Tuesday, May 17, 2011

baachan: On a cloudy days

nothing much on fangirlness..Just want to share something..Something so sad..
Today i CALL IT A STRESS DAY. To the point I need to share it somewhere.. hmmph.
I have never being so stress like this for the rest of ma life.. seriously! To the point i ran from my house=.='
Woke up in the morning.. thanks to my neighbor who is under house renovation!ketUng ketang2.=.= non stop till late evening..SERIOUSLY STRESS

Checked email.. and some1 cheated me for something I BOUGHT.. STRESS22222.

Then a friend suddenly told ' i'm sorry, i can't go ..etc..'. so I have to take care of the rest(it's a BIG THING involve many things) since I know I can only depend on myself instead asking others to help me...i meant,,i know which friends of mine that I CAN DEPEND ON and which is not.etc....and it's exam.. this is why u need to be hiatus on nearly exam day to not being entangle with unrelated business..BUT IT'S IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME=.='//

also.. a 'clever' dongseng whom i worked for a community together..suddenly shutdown the community n open new one w/o discussing w me 1st.. this why never work with amateur.T.T. homaigod.. i FEEL SO COLLAPSE. T.T.. ...Didn't she know how much I've done to achieve that much.... PLEASE THINK WITH YOUR BRAIN, NOT YOUR FEELING T.T

And the tears just flow non-stop.. T.T..*STILL FLOWING*

I'm glad i STILL HAVE YOU..ALLAH.. You have never cheated on me,or leaving me alone.. Only me always blind to see You =(.. Please give this tiny person some courage and spirit!.

hmmph. Al least when looking at this person, the tears stop.somehow.kkk