Saturday, September 25, 2010

Baachan: Beware of B2ST/BEAST !xD

B2ST is gonna make a comeback soon!!
I'm so excited. I wish 30th September will come soon..But as the date drawing nearer,My time to return to Cardiff is also...T___T.
Ah,I'm contemplating msyelf. T___T.
bUT LOok at the +ve side! My comeback to Cardiff will be welcome with daebak B2ST comeback!^^
Oh oh oh oh~

B2ST is sure very popular recently!!^^Heard the server was down 0.O..due to the released of SOOM song teaser via Narsha's volume up's radio ^^.

PLUS,,My seungi is even on TT list on twitter yesterday!!HOHO*__*.I dunno why~may be cuz of his abs?xDD..
molla~But that was totally hype/shocked me *__*.
I meant..

Recall back when i 1ST KNOW B2ST,uri Seungie is so left behind compared to other mmbersT__T.
I even visited the international forum found out there was only few topic+post about my seungieT_T..
I just dun get why.he's so talented,,singing,dancing..he 's just being underrated perhaps.=.='..cuz he's sort of reserve type in the group~hmmmm..

anyway..look at now..he gained more and more fans!!and he shines more~he talk/nag more~^^.wohoooo..and i OPENED the int forum.many peeps are talking abt him already XD..even his topics posts number had surpassed some of other members'.XDDD

I'm happy for him to get more spotlight..but at the same time.....I'm afraid his fate will fall the same as Donghae oppa.hak2..
my jealousy sickness is no joke these days XD..

Besides!! The fancafe daum's registered mmbers increased like crazy!^^..Currently they'r at 9th place 0.o...omo,top 10 already??!! when they'r not having their 1st anniversary yet*___*
They beat FT Island,WG, and 2ne1 in just 1-2 month! 0.o...aND i think Shinwa too??0.o...(not sure)
I'm not surprise if soon B2ST gonna beat Shinee too*_*..oh,i'M SHINEE LOVER TOO.shawol!^^But I dun mind if B2ST beat Shinee(XDDD)..this is what i LIKE ABOUT BEING A universal fans~hak2.

Hahaha..somehow when i THINK..I'm really proud of B2ST and B2UTY^^,,omgee,,izit them that i MET AND WAVE AND THEY WAVE/SMILE TO ME last time at KLIA?haha(me pathetic) XDDD.haha..but B2ST sure work very hard!!^^ *proud*
 I want to work hard too in my own battle too!yeah!!! isshoni ganbarimashou yo~ B2UTY and the B2ST!

Ok,enough spazzing about their sickness raised popularity.XD

Let's talk about the teaser!!XDD
CUBE sure being innovative these day!^^Omgee,,i JUST LOVE TEH WAY THey tease us with all possible method..started with prepix showing a dance? video..then, album a picture teaser,,(tho it's not that much revealing any hint) bt at least enough to make us B2UTY went all SWOON~~LOL.
then,come a ballad song as one song from the tracklist0.o entitled,clenched a tight fist^^..(sad song really T__T)..I HATE IT AFTER READING THE LYRIC=.='..
then,what we've been waiting for! An MV teaser!!it's damn fine tho it shows only few mmberes there!But who knowss..... yesterday they release a second version of the MV teaser which shows all 6 mmbers!(and cause a hot discussion about B2ST hairstyle of all BLACK!*_*).omgee..CUBE sure making all B2UTies goes heartattack =.='
AND LASTLY...yesterday as well..a radio teaser of the main? song of the album,SOOM was released(30 secs) on narsha's video!^^..woot222..(and guess what!tHTA's the 1st time of such method of radio teaser were use in korea ent!^^).hohohohoho..I dunno..cause in jAPAN the song will always play on radio 1st before the real PV come out~^^..CUBE daebak!B2ST jjang!!  go go go..please beat that keji cruel evil SME palli222222..(tho i LOVE SHINEE+SUJU).T_T.........contemplating much?=.='...
TVXQ too..pleas eget off from SME.*____*.tsk3..

OK,I'll stop the spazz here..Oh oh oh oh~~i'm so going to pre-order the cd XDD..ah,,but i DUNNO WHAT VERSION i WANT*__* Would like to have jap version since i always come with daebak DVD as well*_*.ah,molla..Korean version is always daebak too cause the album will always pack so awesome-ly!!^__^

may be I should try korean version and later fight for B2ST siggie when I fly to kOREA soon!!!yeah.i MUST GET MY ALBUM SIGN!!!!(haha,,too ambitious huh?=.=')

here,the ballad song ,clenched a tight fist ^^

here is the 1st teaser they released at mubank last friday(and i MISSED IT!)*__*

Lastly the 2nd teaser released at MC yesterday^^*revealing all 6 mmbers..omo~~CUBE sure loves playing with the boys' hair!^^and Black hair is *love*
p/s: when i 1ST SAW hYUNSEUNG,automatically my mind went to Cloud of final fantasy!!XD

that's all!!^^ the spazz ends hereXDDD..
let's wait for 30th and their 1st stage on 1st Oct at mubank soon!*crap.i'M IN CARDIFF already,no AstroT__T.

ah B2UTIES will provide loads of streaming link soon.XD

p/s: look at my last font colors.XDD..hak2..Do u know that BEAST official color is PEARL DEEP BLUE? ^____^


Thursday, September 16, 2010

baachan: bYE2 ZE:A T__T at KLIA

Me,Z unni and F reached KLIA at around 10.25pm.

