Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring in Seoul (I.M.U. encounter)

I went to see IMU (former group name is HITT) 3 times =_=
1st on 22nd/4/2012
2nd on 24th/4/2012
lastly, on 26th/4/2012

During my 1st visit, I got to see Seongjin.ㅋㅋㅋ the recently revealed new member of I.M.U. hohoho~
We arrived at their practice studio around 5pm. waited for like 1 hour, then Seongjin came out.kk.he was shocked to see us 4=_=' and sorta make like 'o' face from far. then, bowed to us, when we approached him. i SAID ANYENGHASEYO.. At first, I don't recognise him... then, when I came closer.. i REALISED.. He looked like seongjin. jay.k trainee.oh maii~ really him!.he's so handsome, pretty and cute .kkk..I then randomly asked if he's new IMU mmeber. then, he sorta hesitated.oh mai..I feel bad T__T.. why did i ASK WHEN IT'S ACTUALLY KINDA OBVIOUS=__+'hahaha!

THEN, HE NODDED.=_=.. huhuhu. is it becuz of us,, that the next day, they revealed seongjin as a new member..T.T.... feeling guilty.

me: wait.. *searching for teddy bear*. here.. for u(in korean)
seongjin: aigoo. gamsahabnida


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