Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fiction: Annyeonghaseyo, I'm Nana! (Part 1)

I've been working on this FF about a year ago. I'm not sure if it would be good. But, I just share it here. Enjoy.. I'm not sure how to continue this FF.haha~ Because I'm lacking.. T.T.. But, if there's request, definitely will work out something...

Also, I was thinking hard about the most appropriate title.. Isn't this is very simple and direct? haha~ 


“O-SA-KA!!! A-ho-ka!”

“Aaaaaaaa!!! “

HyunJun accidentally spilled off quarter left of coffee from his cup onto Howon’s.

“Hyung!! What re u doing??!!” Howon stood up quickly.

“I just bought this 'supah' expensive cloth yesterday, now you stained it..”

“Gomen na ! (sorry!)” Hyunjun apologised half-heartedly.

Jaehun helped maknae to wipe off the coffee with tissues.

“Howon ah, this will not do. We should go to laundry ASAP! Before the coffee stain remained on your cloth..”

Howon pouted.. “Ahhhhhh hyunjun hyung! “

Hyunjun was too immersed with his ipad and ignored them.

“Thank you hyung for ruining my day!!” Howon left the café with Jaehun to get his cloth clean.

Osaka seemed really lively~! Ever since they arrived to this beautiful city 2 days ago, the members seemed too busy

Being left alone in the café after 2 maknaes left him drove him to boredom.
He played with his iphone..

“Wooram ah~~! What are you doing?? Hihihi.. Come meet hyung at café here”

“Hyung! I have a date sorry!”


“Why? Why are u surprised?”

“Nothing..O.k enjoy your date..”



“Don’t do stupid things. Kkkk”


He hung up on Uram.

Seriously??  Wow.. uram is really good at this.. We only arrived here just 2 days ago. He already got a chick to flirt around with~

He stared blankly on tweetdeck. Nothing really interests him. Howon and Jaehoon may be straight go home.. He wonder if Howon’s shirt can be cleaned.. Just now, he realized..he should apologise to Howon properly. It’s O.K . He’ll just buy some crisp crepe for him later to make up.

He was about to leave the table when suddenly a girl appeared out of nowhere..

“Hyunjun sshi des ka?” (Are u Hyunjun?)
Yes, startled.
I.. I… Here, present for you!!
She passed a fine present.. No..Not a present.. But a cute Polaroid photo of a girl wearing a long skirt British style and a short note’

I’m Nana. Yo-ro-shi-ku.

The girl clumsily leaving after passing the present to him.. without he even managed to call her..

"Cute.." Unconsciously he smiled while looking at the photo.


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