Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baachan: Guesthouses in Seoul, Korea

I'm a bit generous tonight so I would like to talk about few guesthouses I've been staying in Korea. kekeke~.

Bangrang hostel
thanks to ecah! for introducing this hostel to me.
Located in Chungjeongno station (on purple/green line). It's just a less than 1 minute to subway stat..pls refer to their site for more info on lcoation:
Hmm.. good point is that I like the staff there (they're funny.kk).  We call him aloha, and the owner helped to carry our luggage to our room. The area is kinda a steep hill.keke~ . But it's just a short walk, don't worry, u won't be out of breath. Also, u gotta love the location! If u run it may took about 30 seconds or less to reach subway sta. hoho. The lobby area is very pretty. I love the traditional cushion sets, and we always lepak2 there everynite to online and cook dinner in kitchen..yes! there are no wifi in our room.T__T. It's very regretful.But thinking's kinda good too...prevent myself from holiday-ing w/ wifi instead of frens.HAHAHA. (i brought my lappy).. Another down point is.. the room is very small.T.T considering we choose en-suit room for 4 ppl..(but we squeeze another one person in). hehe... really small. and we stayed there for almost 2 weeks..=__='' Also, the bathroom smelled..T.T and the shower is very slowww~.. AND LASTLY, THEY DUN COME TO CLEAN our room.Not even once... or even bother to pick up our mounted rubbish..T.T. I guessed cuz we're girls? they afraid to see many 'things' in the room..LOL.. Nevertheless, it was a memorable stay..=)
But to comeback? hehe.. may be not..cuz they're many more better and CHEAPER guesthouse out there nowadays !! Seoul is amazing at this~ kekekeke

Kim's guesthouse
O.K.. So this was the very 1st guesthouse we stayed on our very 1st time in Korea!
Located in Hapjeong stat. (green line)
More info about rate+location:
The surrounding area is not bad, and there's a family mart just few foot steps from the the gueSthouse.
Good point is that the room is super clean and SPACIOUS! ,and I love the bathroom. The shower is the best *_*,and the bread is delicious.kekeke.
Although they have a great hospitality, but since our schedule are pack and we travel a lot.. it's really tiring to walk about 15-20 minutes (1 way!) to the hostel everyday ..T__T.. sob3.. Especially in the hot summer.. Gladly we stayed there for only 2 nights.  I canceled my booking and go w/ BANGRANG INSTEAD..kekeke. However, they dun have room for us for our 1st 2 nights, and that's why we ended up staying in Kims' first~ huhu..PLUS, WE STAYED IN SEPARATE room  just bec they dun have enuf room to fit us all in 1 room.=_=' but actually we cud just be in 1 room cuz their room is BIG!Also, toilet is outside room..So, for us, it's really fussy we need to wear properly to go out(cover hair etc) Even worse, we'r actually separated by a building!.+_+ me an Jai stayed in another new building(they called).. and we climbed up to.. 3rd/4th floor. sob3. So it's very inconvenient for us to be separated..since I'm the tour master.kekeke.=_='
Ah, So many complain.. kekeke~. Now another good point. YG ent is located nearby the GH.kekeke.Yeah~ correct.we passed by YG ent building every single night.LOL. I even saw few fangirls on 1 late night outside the building hoping to get a glimpse of Bigbang may be?hehe.
ANYWAY! It was a good stay..Altho the owner/staff not as friendly as in Bangrang, I enjoyed stay there. It's clean and the surrounding area is good. =) The rate is similar to Bangrang.~

Songwontel (double/twin room only)
This, I would like to thank to unni Suri, for recommending this hostel to me. The location is perfect in Jongno sam(3) ga stat. It has similar good point location as in Bangrang. It took less than 1 minute from subway to hostel!! Also close to Myeongdeong, and Angguk (my fav place) and other famous attractions.
But they offer only double/twin rooms. huhu. So if u're travel 2 by 2 I HIGHLY! recommend this.Not only that,it's the cheapest hostel  for double room so far. Really =). All rooms are equipped w/ private bathroom !yey! Our oom is clean, the TV is veryyy big(flat screen!), and the mirror is also big!.haha.
The space are o.k ..It's biggerr than Bangrang, and almost similar to Kim's.. There's wifi in the room.yey~.