According to unni Z,their flight depart at 11pm..Then,we went to the board to check for the gate ..
apparently it was 11.30pm there's a flight to ICH. by korean airlines=)..
So we just waited at the gate area..I met Alyaa+sister and another group of chingu.
So we just waited,and I tot I want to finish up my letter to Tae omma on the uchiwa.^^.
I tot today,i'm gonna give my uchiwa to tae omma,so he will aways rmmber he had fans in malaysia..kk..and i USE THAT,as to remind him that's how i'VE been cheering for him,till the uchiwa becomes scramble. lol

But then i kinda worried,what if they appear from this side,or that side,or different gate..that is not at the place we've been waiting for..So we decide to look for security..where they,we could predict from whre the boys will appearXD
Then sddnly Al said saw a nuna stylist of ZE;A just walked by us using the some guard using that elevtor coming down..
oh before that..
There were not much fans nearby the gate,,hmm.Not sure if they all went scattered around?=.='or they just wait at the wring place?

I then chitchatting abit with the new chigu that apparently is Tae omma bias^^,So she was happy to see my Uchiwa,tot i'M OMMA bias..Kkkk..but me unfortunately is a bigg bigg Jungheechul bias.XD

maa....I just can't resist those 2 hot rappers.XD.but dfinately JHee won lol..
We then,randomly stood nearby the elevator at  gate K cuz i WANTED TO FINISH MY LETTER TO tAEHUN  on the uchiwa..when suddnly....

Al: Eh,isn't it's them?inside the lift?
Me then,look at the direction..and saw a the elevator just coming from below(KLIA'S elevator is transparentXDD)

then,i SAW MANY FIGURES inside..OMGEE.
I dun have to think twice.that's defntly ZE;A!! was funny,since we all are the only peeps that stood nearby that area..So,i GOT NERVOUS,and dunno how to react..stand in front the lift's door/XDDDD..Dfntly being kick by the guard one the lift door

So,i JUST WALK SLOWLY(RATHER nervously) waiting for the door to open and for someone^^

I have 2 missions!
1) pass my jet letter to kiddy Jheechul
2) pass my uchiwa to Taehun omma,

1st one i saw may be DJ?Ah,I'm not sure,my eyes are totally glued only for tae omma and jung heechul.oTHER MMBERS COME LATER.kk
so,i THINK I SHOULD pass my letter+uchiwa ASAP.

I quickly searched for Heechul onece the door lift opened.But d person that i spot 1st was ...Taehun..
Tae: *look at me+smile+wave*
mE: Here,please take this^^ *shoved him my unfinished uchiwa letter T_T
Tae: *bow+smile and said thank u???

hahaha..and after that he sort of observing my

So one mission is finished..but suddenly so many fans rushed from i DUNNO WHERE are they coming from.=.='

Me: Heechul(2x)
HEECHUL: *searching for the voice and finally...*Look+wave+smile to me

He then look at my letter in my hand but sddnly the fierce manage appeared beside him+me=.='
plus,there's a guard beside him T_T.......the manager said said "no no no.." to me? I was a little afraid,who knows he might hit/push me XDD

Heechul then hesitate,suddnly he make a sorry face..and sort of bow to me+with cute apologetic face and mouthing 'cheuseohamnida'(ignore my spelling).T__T.............yahh..
I think i POUTED  abit.*_*..
I think may be he's afraid of his manager?molla...*but that manager is really fierce.=.=.

Ah,then,i THINK i SHOULD MAKE A SEcond try..walked a bit and tried calling for his name..
Heechul.. But again made that apologetic face to meT__T..Altho he's cute that time but my heart is broken cuz i GOT REFUSED twice!T__T.i tot..ok,,no more try..i HAVE some dignity as well.XDDD
 I then just let ZE;A mmbers  pass w/o bother to chase them aish..and more and more fans are coming in..
Argh..i FEEL LIKE loosing my soul that suddnly...

 I saw Taehun omma is waving to fans happily using my uchiwa  from far.XDDD.
Ah,i FEL SO,,yah,pabo,aren't u feel embarrassed  holding my ugly uchiwa like that >.<

thanks to him.I gain my soul back then,i catch up with ZE;A mmbers so and thinking if i can ask help from other mmber to pass my jet lettr to heechul.T_T..My target is siwan/minwoo/kevin or may be taehun?=.='
I ran to the right side since the left side is totally flooded with fans+guard.
i was so guard at the right side0.o..
I even mistaken Junyoung as guard when he walked just beside


"BACK OFFF!!!!" omgeee..did the fierce security just scold me??cuz he even shoved his index finger to me?
i was like shock..0.O..
i MEANT,i didn't do anything!!!!I just walked beside JY?or other mmbrs?i can't rmmber.. yah!!And like i care to do anything with JY!!  So i gave a very confuse+angry+unsatisfied look to the guard before he walk to the front..
erghh..I'm totally pissed off..I have already heartbroken with heechul

*Actually after that i just discovered that there was a japanese fan who touched/massage JY's neck(creepy).0.o..
and unni Z told me after that the girl quickly ran away..Unni also ran away cuz she afraid she'll be accused since she saw what that girl,i THINK i KNOw why the guard had falsely accused me since I was near JY that time just that I didn't realise wht that stupid girl did to JY!!
YAH..If i CAN FIND u  &^*&(*(^^#@#$%&^&baka onna,i cekik2 u..she's not only make me falsely accused but as well make malaysia looks bad to jy+ZE;A..he must be thinking malaysian fans are scary o what.or pervy..yerrrrrrrrrrrr...kill u girl!!!U want to raba2 him,buat dkt kau punya negara la.tak pasal2 saya yg kene tengking dgn gaurd kerek tuh!!dahla dah kene talak 2 kali from heechul!!i'm totally pissed off betul.

