Friday, July 31, 2009

baachan : [birthday]Otanjoubi omedetou AKUMA!

My SPECIAL birthday pimp post for Akuma..huhu..aeiou^^

Wahhh..u're 14 now..still young.daijoubu2^^

Selamat hari jadi
Happy birthday!
Otanjoubi omedetou!
saengil chukahaeyo!

What to say..I hope you'll be bless i whatever u do..
Exam ganbatte..
Life ganbatte..
Always smart..
Tomorrow should be the blast!and the day after tomorrow is even better!!
zehi ganbatte ne!!^^

I tujukan news no uta.."Happ birthday" song for u!!^^

*Singing happy b-day song~*


with love,
ur oneesama..

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

baachan : Dimple's story

Hahaha..This is too cute not tobe shared..

Where has my dimple gone?

Leeteuk: I would like to mourn over my dimple now. In the 27 years of my life, there always was a dimple on the left side of my mouth. 6 years ago, both sides had (dimples), even though the adult said they would disappear when you grow older. But actually, since 2 weeks ago, many fans said “Oppa, where has your dimple gone?” I always thought my dimple was loyal to me, so I rushed to the mirror and smiled, and realised it really was gone.
Eunhyuk: Smile, let me take a look
Leeteuk: (smiles) it really isn’t there
Eunhyuk: It’s very awkward!
Leeteuk: The fans showed me pictures from 2 weeks ago, it was still there at that time. But now it’s gone.
Eunhyuk: No matter how you laugh, you can’t see it?
Leeteuk: Yeah, why?
Eunhyuk: Didn’t they say when you grow older it’ll be gone, your dimple has also grown older. Both of you have grown up. Wow, our Teukie has grown up.
Leeteuk: It is said that Dimples are formed from dead cells, so now that it’s gone, it means the cells are growing, so instead of getting older, I’m still young. When I was young I had an Ajumma for a neighbor, each time I went over to her house with my mother, she would say “People that are easily attracted by girls always have dimples”. My mother would say “Why would you tell the child things like these”.
Eunhyuk: You’ve been attracted by too many girls, your dimples couldn’t contain it, so they fell off.
Leeteuk: Tsk~ Tomorrow, I’m planning to give the hospital a call to check.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

baachan : [090724/Kangin, Leeteuk, Donghae/Transcript], Funny Role-Playing

Hahaha..I've lots of time.So,just wana shra this funny

An old funny role-playing by KangTeuk in a radio show xD

Teuk: May I have your phone number?
Dong Hae: Maybe it is impolite in our first meet. But I love you.
The all members: ah~hahahahaha
Kang In: [He shouted angrily.] What?!
Teuk: I love you.
Kang In: Let me act. Let me act. Let me act with Teukie.
Teuk: Ok!
Kang In: The story is that I have coffee alone, Teukie is a girl, I like you and I go to accost you. [Then he started to act.]
Teuk[ He began to act a girl.]: Yes?
Kang In: Do you mind if I sit down?
Teuk: Who are you?
Kang In: I just now sat towards you.
Teuk: Oh.
Kang In: I want to talk to you.
Teuk: You can sit down if you pay for the coffee.
Kang In: I will pay.
Teuk: Ok, you can sit down.
Kang In: Well, how old are you?
Teuk: You guess.
Kang In: 20 years old?
Teuk: Bingo~
Kang In: What’s your name?
Teuk: My name is Teuk-sun.
Kang In: My name is Kang In.
Teuk: Kang In xi? Wow, my man.
Dong Hae: hahahahahahaha~~~
Kang In: Do you have boyfriend?
Teuk: No, I don’t.
Kang In: I don’t have girlfriend either. I want to assort with Teuk-sun.
Teuk: Well, we did just know each other. Have you already fell in love with me?
Kang In: Yes, Teuk-sun has bright big eyes.
Teuk: Yes?
Kang In: You have cherry-alike-small-lips.
Teuk: Oh~hohohoho, you are looking at me so carefulness.
Kang In: You have a tall nose.
Teuk: Yes?
Kang In: Hmm, you have a gracile face. [Teuk: Yes?] You have soft body. I really have a rush to embrace you.
Teuk: I have boyfriend.
Kang In: I only love one girl in my life.
Teuk: Oh.
Kang In: I think it is good if that girl is Teuk-sun.
Teuk: Well, I have boyfriend. Hey, here comes him. Dong Hae!!~
Kang In: I am a doctor.
Teuk: This man is direct.
Kang In: I draw a large income.
Teuk: You are a doctor?
Dong Hae: ah~hahahaha~~
Kang In: I have lots of money.
Teuk: I love you. [Dong Hae: hahahaha.] May you want to have my phone number?
Kang In: Ah~! This act is out of my original thoughts. What? Ok, I don’t care.

credits: + soompi

tsk~I miss my son.But he's growing so well,that I'm very happy!^^

Saturday, July 25, 2009

akuma : my current albums/singles/concerts. now its different people writing..
finally i'm writing here..
i'll just post what albums/singles/concerts i have.
i only have this here..the others is being borrowed by my friends.