Some not so good point, is the owner dun  really speak English ..haha.but I dun really care about that, cuz I was busy running around in Soul(ehem2). Also, the surrounding area is a bit unpleasant.. (referring to smell...of.. bacon..=_=..and.. soju..)  cuz they have like many small stall like that surrounding there.. HmMM~ But glad, u only have to hold it for less than 1 minute or may be 30 second before u arrive at your room from the subway EXIT .kekeke. Also!, they have room up to 5th floor.. but no lift.. and the stairs are VERY steep.haha~ But the owner is kind to carry my super heavy luggage up to 3rd floor.. huhuhuhuhu.. OTHER THAN THAT.. the subway station.HAHAHAHA. U might be happy w/ how close the hostel to subway..kkk. but once u're inside subway (jongno sam(3)-ga), u'll know how much stairrrrsssss u need to climb before reach the 'outside' / 'trains' esp when u're w/ ur heavy luggage.. tbh,,I was a bit trauma.. the stairs are really no jokes to me.LOL.
NO,THEY DUN HAVE LIFT..i WISH THEY BUILD one..T.T. really need it.. sob3...
So far, they win as the most stairs need to climb..T.T.. But I was again lucky,, an ajusshi helped me to carry my luggage when I 1st arrived there.. sob3.. I was really33333 thankful.
Also, the stat. coincide w/ another 2 line. =D. refer to their website for more info about location.
However I enjoyed staying there and they have mini refrigerator in room!cOOl right~ hehe. The room is very clean too, only that, i WISH THE shower cud be better, the hot water dun work PROPERLY.. and sometimes, we need to suffer bathed w/ cold early autumn.huhuhu..

CONCLUSION.. Depending on individual/group of travel/purposes, it might differ which GH/ hostel u wana stay.. For me, I like Songwontel the most(will be back if i travel by 2.keke).,most likely bias on location (since I travel a lot everyday) and RATE. ahha. I care about budget the most!..

I hope u enjoy reading this entry. I took up sometimes to type it, and if u read this, please leave some feedback/comment .hehe~  Enjoy Korea~ keke

Baachan: My update?~ hehe -B.A.P explosion *_*

Recently there r many rookies debuted, and one of them .. is B.A.P !
When they 1st revealed the group's name.. i WAS LIKE.. 'SeriOusly?' =_='
They might have run out of idea for group names tho.LOL.
But it's not bad at all...Significant.. B.A.P=bap=rice.~
CONCEPT.I give 100/100 stars for their concept and marketing strategy. Look how big they're now.HELLO.They just debuted less than 2 weeks ago! It's a BOMB!
Noticed, they're all blondes. LOLs. Apparently to suit their debut concept aligned w/ their ta-dah it's BAP episodes whereby they're actually aliens that arrived to Earth to conquer us.. haha.Peculiar rght..

I already know BYG(yongguk) since song ji eun going crazy (i luv that song to the max not to mention their good chemistry on every perf.). heh~.

Their mainstream is hip hop! yeah. too my surprised, since I'm more to RnB and pop, i get hooked w/ this group.=__='' But not as sick as HITT.. yet ? keke~
May be bec how they modernised and evaluate the hip hop music that make it sound less hip hop?  Alos, their great vocalists Youngjae and Daehyun(has a unique voice), added spice to the sick musics..

Dance??! PERFECT ! ~ Everything is powerful and neat. From their MV, DEBUT, showcase, stage presence, live singing~! They'll be famous WORLDWIDELY in no time. BYG said they've been waiting too long for this day(debut day) to come.. I can see.. u can also see how much hardwork is needed to produce such overwhelming stage. When I first watch their perf, I fee like being possesed or somthing.~ haha esp the 'hu' 'hu' 'hu; part! It was a breathtaking one =D B.A.P awesome!

Just that... Since they're really famous in a VERY2 short period of time, they might be caught off guard in mindset, and decrease in health quality( practices, interviews, other schedules)..  Their kind of concept really needs a constant practice, esp in dancing.. that's one of their strong point, and of course, they don't watch to lose it =).
Only that, I hope the company hire a  private  health consultant for the group/individual too. Really, i really meant it.. In fact, most kpop idols need it!


Some update about me.. I'm usually not the type who like to talk about my private life too much? I did.. But yeah.. hehe (honestly I reserve lot of story to myself)~ May be bec I'm afraid how pple will judge me.. Somehow I think I'm same type as Taec? keke.or WG's Sohee? we can be friends~ kekeke~

Just that, many ppl are curious..So, I write a bit here.. I'll just hint that I'll be flying to Sabah this 25th Feb T.T to .. further study? keke~. 
Also.. How to word this this.. Many pple think that I might be wasting my time 2 yrs there/ "oh, it's a pity U quit it".... Hmm.. how to say.. Ppl can say what they want, what they think..but they can't never feel it..Also... there are more stories behind it..But some ppl(myself) can't really express it.....really,.. unless they experience it themselves.. So.. how much hurtful/patient/regretful/stressful I've been holding.. I think..I want to praise myself for being cool like this.=). So there were lotsa time where i tend to ignore talking about it cuz I know I'm going to hear an expression I don't want to read/ hear..Although I can't blame ppl from being typical/myself for being overly sensitive..?. I'm actually a psychological person.. I can sort of read others mind, and predict what they want to say.. depending on their personality... But not too much.. kkkkk
I think I prefer ppl being sensitive about it, keep it themselves f they know, and sending me encouraging message+pray for me(w/o me knowing).. I wish there are person like that.. to me.. But then, it would be too good to happen =)..

O.k stop here.. On the last note, I would like to emphasize again, I've no regret in my life of what I've been doing so far .. May be because being stubborn is my strenght to keep on... RUNNING... =)..

Let's end it w/ a picture~ kekeke.

Woot! Infinite's sign CD =D.....!