No wonder than I see JY is a bit tired?just looking down..then,i,,i'm not going to ask for his help..arghhh..then,I move forward.I saw Kevin.Minwoo but they'r a bit on the left side. forward222..and suddenly i saw some tall was Tae omma.hahahaha..

At 1st I kinda hesitate,,but looking at the front,this is my last chance..

Me: Taehun!^^
Tae omma:* look at me with sort of shock look(lol) but he smiled.

me: making sort of pleading+sorry look "can u help me pass this to heechul?" *shoved my letter*..

...There's no way he get my bullet train english.=.='

I tot he's not gonna take it..kk.since his hand sort of full.oh,but I can see my uchiwa on his hand^^
But he just take it^^ and even said "thank u" T__T.
i THEN said.."sorry+kamsahamnida" since i HAVE TO ASK HIS FAVOR TO pass my 'loveletter' to nappeun heechulT_T.iI feeel so bad to ask him.=.='But I have no choice..tsk3.

Afte that..ze:a mmbers reached international departure gate and getting their passport check 1 by 1.
So I just stand at the side..then,just is a nice spot XDD

I  can even  see their
One by 1,,me and A chingu calling for their name and said 'annyeong~' was funny since all of them look at we cont to do what we've been doin..^^

then,taehun omma..
he then,wave to us using the uchiwa i GAVE HIm*_*.
 then,HS,DJ,JY,kevin(not rmmbering the sequenceT_T)..waved at us(but pabo me,i feel so regret for not fancaming it.T_T)
Heechul ?(i TOTAally forgot about this kid .kkkk.)
I dun rmmber if i HAD call for his name and said annyeong??t_t

Last one is Siwan..we decide to shout 'fighting' instead of annyeong~lol

hahaha..he said thank u? but not looking in front so he nearly hit a pillar in front of the feel sorry for him..i actually saw he nearly hit it..but i PREFER to keep quite.XDD
glad,he walk so slow=.='..

then,when all ze;a's mmbers are getting into the elevator,and coming down..they all just make a big bye2 together to us .fans from upstars just wave(I wave like crazy =.=)'s really a sad thing.but i'm very tnkful to KLIA for making this sort of thing at klia.^^

I then shouted: 'HEECHEOL!!' +wave his uchiwa name!!LOL.
cuz I THINK I haven't properly say 'bye2' to this nappeun this is the only chance..
kk..i HAVE TO SCREAM quite loud since my voice is soft remmber??XDDDDDD

GLAD!that nappeun namja saw me and waved to me*_*.i THEN JUST MADE "saranghae' using 1 hand cuz my other hand is holding heechul's uchiwa^^
tsk..made my day~kk..we then just wave to all of them^^yah~it was so nice..the atmosphere is so nice^^
minwoo being responsive and make a big

but that's not all..we cont' to chase for the boys from the glass corridor after they finished the immigration check.huhu.
then saw them again.But i WAS bz searching for heechul..i SAW ALL THE MMBERS..xcept him!yah.u pabo,can u wear brighter color?it's difficult to spot u.T_T.
I only realised him in my KLIA fancam with JY.=.='...
tsk2.i'm a fail Heechul's tracker XDD
then,before they leave for aerotrain..once aain.i GOT to fancam them walking there..owh..Tae omma was looking up and watching the fans.but then,he reverse his eyes and saw me. lol.He then waved at me +smile.*__* i WAS a bit shock but happy.kkk..But unfortunately i'M SO HAPPY/shock THAT my camera is focusing at other thing T__T..and not him.T_____T

then,for the last time,I see them from the glass wall ~saw heechul..^^he wore silver long/big handbag.kkk.

I just realised..his hand is so free..implying he didn't take any gift?or izit i'm the only person who has sth  for him?ah molla,..but seeing that,i FEEL RELIEVE,,AT LEAST he's not accepting others' gift as well.XDDDDDDDD Otherwise,i'll kill him!HAHAHA.
cuz other mmbers esp Siwan..his hand is very full=.='..
He even said sorry to a fan"sorry,my hand is full' aigoo..kyeowo~

BYE2 ze:a!! T_________T

This below pic is when ZE;A 1st arrived at Malaysia and not departure~
that's Heechul's silver bag i've been described above XDD..
Tae omma received a big*kyeopta*

Picture credit: amanina

The 2nd pict was during departure aka BYE2T__T.. Noticed my uchiwa =.=' oh,that's heechul on the right XDD..see,,his hand is so free.=.='
picture credit: Faridah Hanim (FACEBOOK)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baachan: Fanaccount ZE:A 's Fanmeeting in Malaysia

12th Spetember 2010
Plenary hall theatre lobby looks spacious/empty and peaceful when i arrived at nearly 4pm..the FM supposed to start at 5pm..
I thought izit really having a fanmeeting today?=.='.....

