After 2 hours journey and haven't breakfast+lunch...When i FINALLY REACHED THERE...the guard said..they moved d!!..T__T..

mY mood is soo ruined on 18/6!!!
The only good thing is that I got my B2ST repackage album that day.=)..

I NEARLY GIVE UP TOO for the fanmeeting prep.=(
But at the end,accompanied by UKISS+BEAST songs...about 3 o'clock in the morning...I finished with the fanboards+letters for each mmbers except Dongho.*_*.I'm sorry maknae..gyahhhhhhhhhh..But of coz I like u.But..that's only what i CAN DO THAT NIGHT(morning!)*_*

I haven't eat rice the day before.=(.So,I slept with empty stomach coz it's late d.+_+!.i have kinda stomache after woke up at 7am.=(
I woke up early to prepare with wrapping the letters,and fanboards last minute touch up.

took KTM+LRT to KLCC..
OMGEE..I was bloody tired*_*.I was so worried if i'm gona faint or sleep during the FM.(LOL).*_*.Even my friend is worried too.,,So,they decided to makan2(lunch) once arrive at KLCC.hahaha.

Plus,i haven't breakfast today!*_*..

Ah,I saw so mnay peeps wearing the ukiss white shirts too^^.Wee..kiss me were everywhere=D
and someone shouted.ok,!dah masuk.XD.

Bla3...Met with Nad,Yana,Aishah,Nina,Aina,Nisah..
Enter the bloody plenary hall !!=D=D=D
WOW!I kinda like my seat area tho it's not in the middle part..=).It's very crowded and apparently is a media area?whohooo.And it's quite near to the stage as well*_*.

Okay2..I will stop the crap.and enter d what u call..the FANMEETING REPORT!!!kkk
OMGEE..The overall meeting was bloody awesome!!Even better than SS2..(GOSH.DUN KILL ME elf.=.=')
Evrything is within the control!MY KISS ME,u're jjang!!!
Many peepo bought the lightstick of UKISS from outside!So,when the hall light is turnd off,it was such a beautiful scene*_*..GAYYH...Even XANDER SAID HE LOVES THE LIGHT^^
Well.the lightstick size is real BIG and very cool!!=D=D=D=D
I regretted myself for not buying it*_*.But this one KISS ME sat near me was so kind to lent me hers*__*.

Ah,so,this is what I can rmmber what had happen according to sequence*_*.

MC talk..bla2..Then,UKISS enters+INTRODUCEd.!Wohooo..So awesome!!.
Then,play games.=D=D*OMGEE..I was choosen!!=D=D=D(read the 2nd part for more.kk).
Performances.(OMGEE..they performed about 8 songs?).Sorry,my memory is very2 vogue*_*
Ayyway,I really22 thought they are not going to perform anything and just come for,and sign.+_+..
So,this has exceeded my expectation.=D

Ok..ok..Wanna know what happen during the meeting??
Hahaha.wait for the 2nd part.=)..WEEEEE..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

baachan: Money matter?=D

hMM..How do I start?+_+
anyway..Malaysian kpop lovers soon to be broke cause of sudden hallyu tsunami in our hot country,Malaysia.XD..
U KISS (19th june)*bloody expensive ticket.XD.
BEAST(26 and 27th June).cheaper!!

Brian Joo ( 10th July)..just so-so

SS3-Super Junior goodbye con (Feb/March 2011) ?

Plus,,many other kpops too.=.=' ZE;A,WG..And may be SNSD?hmm...not sure tho.

To be exact,it started with ft island last year around summer time,then,ss501 in sept..then,the awesomeness SS2 in march 2010=D

*But i'm still so sad there's no  dbsk..=(............even when i visit jap soon,the chances to see them perform as DBSK is almost zero.tsk..
glad we have so many rookies group to make up for the dissappoinment.But still not yet at dbsk level

Anyway since I'm so BEASTly now..XD..I can't tell how happy I am to see beast soon*_*.glad I made the right dec. to visit Kuching only during solid 5 weekdays.(Akuma,I'm coming to ur house!!woot woot) 1st i planned to go back on the 26th!haha.but then,I was thinking who knows may b any kpop wana come around that golden weekend.XD..and 

it's BEAST yo^^..huhu.So,u better prepare fanletter to BEAST i can pass to em.haha

Okay,talking about tripsss..
Japan, oh japan,why are u so complicated?
hmmph.I better prepare well.

kaijuuchan,will u be at home around my trip time?20thjul till 3aug.I still not yet found any accomodation around my stay in osaka.of coz will b there around the BB concert day at universal studio japn(24th jul)XD