1. Super Junior - Don Don

2. Tohoshinki - Bolero

3 . DBSK - Mirotic B ver.

3. Super Junior - Sorry-sorry platinum ver.
4. SHINee - Romeo (bought this today)

will post some more later.
- a.e.i.o.u -

Thursday, July 23, 2009

baachan : {fanscript} A story of leader-sshi.

He always smile..U’ll found him goodlooking on tv screens..No matter how frequent.No matter how tired..He always try to show hs smile..cute dimples..bright side..
Taking care of those 13 dongsengs…that was a big responsibility..As he knows that..He had no choice..But to give his best.trying for the best..striking at the limit best..
It’s tiring….

Keeping well his tired side from public..He often spill it out in blogs..Fans feel sorry for him..And kept supporting him..oppa fighting no matter what…E.L.F jjang~^^

Even so…the one who are in burden is him..he knows very well..the power he got from his lovely members and E.L.F that what makes him stands where he is now..As it does..He can feel his warm tears dripping….

Time goes by..becomes older tires u easily fast..and with those pack schedule..sideworks..MC-ing..DJ-ing..He somehow scared..he loses weight a lot as he keep on worrying~thnking..stressing..even so,he never fail to show his brightest smile on tv screen..He kept his state as professional..He’s the leader..He must show the best part of his fellow members…

Went back home from tiring schedule..his lovely brother will always cheer him up..he felt relieve… the brother will nagging at him..and slip together inside his blanket..Becoz he find it annoying..he kicks his brother out..(haha)..and the brother wud never learn..he keep nagging at his hyung..Hyung will just smile found it interesting to bully his brother..

His brother now always not beside him recently..So,hyung misses his brother a lot..that he wrote in his blog..the brother cried for hyung’s warm entry..+__+..

The brother always believe in his matter how matter since they had spent their 10 years together..hyung will always the best for him..So,the brother will distract his hyung from tiredness by using his dorkiness charm..Hyung will smile happily..the tiredness somehow slowly gone…that’s why he love his brother a lot..

He keeps wondering..he keep thnking..what future will hold for he’s getting older..he knows..the time for him to back off somehow near..oh,,it’s too short period of time he’d spent with his members..So,he love to call himself peter pan..^^

No matter what will happen tomorrow..with the support of E.LF.and 13’s…He continue to shine…to give his best..As thnking too much will only make his dimples gone..farr..far away~~~~^^

*teukie oppa!!!Please be happy^^Dun thnk too much..huhu…E.L.F will alwys support u!^^U’re the best!!peter pan!!jjang!!! more,and the dimples wil come back safely^^

Saturday, July 18, 2009

baachan : Bon Odori 2009^^

Aaa...kyowa hontou ni otsukareta!!+__+

Demo,ureshii na..BonOdori wa..sugoi!ippai no ningen deshita!!^^I went wth a tomodchi..And there,met NEWS fan frens..bla3..took picture..dancing!^^..And buy stuffs(mostly foods!^^)

This is my 2nd time^^My 1st was 2 years ago.hoho

I got an uchiwa dake...+__+I heard some said there was arashi uchiwa as well.huhu..sounds like usso!
Saa..I dunno what to say..kore,some of the vid I'm able to record.hoho(akuma!please post ur dance vid!haha)<


Oishii na kore if u have it when u're so thirsty*__*..The taste is kinda giant ice cream.But expensive!aigoooo~

Ahh..zannen!Why she has to 'kelip mata' at this moment?huhu..gomen ne kodomo~+__+

Our dinner.if u can call it like not bad+__+I want sushi na..demo,so many pple+__+

Oh!It's them!haha..News's frens*__*..They are nice pple~^^

omo~..whose work is this??it's shaky!!+__+

the stage is..small!!+__+And notin different from 2 years ago~huuuuu

The many peepo~..I bet mostMalaysians went there.haha!..

Jaa..sore dake~got some more..But lazy to upload anymore.huhu..I got a funny vid..demo,intenet so slow.huhu...

*So,after the event,we took shuttle bus to KTM Shah Alam!Seriously many peepo!(chinese are offend..But I kinda dun like some or may be most of them..+__+..they are kinda..rude I guess?Throw rubbish..cut my line!!and kinda ignore the rule..hmm..Whatever.~)

And the funny thing is...when we waited this LAST train like forever...And with bunch of pple....Chinese pple(they speak chinese so loud I can't understand a thing!can u imagine that sutuation??+__+?..Then,the train came...I was kinda in the front line..DEMO!!....

tHE DOor is not in front of me when the train stop!!lols..The cina beside me yelled.."Eyh,where is the door??!!The door,where!!"

Hahah..i just found it funny..I stayed stiff for a while.And then,rush to ther nearest door.hahahah!!

BLA3...Reach home at 12 am/pm..+__+..tskk..glad okasan not 1st time came back home that late!!

word of the day=SUGOII~~~