After we redeem our poster and tickets,we bought our album,and wait a bit.
I want to buy a penlight of ZE;A ..But mystar booth seems nowhere to be found.=.='..

5.20pm like that..finally the hall was open,,But u was like less than 200 souls only?T_T..
My other 2 chingus and me were among the last peeps to enter..
I nearly cry when i SEE HOW many fans inside there*_*..what the boys would think?=.='..the hall itself is already small,and not even half of the venue is filled.=.='

But at the same time,I feel relieve?XDDD<

We got our seat is freaking most middle in front of the stage,gap may be around 1 mtre ++?*_*.

the MC appeared.We then shout ZE:A 2222 till finally a slideshow of ZE;A is shown(intro).
then finally..ZE:A mmbers appeared!!!! Mazeltov..%&&#*(#(&#%@^%#@&^#  FREAKING hot.T__T..
My 1st impression.I feel like they'r singing only for near that i could get a heartattack XDDso i told myself,i must get use to it.=.='

then,after that,they have intro.
teahun intro-d himsef with freaking hot rap!yo yo~

then, ...Heechul showed him a piece of paper,then,kEV REad..:Nama saya ialah(a bit stuttered)... KEVIN!kkkk

then,my nappeun Chul said cooly.."nama saya ialah rapper Heecheol!!! " yahhhh!!I was screaming like mad..!glad he stood a bit on the left side (from audience view) ..if he stood at the middle.i COULD HAVE FAINT  XDDDDD

Then DJ's turn: Apa khabar? then he seemed blur2?lol.
the mC said:aPA khabar??
us: khabar baik!! kkk
DJ: I'm DJ!haha (loL..he give up on 'nama saya ialah' ).=.='

..i DUN THink DJ even aware what 'apa khabar' study malay properly!XDDD
after that,all mmbers were having smooth intro like :apa khabar.nama saya ialah.....

bla3..i can't remmber the sequence(i know I'm an obacchan.)=.='
So i JUST HIGHLIGHT SOME important parts^^

1) ZE:A perfomed a lot of songs.Newstar,level up,love coach,man2man,level up,mazeltov,all day,etc..

2) Violin performance by Siwan is to die for..omgee<

3)diva,pabo chul and teddy Woo performed magic girl dance.gyahhhhh!!I was hoping Heechul to do his solo dance in bo peep XDDD..buT i SWEAR it was so cute!!juts i HOPE THE STAGE COuld be clearer..the mounted smoke is really unnecessary!We want to see the boys's face!not the smoke and colorful stage light =.='/..i'm freaking pissed off about this..

4) There were 3 games .1st was Q&A game.Each ZE:A mmber will draw a number of lucky seaters..
haha..the funny thing is..the 1st 2 fans Q was: Can u give me a hug?< this time..Heechul's pout is to die for*__*.kk..he's so hyper.XDD.*he can't stay still like Siwan or JY.always being jumpy like a lil kiddo =.='
so,the mc said..u girls ask Q 1st,then,at the end got hug ~huhu
A girl asked DJ to do agyeo!omgeeeeeee..he's doing it in front of my eyes(my seat in the middle front remmber XDD).
I really want to faint.then,i suddenly rmmber,,record!!!but I was too panic,so,i only manage to snap pic..and that's not even a good shot =.='...
A fan asked hEECHUL To do rap! Chul got nervous at this point..hahaha..Siwan said" cool down cool down..kkk..Chul is like a lil kid while his hyungs calm him down.kk.i DUNNO HE WUD BE NERVOUS xdd..sO,i SHOuted randomly(well i dun even need to shout since he stood just right in front of meXD)..i SAID..'Heechul heechul ganbare!' lol.he sort of heard it and jeling to me.kkk.But then he seemed a bit calm^^So that's good yO~his arrogant rap begin~kkk..his playful chara on stage just now had totally turn to arrgant rapper aura!^^ kakkoi!!!!!!  and the good thing is!i record it!!!=D=D=DReally2 tnx to the girl who ask him for rap^^..
Then,tae omma's turn..kk.. Ila from empire my got choosen,so,he ask if Omma tae can do sth for her sis and 2 other staffs of empire? was a bit confusing tho to explain.haha(u better watch fancam here.)
Kevin sang a ballad for a fan while holding her hand o.0.

5) 2nd game is newspaper game.basically as the round proceed,the paper will be folded smaller and smaller..ZE;A then divide into 3 teams..grandfather(SW,KH,KEV),father team(JY,cHUL,TH) nad babies team(HS,MW,DJ).<

3 lucky fans were pick and each join the respective team.
hEECHUL is trying his hard to win even doing  a push up to save the space since TH have to piggyback the,Chul+JY had to do push up stance .kkk.(Dun u think uri nappeun Chul is genius to think of that idea?XDD..since the MC said,as long as the feet is inside..
guess what...his face is soo near infrnt me while he was doing that push up pose*_*.I could have walk a step from my sit  and pat his head.kkk
he always look behind he shy?lol*may be.luckily,he's not really infront of me(a bit to the left),otherwise,i will be shy too=.='

I said 'ganbare' to him~kkk.He then just smiled.yah..i ACTUALLY SAID that to reduce his shyness and mine as well.=.='
then,I call his name,for my camera^^..he looked to my cam with an arrogant expression version.
kakkoi(yappari heechul ichiban erai na!)*_*.But I didn't capture it well=.='..........................
It seems the MC is taking too long and hEECHUL IS GETTING TIRED.LOL.Chul probbly muttering korean words while pouting and behave like a kiddo.kk..kyeopta~*_*~

can't rmmber about others..Oh,,no222!  Magnae aka babies team was 1st to be eliminated,S,they just sat down with the fan! and read newspaper=.=' freaking jealous with that fan got to chitchat a bit!!T_T...
At the end,Heechul's team won!^^yay!

