Friday, November 26, 2010

Baachan : I can't take my breath2


When is the last time I EVER VISITED/write  ON THIS BLOG?=.='

mezurashi ne~

juts thinking of writing up some random stuffs*if u want to read xD*

Recntly I'VE BEEN GA-GA Over TOUCH.Another
Their songs+dance just getting into m~Si i THOUGH of giving a try~hehe.
Hmm..happened I become hooked=..='
So my latest fandom should be:

B2ST(I'm glad)
ZE;A(thanks to hechul+siwan)
TOUCH(Simply precious)
K.R.Y. (HUH?)
TeenTop( MY CUTIE dongsengs >< )
SHU-I (Inseok inseok!)
And of course... DBSK!!!T____T! Their musics never faded away~*_*~

Tho it may not be consistent and change over the that's for now..

B2ST Airlines~I'm totally jealous!! Especially with dayah unni.She's in Korea over B2ST*_*.. ippai shashi!


seung,please wait a bit! next year i'LL SURELY COME .><
Suddenly i'm craving for crepe.*__*..Somebody please get this for me T_T

Joker: Dongwoon ah,I give u 5 mnts!  (someoe is too absorb with his twitter iphone xD)

T-T-T-T TOUCH! The outfits might be weird..just leave that aside wilL ya xD

Ayy..This person never aging~ 

Saikin tanjoubi no party ka na =.=' chan to atiq chan~ ii na^^mnna tanoshi^^

yunni chan's frying bun? it's really taste good^^