6) Lst one is lipstick game? haha..not in the mood to write about this game..buT BASICALLY fans choosen will get a 'kiss from lipstick' on ZE:A 's towel.

7) Celebrate Teddy Woo's birthday!^^ Just before teddy wants to blow the candle,,the MC sddnly stopped was funny XDD.
he said to make a wish..XDD. 'sowane' then some2 sang sowane marebwa~XDD
heechul just cant stand his love for girlgroup dance so he did the leg kick dance on the
HS looked at him as if he's an alien.XDD
DJ sneakily hits heechul's leg to make him stop.XDaigoo..kyeopta~I wish i GOT MY cam ready at that time.=.='

Shikkie hung his chin on the table,,looking at Minwoo's cake.keyopta~~

ZE;A suddenly received a box given by a fan just so randomly like
Tara~it was tee shirts^^ So many colorful tee..2 of them wrote:I love Malaysia^^ hehe
Heecul took few of tee=.='but at the end,end up choosing 'i love malaysia' black tee.and shove the rest of he tees to,peeps think HS s greedy?XDD memang nappeun heechul=.='
bUT AFTER THE photo shoot,he made a pout and look at other mmbers' tee,as if he's not satisfy with his choice/XDD..yah..i'M SEEING u all the time!behave ok!XD

8) PHOTOSHOOT: I'm so scared if other person is getting on my way and stand beside
So,i RUSHED to him hurriedly (dahla pakai baju rayaXDD).haha..even a person behind me said: that's fast.XDDDD.I brought my 'heechul' uchiwa..i WAS looking at all ze:a's mmber clumsily trying to spot hEECHUL..=..=I even reverse a i missed look at him.hak22222XDDDD
But at the end,I mange to spot him 3rd person from last.He's small*_*.i THINK he's even lighter than me?
our height is kinda at same level since I'm directly facing his face when i LOOK at him*faint*.
me: anneyong(smile brightly/creepy-ly)XDD ~*wave my uchiwa a bit
Chul: smile and said 'hi' ^^
Then,cuz it's too near i GOT SO SHY..=.=',So I look infront~huhu..But sddnly rmmber the thread name  keychain of heechul in my right hand.haha.I've been holding it for quite sometime.Hope my cold sweat didn't get in.=.='
me: Ah,here..*open my right hand infront of him
Chul: *look at my hand
.BUT! it was flipped=.='Aigoooo..i want to do some surprise but at the end it got,the 'heechul' word is facing down T_T.
I was panic a bit so just before I want to fix the position and pass to him... hEECHUL SUDDenly just took the keychain from my hand XDD.May be this curious kid wants too see what's on the other side~kk

Heechul: It's cute...Heechul~
(He dun even take a long time to say this once he got to see what's in my
me: *smile+got speecheless=.=' for his so fast omgee reaction.=.='

His english is kawai*_*.omgee..I'm bloody happy since i tot IT WAS UGLY AS i HAVEN'T Done thread name for such a long time..i EVEN sacrifice my sleeping time to finish it.=.=' heechul ah,glad u say its cute!saved my day!^_^

Ok,nuff the crap.then,i GOT SHY AGAIN=.='..So i'm facing infront again,,before i FORGOT TO SAY this..
me: i MADE IT myself..*with body language too*.XDD
Chul: *smile.
Then,i DUNNO WHY,,But I was looking at him again..actually i JUST WANT TO CHEck where he wants to keep it.=,='..jeans' pocket??Gyahh..i THINK HE MIGHT be thinking I'm such a pervy observing him like that=.='yah,heechul,please dun misunderstand okay*_*..i'm afraid u'll campak the keychain merata-rata since u are nappeun after all~XDD

9)Fansigning session: It happened so fast=,='...

Kevin: Hi
Me: Hi..can u write my name?
Kevin: Oh yes~
Me: Seamat hari raya(lol)..and gave him angpau XDDDDD

Taehun omma: Hi
Me: Hi
he then look a bit confuse,LOL.i was bz looking at his puppy face that suddnly...
me: omo..andwea(2x).
TH: *O.O<,look at me blur2.(kyopta)
me:..andwea..not here

..Then,he get what i MEANT,SO HE QUICKly open to the right page.aigoo..
my bad..i MIGHT Had SCare him a bit.XDD..but that 'andwea' just pop out unconsciously .
So,to make it up,i JUST SAID..GWENCHANA while he cont signing at the correct

then,Moon leader izit?or HS? can't rmmber..But i THINK I asked Leader+Maknae+Hyungsik to write my name..But ALL kinda looking 'refuse/confius?..may be cuz the space is not big?so,that's why they hesitate to write?ah molla...T__T I hate being refused=.='
Esp moon leader..he said 'sorry'  T___T padahal ada orang tu dia tulis je nama! pabo leader i hachuuu.oh,u're in the lowest ranking anyway XDDD

DJ is my last try..but again,he look hesitateT_T..So,i dun want to wait..So I JUST SAID TO HIM..
"Cannot?iT'S OK.SANKYU SElamat hari raya*bitter smile* =.='"gavae him angpau and then quickly grab my pthobook album to...Jung Heechul^^

Heechul: Hi
Me: annyeong~Have u read my letter?

Heechul: *hahaha* while signing (Omo,,what does his laugh means?he read it already?0.o.honestly i was a bit shock at his laughed like that=.='tot he dun understand my english)..then,because I dunno what to i cont..

Me: Jessica andwea~*and make a no no sign with BOTH HANDS XDDD *since i talk about jessica a bit inside that letter.

yah!!! i FEEL SO PABO to say this TO HEECHUL!
Even Siwan beside him gave 'hahahaha' to us =.='lol..Anyway Siwan's laugh is LOVE*_*.
I dun dare to look at his reaction anymore,may be he just smiled?kk.molla..then,i GAVE HIM MY ANGPAU,the only special design for him.the rest of the mmbers got same design except teddy Woo since i gave him present instead of angpau..

Me: Siwan,can U say something to my friend?
SW: look blur2..*yeah,i KNOW MY ACCENT IS WEIRD=.=' bUT THEn, he said:Thank u~ adorable..hak2..i JUST SMILED TO HIM AND SAY KAMsahamnida XDD.
followed by kwanghee and finally Teddy woo^^.
He's so cute!!I want to kdnap him can I?>.<
Me: Happy b-day minwoo^^

teddy: thank u

me: here,present

teddy: smile brightly and made sort of "whoah " sound..said thank u again^^


So after finishing taking their sign,i JUST WENT DOWn and took picture of them signing.hehe.
I called for teddy woo+diva+heechul..they all pose for my camera~yah.teddy woo is chou kawai*_*.
Heechul gave a tired smile >.<.Well,he was so hyper since the beginning already=.='

I called heechul for d second time eventho i DUN HAVE CAMERA with me.=.='yah,i'M SO PABO.Glad i HAVE UNNI Z beside me,so i ASK HER TO TAKE his pic
Poor nappeun Chul,gLAD at least we got unni Z,otherwise,u'll pose for nothing.haha.i'm  such a flirty yojaXDD

then end..we all said we love u ZE:A<,Yeah,it's a bit greasy to day this in english.i PREFER saranghae yo

THEY JUST BID BYE2.T__T.bye~~~~~~

baachan: StalKiNg ZE:A in MALAYSIA + bye2 ZE:A+pabo nappeun hee...

*Mixed malay english since I forgot most of my english  =.='

Time: 13th Sept 2010  (2pm-11pm)
Tempat kejadian/venues: Prince Hotel,KLCC,Bukit Bintang,Pavillion(not going),and KLIA.
Stalkers: me,Z unni and F. (Teaheon team XD)

The 2 events with ZE:A on 13th Sept was cancelled!!0.o..I woke up at 12.30pm,rushed to macbobo..
then,Z unni texted me abt the cancellation !

So,we decide to stalk them before they return to korea tonight XDDD..Yeah,we'r crazy,lol..but it's fun.

Dgn susah payahnya finally nearly 3pm,I reached Prince Hotel.

Saw many fans at the hotel lobby,and guess what,that was more than the amount of fans that welcomed them at KLIA on 11th.=.='...

Nearly 5pm...
So,ZE;A managemnt decide to do some funny but i DUN LIKE IT! trick with us,,using poor thin Siwan+ shortXD but hot DJ(maknae) as a bait to distract us fans >.<  yess..i MANAGED TO WALK BESIDE thin SW and getting all shaky cuz no guard at that time I can touch SW bila2 masa ja.XDD But the stupid thing is,I DUN HAve the camera ready at that time=.='

Suddenly a group of security rushed to the backdoor..I want to follow,but since nobody is following,I feel scared.XDD

So i RUshed to main door again..few seconds after that heard a scream from the other side of the bulding..omo!Suddenly their bus came from back(backdoor).0.o.. aku tros pecut sratus meter XD ke tengah jalan.then,suddenly pandang kanan.nampak Taehun(alone) tgh lari2 ke arahku 0.O..omgeee..dari mana plak dia muncul ni!!!

and since uri team DECIDE TO CHeer for taehun omma today,so i HAVE MY TAEHUN UCHIWA WiTH ME all the time.xdd..So i JUST WAVE my uchiwa LIKE CRAZY to was soo lucky.
unni Z managed to shake his hand XD (Sempat lagi tu tgh lari nak lintas jalan smbil fans kejar dari

Anyway,i DON'T WANT to distract/scare omma so much since he was about to cross the road to catch for the bus.aigoo..apasal la pakcik bus tinggalkan dia T_T.
Lo it was so funny.XDD..i HAVE THE FANCAM TAEHUN tgh lintas jalan.hak3

So,inside the bus were HS,moon,Taehun,Kev,Hyungsik,and Minwoo..Yeah..I know,,where is diva and chul?

Till now..the mystery of whereabout of chul+diva is unsolved.XD
So,we just assume they are at hotel and bz sleeping while others do some sightseeing/shopping/massagingXDD.

After the bus drove off,we ran to Z unni's car.hopefully we manage to trace the bus since F already took pic of the plate number XDD
(Oh,u might wonder...yess..ZE:A is using bus in Malaysia(bas persiaran ok!).)

But of course...=.='We lost the bus..since the beginning.hahah~
So we just teka dorang kat klcc kut..
so pegila klcc,tak nmpak pon bus ke hape..
suddenly...we got a call from A (another stalker team) XDDD.

'DJ+SW kat KLCC!!' Dekat tasik!.

padahal kitorang baru je lepas lalu klcc..haha..unni Z tros cmpak hp beliau=.=' and pecut kkk..

memang lucky giler la kot team A tibe2 dpt nmpak kelibat DJ+SW kan kat klcc tu..bukan senang tu.=).
so,,,it happened only team taehun+team A stalk DJ+SW kat klcc tu..huuu

Kkkk..should I tell some funny story here?^^
SW was so absorbed with shopping,left DJ alone..So,he was bored and that's why i think he wants to play with his fans(us stalker).hak2.

they entered ESPIRIT an then optical? apa tah. .But we just watch them from the othr side(from far).Dun wan to distract them so much(konon2).

DJ always appeared facing us,and duk bertenggek kat depan tu sandar kat palang besi,mundar mandir la.hahaha.
bUT SInce most of us is a malu2 stalker.XDD.So we don't have that much picture.=.='

Then suddenly DJ walked alone  to,me and a person from A team decide to walk to his way.(since the rest malu2 kucing nak follow XDD).

But suddenly we stopped cuz the corner seems has met but we saw no DJ.=.='
 ME: mana DJ nya?=.='
A: dia masuk kiddy land!<<(teringat kiddy land kat omotesendo harajuku XDD)

me: huh?!

then,i look up,saw a big signboard of 'kiddy land'.lol.
omgee..dia dalam ni ke?ottoke??memang beta berdiri betul2 depan kedai tu dah.dahla kedai tu comel je saiznya..but then,i feel soo pelik why DJ masuk kedai kiddy land la plak.=.='....
kiddy land memang best(promote jap..sbb ade byk bende plik2.anime figura,karakter2 anime punya plushy toys,,puzzle la apa2 la lg)..

tgh duk kalut2 tu(rasa mcm nak lari pon ade,sbb neves gila.haha)..tetibe DJ kuar dari kedai .then,dia gelak kecil..(weyh,gelakkan aku ke??).keji la DJ yah!!!!!kerek ah mung.
but i'M SO PABO!I forgot to get my camera ready again.=.=' in rush,i JUST snap randomly..=.='
tot i snap nothing,but happend got his

then,DJ return to optical?  again..

we use bait team A's kawai dongseng to get the bored DJ's hand sign on her ribbon head band.XDD was so cute.XDD.DJ even pat her head^^awww.. *jealousy overloadXD

*************(Not in the mood to write this..I miss them.T__T).... To be continue T__T

Saturday, September 11, 2010

baachan: ZE: A arrival at KLIA ( 11th September 2010)

Weyh..hensem gilaa  pabo JUNG HEECHUL!!!

where should i start?My hand is shaking bloooody much T__T.

Ok,so,around 4pm!! I made a LAST MINUTE decision.i'M SO GOING TO WELCOME the boys at KLIA tonite!=D=D I rushed with all the fanletters,gift.yokatta I've finished the fanboard since yesterday T_T..
Oh,btween,I managed to tapau some ketupat rendang for HEECHUL XDDDDD
Lantaklah dia nak buat apa dgn rendang tu suma.haha

it's too bored at home tho its raya.we din go anywhere for d 2nd day raya.Plus,i'm kinda in ZE:A's mode.XDDD..

sO,I took ERL alone..bla3.check the timetable..
then arrived at about 9.30pm at KLIA .the flight suppose to arrive at 10.15  from S'pore..ZE;A took MH(MAS) from s'pore if not mistaken

My hp dun have any credit..yet..i TOPUP THE WORNG ONE!!!I tot i'm still using celcom when i FOUND OUT THE TRAnsaction code is invalid and kinda weird.=.=' rupenye aku dah pakai maxis la wey!!!bazir ja rm10 celcm tu.*_*>>should sell to some1 hu use celcom later.)

Then,met nina and her sis..took picture ^^
then,finally!! at about 10.45pm? they were some huge crowd..and I heard some 'far' screaming.XDD..
cuz NOT MANY,KLIA is not noisy enough XDDD..

Omgeee..we all went like OMGEEEEEEE...Finally they'r here..since the organiser didn't tell anything prior the arrival,we all kinda worried..T_T..
But to see them for real finally T__T.. REALLY222  grateful,finally can take some deep breath T_T..

The 1st one I saw of pabo jung heechul!!^^He alaways walk at front..=.='...
Heechul saw my uchiwa and waved+smile to me

then,i SAW some1 that dongwoon,it was junyoung looks like DW FROM B2ST in a glimpse.=.='...or may be I need to increase my spec power??<

tHEN,made eye contact with maknae Doongjoon,gyahh,,really handsome..and ..short.XDDD..

Then,saw thin minwoo..siwan..<
Ah i CAN'T RMMBER anymore..THEY walk so fast.and we all like pushing2 a bit..Plus,i DUNNO WHY THERE ARE SO MANY PEEPO tonight.yerrrrrr..So,its a bit dangerous to run around cuz u might bump into trolley-cart if misstep.XDD

Then, I passed my gift to Heechul*__* in between those guards=.='

Chull: senyum(smile brightly+bow) and grab my gift,,
i THINK HE SAID STH BUT i CAn't hear/figure out.may be thank you?=.='
.gyahh..I want to faint on the spot.T_T.

I gave him ketupat rendang bla33..

then,they took elevator going downstairs.0.o..
so,me nina and her sis just chased again.XDD.
till...we saw them at the bus.ready to departure..huhu..
it seems they'r rearranging the luggage..
So,for about 10 minutes?XDD.the bus remain there.=)
then,I saw HEECHUL at sit near the window*_*.they pull down the bus curtains,=.='<
only heechul didn;t pull down his curtain yet XDD.
and so..I waved to him..and wait if he wants to look outside..
gyahh..then,suddenyly he look outside.0.o..I was too shock that i SMILED LIKE A PABO.=.='
he then smiled..but sort of shy smile..heyy..many said his face looks furious/sharp o what..
haha..i THINK HE'S CHOU KAWAI !^^!
not scared at all^^
Then,i SAW tAEhun omma who sat at the other side of the bus..ah..but he smiled to me!!yess..I can be sure that..XDDD..nobody is behind me that was awkward since he sat so far from my spot..bUT HE STILL WANTS TO smile.XDD..I knoww...May be he has opened my letter that i PASSED to stylist unni on the bus just now.XDDDD.
omgee..suddenly i FEEL so shy.=.='..How am i GONNA face them tomorrow??yahhh~~

then,not long after that,i WENT INFRONT OF THE BUS,saw more ze:a's mmbers.=)..kwanghee sat at the very,got to see him alot.XDD

then,when i go back on the side to see heechul,his curtain had already pulled down.T_T..
huhu...then,we just waited for the bus to depart.XDD.
BUT..suddenly a bear appeared on the window!XDDDDD

LOL.moon leader is teasing STYLES(ZE;A's fans) with his puppet play skills/XDD..
haha..he;s so nice^^..may be feels guilty cuz they have to pull down the he tot to play with his fans like this.XDDD..I totally laughed over this.hahaha..kawai!^^!i can't believe they'r the same age as me.XDDD..still doing those kind of things..oh yeah~KKKKKkkk

So,the bus depart~^^~
short right?^^

Thursday, September 9, 2010

baachan : Fun Tag Q&A and Eid Mubarak Greet^^

 First and foremost,I would like to greet Eid  Mubarak to all Muslims around the world.
Those who went back to village during raya,please take care along the journey.

wHILE WE,u and any of us are happy to celebrate the holy day of Eid tomorrow,we shall not forget about our sisters and brothers in islam who are suffering out there..
tHey starve out of adversity while  we are laughing happily with our contentions.

Let's pray for them to be strong and believe with Allah's will,that one day  the suffers will be paid off with their patient and faith to Allah.

thIS is also a gentle reminder to u,me,and people out there as well.=)

Let's not eat too much.haha.Otherwise will turn into a little fatty when the new semester begin =.='
Please come to my house~^^~It's always open for u  guys.=)
LET'S BE GRATEFUL to Allah who is giving us the victory and happiness for us EID MUBARAK^^


*Anyway,I'm doing this tag below as part of 'extra' XDDDD..

1. How old are you?
20-21? i forgot XDDD

2. Are you single?
luckily,yess XDD

3. At what age do you think you’ll get married?
28 ...0.o  *dont be shock* this the the only number i CAN THINK OF

4. Do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now?
Who?I have soo many with me now.XDD.

5. If not, who do you want to marry?

6. Who will be your bridesmaid or your bestman?
Who wants?=DD

7. Do you want a garden/ beach or traditional wedding?
Garden! Exclusive and cool =) .bEACH IS HOT.I'll be drown into perspiring sea.XDD

8. Where do you plan to go for honeymoon?
ahhh..All around the world!!^^ Yeobo,let's take a challeneg to travel with me..hehe>.<

9. How many guest do you think you’ll invite?
As many as I can >.<

10. Will that include your exes?
YESSSSSSS..=D=D=D=D=D I miss them T__T <,wait,did I have any ex ?XDD

11. How many layers of cake do you want?
3!! vanille for me,choco for yeobo and lastly vanille for me again^^.yeobo,sorry I take 2 layers.hak2.>.<

12. When do you want to get married?
I dunno.dunno dunno dunno dunno.>.< As long as everything is alright~~

13. Name the song/tune you would like to play at your wedding?
nasyeed la~^^~or some calming/inspiring jap,THSK song is a must^^

14. Do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon/fork/ knife?
eat using your hand ok! penat kang aku nak basuh sudu garpu suma.hmmph.

15. Champagne of red wine?
neither..haram la wei!XDDD

16. Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?.
not too rush.=.='

17. Money or household items?
both cannot?>.< then,i CHOOSE MONEY  XDD

18. How many kids would you like to have?
Initially 3 should be ideal.bUT THInking back..I want 9!XDD

19. Will your record your honeymoon in DVD and CD?
no!Coz who's going to record it?XDDD

20. I want to know their wedding plan: